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Infallible Vedic Remedies(Mantras for Common Problems)

Infallible Vedic Remedies(Mantras for Common Problems)


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Infallible Vedic Remedies(Mantras for Common Problems) is an excellent work by H.H. Swami Shantananda Puri, a great spiritual master and scholar of Mantra Shastra as well. First published in 2005 and again with enlarged edition having more mantras in 2008 is always in great demand among all class of people. User MUST read Chapter called Introduction before he starts using any mantra. As per author, mantras should never be used to fulfil lower desires and hence all precaution must be taken to see what is our intention. I hope the effort will bring peace and harmony in life of all and help us in attaining ultimate objective of life.
Infallible Vedic Remedies(Mantras for Common Problems) is an excellent work by H.H. Swami Shantananda Puri, a great spiritual master and scholar of Mantra Shastra as well. First published in 2005 and again with enlarged edition having more mantras in 2008 is always in great demand among all class of people. User MUST read Chapter called Introduction before he starts using any mantra. As per author, mantras should never be used to fulfil lower desires and hence all precaution must be taken to see what is our intention. I hope the effort will bring peace and harmony in life of all and help us in attaining ultimate objective of life.

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(Mantras for Common Problems) _
(Mantras for Common Problems)
Swami Shantananda Puri
Parvathamma C.P. Subbaraju Setty
Charitable Trust
# 13/8, Pampa Mahakavi Road
Shankarapuram, Bangalore - 560 004
e-mail : omkaroffset@gmail.com
Ph : 2670 8186 / 2670 9026
Author : Sri Swami Shantananda Puri
© Publisher : Parvathamma C.P. Subbaraju Setty
Charitable Trust
13/8, PMK Road
Bangalore - 560 004.
First Edition : September 2005
Enlarged Edition : November 2008
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This book is dedicated with veneration
to the Lotus Feet of my revered Guru
Swami Purushot t amanandaji
of Vasishtha Guha, U.P., Himalayas,
but for whose infinite Compassion
I would not have been able to formulate
my thoughts and put them down
in this book
to the welfare of Suffering Humanity.
– Swami Shantananda Puri
Samarpan Samarpan Samarpan Samarpan Samarpan iii iii iii iii iii
Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction 1 11 11
Mantras for Common P Mantras for Common P Mantras for Common P Mantras for Common P Mantras for Common Problems : roblems : roblems : roblems : roblems :
1. For ensuring supply of food 32
2. For all physical and mental diseases 34
3. For improving intelligence, self confidence,
fearlessness etc. 36
4. For removal of all diseases 38
5. For all heart diseases including
hypertension (B.P) 40
6. For all eye diseases involving cataract,
glaucoma, retina etc. 42
7. For cure from all types of fevers and
animal bites including snake bites and
insect bites. 46
8. A healing prayer to deal with diseases 48
9. Mantra from Holy Japuji Saheb
for healing diseases and invoking the
grace of God. 50
10. For better memory power 52
11. For best performance in interviews,
debates etc. 54
12. For success in competitive examinations
and public examinations. 56
13. To avert unexpected accidents and
dangers to life 62
14. One more mantra to avert unexpected
accidents and dangers to life 64
15. To combat all sorts of fears – vague
or specific, including severe mental
depression etc. 66
16. One more mantra to combat general
fears and mental depression. 68
17. To protect from all troubles, anxieties,
tensions and worries 70
18. To prevent nightmares and bad dreams 72
19. For early and happy marriage of
unmarried girls 74
20. For married women who have remained
childless for years - to beget a child 76
21. To remove barrenness in women especially
in cases with repeated abortions 80
22. For easy and normal delivery and
to prevent abortions and barrenness 88
23. To avoid estrangements between husband
and wife arising out of incompatibility,
dowry problems etc. 90
24. To increase one’s wealth and prosperity
and to become famous 96
25. For release from heavy indebtedness 98
26. To recover property / money lost
through burglary, dacoity etc. 100
27. Universal mantra for overall well being
and prosperity and to prevent dangers
and calamities including diseases 102
28. For relief from bites from serpents,
centipedes and other poisonous reptiles. 106
29. Tamil hymns for recovery from various
kinds of ailments and also for resolving
problems confronted in life 108
30. To escape imprisonment in a jail
or from kidnapping 110
31. A universal remedy (panacea) for all ills,
problems, diseases, etc. 120
32. For removal of all Impediments and Delay
in any venture (marriage, employment
seeking), enterprises etc. 149
33. For controlling rebellious persons like sons,
daughters etc. 151
34. For children who are dumb or
unable to speak 153
35. For both boys and girls whose marriage is
getting delayed 155
36. For removal of indebtedness of people
who are in debts. 157
Photo of
Swami Shantananda Puri
Swami Shantananda Puriji Maharaj
(Mantras for Common Problems)
Accordi ng to Mahatma Buddha, the enti re world
i s ful l of mi seri es and unhappi ness (Sarvam
Dukhamayam Jagat). Somebody i s chroni cally i ll
and doctors are unable to help hi m. Somebody
does not have any chi ld even after ten years of
marri age. Someone' s daughter i s estranged from
her husband due to i ncompati bi l i ty or other
reasons. Somebody i s ei ther i n need of fi nance
to get hi s daughters marri ed or even though
equi pped wi th necessary money, marri age fai ls
to take place. When a householder i s faced wi th
such problems, try as he mi ght, hi s mi nd refuses
to go towards hi s spi ri tual sadhana li ke Japa,
medi tati on, etc., but veers agai n and agai n round
hi s problems. It i s only a rare few who could
pray or call on God i n despai r i n such a cri si s
and even among them many wi ll not be able to
sust ai n t he const ant r emembr ance of God
essenti al for our li berati on or God Reali sati on.
Yes, one cannot wai t for the waves of the ocean
to subsi de completely to enable havi ng a bath,
but one can surel y wi sh for a l ul l or i nterval
when he can heave a si gh of reli ef temporari ly
and proffer his thanksgiving to the Supreme Lord.
The Sci ence of Mant r as (sacr ed syl l abl es
prescri bed for conti nuous chanti ng) whi ch i s an
offshoot of the Scri ptures (Vedas) prescri bes
di fferent mantras for vari ous worldly problems
whi ch commonl y confront a man. There are
several thousands of such mantras but a few
which I knew and were at first diffidently imparted
t o some needy and desper at e peopl e who
approached and implored me to help them proved
to be i nvari ably effecti ve beyond expectati ons.
The effecti veness of vari ous mantras for vari ous
problems i n li fe has been amply i llustrated from
the incidents in the life of Late Sri Chandrasekhara
Bharati Swami nah of Sri ngeri i n a book called
""THE SAINT OF SRINGERI' ' by R. Krishnaswami
Iyer (Publi shed by Sri ngeri Math) i n a chapter
entitled ""POWER OF MANTRAS' ' . There are also
certai n stotras (eulogi sti c hymns) or other texts
consi dered holy whi ch had the same effect as
mantras. Bhagavan Ramana also had selected a
hymn each f r om a t ext of pr ayer s cal l ed
TIRUPPUKAZH for begetti ng a son and also for
get t i ng mar r i ed ear l y, gave t o t wo women
respecti vely and they served the purpose.
A fri end of mi ne from Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), a
lecturer i n an Inter college havi ng 5 daughters
for marri age was not havi ng mi ni mum money
requi red to conduct even one marri age. I advi sed
him to read "LALITA SAHASRA NAMAM' at least
once a week wi thout fai l and gave hi m a copy of
the text along wi th a cassette of the same. Wi thi n
months money began to pour fr om sever al
unexpect ed sour ces. Somebody sent hi m
Rs. 2 5 ,0 0 0 wi thout di sclosi ng hi s name. Some
vi si ti ng l adi es (strangers) donated some gol d
ornaments of value to hi s daughter who showed
them round the Vasi shta Guha Ashram where
my Gurudev li ved. Wi thi n three years, two of hi s
daughters were marri ed i n good pl aces wi th
donati ons of amounts from many of hi s spi ri tual
brothers (fri ends) varyi ng from Rs. 5 ,0 0 0 to
Rs. 2 0 ,0 0 0 each.
There were several cases where the couple had
no chi l dren for years and i n some cases the
Doctors had pronounced a j udgement that the
couple could have no chi ldren at all. They got
"Santana Gopala mantra' and all of them got a
chi ld wi thi n a year' s ti me and the chi ldren are
ali ve and well.
When Jesus Christ was moving around in a crowd,
a bli nd man and a lame man touched the hem of
his garment and entreated him to cure them. Jesus
asked them whether they beli eved that he could
cur e t hem. On r ecei vi ng t hei r r epl y i n t he
affi rmati ve, he sai d:- "May your fai th cure you' .
Immedi ately the bli nd was enabled to see and
the lame to walk.
What i s essenti al i s that one should have strong
Fai th / Sraddha and Si nceri ty. One day, out of a
gr oup of l adi es who came t o vi si t me at
Sr i Ramanasr amam, Ti r uvannamal ai , a l ady
complai ned that the Dhanvantari mantra I had
gi ven them a year back di d not work at all i n
allevi ati ng the condi ti on of her husband who had
some chroni c affli cti on. I j ust casually asked her
(whi le remi ndi ng her that I had not gi ven any
guarantee but depended on Lord' s Will and Grace)
as to who used to reci te the mantra, i .e. whether
the pati ent hi mself or the wi fe on behalf of the
former. Pat came the reply - "Swami j i , we have
got the Mantra recorded on a cassette 1 0 8 ti mes
and early i n the morni ng we play the cassette
and hear i t whi l e doi ng our house routi nes.'
I qui pped i n response, "Oh, good. In that case,
surely, the cassette should be i n excellent health
as i t has been chanti ng the mantra' . So wherever
the persons are negli gent and lack a sense of
sacredness and sraddha, they need not expect
any results. No doubt in some cases the prarabdha
(effect of past mi sdeeds or karmas) may be very
hi gh. Even i n such cases i t has been seen that
persi stent Japa of relevant mantras wi th fai th di d
allevi ate substanti ally the severi ty of the affli cti on
even though i t fai led to eradi cate i t completely.
These mantras, someti mes do not act di rectly.
For i nst ance, on t he advi ce of t he l at e
Paramacharya of Kanchi, a famous devotee singer
of Tami l Nadu (Sri Pi ttukuli Muruga Das) was
readi ng dai ly, "SOORYA SATAKAM' by Mayura
Kavi i n order to gai n hi s lost si ght i n both the
eyes, declared irreparable (incurable) through any
surgery or medi ci ne by al l famous surgeons.
Someti mes after he began to reci te the Soorya
Satakam, a new surgeon came forward to perform
a surgery as a result of whi ch he regai ned hi s
eyesi ght i n one eye.
Even if we consider the sufferings of certain people
as i magi nary and as due to mental i llusi on, there
i s no gai nsayi ng the fact that for the pati ent the
resulting misery is genuine and real enough. Once
when I was a householder, a boy aged si x and
hi s mother came along wi th me to Uttarkasi and
stayed for 1 5 days i n the Ashram of a Swami j i .
Whi le we used to study some phi losophi cal text
or talk on spi ri tual subj ects wi th the Swami j i ti ll
i t was dusk, the boy used to play i n the sands of
ri ver Ganges ti ll very late i n the eveni ng and all
alone. Some 3 or 4 days before we were to leave
Uttarkasi , the boy started complai ni ng that on
every ni ght he was afrai d to sleep as one tall
man wi th a beard, smeared wi th ashes i n hi s
forehead and a tri dent i n hi s hand stood before
hi m and slapped hi m on hi s cheeks. One day
I could see some marks of violence on his cheeks,
though nobody was seen i n the vi ci ni ty. I made
the boy sleep wi th me on those days and he had
no further botherati on. The next ni ght after
r et ur ni ng t o our abode i n Meer ut , t he boy
complai ned agai n as earli er. I was annoyed and
even though i t was ni ght ti me, I took my bath
and repeated my Guru mantra several hundred
ti mes keepi ng a li ttle of sacred ashes (vi bhuti ) i n
my hand. I then appli ed the ashes to the forehead
of the boy and assured the boy that never more
that bearded man (a spi ri t perhaps!) would dare
to come anywhere near hi m. There was never
more a repeti ti on of that occurrence. The boy
was of an i ndependent mi nd and had never been
exposed to any stories or conversations regarding
spi ri ts and ghosts. Nor was there any questi on
of the fai th of the boy i n my mantra as he had
never been told about mantras and thei r effects.
I beli eve that i t was the i nherent effi cacy of the
mantra I chanted.
There was a case where a couple were havi ng
constant disharmony and the wife was even afraid
of estrangement. I gave her a mantra whi ch i s a
speci f i c and wi del y k nown among t he
Namboodari s of Keral a. Even when she was
earnestly doi ng the j apa, a day came when she
was compelled to leave the house of her husband
and seek shel ter i n her father' s house. The
husband persi stently i gnored all her telephone
cal l s and r et ur ned her l et t er s unopened.
