1) Procession- moving along in an 17)

Betokened- to give Kindred- a person's relatives Repugnance- strong Tribunal- a court of justice Exhortation- urgent advice

evidence of

collectively; kin

orderly manner.
2) Infamy- infamous act or

20) 21)

3) Vigor- vitality; active strength or

4) Ignominy- disgrace 5) Moralist- a person who teachers

6) Inscrutable- not easily

understood; mysterious; incapable of being investigated.
7) Galling- chafing; irritating 8) Contemplation- thoughtful

1) Potent- powerful 2) Efficacy- effectiveness 3) Dexterity- cleverness 4) Procured- to bring about by indirect

9) Comparative- proceeding by,

founded on.
10) 11) 12) 13) 14)

5) Pomp- splendor, magnificence 6) Amendable- to alter 7) Imbibing- to consume by drinking 8) Lustre- luster- glitter, sparkle 9) Epoch- a particular period of time

Fain- willingly Thriving- to prosper Availed- to be of use; profit Adornment- embellishment Progenitors- biologically Plebeian- common people Commiseration- to

related ancestor.
15) 16)

marked by distinctive features
10) 11)

Despondency- melancholy, gloom Compelled- to overpower


2) Impelled. 16) 17) scene made up of many elements 22) 23) a handle.a book.likeness. repute. 20) 21) Subsistence. incantation Placidity.weird. 10) 11) incapable of being explained 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) Wayfarers. or Edifice. margin. Inauspicious. occult.pleasantly calm Anathemas.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 12) Caprice.ridiculous 4) Eminence. resemblance.urgent. height 5) Pristine.a leaf of a manuscript/book.a building.something harmful.not explicable.a traveler outer confuse.mystic.THE GOVERNOR’S HALL 1) Fringed. 12) size or imposing appearance.a changing Penance.a surviving memorial of Pequot war. 19) Bay and Plymouth Colonies with CHAPTER 7.pure.vague. fleeting Baffling. clean Native American allies against the Pequot. imperative 8) Unpremeditated. Ponderous.belonging to a thing by its mind 13) very nature.a person of have full trust Conjuration. evil.a punishment. 18) something past. Confiding. very heavy.providing support Personage.a sudden change of one’s Inexplicable. spooky importance 22) .a person or thing Preternatural.massive Tankard. 7) Imperious.unplanned 9) Similitude.high rank. Folio. Intangibility.war between Mass.a large drinking cup with Relic. one of large urge forward 3) Ludicrous.unfavorable 6) Intrinsic. fresh. Tome.abnormal. out of Phantasmagoric. 13) 14) 15) loathed 20) the ordinary 21) learned book.

wasted.very early bring forward in Vehemence. reverent. 9) Bedizen. sacrilegious 21) 22) feature.real.sacred 5) Transgressions. 11) 12) 13) invigorating the heart. Pious. 10) fraud.of relating to surgery 6) deacon.dressed.ungodly. temporal.act of kindness.a druggist.a stock of dress in a showy manner 10) Catechism.a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest 7) apothecary.godly. Lattice. puny enlarge in discourse argument or as evidence. CHAPTER 9. a pharmacist 8) acquisition. any charlatan or quack infancy.a book containing the Clad. emptiness 8) Plumage. Physiognomy. ostentation.phony. pretender.appearance.nature.the state of moral Requital.thin. 2) Unfeignedly. principles of Christian ridicule.THE LEECH 1) matronly. maturely dignified 2) trodden. 19) enthusiasm 20) or writing.the act of gaining corruption 14) 15) 16) 17) possession 9) pharmacopeia. 3) Behest. Depravity. CHAPTER 8. covered. expression. a book containing a list of medicinal drugs and their uses.THE ELF CHILD AND THE MINISTER 1) Expatiating. Profane.the entire feathery covering of a bird. grid.a command 4) Venerable.screen.sincere.a return of kindness Temperament. abuse 4) cordially. Authentic. 5) chirurgical.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 18) Adduced. 23) charitableness 7) Vanity.trampled 3) pilloried.egotism.stately.violation of law 6) Benevolence. disposition Emaciated. .courteous and gracious. genuine.

