BRAIN GYM 1. What is a balance? . Learn what Brain Gym is 2. Try some exercises 3.

What is BRAIN GYM? GYM Have you ever wished you could read better? Do you have test anxiety? Would you like to be comfortable talking in public? .

BRAIN GYM IS « a series of simple and enjoyable movements that are used to enhance the whole-brain learning experience when people try too hard. they µswitch off¶ the brain-integration mechanisms .

BRAIN GYM IS.. changes in learning and behavior that are often immediate and profound. .. activities enabling students to access those parts of the brain previously inaccessible to them.

INTEGRATION When one is flexible and relaxed in his/her surroundings and knows instinctively how to learn. taking in and using information is easy. .

Not integrated .flat surfaces ‡ T. Computers.  two dimensional activities .Low Gear using only one side of the brain These activities put the brain in low gear.V.. Reading .

pollutants  . lack of water.LOW GEAR Excessive sitting ‡ unnatural use of legs and back  Environment ‡ trauma. improper food.

We are all µlearning-blocked¶ to the extent that we have learned not to move. 2. joyous activity that continues throughout life.Brain Gym is based upon three simple premises: 1. . 3. Learning is a natural. Learning blocks are the inability to move through the stress and uncertainty of a new task.

BRAIN BUTTONS Increases oxygen to the brain. .ENERGY EXERCISES WATER is needed for the body¶s electrical energy.

MIDLINE MOVEMENTS Laterality (Left/right brain hemispheres) Cross crawl Think of an X .

FOCUS ACTIVITIES Lengthening movements (Top and bottom of the brain) ARM ACTIVATOR .

CENTERING Deepening attitudes (Front and back of the brain) Hook-ups Positive points .

They include conversation exercises .B a l a n c e s These are special activities that help open learning blocks in the body.

and ever demanding! . Life is ever changing.BRAIN GYM Movement is the door to learning! To live is to move. ever shifting..