Undismayed and undeterred by the turn of events,
the l ady conti nued her j apa for a number of
months more ti ll one day suddenly her husband
turned up i n her father' s house unannounced,
begged pardon for hi s behavi our i n earli er days
and t ook her back home. Thus f ai t h and
perseverance are also a must for the mantra to
be effecti ve.
Even though many of the mantras were gi ven to
me by my father whi le I was yet a boy, some
rel evant mantras came to my knowl edge by
themselves i n a strange way when some si ncere
people approached me for some problems. Once
i n early 1 9 8 0 s, Mr Di mri , a local lecturer i n a
Col l ege and hi s wi fe approached me whi l e i n
Vasi stha Guha (Hi malayas) for a speci al mantra
to beget a child. They had spent several thousands
of rupees i n treatment from a good allopathi c
speci al i st to r emove the factor s obstr ucti ng
conception and even though a child was conceived
i t was sti l l - bor n (dead i n the womb). They
approached me for a speci al mantra and I had at
t hat t i me no knowl edge of such a mant r a.
I persuaded them to pray to the Di vi ne Mother
or to my late Guru Dev. They affi rmed that they
had exhausted all those sources and nothi ng had
helped them. They were adamant i n thei r request
to be gi ven some speci al mantra. In order to stall
them temporarily, I requested them to come again
next eveni ng and then walked i nto the room of
the Swami j i who was managi ng that Ashram.
I happened to see a book called, "Devata ank'
one of the yearly speci al i ssues of that year from
"Kalyan' of Gi ta Press, Gorakhpur, lyi ng i n the
room. I j ust took i t to my room for readi ng wi th
that Swami j i ' s permi ssi on. When I opened the
book arbi trari l y i n the mi ddl e, I found to my
amazement an arti cle gi vi ng a speci al mantra of
SHASHTI DEVI (a sixth part of the Divine Mother
and al so known as Devasena), guaranteed to
safeguard all the chi ldren whi le sti ll i n the womb
from aborti on, from bei ng sti ll- born, etc. I made
a copy of i t then and there and gave i t to the
couple the next eveni ng. When I vi si ted the Guha
a year or so later, the couple came to meet me
wi th beami ng faces and carryi ng a smal l and
healthy son recently born to them. Thi s shows
that God Hi mself i s anxi ous to help people who
are i n di re di stress and seek Hi s succour.
Many work under the delusi on that God wi ll help
us only i n our path for God- reali sati on and they
look wi th di sdai n and contempt on those who
seek God' s i nterventi on to solve thei r problems
i n thi s phenomenal world. Here I shall narrate
an anecdote (though not di rectly relevant to thi s
topi c) of mi ne to prove beyond doubt that the
Supreme Bei ng Hi mself i s very much concerned
about our worldly problems and goes out of the
way to get them solved i n the best way possi ble.
Si nce about November 2 0 0 3 , I was bei ng
troubled by an occasi onally recurri ng pai n i n the
lower part of the stomach, whi ch used to di sable
me completely for about an hour. After a couple
of months, when the pains became more frequent,
I consulted a number of hi ghly quali fi ed surgeons
of r eput e (F.R.C.S., M.S. et c.) i n Chennai ,
Bangal ore, Lucknow, Kanpur, etc., who were
unable to di agnose i t properly and I was bei ng
drugged for i ndi gesti on, i nfecti on, vari cose vei ns,
etc. By October 2 0 0 4 , there began to appear a
very pai nful lump whi ch would di sappear when
mani pulated and pushed i nsi de.
At last, on my way to Ti ruvannamalai , i t was
diagnosed as "Inguinal hernia' on 1 2 th December
2 0 0 4 i n a hospi tal at Chennai . As I had no
i nti mate fri ends, di sci ples or surgeons known to
me i n South Indi a, the Surgeon who di agnosed i t
i n a casual manner (though my total medi cal
char ges t hat one day amount ed t o near l y
Rs.2 ,5 0 0 ) advi sed me i n wr i t i ng t hat t he
operati on could be postponed as I desi red to
have i t done at Delhi after the close of the wi nter
i n March 2 0 0 5 .
On the night of 2 3 - 1 2 - 2 0 0 4 while I was staying
i n Ramanasramam, a long ti me lady devotee of
Bhagavan Ramana (Ms. M) wi t h whom my
acquai ntance was extremely formal (though we
used to meet at the Ashram si nce several years)
stormed i nto my room along wi th two other lady
devotees and strongly pleaded that I should not
postpone the operati on and should strai ght away
go to a most i nternati onally famous speci ali st
Surgeon (Prof. Ranga Bhashyam) at Chennai to
whom she would herself take me the very next
day by a Taxi , as she was closely i nti mate wi th
the Surgeon and hi s wi fe almost li ke a fami ly
member. She fi xed an appoi ntment for me for
the very next day wi th the Surgeon who declared
that my case was very emergent as there were
compli cati ons of : (1 ) the large i ntesti nes havi ng
come out, (2 ) the muscle walls havi ng collapsed;
and (3 ) there bei ng two herni as - one di rect
(scrotal ) - another i ngui nal . On that day of
exami nati on by the surgeon i n hi s "Ramana
Sur gi cal Cl i ni c' , t wo of my l ady di sci pl es
(Ms. Rohi ni and her si ster) who had come to
Sri Ramanasramam on the previ ous day to pay
thei r respects to me, took me to the doctor i n
thei r car. Thi s was agai n a di vi ne provi dence as
these sisters (they are four of them) only provided
me on all the fourteen days of my hospi tali zati on
for the operati on, wi th excellent breakfast, lunch,
di nner, tea and nouri shi ng vegetable soup, etc,
besi des washi ng my clothes dai ly.
Before I left Ti ruvannamalai for hospi tali zati on
at Chennai , one Swami Sadasi vananda (Swami
"S' ) of Ameri can ori gi n, a monk si nce 1 9 7 4 wi th
whom my acquai ntance began only si nce mi d
2 0 0 3 and who li ved alone i n a small cottage at
Ti ruvannamalai came to me and volunteered to
attend on me i n the Hospi tal. He went along
wi th me, remai ned i n the Hospi tal room along
wi th me all the two weeks. In the fi rst few days
after the operati on, I was havi ng conti nuous dri p
(Glucose) i n the ri ght hand and oxygen through
a mouth- mask and because of sedati on my body
i ncludi ng my hands were i ncapable of normal
movement. At ni ght ti me when I had to pass
uri ne for 1 5 to 2 0 ti mes, i t was Swami "S' who
helped me i n uri nati on by bri ngi ng the uri ne pot
to my bedsi de every ti me and keepi ng i t washed.
These were the servi ces from whi ch even a son
or wi fe would shy away i n embarrassment and
I had no such fri end or di sci ple i n the enti re
Chennai , whose help I could have i nvoked.
The last miracle was that the Surgeon (Prof. Ranga
Bhashyam of Ramana Surgi cal Cli ni c) refused to
take even a pi e from me. I was kept i n an
expensi ve, A.C. room for nearly two weeks and
the surgi cal operati on had to contend wi th many
a compli cati on. Easi ly the charges (the Hospi tal
Bi ll) could have come to not less than Rs. 2
lakhs. The Surgeon did it all free for this unknown
wanderi ng faki r who had nei ther any ashram of
hi s own or a Matham (Monastery) nor had any
bi g followi ng. Glory be agai n and agai n to the
Lord who looks after his penurious devotees with
royal magnani mi ty and Mother' s ki ndness.
I have narrated these recent happeni ngs to show
that if the Lord took such great care and provided
all faci li ti es to a begger of the street wi thout bei ng
invoked by any mantra, how much more promptly
and lovingly he would respond if invoked through
a sacred mantra of the Scri ptures.
Even though al most al l the persons who had
recourse to a mantra or Stotra gi ven by me met
wi th success i n amel i orati ng thei r sufferi ngs
substantially and often fully, one cannot guarantee
such success i n all the hundred percent cases as
i t depends on vari ous factors enumerated earli er
and i n cases where thei r Prarabdhas are very
heavy / strong, the Mantras may have only a
mi ni mal effect. Even i n such cases where the
causes of sufferi ng cannot be removed, some
mental peace or reducti on of the mental reacti on
to the mi seri es does result.
Even in cases where a person suffered from mental
depr essi on or f ear et c, due t o t he occul t
machi nati ons (borderi ng on black magi c) of a
Tantri k (a person practi si ng occul ti sm, cal l ed
Tantra i n Indi a), the mantras were found to have
astoni shi ng effect.
One Itali an fri end of mi ne (Mr D) sent an S.O.S.
to me through successi ve letters from Italy that
whi le i n Indi a, he had fallen i nto the clutches of
a Tantrik who had promised to raise his kundalini
i n a j i ffy for substanti al consi derati on. After
spendi ng a consi derable sum, Mr D abandoned
the Tantri k and went back to Italy. He was a
bachel or who used to spend a l ot of ti me i n
medi tati on for hours together and used to vi si t
many genui ne Ashrams i n Indi a every year, i n
one of whi ch he had befri ended me.
After reachi ng Italy he found the Tantri k comi ng
to hi m i n hi s dreams and threateni ng hi m wi th
di re consequences unless he returned to Indi a
and came back to hi m. Duri ng hi s medi tati ons
he had a feeling as if his throat was being throttled
and hi s heart squeezed causi ng a l ot of pai n
r ender i ng hi m hel pl ess and i ncapabl e of
cont i nui ng hi s medi t at i on. For hi m t hese
experi ences were real and not i magi nary at all.
He entreated me i n successi ve l etters to save
him somehow by instructing him in some mantras
or pooj as or remedi al measures he could take
up i n order to get ri d of the problem. No doubt
I thought of a mantra called "DIG- BANDHANA'
Maha Mantra whi ch could help hi m by maki ng
hi m i mpervi ous to all negati ve vi brati ons from
outsi de by i nstalli ng a subtle fence of spi ri tual
vibrations around the one who chants the mantra.
But as per scri ptures no mantra wi ll be effecti ve
i f one learns i t from a book, a sheet of paper or
from any lay person. Only mantras whi ch are
gi ven personally by a Guru, a person fai rly well
advanced on the spi ri tual path, wi th a good
knowl edge of Sanskri t, enough at l east to be
capable of pronouncing the syllables in the mantra
wi t hout any faul t and pr efer abl y havi ng a
knowledge of the Mantra Sastra wi ll bear frui t. In
the afor esai d case of the Ital i an gentl eman,
I vi suali zed hi s form i n my i magi nati on i n my
r oom i n Vasi sht a Guha and gave t he
Di g- Bandhana Mantra to hi m. Next day I wrote
the Mantra on an Aerogramme (Ai r mai l) letter
and posted to hi m. When I met hi m agai n after a
year at Vasi shta Guha, he told me that the mantra
was so effecti ve that wi thi n ten days of hi s
chanti ng i t he was completely ri d of the trouble
caused by the Tantri k.
In thi s book, a number of Mantras / Stotras /
prayers experi mented by me successfully on the
needy persons affl i cted wi th vari ous types of
problems are gi ven. To avoi d the problem of
l earni ng them from the mouths of competent
Gurus, as i llustrated i n the previ ous para, the
needy person could vi suali ze i n hi s i magi nati on
any famous genui ne Guru known to hi m li ke -
Bhagavan Ramana, Ramakri shna Paramahamsa,
Yogi Aurobi ndo, etc., or even any li vi ng Guru
and i magi ne that the mantra i s bei ng gi ven to
hi m, and reci te the mantra three ti mes before the
i magi ned form. The mantras taken i n such a
manner have pr oved t o be ver y ef f ect i ve.
Otherwise, the person in need of a specific mantra
for curi ng some affli cti on or problem could show
the mantra to any of his senior friends or relatives
or persons known, who have been on the spiritual
path steadi ly wi th or under the gui dance of a
Guru for a number of years wi th fai th i n God and
scri ptures and request hi m to read and gi ve the
mantra. Thus one can take the mantra i n such a
manner and reci te i t wi th fai th and devoti on.
One should be careful i n taki ng Mantra Di kshas
from Gurus. I have seen mantras gi ven i n thei r
own hand- wri ti ng by some semi - li terate Gurus,
with a lot of spelling mistakes or with some words
omi tted or new words added or compl etel y
di storted. Some manufacture thei r own mantras
with meaningless words and not based on Mantra
Sast r a. T her e ar e al so some SAABARA
MANTRAS many of them i nvoki ng some spi ri ts
or i nferi or bei ngs relati ng to other planes used
for some li mi ted purposes li ke curi ng bi tes of
serpents or scorpi ons, etc., whi ch may consi st of
words i n unknown languages and whi ch are not
based on scri ptures and not authenti cated but
often qui te effecti ve. Sti ll I wi ll not recommend
such mantras. There are nowadays li neages of
Gurus where they have started a tradition of giving
a mantra i n the name of thei r own Guru (say Sri
X) l i ke "OM NAMO BHAGAWAT E - X -
ANANADAYA' . There i s a beli ef propagated i n
some ci rcles that ri ght or wrong, whatever comes
from the mouth of a Guru i s sacro- sanct and i s
not to be questi oned.