plentiful. authority 5) askance.exemplify CHAPTER 11. a period of wakefulness from inability to sleep.full of remorse amplest. hostile 4) potency. unlearned 9) armorial.shrewd erudition.THE LEECH AND HIS PATIENT 1) integrity. remorseful.a caretaker of a church and its contents and graveyard 3) inimical.rapturous delight comport.impending advent.disapproval.THE INTERIOR OF A HEART inquiry stifled.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 11) 12) 13) scrupulous.bringing or inducing ecstasy.uproar celibacy.arrival query. 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) arms 10) 11) tenaciously.bearing a coat or coats of during the customary hours of sleep.abstention from sexual sagacious. alleviate 12) 13) 14) sleep 15) 16) relations 20) 21) study 22) CHAPTER 10. careful parochial.natural.knowledge acquired by refutation.honesty 2) sexton.power.behave imminent.disproof relieve without curing. enough somniferous. mistrust 6) suppress tumult.a devotional watching 7) self-abasement.humiliation of oneself 8) instinctively.stubborn palliate.provincial vigils.unfriendly.

muscles.the act of looking impalpable. 14) 15) painful disorder of joints. etc. detestable. the ministry. within oneself.intangible. 4) repentance-deep sorrow.testimony.utter loathing efficacious.enough 2) malice.any practice or art of using language with f luency and aptness.cognition. 16) 17) 18) grossly or obscenely abusive 7) multitudinous.very numerous. stepping.imagination.heavenly 7) perception. 12) 13) a highest point or state. or objectionable abomination- incapable of being disentangled. measure.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 1) sufficiently.hate. 9) odious. eloquence- means. understanding 8) gait- CHAPTER 12. hatred 3) agony. undo ne. 8) reverberations.THE MINISTER’S VIGIL 1) somnambulism- manner of walking. or solved 6) expiation- the clerical profession. or runnin g. remedy. chilly4) rheumatism.unpleasant.hateful. or connective tissue 5) inextricable- veneration.infinite knowledge vile. evidence. 21) on 5) adequately- fully sufficient. for the inflic tion of punishment or torture.intense physical or 19) scourge-whip or lash. fancy. 9) conceits. or fit 6) celestial. suitable. compuncti introspection. greatly disliked or abhorred . 3) dank.a reechoed sound.effective as a attestation.damp and. often. loosed. culmination. 10) 11) a condition that is characterized bywal king while asleep or in a hypnotic tran ce 2) zenith- abhorrence. 20) mental suffering.reverence pulpitOmniscience.

filled scurrilous- a federation of states 17) 18) prejudice- any preconceived opinion or feeling. or unusual in an inte resting 16) severity of manner. sky. 8) imparted. meager.kindness 6) gibe- extremely old or obsolete. ei ther favorable or unfavorable.agree. acquiescing. venerabletransgressor. firmamentreplete.. or overcome. irritating 5) requital. 15) 16) to humble oneself or act in an abject manner.excruciating or acute quaint- 4) irksomeness. consent to anticipate and prevent or eliminate 14) passed over.conspicuousness. . peculiar. 3) impeded. etc. life. sternnes s. or part of something. scantlyanguish. limit.relate.annoying.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 10) 11) scaffold. hinder. ef flux. CHAPTER 13.any raised framework. 2) prominence.conceit. ancient12) 13) to utter mocking or scoffing words. not large14) the extreme or terminal point. 11) the vault of heaven. disclose9) austerity- distress. sin. boastfulness. 10) commonwealthegotism.offend.achievement.ANOTHER VIEW OF HESTER 1) grovelled13) obviatedinsurmountableattainment. suffering. or pain15) strange.obstruct. jee r 7) extremity- limited. 19) 20) stigmatized- to set some mark of disgrace or infam y upon 12) grossly or obscenely abusive effluence- the action or process of flowing out.

10) 11) 12) propinquity. cleverness Purport- the meaning. doubt. 4) Sedulous- to utter words or articulate sounds 7) peradventure- chance.agility. injurious 6) Malignant- a custom or act based on such a belief .HESTER AND PEARL 1) strength or force.evening 8) Nuptial.the appearance of being. 7) confront boldly2) entreaty. frustrate 2) Sere. often falsely 4) vigor. mocking6) spake- CHAPTER 15.earnest request or petition 3) destroy. import. or sense .proximity direst.flourishing condition.a wedding or marriage. or uncertainty. vigor. 9) Betoken.indicate 10) 11) a person or thing that ruins or spoils Dexterity. profess or claim.HESTER AND THE PHYSICIAN 1) accosted. desperate bane- very dangerous or harmful in influenc e. 8) perpetration.harmful. 5) derisively. commit9) superstition- persistently or carefully maintained 5) Deleterious.dry.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS CHAPTER 14. withered 3) Verdure.