When authenti cated mantras have been gi ven by
a properly evolved Guru at the ti me of i ni ti ati on
(Mantra Di ksha), of whi ch seekers repeatedly do
j apa wi th deep fai th and si nceri ty, these Di ksha
Mant r as t hemsel ves have been capabl e of
removi ng the affli cti on of di sease or the problem,
i f any whi ch remai ned at or after the ti me of
i ni ti ati on.
For i nstance, one Mr KK and hi s wi fe came to a
Swami j i and took i ni ti ati on (Di ksha) at the
instance of a common friend of theirs for initiation
at Chennai . They were based i n USA and the
husband was harassed and much troubled i n hi s
mi nd as hi s wi fe used often to become hysteri cal
and quarrel wi th hi m over nothi ng or abuse hi m.
They reported wi thi n about three months (from
USA) that thei r excel l ent r el ati on had been
restored and they had begun to li ve i n harmony
and ami ty.
In another case, a lady (Mrs. R) along wi th her
daughter (aged 1 0 or so) came to a Swami j i
whose books had so i mpressed her that she went
all the way along wi th her parents from Kerala to
an Ashram i n Tami l Nadu to have (Di ksha)
i ni ti ati on from that Swami j i . At that ti me her
husband was i n Muscat and hi s fami l y had
remained separated in India for the last four years
as hi s fi rm refused to recommend for a fami ly
vi sa. Wi thi n about three months of the fami ly
members taki ng i ni ti ati on, the husband got a j ob
in Dubai as also the family visa. The family joined
hi m by 3 rd or 4 th September 2 0 0 4 and thei r
daughter j oi ned a school where she fel t very
Thus there are cases where the mantras taken
from competent Gurus during initiation alone were
suffi ci ent to remove all cases of affli cti ons and
probl ems wi thout any necessi ty to resort to
speci fi c mantras as gi ven i n thi s book.
As i t i s ulti mately a matter of one' s fai th i n God
as also the mantra, even seekers belongi ng to
other than Hi ndu Reli gi on can make use of these
mantras i n the proper manner and reap the
benefi ts.
An i nteresti ng questi on has often been rai sed by
some people as to why at all does God gi ve us
di seases, cal ami t i es, unhappi ness, cr i t i cal
situations and various problems (social, domestic,
fi nanci al , offi ci al , physi cal , etc.) and gi ve us
si multaneously mantras also whi ch would cure
the di seases, etc. and enable us to come out of
the problemati c si tuati ons.
A li ttle knowledge of our reli gi on, phi losophy or
scr i pt ur es woul d show t hat al l suf f er i ngs,
unhappi ness, di seases are not God gi ven but are
the results of our own bad acti ons i n past li ves.
In our li fe all happeni ngs, events, occurrences
li ke acci dents, marri age, di seases, debts, theft,
defamati on, etc., are all governed by past acti ons
and it is technically called PRARABDHA (destiny).
Thi s Karmi c Law i s si mi lar to Newton' s thi rd law
of moti on - "Acti on and reacti on are equal and
opposi te' . All bad acti ons resulti ng i n harmi ng
others or ourselves done in one birth get recorded
i n the l edger of the cosmi c Audi tor and the
puni shment therefor, i s meted out i n subsequent
bi rths - i n the form of di seases, i mpri sonment,
sufferi ngs, etc.
In everyone' s li fe a part of i t i s governed by past
acti ons (prarabdha) whi le i n an appreci able part
there i s techni cally a free wi ll for doi ng fresh
acti ons (good or bad) whi ch create prarabdha
for the future resulti ng i n rewards or puni shment
i n subsequent li ves. But i n practi ce, even thi s
free will is seldom exercised as all the fresh actions
are governed by vasanas (past condi ti oni ng) or
l at ent t endenci es (whi ch ar e di st i nct fr om
pr ar abdha). Ever y act i on we do l eaves an
i mpressi on i n our chi tta (sub- consci ous mi nd)
and the more the number of ti mes we repeat an
acti on, the earli er i mpressi on becomes stronger
and more and more aggressi ve. These vasanas
are carri ed over to the subsequent li ves along
wi th our subtle body (sookshma sari ra) and at
every opportuni ty egg us on to repeat the acti on.
More often these vasanas are so strong that they
compel us to act i nstantly li ke the reflex acti on
of the nerves wi thout gi vi ng us ti me to thi nk of
their pros and cons. Thus we commit wrong deeds
under t he i nfl uence of t he vasanas wi t hout
asserti ng our free wi ll.
Even though as per Karmi c law i t i s the man
hi mself who draws all di seases and sufferi ngs on
hi msel f, God i n hi s i ncomparabl e and i nfi ni te
compassi on has also i nspi red a number of sages
(Ri shi s) to do j apas of certai n mantras and
experience the beneficial effects either for material
happi ness or for l i berati on. These Ri shi s had
di r ect l y exper i ment ed on t hem (§ SHAYO
MANTRA DRASHTAARAH):- Rishis by definition
means those who had di rectly experi enced and
seen the various Gods presiding over the different
mant r as t hemsel ves. God al so i nspi r es t he
sufferi ng humani ty to do prayers ei ther di rectly
from the heart or from sacred and holy books
(known as st ot r as) whi ch ar e posi t i vel y as
powerful (or even more) as the speci fi c mantras.
Some of the Stotras (eulogistic hymns or prayers)
li ke Vi shnu Sahasranama, Lali tha Sahasranama,
Durga Saptasati , etc., are deemed equi valent to
Mantras and have been proclai med as capable of
giving all types of prosperity as needed by people
- say wealth, chi ldren, curi ng of di seases, etc.
They are multi - purpose mantras.
God' s compassi on knows no bounds. But, the
i nexorable law of Karma, speci ally the Prarabdha
i s i nfalli ble and i nescapable. Even reali zed souls,
Ji van Muktas, had to experi ence thei r prarabdhas
- Bhagavan Ramana as al so Sri Ramakri shna
Paramahamsa were affli cted wi th severe cancer.
Once thi eves broke i nto Ramanasramam and i ll-
treated Bhagavan Ramana by man- handli ng hi m.
At the same ti me, Bhagavan Ramana had told
that i f onl y a person were to come i nto the
presence of a reali zed soul and appri se hi m of
such sufferi ngs, even great prarabdhas (leadi ng
to these sufferi ngs) wi ll get consi derably reduced.
In Bhagavan Ramana' s words, "that whi ch was to
befall one' s head would pass away wi th one' s
hat or turban (talai kku vanthathu talai pakai yodu
poki vi dum - Tami l). That i s, i f i t was desti ned
that a bi g stone hurled by somebody was to hi t
and mortally wound the head of a person, i n the
presence of a reali zed soul, the stone would only
hi t and tear off the hat or turban and the head
wi ll be saved.
As an i llustrati on, one devotee named Manavasi
Ramaswamy Iyer had been suffering from chronic
stomach problems (i rri table bowel syndrome) for
a number of years and as a result he could never
dare to eat tongue- titillating delicious spicy dishes.
One day some devotee brought some spi cy,
pungent and oi l y but ext r emel y del i ci ous
pul i yodar ai (t amar i nd bhat h) t o Bhagavan
Ramana. Bhagavan Ramana called Ramaswamy
Iyer and i gnori ng the l atter' s tearful protests,
compelled him to eat in his presence a substantial
quanti ty of Puli yodarai . The terror- stri cken Iyer
complied with Bhagavan' s orders. Then and there
he was reli eved of hi s stomach problems once
and for all.
In anot her case, an er st whi l e cl assmat e of
Bhagavan Ramana - Mr Rengan appri sed the
former of the unfai l i ng predi cti ons of famous
astrologers that he (Rengan) was to di e wi thi n
the next si x months posi ti vely. Bhagavan di d not
allow Rengan to go home but detai ned hi m to
remai n wi th hi mself for the enti re si x months
that followed. Rengan lived for several years more.
Thus even the Satsanga or the holy company of
realized souls is an effective escape route provided
by the Lord for the sufferi ng humani ty who were
subj ect to such sufferi ngs out of thei r own past
mi sdeeds. Oh Lovi ng Lor d, no amount of
adorati on, worshi p or expressi ons of grati tude
f r om us can adequat el y r ecompense your
compassi on.
As far as those seekers are concerned who have
compl et el y sur r ender ed t hemsel ves t o t he
Supr eme Bei ng and have sol el y dedi cat ed
themsel ves to the constant remembrance and
medi t at i on of t he Lor d, even wi t hout any
speci fi c prayers to Hi m or even wi thout doi ng
Japa of speci fi c mantras for thei r respecti ve
sufferi ngs, Lord takes the enti re responsi bi l i ty
of ri ddi ng them of such sufferi ngs i n the most
amazi ng way.
Reverti ng to the topi c of the vari ous mantras/
prayers gi ven i n thi s book, except i n one or two
cases where i t i s i ndi cated otherwi se, when the
pati ent i s physi cally i ncapable of chanti ng them
hi msel f / hersel f, anybody el se i ncl udi ng hi s
fri ends but preferably hi s close relati ves li ke hi s
wife, daughter, son, etc., can do the chanting daily
along wi th a sankalpa (a dedi cati on) that ""Thi s
j apa or prayer wi ll be done by me on behalf of
Mr (X) born i n such and such a Rasi (i f Rasi i s
not known, the date of bi rth may be taken)' ' . If
the concerned person / persons themselves do
the chanti ng i t i s the best. Besi des the concerned
person, other fri ends or relati ves can also j oi n
hi m i n doi ng the Japa or the prayer on hi s behalf.
It i s told that the enti re li fe of all of us, human
bei ngs, i s only a dream devi sed by the Lord as a
l eel a i .e. an ent er t ai ni ng spor t . So al l t he
sufferings, miseries, happiness and prosperity are
all part of that dream but to us the enti re dream
looks real. We cannot change or reform the dream
wor l d. The onl y way t o dest r oy al l t hese
sufferi ngs, mi seri es etc., once and for all i s to
wake up from the dream i .e. the waki ng state
exper i ence. So l ong as we cont i nue our
relati onshi p wi th all obj ects of the dream world,
for i nstance, by consi deri ng a bui ldi ng as owned
by us, a chi ld as our own, somebody else as our
enemy, etc., the mi nd wi ll be entangled i n thi s
li fe of relati onshi p and thus the dream wi ll go
on. The moment the mi nd i s di verted from the
enti re dream world and i s solely centred i n God,
the dream world will disappear. God in his infinite
mercy has provided us escape routes in the dream
i tself i n the form of mantras, prayers, company
of holy men, etc., to ameli orate our mi seri es and
to bestow prosperity in desired fields. By repeated
fulfi lment of our desi res or wants, by di spelli ng
the miseries and conferring prosperity, our minds
are slowly turned towards God and a day wi ll
come when our attenti on wi ll be solely centred
on the gi ft gi ver vi z., the Lord unswervi ngly, thus
weani ng us away from the worldly obj ects and
leadi ng to our awakeni ng whi ch i s called Moksha
or li berati on. Thus, all these Mantras or prayers
though seemi ngly conferri ng vari ous benefi ts wi ll
ulti mately help i n leadi ng us to the Sweet Lord,
i .e. God- reali sati on.
Lastl y, peopl e who depend sol el y on Engl i sh
transli terati on of mantras should do well to veri fy
the correctness of thei r pronunci ati on by havi ng
the Sanskri t versi on read out to them through
fri ends knowi ng Devanagari Scri pt (Sanskri t).
- Swami Shant ananda Pur i
Page 30 Blank
Common Problems
Page 31
To ensure getting sufficient food to eat by
hungry, poor and needy people
- 1 -
¬¤¤¬t ¤-º
º zt nt… ·tt Š¬t
¬t +¤t ¤¤¤·¤¤¤¬
¤¤t|¤¬t|¤º¤¤ º|r t¤trt Ÿii
I'm Hreem Sowh ¹reem Kleem
Om Namù Bhagavatyannapoornë
Mam¢bhilashitamannam Dehi Sw¢h¢
(To chant daily 108 times)
- 1 -
For all Physical and Mental Diseases
(Including Mental Depression, Madness,
Neurosis, schizophrenia etc. and also
physical diseases like AIDS, Cancer etc.)
Note :
1. This Mantra should be recited till such time
as the disease either disappears or has shown
considerable improvement. Minimum period for
which the Mantra should be recited is six
months. This Mantra has given excellent results
in scores of cases where I gave it and scarcely
there was a failure.
2. In some versions, the word dmgw Xo dm`
(V¢sudevaya) is also added after ^JdVo
(Bhagawate) in line 1 of the Mantra.