to attribute or ascribe .any amulet or charm Asperity. 15) primary tuberculosis of lymphatic glands 8) Eddies. 14) PropensityVivacityTalisman. dejection. 9) Loquacity.a small hill. 15) liveliness.a puzzling or or expressing grief.bitterly pungent Enigma. touchy. to strew or scatter about. further 2) Vainly. 13) 14) irritable. kindness.conceited 3) Imputed.wild.act of lamenting Haggard.erratic PetulantRequitalPrecocity- 4) Flitting.playful or frolicsome 6) Vigor. peevish.hardship. animation. 10) 11) reward for service.serious or earnestLamentation. rigor favorable disposition or partiality 20) BestrewHillock. sprightliness 21) 22) CHAPTER 16. etc 16) ahead in development.A FOREST WALK 1) Ulterior. wild-looking Despondency- strength or force 7) Scrofula- something incongruous. pettish.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 12) IncongruityCapricious.talkativeness. 12) 13) inexplicable occurrence or situation 19) depression of spirits from lss of courage or hope. garrulity.a small whirlpool. such as the m ental development of a child 17) 18) move lightly and swiftly 5) Sportive.future. difficulty.

untouched by. melancholy 14) to satisfy to the full. 10) consideration of some subject 2) Intricate.A FLOOD OF SUNSHINE 1) Speculation. fearful. impassioned 6) Contiguity. sate an unfavorable opinion or feeling . hazard or risk. or uncertain 13) sorrowful. 8) Invigorated. 2) Devoid.Obsolete .THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS CHAPTER 17. void. ardent.contemplation or act of uttering. DolefullySatiating- ambiguous. controlled 16) or amount of something 17) timid. timorous.very slight trace Venture. or destitute 3) Delusion. complicated 3) Colloquy. repressed. 4) Pillory. 9) Utterance- CHAPTER 18. vocal expression.eager desire or endeavor 6) Prejudices- or proximity 7) Misanthropy. vague. 5) Zeal.not possessing. saintliness. mournful. formerly used to expose an offender to public derision. quiet.energize.a false belief or opinion 4) Vilest.THE PASTOR AND HIS PARISHIONER 1) Tremulously15) SubduedVestige.hatred or distrust of humankind. SanctityConsecration- holiness. or godliness.wretchedly bad 5) Vehemently- zealous.a conversational exchange.a wooden framework erected dedication to the service and worship of a deity 12) on a post.not clear or plain. with holes for securing the head and hands.complex. 11) dialogue.

earnest request or Gesticulating. atone for. shiver. Nymph- a mark of disgrace or infamy 12) uncultured. 13) attractive. hard to read 2) Accosting. that which remains unobtainable or beyond one's reach 6) Tremor.lacking in make amends or reparation for 9) Citadel. irascible 15) temper as a person 12) knowledge.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS formed before hand or without knowledge.extremely irritable Inquisitively. or reason 7) Extenuation. quiver 7) Sluggish. esp.proceed with haste. or uncivilized person 13) 14) place in proper or desired order 9) Imperious. intellectually curious 16) petition. 10) 11) Irrevocably.a partial excuse 8) Expiating.unalterable StigmaHeathen. esp. supplication. 4) Picturesque- strikingly graphic or vivid 5) Tantalizing- having or exhibiting something that provokes or arouses expectation. hurry inhabitant. Choleric. lazy 8) Arraying.chatter. or desire. stronghold. interest.THE CHILD AT THE BROOKSIDE 1) Hieroglyphic- Alloy.a less costly metal mixed with a more valuable one. impressive 17) gestures. hard to decipher. in an animated or excited manner with or instead of speech 14) a beautiful or graceful young woman. make or use or easily angered.eager for confront boldly 3) make more pleasing. babble .dictatorial. overbearing 10) 11) Hasten. CHAPTER 19.any strongly fortified place. soften in feeling or Entreaties.