- 2 -
YÝdÝVar _ÝV«§
¬t +¤t ¤¤¤º ¤-¤-ºt¤
n¤t¤¤|¤+t¬t¤ x¬tŠ¤+t¤t¤
·tt ¤rt|¤·¬¤ t¤trt Ÿii
Om Namù Bhagawatë Dhanvantarayë
Am¨ta Kalaºa Hast¢ya
Sarv¢maya Vin¢º¢ya Trailùkya N¢th¢ya
Sri Mah¢ Vishnavë Sw¢h¢
(To chant daily 108 times)
- 2 -
For improving intelligence, self-confidence,
fearlessness, brilliance, power of speech
(skill in lecturing, talking etc.) and good
Note :
Daily reading of ""Hanuman Chalisa'' (hZw _mZ
Mmbrgm) extremely popular in North India will
also bestow all the benefits mentioned above.
- 3 -
¤|¬¤¬ ¤¬t ¤¤
|+¤¤·¤¤tt¤ºt i
¬¬tz¤ ¤tŠ¤ª·¤ ¤
r+¤º t¤t¬tº ¤¤º ii
Buddhir Balam Yaºo Dhairyam
Aj¢dhyam V¢kpa°utvam Cha
Hanumat Smara´¢t Bhavet
(To chant 11 times a day)
- 3 -
Note :
As per scriptural belief, if one sips once daily one
teaspoon of water (¡chamanam) along with each
name in the Mantra as given here, it destroys all
Achut¢nanta Govinda
Namùcchh¢rana Bhë¾ajam
Naºyanti sakal¢ rog¢h
Satyam Satyam Vad¢myaham
While sipping the water, care should be taken to
see that the spoon or hand does not touch our
lips and we should not lick our hands or the spoon.
One should pour the teaspoon of water into his
right hand and from the right hand into the mouth
while pronouncing each name. This should be done
preferably early in the morning.
For Removal of all diseases (General)
- 4 -
¬t ¬º¤ºt¤ +¤…
¬t ¬+-ºt¤ +¤…
¬t ¤t|¤ºt¤ +¤…
Om Achyut¢ya Namah
Om Anant¢ya Namah
Om Govind¢ya Namah
- 4 -
For all Heart diseases including hyper-
tension (High BP), elongation of heart,
Ischaemia, blocked arteries etc.
Note :
It is said that the repetition of this Mantra
destroys diseases, toxins and poison, viruses
etc. and also bestows pleasure and enjoyment
besides ultimately leading the person to
tt¤¤u |¤¤¤u ¤|= ¤|= ¤¬¤º… Ÿi
Rogaghnascha Vishaghnaºcha
Bhukti Mukti Phala Pradaª
- 5 -
(To chant daily 108 times)
:n¤n |¤x¤r… ¬tttr¤-ttt |º¤¤ Ÿi
rrt¤ ¤¤ n¤ r|t¤t¬ ¤ +t¬¤ Ÿii
(F$½doX I-50-11)
Udyannadya Mitra Mahah
¡rùhan nuttar¢m Divam
H¨drùgam Mama Soorya
Harim¢´am ¸a n¢ºaya
(Rigveda I 50-11)
- 5 -
For all Eye diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma,
Retina Problems etc.,
Note 1:
There is a book called Soorya Satakam by
Mayoora Kavi with 100 slokas on the
Sun God in long Meter. Once late Sri Swami
Chandrasekharendra Saraswati (the
Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham)
found these stanzas inscribed on various
stones around a temple tank called Bhanu
Tirtham in Kachchapeswar Temple. He asked
two of his devotees (1) Late Mr. Dunlop
Krishnan and (2) Sri Pithukuli Muruga Das
(Famous for his Bhajans and devotional songs)
to hear daily all the stanzas of Soorya Satakam
for relieving their serious eye troubles declared
as incurable by Eye Specialists. Both of them
got cured. The book contains the slokas in
Continued on Page 44
- 6 -
n¤ ¬º=
(¤¤t =|¤ =º)
Soorya Satakam
(by Mayoora Kavi)
- 6 -
Note 1 :
Continued from page 42
Sanskrit (in Devanagari Script). Along with the
book, a cassette (which can be played and heard
by those who cannot read) is also available at
the address given below :-
Sri. Pithukuli Muruga Das, Sridevi Nilayam,
87, V.M. Street, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
Telephone No. 28474437
Note 2:
All the slokas should be read or got read (and
heard) once a day. There were people with eye
problems who got benefited within a couple of
months. As per the last stanza (No. 101) of
the book, one who reads this book will be
bestowed with good health, good expertise in
composing poems, good intelligence, enormous
physical strength, brilliance, long life, learning,
power and wealth as also a son.
The book also contains a small upanishad called
AKSHYUPANISHAD reading of which also is
supposed to help in all eye-ailments.
``¬ttt·¤ n·=|¤·¤ ¤|º -
¤º¬ ¤¬ =t|-º ¤t¤…¤=¤ i
|¤nt ¤œ¤ ¤¤ nº¤|¤
¬¤º nt:x n¤¤ntºtº Ÿii
(Sloka 101)
¡rùgyam satkavitvam mati
matulabalam k¢ntim¢yuª prakarºham
vidy¢ maiºvaryamartham sutamapi
labhate sùtra S¦ryapras¢d¢t
To dispel all fevers including viral fevers,
Flu etc. and for relief from poison caused by
snake bites or insect or animal bites.
Note :
The effect of this Mantra and the various
benefits accrued and diseases cured by the
various stanzas in Soundarya Lahari have been
dealt with in elaborate detail in the book on
Soundarya Lahari by Late H.H. Sri Chandra
¹ekharendra Saraswati (Late ¹ankaracharya of
Kamakoti Pee°ham) - Published by Bharatiya
Vidya Bhavan (See chapter 55 - ""Curing
- 7 -
(Sloka 20 Soundarya Lahari by Adi Shankara)
(To be repeated 32 times a day)
|=t-ºt ¤“-¤… |=t¬|+=r-¤t¤ºtn
r|º ·¤t¤t¤-t |r¤=t|¬¬t¤|º |¤¤ ¤… Ÿi
n n¤t¬t º¤ ¬¤¤|º ¬=-ºt|¤¤ s¤
+¤tt¬¤t+ º·ª¤t no¤|º n¤t¤tt |nt¤t Ÿii
Kirantee Mangebhyah Kirana
Nikurumb¢m¨ta Rasam
H¨di Tv¢m¢dhatte Himakara
¹il¢ Moortimiva Yaª
Sa Sarp¢n¢m Darpam ¹amayati
¹akunt¢dhipa iva
Jvara Plusht¢n D¨shty¢
Sukhayati Sudh¢dh¢rasiray¢
- 7 -
A Healing Prayer to Heal Diseases
This is a prayer used by some priests of the
christian orthodox church to cure patients
suffering from serious diseases or ailments.
Here the patient is made to lie down and
the healer places his hands on his head
while chanting this prayer three times. In
place of the word Christ or Jesus Christ used
in the prayer one can use the word Krishna
or My Lord
The patient may be addressed thus :- Oh my
brother (sister), the Lord is here and now by
thy side. Feel His soothing Divine Presence.
Feel His boundless Grace, Peace and good
health descends on you. All Peace and Bliss.
Om Shantiª Shantiª Shantiª. The healer should
imagine (visualise) that light blue rays of light
- 8 -
O Christ, healer of all the ills of men,
be with us at this moment;
that it may be thy hands
which are now laid upon this
Thy Servant (pronounce the name of the
patient here) and it may be Thy Voice
which now says unto him (her) .......
(pronounce the name of the patient)
Jesus the Christ healeth thee.
are descending, going into the heart of the
patient and pervade all the cells of the body.
The healer should remain in this pose for 15
minutes to 30 minutes closing his own eyes
and meditating on the Grace of God. (This para
is an addition from the author of this book
based on his own experience).
- 8 -
For healing all diseases and to invoke the
grace of God for solving various problems
in life.
Note :
This is a very potent Moola Mantra from the
Holy Japuji Saheb of Sri Guru Nanakji and a
friend of mine had cured some people suffering
from undiagnosable ailments through this.
- 9 -
s= ¬t=tt, n|º+t¤, =tºt ¤to |+t¤: |+t¤r,
¬=t¬ ¤t|º, ¬¬+t n¤ ¤r ¤nt|º Ÿii
¬¤ ii ¬t|º n¤, ¬¤t|º n¤ Ÿii
r ¤t n¤, +t+= rtnt ¤t n¤ Ÿii
Ik Omk¢r, Satin¢mu, Kart¢ Purakhu,
Nirbhavu Nirvairu,
Ak¢l Moorati, Ajoonee Saibham
Guru Pras¢di
Japu. ¡di Sachu, Jug¢di Sachu
Hai Bhee Sachu,
N¢nak hosee Bhee Sachu.
- 9 -
For better Memory Power, for getting
concentration on studies, to improve Brain-
Power and Intelligence.
- 10 -
¤¤t º|a¬t¤|º ¤-º
¬t +¤t ¤¤¤º º|a¬t¤º¤
``¤¬`` ¤¤t ¤at¤
¤ºc t¤trtŸi
øm Namù Bhagavatë Dakshin¢Moortayë
Asmabhyam Medh¢m Prajn¢m
Yachcha Sw¢h¢
(To repeat 108 times a day)
- 10 -
For best performance in interviews by
appointing / professional boards, to
distinguish oneself in debating and arguing,
to shine in the profession of a lecturer,
preacher, lawyer and politician and to get
the ability to speak excellently. (Children
who fail to talk even by the fourth year or
so will be benefited by this Mantra)
This Mantra can be repeated by anybody
without the necessity of visualising a Guru.
- 11 -
r¤¤t¤ ¤-º
h`J«rd h`J«rd
h`J«rdo{V `mo dXoV² &
Vñ` {ZñgaVo dmUr
OÝhþH$Ý`m àdmhdV² &&
(for interviews etc.)
Hayagreeva Hayagreeva
Hayagreev ti Yù Vadët
Tasya Nissaratë V¢n
Janhu Kany¢ Prav¢havat
(To repeat 11 times a day, for atleast 3
months before the interview and for
1 year in other cases.)
- 11 -
To get selected in competitive examinations
like IAS, JEE, for IIT, Entrance Tests for M.D.,
Pre-Medical, for Professional and Technical
examinations etc., and also to score high
marks in Public Examinations like Class X,
class XII and also class examinations.
Note :
This should be chanted personally and not by
anybody else on their behalf. This mantra can
be repeated by anybody directly without the
need of visualising a Guru for taking the mantra.
- 12 -
r¤¤t¤ ¤-º
at+t+º ¤¤ º¤
|+¤¬t¤|ª=t=|º¤ i
¬t¤tt n¤ |¤nt+t
r¤¤t¤ ¤¤tt¤r ii
(for competitive examinations)
Jn¢n¢nanda Mayam Dëvam
Nirmala Sphatik¢k¨itim
¡dh¢ram Sarva Vidy¢n¢m
Hayagreeva Mup¢smahë
(11 times a day from 6 months to
1 year, before the examination)
- 12 -
According to some devotees, chanting of the
following stanzas from Sundara Kanda of
Ramayana (Valmiki) has bestowed success in
competitive examinations including interviews.
Note :
While I have personally witnessed the success
of a dozen students who had chanted
personal experience about these slokas from
Valmiki Ramayana.
¬¤·¤|º¤¬t tt¤t ¬+¤¬u ¤rt¤¬… i
tt¬t ¬¤|º n¤t¤t tt¤¤¬t|¤¤t|¬º… Ÿii
ºtnt:r =t¬¬-rt¤ tt¤t¤t|Š¬e=¤¬… Ÿi
|+r-ºt ¬xn-¤t+t r+¤t+ ¤trºt·¤¬… Ÿii
+ tt¤¬nr¤ ¤ ¤¬ ¤|º¤¬ ¤¤º Ÿi
|¬¬t|¤tº ¤rtº… ¤tº¤u nr¤¬… Ÿii
¬º|¤·¤t ¤tt ¬=t¤ ¬|¤¤tn ¤ ¤|¤¬t¤ i
n¤¬t¤t ¤|¤·¤t|¤ |¤¤ºt n¤tant¤ Ÿii
Valmiki Ramayana Sundarakanda
Chapter 42 : 33-36
(to be chanted 11 times a day)
Jayatyati Balù R¢mù
Lakshmanºcha Mah¢balaª
R¢j¢ Jayati Sugreevù
D¢sùham Koºalëndrasya
R¢masya Akli¾°a Karmanaª
Nihant¢ ºat¨usainy¢n¢m
Hanum¢n M¢rut¢tmajaª
Na R¢va´a Sahasram Më
Yuddhë Pratibalam Bhavët
¹il¢bhisthu Praharataª
P¢dapaisÃcha Sahasraºaª
Ardayitw¢ Pureem Lank¢m
Abhiv¢dyacha Maithileem
Sam¨udh¢rto Gami¾hy¢mi
mi¾at¢m Sarva rak¾as¢m
To avert unexpected accidents and dangers
to life, for living a long life, incidentally to
cure fatal diseases and to have a peaceful
end, while suffering in death bed.
Note :
This mantra should be chanted 1 lakh times
along with a sankalpa that the chanting is for
...................................... (name) born in
....................... (nakshatra) for curing of disease,
sound health and for protection.