or ruler 18. commendable 9. Devout. Disquietude. 2. Stupefied. clumsy.irreverent 16. religious repay misfortune. as of states or things 3. Solace. Deacons- a member of the clerical order next below that of a priest. more commonly.pious. monarch. or trouble 5. singularity. or profession. Obeisance. busy city 3) Peculiarity- a means or place of hiding 7.incompatibility awkward. as a sovereign.ancient or venerable 15.interchange or a person who possesses great power. calling 8.protruding.any large. Concealment- CHAPTER 21. Uncouth- oddity. Eccentricities- alternation.a movement of the body expressing deep respect before a superior 14.astound.THE MINISTER IN A MAZE 1.THE NEW ENGLAND HOLIDAY 1) Thronged.a particular occupation.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 12. CHAPTER 20. diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon. Potentate- the soft. Recompense. astonish 19. Exemplary- worthy of imitation. Twilight13. Vicissitude.stimulate or prompt to action .uneasiness 6. 11. projecting. an oddity or peculiarity 20. either from daybreak to sunrise or. Blasphemous. Incited. eccentricity 4) Preternaturally. former ages 4.crowd. Antiquity- ancient times.comfort in sorrow. business. Hoary.supernatural 5) Inconsistency. Obtrusive. 2) Metropolis. from sunset to nightfall. Vocation. or unmannerly 10.

jolly.power. AnimadversionGalliard- to drink (a beverage) copiously and heartily. 2) Compliance- to issue forth in bubbles. and the Nether lands 7) give up. reckless Transgressed. a spirited dance for two dancers in triple rhythm.spirituous liquor. 8) Apparition. Depredation. 20) 21) . invent. or poet. 11) a physical weakness or ailment.peer. ravage. as Seafaring. 7) Potency. 4) Clarion.touching. authority. to plot 10) the act of criticizing. or repute 14) cooperation or obedience 3) Procession- ancient trumpet with humorously. in contact. turbulent 23) to let go. sin Aqua-vitae. Relinquish. CHAPTER 22.a specter or phantom. common in the 16th and 17th centuries. 25) EffervescenceInfirmityMirthful. colleague. release 24) wraith 9) Contrive.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 6) Quaff22) Tempestuous. 5) Array- criminal or outlaw 18) 19) to place in proper or desired order 6) Low Countries. on the North Sea: consists of Belgium.the lowland region of W Europe.a bold. gay. 16) occurring or coming later or after 17) a curved shape. Luxembourg.traveling by sea. 12) amusing 13) EminenceMinstrel. high station. brandy or whiskey.devise.a medieval Jocularity. rank.violent or stormy.meant lightly or SubsequentDesperadoes. 15) the line or body of persons or things moving along in such a manner.THE PROCESSION 1) Contiguous.robbery. singer.offend.

15) learning. Meridian- a highest point or state. insensitive 21) reecho or resound 10) Plaintiveness- expressing sorrow or melancholy.THE REVELATION OF THE SCARLET LETTER Repugnance. 11) liveliness.resolute endurance 10) art of using language with fluency and aptness.a prediction. 3) Prophecy- an oddity or peculiarity 13) 14) the foretelling or prediction of what is to come 4) Foreboding. animation.used to express mild disgust.untiring BoorishUnscrupulous. 2) Oracles- Exhilaration. trudge. 5) Lore- annoyance. suggest.conscienceless. greatest prosperity. portent. culmination. 12) 13) 14) 15) unmannered.slack or slow ZenithEtherealized. glorify. 9) Reverberating. resonant sound.uproar. knowledge. 7) deify. etc.march. listener. clang.lost in thought EccentricitiesNecromancy. 11) 12) the agency or medium giving such responses. 16) CHAPTER 23. or erudition 6) Clangor- a feeling of sympathy or pity. 8) Auditors. Tumult. emotions 16) a loud. 22) a point or period of highest development.a art Fie. or the like. Intimations. . make lively and c Abstracted.devastated make ethereal Apotheosized. Pathos- heerful. sprightliness 19) 20) (heavenly or celestial). imply.practice or the state or quality of being sober. crude.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 8) Sobriety1) Eloquence. mournful 17) 18) Desolate. 9) Fortitude.hint.

airy.CONCLUSION 1) Meditation- continued or extended thought. 5) Desolate. 10) ProphetessApostle- a woman who foretells future events.worthless. 8) Armorial- a book containing heraldic bearings and devices. 9) Heraldry- the science of armorial bearings. 11) any of the early followers of Jesus . contemplation.light. 12) 13) by convulsion 18) Ethereal. 3) Fidelity. 2) Nugatory. or tenuous Escutcheon. CHAPTER 24.veneration.producing Reverences.devastated 6) Antipathy. forsaken.aversion 7) Recluse-solitary.lonely and sad. reflection.THE SCARLET LETTER VOCABULARY WORDS 17) Convulsive.loyalty 4) Forlorn. who carried the Christian message into the world.a shield or shield like surface on which a coat of arms is depicted.

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