- 13 -
(This should be chanted 1 lakh times)
¤t¤¬¤ ¤-º
¬t rt ¬ n… - ¬t ¤¤¤… t¤…
·¤¤= ¤¬t¤r n¤|-¤ ¤|e ¤¤+¤ Ÿi
:¤tr=|¤¤ ¤-¤+t-¤·¤t¤at¤ ¤t¤ºtº Ÿii
t¤… ¤¤… ¤… ¬t n… ¬ rt ¬t Ÿii
Om Houm Joom Saha
Om Bhoor bhuvah Swaha
T¨yambakam Yaj¢mahë
Sugandhim Pu¾tivardhanam
Urv¢rukamiva Bhandhan¢nm¨tyùr
Muksheeya M¢m¨t¢t
Swaª Bhuvaª Bhooh
øm Saha Joom Houm Om
- 13 -
for same purposes as of previous Mantra
Note :
If the patient is in a serious condition full
Mrtyunjaya Mantra should be chanted either
1 lakh times orally or atleast 1008 times per
day preferably by lighting a sacrificial fire
(Havan) and offering oblations with the chanting
of Mantra 1008 times. Otherwise Laghu
Mantra will do.
- 14 -
(This should be chanted 1008 times)
¬¤ ¤t¤¬¤ ¤-º
¬t ¬ n…
·¤¤= ¤¬t¤r n¤|-¤ ¤|e ¤¤+¤ Ÿi
:¤tr=|¤¤ ¤-¤+t-¤·¤t¤at¤ ¤t¤ºtº Ÿii
n… ¬ ¬t
(A shorter version)
Om Joom Saª
T¨yambakam Yaj¢mahë
Sugandhim Pu¾tivardhanam
Urv¢rukamiva Bandhan¢nm¨tyùr
Muksheeya M¢m¨t¢t
Saª Joom øm
- 14 -
To combat all sorts of fears-vague or
specific, phobia, Neurosis, Scizhophrenia,
severe mental depression, fears from
enemies, all mental (psychological)
problems, for exorcising ghosts and evil
spirits, machinations of black magic and
tantrik kriyas (Abhichara) got done by
enemies and to prevent all negative
vibrations getting into one's system by
erecting on unseen mystic fence around us:-
- 15 -
|º·¤¤+ ¤rt ¤-º
(¤+º¤t ¤rt ¤-º)
¬t zt º :|-ts ¤r|¤,
|= t¤|¤|¤, ¤¤ ¤ n¤¤|t¤º,
¤|º ¬Š¤ ¤¬Š¤ ¤t,
º-¤ ¤¤¤|º ¬¤¤ t¤trt Ÿii
Om Hreem Dum utthiºh°ha Purushi,
Kim Swapishi, Bhayam Më Samupasthitam,
Yadi ¹akya Maºakyam V¢,
Tanmë Bhagawati, ¹amaya Sw¢ª¢
(To repeat 108 times a day for six months and
afterwards 32 times a day is sufficient as
maintenance dose)
- 15 -
For same purposes as in earlier Sl.No. 15
(as supplementary) i.e. to get rid of fears,
possession by evil spirits, black magic,
sorcery etc., and deep mental depression.
In cases of possession by evil spirits, the
person can be made to take a full bath in
the water impregnated by the chanting of
RUDRAM (of Yajurveda) by the
MAHANYASAM METHOD. This should be got
done only through qualified priests.
- 16 -
). ¬ttºt ¤-º
¬t ¤ +¤… ¤tt¤ ¤ttx +¤…
z. º¤ttºtx
n¤ t¤=¤ n¤¬ n¤¬|= n¤|-¤º Ÿi
¤¤-¤ ¬t|r +t º|¤ º¤ º|¤ +¤t:tº º Ÿii
Om Ghroom Namaª
Par¢ya Goptrë Namaª
Sarva Svaroopë Sarvëºë
Sarva ¹akti Samanvitë
Bhayëbhyas Tr¢hi Nù
Dëvi Durgë Dëvi Namùstutë
1. (64 to 108 times daily for 6 months)
2. (11 times daily morning and evening)
- 16 -
To protect one from all troubles, anxieties,
tensions, worries, dangers etc., and to avert
Note :
In fact, it is said that in Ramcharit Manas, there
are some specific stanzas (detailed in the
edi ti ons pri nted by GITA PRESS,
GORAKHPUR) for solving different problems
in life. Similar claims are made by certain
devotees about certain specific stanzas in
Valmiki Ramayana.
Many read the entire Sundara Kanda of
Ramayana either in Hindi (of Tulsi Das) or in
Sanskrit (of Valmiki Ramayana) in order to
get relieved from various troubles.
- 17 -
ºt+ º¤t¬ |¤|tº n¤ttt Ÿi
rtr +t¤ ¤¤ n=ª ¤ttt Ÿii
Deena Dayala Biridu Sambh¢ri
Harahu Naath Mama Sankat Bh¢ri
(Sundarkanda 4th Chowpai under
Doha No. 26 of Ramacharit Manas)
To be chanted 21 times a day (to be increased
according to the serious nature of the
problems), preferably both morning and
evening. This can be chanted without the
medium of a Guru.
- 17 -
To prevent nightmares and bad dreams.
Note :
If these hymns are chanted twice every night
before going to bed, bad dreams can be averted.
This does not require the medium of a Guru.
Even small children may be made to chant this
every night.
- 18 -
tt¤ t=-º r+¤-º ¤+º¤ ¤=tºt¤ i
¬¤+ ¤… t¤t|¤·¤ º…t¤¤ ºt¤ +º¤|º ii
¬¤t·¤t ¤t¤¤º¤¤ ¤¤=-ºt ¤rt¤¬… i
=|¤¬t |+|¤ttºt=… ntºº no¬t|¤+… ii
R¢mam Skandam Han¦mantham
Vainatëyam Vrikùdaram
¹ayanë Yaª Smarën Nityam
Dusswapnam Tasya Naºyati
Agastyù M¢dhavaº Chaiva
Muchukundù Mah¢balaª
Kapilo Nimirasteekaª
Saptaitë Sukhaº¢y¤naª
(to chant 2 times at night before going to bed)
- 18 -
For early marriage of unmarried girls with
suitable partners.
Note :
Both the mantras chanted together have been
found to be very effective and many girls
remaining unmarried for a number of years,
got married within one year of chanting this
(Mantra Source - Srimad Bhagavatam)
- 19 -
()) =t·¤t¤|+ ¤rt¤t¤ ¤rt¤t|¤-¤¤tœ|t Ÿi
+-º¤t¤nº º|¤ ¤|º ¤ =r º +¤… Ÿii
(z) ·t·¤t ¤¬t+ ¤¤+ n-ºt ·tº¤ºt º
¬t|¤º¤ =¬ |¤¤t… rtºt:“ºt¤¤Ÿ i
=¤ º¬t º|¬¤ºt ¤|o¬t¤ ¬t¤
·¤·¤tº¤ºt|¤¬|º |¤-t ¤¤º¤ ¤ Ÿii
(i) Katy¢yani Mah¢m¢yë Mah¢yogin yadheeswari
Nandagùpa Sutam Dëvi Patim Me Kuru T Namah
(ii) ¹rutv¢ Gun¢n Bhuvana Sundara ¹runvat¢m të
¡vishya Karna Vivaraiª Harato(a)ngat¢pam
Roopam Druº¢m Druºimat¢ Makhil¢rtha L¢bham
Tvay Y¢chyut¢ Viºati Chitta Mapatrapam M
(to chant 11 times a day)
- 19 -
For married women who have remained
childless for years due to personal reasons
/ negative Rh Factors, abortions etc. etc. and
are desirous of begetting a child.
Note :
1. The Mantras will be effective only if chanted
by the woman who wants to become the mother
of a child.
2. Both the Mantras if chanted together 108
times each will be more effective even though
in practice chanting of anyone of the two
(specially the first one) has been found adequate
to fulfil the desire for a son (in some cases
daughters have been born).
- 20 -
¬. n-ºt+¤t¤t¬ ¤-º
). ·¤t+ (once a day)
·¤t¤t|¤ ¤t¬= =·¬ ¤tx‘ tº+¤t|¤+¤ Ÿi
·tt¤·n ¤an =t-º +t¬t·¤¬ º¬ºc|¤¤ Ÿii
¤x (108 times a day)
¬t ·tt zt Š¬t ·¬t
º¤=tnº ¤t|¤-º ¤tnº¤ ¬¤·¤º Ÿi
º|r ¤ º+¤ =·¬ ·¤t¤r ¬t¬ ¤ºt Ÿii
z. ·¤t+ (once a day)
¬o ¤= ¤ºt ¤¤ º¤t+ n|º=t¤rŸ i
¬‘ ¬¤t+ º¤Š¤t… =·¬ ¤-º nºttº¤ Ÿii
¤x (108 times a day)
¬t +¤t ¤¤¤º ¬¤·¤nº¤ +¤… i
- 20 -
Santana Gopala Mantra
1. Dhyanam (once a day)
Dhy¢y¢mi B¢lakam Krisªnam
M¢tranke Stana P¢yinam
¹ree Vatsa Vak¾asam K¢ntam
Neelotpala Dala Chchavim
Mantra (108 times a day)
Om ºreem Hreem Kleem Gloum
Devak¤suta Govinda V¢sudëva Jagat Patë
D hi Me Tanayam Kri¾na
Tvaamaham Saranam Gat¢
2. Dhyanam (once a day)
¹ankha Chakra Gad¢ Padmam
Dadh¢nam Sootik¢ G¨hë
Ank ¹ay¢nam Devaky¢ª
K¨ºnam Vandë Sut¢ptayë
Mantra (108 times a day)
Om Namù Bhagawatë Jagat
Prasootayë Namaª
For same purposes as in previous Mantra
(20) i.e. to remove barrenness in women,
and especially in cases where women have
been having abortions or where the tendency
for abortion is suspected, to avoid still-born
children (having died while in womb) and
caesarian surgery and to protect children in
womb from any diseases etc.
Shashthi Devi (colloquially Chchati Devi) also
known as Dëvasëna is the goddess incharge
of Children from the time they are formed
in the womb till they are born and become
three years of age.
In addition to the japa of Mantra, the
following hymns should also be chanted
once every day. The Mantra and the hymns
have been given in Brahma Vaivarta Purana
(Prakriti Kanda - Chapter 43)
- 21 -
+¤t º·¤ ¤rtº·¤ |nº·¤ ¬t-·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¬¤t¤ º¤n+t¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… ii
¤tºt¤ ¤xºt¤ ¤+ºt¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
noºt¤ ¤taºt¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… ii
¬=… ¤st¬=¤t¤ |n¬t¤ ¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¤t¤t¤ |n¬¤t|¤-¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿii
¤ttt¤ ¤ttºt¤ ¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
nttt¤ nttºt¤ ¤ ¤ttt¤ n¤=¤¬t¤ Ÿii
¤t¬t|¤stºº·¤ ¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
=r¤t¬ºt¤ =r¤tº¤ ¤¬ºt¤ ¤ =¤¬t¤ Ÿii
¤·¤at¤ ¤ ¤=t+t ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¤+¤t¤ t=-º=t-ºt¤ n¤¤t n¤=¤n Ÿii
º¤ta¬=t|tº¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¬¬n-¤t¤=¤t¤ ¤|-ººt¤ +¬t nºt Ÿii
- 21 -
Note :
This Mantra øm ºreem ½a¾t¤ Dëvyai Namaª
should be chanted most preferably by the
woman who seeks to have a child, but in
inescapable circumstances, nearest relatives can
do the japa on behalf of needy woman after
proper sankalpa that I am doing this for such
and such a person (tell her name and birth
nakshatra if known). If a woman is unable to
chant them herself, it is enough if she daily
hears it through somebody else chanting it in
her presence.
|rnt=t¤¤|¬ºt¤ ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¤+ º|r |¤¤t º|r ¤x º|r ntœ|t Ÿii
¤¤ º|r ¤¬t º|r ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
¤|¤ º|r ¤¬t º|r º|r |¤nt n¤|¬º Ÿii
=r¤t¬ ¤ ¬¤ º|r ¤stº·¤ +¤t +¤… Ÿi
(~«÷d¡dV©nwamU, àH¥${V H$m§S> 43 : 57-66)
¬t zt ¤stº·¤ +¤…
(to be chanted once before starting Mantra)
Namo Devyai Mah¢devyai Sidhyai
¹¢ntyai Namù Namaª
¹ubh¢yai Dëvasën¢yai ¾a¾t dëvyai
Namù Namaª
The Mantra along with the Dhyana slokas can
be used as a supplement in addition to both
previous serial number.
Varad¢yai Putrad¢yai
Dhanad¢yai Namù Namaª
Sukhad¢yai Mokshad¢yai
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
¹akteª ½a¾t¢msaroop¢yai
sidh¢yai Cha Namù Namah
May¢yai Siddha Yùginyai
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
P¢r¢yai P¢rad¢yaicha
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
S¢r¢yai S¢rad¢yai Cha P¢r¢yai
Sarva Karma´¢m
B¢l¢dhi¾t¢tru Devyai cha
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
Kaly¢na D¢yai Kaly¢nyai
Phalad¢yai Cha karman¢m
Pratyaksh¢yai cha Bhakt¢n¢m
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
Poojy¢yai Skanda K¢nt¢yai
Sarve¾¢m Sarva Karmasu
(to be chanted 108 times a day till the child is
born and later 21 times a day for 3 years)
Note 2 :
This ½a¾ti Dëvi Dhy¢nam and Mantra alone,
without Santana Gopala Mantra had given
excellent results in some cases; but failed in
one or two cases, where there was sheer
barrenness. It worked very well in cases
involving abortions, still born child, negative
Rh factor etc. It is best to supplement it with
Santana Gopala Mantra. These also prevent
caeserian births and ensure normal delivery.
Deva Raksha´¢ K¢ri´yai
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
Suddhasatva svaroop¢yai
Vandit¢yai N¨u´¢m Sad¢
Hims¢ Krùdha Varjit¢yai
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
Dhanam Dëhi Priyaam Dëhi
Putram Dëhi Surëºvari
Dharmam Dëhi Yaºo Dëhi
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
Bhoomim Dëhi Praj¢m Dëhi
Dëhi Vidyaam Supoojitë
Kaly¢nam Cha Jayam Dëhi
½a¾t Dëvyai Namù Namaª
(Brahma Vaivarta - Prakrti Kanda -
Chapter 43 : 57 to 66)
Om Hreem ½a¾t Devyai Namah
(108 times a day)
To ease extreme labour pain of Pregnant
Ladies, to enable easy and normal delivery of
Direction for use :
At the time when a lady about to deliver a
child is having labour pain, this mantra may
be got chanted 108 times by any friend or
relative keeping a small cup containing a few
drops of any edible oil (Coconut oil, Til oil,
refined oil etc.,) in the hand and while chanting,
from time to time, make the lady to drink a
few drops and rub it on the navel very gently
It could reduce the pain.
- 22 -
(To chant daily 108 times)
gwI àgd `{jUr _ÝV«§
|r¤¤·¤-tt ¤tœ
ntnt +t¤ ¤|a¬t i
ºt¤t… +¤t ¬·º+
|¤¬r¤t ¤¤º ¤|¤¬t t¤trt ii
""Himavat Yuttarë P¢rsvë
Suras¢ N¢ma Yakshinee
Tasy¢h Noopura Sabdena
Visaly¢ Bhavatu Garbhinee Sw¢h¢''
- 22 -
To avoid estrangement of a wife from the
husband due to incompatability, dowry
problems or due to tough and bad natured
in-laws, etc. and eviction from the husband's
house due to the husband being interested
in other women etc.
Note :
This Mantra is meant to be chanted only by
women, who have been estranged or separated
from, driven out or neglected or ignored by
husbands for whatever reasons it may be. In
some cases the japa of this mantra resulted in
a miraculous reunion of the couple, while in
one or two cases it failed. In one case of failure,
the girl did not want to go back to her husband
but was doing the mantra on pressure from
parents. Strong faith and belief in the power of
God's intervention are also important factors
which influence the results.
- 23 -
¤t¬t=t¤º ¤tntt =tº¬ ¬t¬-¤¤t+t ¤¬t
¤t¬t nº¤ºt ¤+trtº+ ¤-º|t¤ºt n-¤ot¤ Ÿi
¤-º ¤-º ¤o|¤¤t ¤t|¤º ¬-¤
º¤ ¤+t-r ¤|-ºº ¤ºt s¤t¤ºt ¤t¤ºt ·¤t¤ Ÿii
B¢l¢rk¢yuta Bh¢sur¢m
Karatalë Lùlambam¢n¢m Gul¢m
M¢l¢m Sandadhateem Manùhara Tanum
Mandasmito Dyunmukheem
Mandam Mandam Mukhayi¾eem
Varayitum ¹ambhum
Dëva Muneendra Vandita Pad¢m
Ish°¢rthad¢m P¢rvateem Dhy¢yë
(to be chanted only once each day)
- 23 -
Note :
(Mantra to be repeated 11 times a day - in
serious cases it can be chanted 108 times a
day for first 45 days and then 11 times a
¬t zt ¤t|¤|+, ¤t|¤|+,
¤t¤œ|t, ¤t¤¤¤=|t
n=¬ t¤t¤t ¬“¤t¤
¤o rº¤ ¤¤ ¤¬
=r =r t¤trt i
¬t=¤¤, ¬t=¤¤ t¤trt ii
Om Hreem, Yogini, Yogini,
Yogëswari, Yogabhayankari,
Sakala Sth¢vara Jangamasya
Mukha H¨dayam Mama Vaºam
Kuru Kuru Sw¢ha,
¡karshaya, ¡karshaya Sw¢h¢
In addition, the following Mantra (first sloka
of " Soundarya Lahari' by Sankara
Bhagavadpada) can be chanted six times a
day to enable reunion of couple.
º¬t= : ntº¤ ¬rtt
|¬¤… ¬Š·¤t ¤=t ¤|º ¤¤|º ¬=… ¤¤|¤º
+¤º¤ º¤t + o¬ =¬¬… t¤|-ºº ¤|¤ i
¬º t·¤t¤ttt·¤t r|t rt|¤|t-tt|º|¤t|¤
¤¬-º tºtº ¤t =¤ ¤=º ¤º¤… ¤¤¤|º Ÿii
Sloka of Soundarya Lahari
¹ivaª ¹akty¢ Yukthù Yadi Bhavati
¹aktaª Prabhavitum
NacheDëvam Dëvù Na Khalu
Kuºalah Sphanditumapi
Hari Hara Virinch¢dibhirapi
Pra´antum Stotum Va Katha
Makrutapunyaª Prabhavati
To avert all dangers / calamities, to increase
one's wealth and prosperity, to increase
one's fame and to become famous and to
get out of any problem causing worry and
Note :
This sloka which has the value of a Mantra
can be recited by any person without taking it
from a Guru. The chanting of this mantra has
even saved a person from going to the Jail
- 24 -
¬t¤ºt ¤¤rºtt ºtºtt
n¤ n¤ºt¤ i
¬t=t|¤tt¤ ·tttt¤
¤¤t ¤¤t +¤t-¤r¤ Ÿii
¡pad¢ Mapa Hart¢ram D¢t¢ram
Sarva Sampad¢m
Lok¢bhir¢mam ¹rir¢mam
Bhooyù Bhooyù Nam¢m Yaham
(To chant 11 times a day,
preferably both in the morning and evening.)
- 24 -
For release from heavy debts incurred by
taking loans from friends / relatives etc.,
Note :
A Chanting of the entire third chapter of 8th
Skandha of Srimad Bhagavatam known as
""Gajendra Moksha'' once daily will release a
person early from all debts incurred by taking
loans etc. This is separately available in a book
form at Gita Press (Gorakhpur) Centres as also
in other shops having religious literature.
In addition the planet "Mangal' (Mars) is
supposed to be capable of releasing people
from debts (Runa Mochaka). Worship of Mangal
by some hymn will be helpful.
- 25 -
¤¬-r ¤ta
Gajendra Moksha
¬¬¤t¤= ¤¤¬ tºtx
Runa Mochaka Mangala Stotra
- 25 -
To recover property / money lost through
burglary, dacoity etc.
- 26 -
=tº¤t¤t¬+ ¤-º
¬t = =tº¤t¤t¬+t +t¤ tt¬t ¤trnr¤¤t+ Ÿi
zt ºt¤ t¤t¬tº¤ rº +e ¤ ¬-¤º Ÿi
=t nr¤tt r¤ª =t zt ¬t Ÿii
Om Kam K¢rtaveery¢rjunù N¢ma
R¢j¢ B¢hu Sahasrav¢n
Hreem Tasya Smaranaadeva
Hrutam Nash°am Cha Labhyate
Krùm Sahasr¢ra Humpha°
Krùm Hreem Om
(To be recited 108 times a day for three or
four months; or till the lost items are recovered;
whichever is earlier)
- 26 -
A General Universal Mantra to protect
people from all dangers and calamities
(physical and psychological), to cure all
diseases (physical and mental) and to solve
all problems (personal, social, official,
political etc., - say non-marriage of girls,
estrangement from husband, taking to drugs
/ alcohol, serious surgical operations,
children not studying well and behaving in
an atavistic manner, a boss with unberable
temperament and behaviour, transfer to an
unfavourable city or place etc., etc., in life):-
- 27 -
1. R¢mn¢m (am_Zm_)
The foremost and almost unfailing remedy for
all ills is to write R¢mn¢m atleast 108 times
daily, which would hardly take 3 minutes.
One has to write daily (it can be done at any
time in morning, day or night) - ¹R£R¡M,
¹R£R¡M, ¹R£R¡M ............. or ûm«r am_, ûm«r am_,
ûm« r am_ ............. 108 times approx. (minimum).
This written japa is several times more effective
than verbally chanting the name. Writing
Ramnam in preference to other names of God
(There is ultimately only one Supreme Reality)
has been found by many saints to be several
times more effective, powerful and quicker in
gaining results in all worldly matters and crises
in our lives.
Many sadhaks avow that in desperate situations
and crises, writing S¡IR¡M, S¡IR¡M, S¡IR¡M,
............. etc., or gmB© am_, gmB© am_, gmB© am_
.............. 108 times had produced wonderful
and quick results.
- 27 -
this does not require a Guru. From childhood
if one practises to write it daily till the end of
life, one will be able to avert all types of troubles,
calamities and crises, serious ailments and
diseases etc. WRITING R¡MN¡M daily is a
MUST for all.
Here is an interesting anecdote of what actually
happened in respect of RAMNAM. Once Mr. P
and his wife S lived in USA and were conducting
regular Satsangs and Bhajans of RAMNAM in a
centre affiliated to Anandashram of SWAMI
RAMDAS (in KANHANGAD). Perhaps in 1980s,
S' (wife's) sister's baby fell ill (a bad incurable
case of hole in the heart) and the expert Doctors
declared that the child would not live for more
than three days. In sheer desperation Mr. P phoned
up Mother Krishna Bai of Anandashram (India)
and pleaded with her to do something to save the
child. The mother asked him to ring back after an
hour. Meanwhile she walked into the room where
she had a RAMNAM Bank where several notebooks
of RAMNAM written by various devotees were
neatly stacked in groups of 5 to 10 lakh numbers.
She took out one group of 15 lakh Ramnams,
placed those notebooks on the samadhi of Ramdas
as an offering and prayed there for a while. She
then told Mr. P over the phone that the child would
surel y recover f ul l y by next day. She,
simultaneously imposed a condition that as she
had taken a loan of 15 lakh Ramnams from the
Bank, Mr. P and his family should replenish them
within another 21 days or so by writing an equal
number of Ramnams afresh and send them to
Anandashram. The child recovered completely and
miraculously by the next day to the astonishment
of all including the Doctors. Mr. and Mrs. P as
also the latter's sister sat up night and day writing
Ramnam in order to finish the quota by the deadline
prescribed by the mother. In this process, they
forgot their body-sense and their mind and body
were full of Ramnam night & day. They atlast
finished the 15 lakh Ramnams and sent them to
the Mother at Anandashram by the due date. Why
should we not build up a Ramnam Bank in each
house so that we could draw on it in times of
need and crisis?
For Bites from Serpent, Centipede, Spider and
other poisonous reptiles, insects, etc., to
remove any poison and for viral fevers.
Note :
All the benefits mentioned above can also be
got through recitation of verse 20 of
"Soundarya Lahari' by Sankara Bhagavatpada
mentioned in Sl.No. 7 at page 47.
- 28 -
+t¬=º ¤-º
n«m| Z¦§ R>§
Prùm Nruum ¯hum
(To be chanted by anybody 1008 times on
the day a person is bitten keeping a little vibhuti
(Sacred ash) in the right hand and after the
chanting is over, rub the vibhuti on the body
of the patient.)
- 28 -
For recovery from various kinds of physical
ailments and also for solving various
problems of life (only for Tamil knowing
There is a book called "Vidhiyai Velvadu
Eppadi' published by Tiruvavaduthurai
Adheenam in Tamil containing the various
selections from the Tamil Devotional Literature
called Tev¢ram separately for specific problems
covering all aspects of life like Finance,
Education, Loss in Business, disharmony
between husband and wife, diseases of right
eye and left eye and ailments in various parts,
getting promotion, fever, construction of house,
Jail imprisonment, enemies, marriage, obstacles
in any enterprise undertaken etc. I have
personally known of a case where a lady's eye
trouble which was declared to be a case for
- 29 -
surgery having been cured by chanting the
relevant portion from this book for a few
months. The book costs about Rs. 15/- besides
postal charges and is available at :
- 29 -
To escape imprisonment in a Jail or any
imprisonment by kidnappers etc.
Note :
There is a ""Ganesa Kavacham'' in our Puranas.
It is said that if one reads the entire Stotra 21
times a day for 21 days, one will be released
from the Prison or Jail where he is imprisoned
by the orders of the Government, king or a
court of Justice. Even where a person who is
in a prison or anybody (who is closely
connected to the prisoner) on behalf of the
prisoner reads or chants this stotra five times
a day for 6 months to a year he will be able to
get released from imprisonment.
- 30 -
·tt ¤¬¬ =¤¤¤
¤-º |nr¤º |¤+t¤=¤¤ |º·¤tr¤tn ¤¤
xºt¤t º ¤¤t¤tr+¤¤ ¤z¤tr= |n|¬º¤ Ÿi
rt¤t º ¤¬t++ ¤¤¤¬ t=t“tt¤ |¤¤ iŸ
|º·¤ º |r¤¬ |nºt“r|¤t n¤t¤º n¤ºt Ÿ ii ) ii
|¤+t¤=|º¬ot ¤tº ¤t¤t·¤t ¤tt·¤t… i
¬|ºn-ºt=t¤tº ¤tº= n¤ºt·=ª… Ÿ ii z Ÿii
¬¬tª =tº¤¤… ¤tº ¤¤·¤ º ¤rtºt… i
+¤+ ¤t¬¤-rtº ¤¬tt¤uts¤„¤t Ÿii + ii
|¬ˆt ¤tº ¤¬=tz|u¤= |¤|t¬tnº… i
¤t¤ |¤+t¤=… ¤tº º-ºt+ taº º¤o… Ÿ ii + Ÿii
- 30 -
·t¤¬t ¤t¬¤t|¬tº +t|n=t |¤|-ººt¤º… i
¤¬¬tº ¤o =ºº ¤tº º¤t ¤¬>¬¤… Ÿ ii s ii
t=-¤t ¤tº ¤¬t=-¤… tº+t |¤¤|¤+t¬+… i
rº¤ ¤¬+t¤tº rt-¤t ¬ºt ¤rt+ Ÿii t ii
¤tt¤t… ¤tº ¤tœ ¤s |¤¤rtº¬¤… i
|¬“ ¤¬ nºt ¤tº ¤=ºzt ¤rt¤¬… Ÿii : Ÿii
¤¬=tzt ¬t+¬¤ == ¤¤¬¤|º¤t+ i
º=º-ºt ¤rt¤|¬… ¤tºt ¤r¤t nºt¤º Ÿii s Ÿii
|a¤¤ntº+t ¤tr ¤t¬t ¬t¬t¤¤t=… i
¬¤¬tu +ot-¤tº rtºt ¤t·¤|t+t¬+… Ÿ ii s Ÿii
n¤t¤t|+ ¤¤t¬t |¤œ·¤t¤t nºt¤º i
¬+=¤|¤ ¤·t¤t+ ¤¤=ºtnºt¤º Ÿ ii )e ii
¬t¤tºt·¤¤º… ¤tº ¤¤tº… ¤sºt:¤º i
¤tº¤t taº ¤¬t¬… ¬tr·¤t |n|¬ºt¤=… Ÿii )) ii
º|a¬t¤t¤¤t¤x… +¬·¤t º ¤¬œt… i
¤ºtº¤t |¤¤=ºt:·¤tº ¤t¤·¤t ¤¬=¬=… ii )z ii
=t¤¤t |+|¤¤… ¤t¤tºt¬t-¤t¤ s¬+-º+… i
|º¤t:·¤tº=º-ºtº ttxt n-·¤tn |¤¤rº Ÿii )+ ii
ttantnt¤ºt¬¤r¤º|¤¬t¤º… i
¤t¬t‘¬¤t… ¤tº t¬tn-¤ º¤tt¤|º¤ ii )+ ii
at+ ¤¤ ¤ ¬+¤t-t ¬‚tt =t|º º¤t =¬¤ i
¤¤¤+-t ¤t-¤ ¤ ¤rt-ºttt-not-nºt+ Ÿ ii )s ii
n¤t¤¤¤t… ¤txt-¤¤t¬t:¤ºt·nºt i
=|¤¬t:¬t|¤= ¤tº ¤¤tœ |¤=ªt:¤º Ÿ ii )t ii
|xn-·¤ ¬¤º ¤tº ¤¬nttº+¤¤º i
¤txt=t¬ ¤ºntº |+|¤¤+ ¤¬ ¬¤º Ÿ ii ): ii
º=|¤¬|º¤tt ¤ ¤º-tt¤|r+t|+ ¤… i
=ttt¤r¤º nnt ttat ¤¬ ¤ ¤t¤¤º Ÿ ii )s ii
tt¬º¬+¤¬t¤t ¤ºntº |x¤ttº… i
n tt¬t+ ¤¬ +t·¤t ¤=ºtu n¤t ¬¤º Ÿii )s ii
sº ¤¬¬=¤¤ =º¤¤+ n¤t|tº¤ i
n¤tat=t n¤n¤=t¤¤¤t=¤ Ÿ ii ze ii
¹r¤ Ga´ëºa Kavacham
Vandë Simhagatam Vin¢yakamamum
Digb¢hum¢dyë Yugë
Trët¢y¢m Tu May¦rav¢hanamamum
½adb¢hukam Siddhidam
Dw¢pare tu Gaj¢nanam Yugabhujam
Rakt¢nga R¢gam Vibhum
Ti¾yë tu Dvibhujam Sit¢ngaruchiram
Sarv¢rthadam Sarvad¢ 1
Vin¢yakaººikh¢m P¢tu
Param¢tm¢ Par¢tparaª
Mastakam Sumadùtka°ah 2
Lal¢°am K¢ºyapaª P¢tu
Bhr¦yugmam tu Mahùdaraª
Nayanë Ph¢lachandrastu
Gaj¢syaschù¾°ha pallavou 3
Jihv¢m P¢tu Ga´akr daº
Chibukam Girij¢sutaª
V¢cham Vin¢yakaª P¢tu
Dant¢n Rakshatu Durmukhaª 4
Shravanau P¢ºap¢´istu
N¢sik¢m Chintit¢rthadah
Ganeºastu Mukham kan°ham
P¢tu Dëvù Ga´a®jayaª 5
skandhou p¢tu Gajaskandhaª
stanou vighnavin¢ºanaª
H¨dayam Ganan¢thastu
Herambù ja°haram Mah¢n 6
Dhar¢dharaª P¢tu Parºvam
Pru¾°ham Vighnaharaººubhaª
Lingam guhyam sad¢ p¢tu
Vakratundù mah¢balaª 7
Ganakr¤dù J¢nujanghë
¥r¦ Mangalam¦rtim¢n
êkadantù Mah¢buddiª
P¢dau gulphou Sad¢vatu 8
Kshiprapras¢danù b¢hoo
P¢ni ¡sh¢prapoorakaª
Anguleeºcha Nakh¢np¢dam
hastau p¢twarin¢ºanaha 9
Sarv¢ng¢ni Mayooreºo
Viswavy¢p¤ sad¢vatu
Anuktamapi Yatsth¢nam
Dhoomakëtussad¢vatu 10
¡modastvagratah p¢tu
Pramùdaª Pru¾h°hatùvatu
Pr¢chy¢m Rakshatu Buddh¤ºaª
¡gneyy¢m siddhid¢yakah 11
Nai¨¨uty¢m tu Ganësvaraª
Prat chy¢m Vighnakart¢vy¢t
V¢yavy¢m Gajakar´akaª 12
Koubëry¢m Nidhipaª P¢y¢t
Es¢ny¢m Eeºanandanaª
Ratrau Sandhy¢su Vignah¨t 13
grha bh¦tapiº¢chataª
P¢º¢¬kuºadharaª P¢tu
Rajassatvam Tamassm¨utim 14
Gn¢nam Dharmam Cha Lakshmi®cha
lajj¢m keertim Day¢m kulam
Vapurdhanancha Dh¢nyancha
G¨uh¢nd¢r¢n sakh n sut¢n 15
Sarv¢yudhadharaª Poutr¢n
may¦reºù (a)vat¢tsad¢
Kapilù(a)j¢vikam p¢tu
Gav¢swam Vikatùvatu 16
Trisandhy¢m Japate yastu
Y¢tr¢k¢lë Pa°hedyastu
Nirvighnëna phalam labhët 17
êkavimºativ¢ram cha
Pa°hett¢vaddin¢ni yaª
K¢rag¨uhagatam sadyù
R¢jn¢ baddham cha mùchayët 18
pa°hëd yastu Triv¢rataª
Sa R¢j¢nam vaºam N tv¢
Prak¨ut scha Sabh¢m Jayët 19
Idam Ganëºa kavacham
kaºyapëna Sam¤ritam
Sarvaraksh¢karam Sarva
Sarva K¢maprapoorakam 20
A Universal remedy (panacea) for all ills,
problems, diseases etc.,
considered by all sages as a very potent Mantra
which, if chanted daily is capable of bestowing
all types of happiness, prosperity, good health
etc. The various benefits accruing have been
enumerated in the last portion called Phala
Sruti. The book is available in R.K. Mission /
Math Book Stalls / Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Publication etc., in cheap editions. Cassettes
sung by late M.S. Subbalakshmi and others with
the best and clear pronunciation are also
- 31 -
One great Vaishnava devotee of yore named
Parasara Bhatta while writing the commentary
has selected approx. 171 names out of
thousand names in Vishnu Sahasranama and
has described the special benefit which will
accrue by chanting each name in the form of a
separate Mantra. A summary of that selected
list of 171 names is enclosed.
Extracted from Commentary by Paraºara Bhatta
on Vishnu Sahasranamam :
- 31 -
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
1. ¤| +¤( ++… 35 =(r==:…
Om Prabhavë Namaª Fulfills all desires
2. ¤| :-(t|+ ++… 36 +|¤|-+==:…
Om £ºwar¢ya Namaª Bestows importance
3. ¤| |·=t|¬|+ ++… 40 ||(=…
Om Pu¾kar¢k¾¢ya Namaª Purifies
4. ¤| |<+|¤|+ ++… 48 =-+|+:…
Om Padman¢bh¢ya Namaª Bestows progeny
5. ¤| ¤+t+¤( ++… 49 =(:…
Om Amaraprabhavë Namaª Gives everything
6. ¤| ++:+|+ ++… 60 =r+·(+:…
Om Pratardan¢ya Namaª Destroys enemies
7. ¤| =(:m+|+ ++… 95 =|=++:…
Om Sarvadarºan¢ya Namaª Gives good eyesight
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
8. ¤| (+|=|+ ++… 101 ¤¤|+:…
Om Vr¦sh¢kapayë Namaª Fulfills desires
9. ¤| ¤++|·++ ++… 102 ¤|¤·+==:…
Om Amëy¢tmanë Namaª Gives higher status
10. ¤| (=++= ++… 106 +|+(·||+=…
Om Vasumanasë Namaª Nurtures like Mother
11. ¤| m=+ ++… 113 m¤=++:…
Om ¹uchayë Namaª Gives good karma (induces good action)
12. ¤| ·:|+ ++… 115 =(=-+|+:…
Om Rudr¢ya Namaª Gives all happiness
13. ¤| (t|t|r|+ ++… 122 +=rr«|+:…
Om Var¢roh¢ya Namaª Bestows important position
14. ¤| m=+ ++… 157 ¤+:…
Om ¹uchayë Namaª Gives Dharma
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
15. ¤| +|¤(|+ ++… 169 (n|(n| +:…
Om M¢dhav¢ya Namaª Knowledge of Brahma Vidya
16. ¤| +r|+|+|+ ++… 172 ÷-(=…
Om Mah¢m¢y¢ya Namaª Bestows lustre
17. ¤| +r|·=|r|+ ++… 173 º-(+:|+=…
Om MahotsÃah¢ya Namaª Wealth, position etc.
18. ¤| +||(:| |++ ++… 190 (: |(a·+:…
Om Govid¢¼patayë Namaª Mastery of Vedas
19. ¤| ¤+·+( ++… 200 +·++|m=…
Om Amrutyavë Namaª Destroys death
20. ¤| |(·|+|·++ ++… 209 +r|=||++:…
Om Viºrut¢tmanë Namaª Bestows great fame
21. ¤| ¤+ª+ ++… 220 ¤=+|¬:…
Om Agranyë Namaª Liberation to devotees
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
22. ¤| +=¤|·++ ++… 239 |=·|+|r:…
Om Prasann¢tmane Namaª Mental happiness
23. ¤| (+¤|+ ++… 258 ¤+rt…
Om Vruºabh¢ya Namaª Removes fear
24. ¤| (¤+|+ ++… 262 (|a:…
Om Vardhan¢ya Namaª Bestows growth
25. ¤| |(|(=|+ ++… 264 ||(+·( +:…
Om Vivikt¢ya Namaª Bestows purity
26. ¤| =-:|m( ++… 282 ¤|‡|:==:…
Om Chandr¢mºavë Namaª Gives Joy Supreme
27. ¤| ¤|r=tn++ ++… 283 ++(+-+:…
Om Bh¢skaradyuthayë Namaª Clear eyesight
28. ¤| |(+|+ ++… 292 (+:…
Om Pavan¢ya Namaª Gives speed in all actions
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
29. ¤| ||(+|+ ++… 293 ||(+·(+:…
Om P¢van¢ya Namaª Bestows Purity
30. ¤| =|+¤ ++… 295 =(|m||t=…
Om K¢maghne Namaª Fulfills all desires
31. ¤| =|++:|+ ++… 299 =|++:…
Om K¢maprad¢ya Namaª Grants all desires
32. ¤| ¤+-+|=+ ++… 308 =+:…
Om Anantajite Namaª Gives Victory
33. ¤| =|¤¤ ++… 315 =|¤+|m=…
Om Krùdhaghnë Namaª Destroys Anger
34. ¤| ¤|¤r|+|+ ++… 326 ¤|¤r|++:…
Om Adhisht¢n¢ya Namaª Bestows Residence
35. ¤| m+|(+|+ ++… 345 ¤|=+|=:…
Om ¹athavart¢ya Namaª Enjoyment and Liberation
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
36. ¤| mt|t¤+ ++… 351 ¤|=+|=:…
Om ¹ar¤rabhrute Namaª Enjoyment and Liberation
37. ¤| ·+(r«|+|+ ++… 387 r«|+:…
Om Vyavasth¢n¢ya Namaª Gives good position
38. ¤| r«|+:|+ ++… 389 +++|+=…
Om Sth¢nad¢ya Namaª Best mantra and gives position & status
39. ¤| |(t+|+ ++… 398 |(t|+:…
Om Virat¢ya Namaª Bestows detachment
40. ¤| m|=++|·|r|+ ++… 404 ·|r:…
Om Shakthimath¢mºrë¾°h¢ya Namaª Gives the best
41. ¤| +r|¤|+|+ ++… 434 |=|-++|«:…
Om Mah¢bhùg¢ya Namaª Gives desired objects
42. ¤| r«|(r|+ ++… 437 |||+|m=…
Om Sthavi¾°h¢ya Namaª Destroys sins
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
43. ¤| ¤( ++… 438 ¤ |+:…
Om Bhuvë Namaª Bestows Prosperity
44. ¤| ¤++||+ ++… 439 ¤+:|+=…
Om Dharmay¦p¢ya Namaª Bestows Dharma
45. ¤| +r|+¬|+ ++… 440 =+=|t=…
Om Mah¢makh¢ya Namaª Engages in good action
46. ¤| +¬a+++ ++… 441 ¤++|m=…
Om Nakshatranemaye Namaª Removes confusion
47. ¤| +¬|a¤ ++… 442 =|=||(+…
Om Nakshatri´ë Namaª Purifies World
48. ¤| ¬+|+ ++… 443 ¬||-+:|+=…
Om Ksham¢ya Namaª Bestows forgiveness
49. ¤| =+|r+|+ ++… 445 =|+:|+=…
Om Sam¤han¢ya Namaª Bestows good acts
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
50. ¤| =(-|+ ++… 454 -|+:…
Om Sarvag¬¢ya Namaª Bestows supreme knowledge
51. ¤| ++|rt|+ ++… 462 m||-+:|+=…
Om Manohar¢ya Namaª Gives peace
52. ¤| |=+=|¤|+ ++… 463 =|¤+|m=…
Om Jitakrùdh¢ya Namaª Destroys anger
53. ¤| r((m|+ ++… 467 ¤-+|+|¤|+·(+:…
Om Svavaº¢ya Namaª Gives independence
54. ¤| +=|·++ ++… 469 =|:…
Om Naik¢tmanë Namaª Bestows good form
55. ¤| (·=t|+ ++… 471 ¤¤|r:…
Om Vatsar¢ya Namaª Fulfills desires
56. ¤| (|·=+ ++… 473 +|+:…
Om Vatsinë Namaª Bestows cows
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
57. ¤| t·++¤|+ ++… 474 ¤+:…
Om Ratnagarbh¢ya Namaª Gives Wealth
58. ¤| ¤|+¤ ++… 478 ¤+:…
Om Dharmi´ë Namaª Gives Dharma
59. ¤| =rn|m( ++… 484 ¤|+:…
Om Sahasr¢mºavë Namaª Gives intelligence
60. ¤| +¤|r++++ ++… 487 |||+|m=…
Om Gabhasthinemaye Namaª Destroys sins
61. ¤| mt|t¤+¤+ ++… 501 :m|¬t…
Om ¹har¤rabh¦tabhrutë Namaª Ten lettered Mantra (Generally good)
62. ¤| =||-:|+ ++… 503 +++|+=…
Om Kap¤ndr¢ya Namaª Best Mantra (General)
63. ¤| |·=·|+|+ ++… 509 r(|r+:…
Om Purusattam¢ya Namaª Gives peace and prosperity
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
64. ¤| =|·(+||++ ++… 514 =|¤t¬=…
Om Satvat¢mpatayë Namaª Protects the good
65. ¤| =|(|+ ++… 515 ¤=Š=m|=r…
Om J¤v¢ya Namaª Unable to bear miseries of devotees
66. ¤| ¤=|+ ++… 522 =|++|m=…
Om Aj¢ya Namaª Destroys distress
67. ¤| |=+||++|+ ++… 524 +++||:=+…
Om Jit¢mitr¢ya Namaª Conquest of Ego, etc.
68. ¤| =·+¤+¤ ++… 527 =·+¤+:…
Om Satyadharmanë Namaª Bestows Satya and Dharma
69. ¤| +|:+||++ ++… 532 ¤ +:…
Om Medin¤patayë Namaª Gives lands
70. ¤| =+|-+=+ ++… 537 ¤¤|r:|+=…
Om Krut¢ntakrutë Namaª Grants all wishes
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
71. ¤| +r|(t|r|+ ++… 541 ÷(|+:…
Om Mah¢var¢h¢ya Namaª Gives lands
72. ¤| (¤= ++… 542 ++=+:…
Om Vëdhasë Namaª Gives auspiciousness
73. ¤| r(|+|+ ++… 551 ||t(|t:…
Om Sw¢ng¢ya Namaª Gives attendants
74. ¤| ¤|=+|+ ++… 553 +|=:…
Om Ajit¢ya Namaª Gives liberation
75. ¤| |·=t|¬|+ ++… 561 +||+(¤=…
Om Pu¾kar¢k¾¢ya Namaª Increases love
76. ¤| ¤+·+ ++… 564 =¬:|+=…
Om Bhagagnë Namaª Gives comfort
77. ¤| (++||=+ ++… 566 ¤+¤+:…
Om Vanam¢linë Namaª Bestows ornaments
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
78. ¤| r=|+¤|+ ++… 567 =|t=|+=+|a…
Om Hal¢yudh¢ya Namaª Success in agriculture
79. ¤| -+||+t||:·+|+ ++… 569 -|+:|+=…
Om Jyothir¢dity¢ya Namaª Gives Supreme Knowledge
80. ¤| ¬ª:|tm( ++… 573 m|=+|m=…
Om Khandaparaºavë Namaª Destroys Sorrow
81. ¤| ¤+||+=|+ ++… 580 =++|m=…
Om Ayùnij¢ya Namaª Destroys Karma
82. ¤| =-+|==+ ++… 587 =-+|==+
Om Sany¢sakruthë Namaª Gives Sanyasa
83. ¤| m|-++ ++… 591 ¤|=:…
Om ¹¢ntayë Namaª Gives devotion
84. ¤| |t|+¤|+ ++… 592 |t+|¤|=+||-+…
Om Par¢yan¢ya Namaª Gets highest devotion
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
85. ¤| m¤|+|+ ++… 593 ·+|+:|+=…
Om ¹ubh¢ng¢ya Namaª Bestows Meditation
86. ¤| (+|++|+ ++… 602 ¤+==:…
Om Vri¾apriy¢ya Namaª Gives fruits of Dharma
87. ¤| ¤|+(|++ ++… 603 ¤¤+:…
Om Anivarartinë Namaª Bestows fearlessness
88. ¤| |+(·||·++ ++… 604 :·=+==+|==…
Om Nivrutt¢tmane Namaª Release from results of bad acts
89. ¤| =¬-+ ++… 605 ¤||(=|=:…
Om Sank¾ëptrë Namaª Flowering of intelligence
90. ¤| ·||=t|+ ++… 618 ·||=t…
Om ¹rikar¢ya Namaª Bestows wealth
91. ¤| ·|+…·||++ ++… 619 |·+|«:…
Om ¹reyaºr¤matë Namaª Gives all purusharthas (objectives of life)
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
92. ¤| =|=a+|·|+|+ ++… 620 t¬=·(:…
Om Lùkatray¢ºray¢ya Namaª Gives protection
93. ¤| m+|+-:|+ ++… 623 :-|·+|+-::…
Om ¹at¢nand¢ya Namaª Happiness to married couple
94. ¤| ÷:|¤|+ ++… 630 ++++:…
Om Ud¤r´¢ya Namaª Gives good eyesight
95. ¤| =(+u¬( ++… 631 ++ m|=:…
Om Sarvatascakshave Namaª Gives power to eyes
96. ¤| ¤|=+|+ ++… 640 (||~=++:…
Om Archit¢ya Namaª Gives whatever is desired
97. ¤| =-¤|+ ++… 641 ¤++|m=…
Om Kumbh¢ya Namaª Destroys fear
98. ¤| ¤|+·a|+ ++… 644 ++··|+…
Om Aniruddh¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
99. ¤| ¤+|+t«|+ ++… 645 ma+|m=…
Om Apratirath¢ya Namaª Destroys enemies
100. ¤| =|=+|+·+ ++… 648 ¤|(n|+=+|==…
Om Kalanëmighnë Namaª Destroys roots of ignorance
101. ¤| |a=|=|·++ ++… 652 ¤|+:|+=…
Om Trilùk¢tmanë Namaª Plenty of prosperity
102. ¤| (nª+|+ ++… 667 ¤|+:|+=…
Om Brahmany¢ya Namaª Bestows enjoyment
103. ¤| (n=+ (n¤ ++… 668 =(m|=:…
Om Brahmak¨th Brahmanë Namaª Gives all power
104. ¤| (n¤ ++… 669 =-+|++:…
Om Brahmanë Namaª Gives progeny
105. ¤| (|n¤|++|+ ++… 675 ¤+:…
Om Br¢hmanapriy¢ya Namaª Bestows Dharma
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
106. ¤| +r|=+¤ ++… 677 ++··|+…
Om Mah¢karmanë Namaª Best Mantra
107. ¤| +r|+== ++… 678 +=|:…
Om Mah¢tëjase Namaª Gives lustre
108. ¤| +r|+-(+ ++… 681 =+ =+ ==:…
Om Mah¢yajwanë Namaª Gives fruits of good acts
109. ¤| +r|+-|+ ++… 682 r|t+|+:…
Om Mah¢yagn¢ya Namaª Bestows effects of Sacrifice to Hari
110. ¤| r+·+|+ ++… 684 (-¤+|==…
Om Stavy¢ya Namaª Release from Bondage
112. ¤| r+(|++|+ ++… 685 +||+(¤=…
Om Stavapriy¢ya Namaª Enhances love
112. ¤| r+|a ++… 688 =(r+·+·(:…
Om Stùtrë Namaª Gives praiseworthiness
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
113. ¤| +:·|r|+ ++… 710 (m(¤+…
Om Yaduºre¾ht¢ya Namaª Growth of dynasty
114. ¤| =|¤(|=|+ ++… 711 r«|+:|+=…
Om Sanniv¢s¢ya Namaª Gives a good place to stay
115. ¤| =(¤(¤|+ ++… 743 ¤|==|+:…
Om Suvarnavarn¢ya Namaª Grants Devotion & Desires
116. ¤| r+|+|+ ++… 744 r+(¤:…
Om Hëm¢ng¢ya Namaª Gives golden complexion
117. ¤| +¤=|+ ++… 759 |a:|+=…
Om Medhaj¢ya Namaª Bestows sons
118. ¤| +=|(+|+ ++… 763 |+a(|a:…
Om Tejovru¾aya Namaª Increase in number of friends
119. ¤| n|+¤t|+ ++… 764 =||-+:…
Om Dyuthidhar¢ya Namaª Bestows lustre
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
120. ¤| |++r|+ ++… 767 ma+|m=…
Om Nigrah¢ya Namaª Destroys enemies
121. ¤| ·++|+ ++… 768 (|t+|m=…
Om Vyagr¢ya Namaª Destroys enemies
122. ¤| =+·+r|+ ++… 773 =+(++:…
Om Chaturvy¦h¢ya Namaª Gives four Purusharthas
123. ¤| =+t|·++ ++… 775 ++··|+…
Om Chatur¢tmane Namaª Best Mantra
124. ¤| =+¤|(|+ ++… 776 +|++:…
Om Chaturbh¢v¢ya Namaª Gives salvation
125. ¤| =+(:|(: ++… 777 |++++:…
Om Chaturvëdavidë Namaª Bestows knowledge of Vedas
126. ¤| =+|(+|+ ++… 779 =-++|m=…
Om Sam¢vart¢ya Namaª Destroys re-birth
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
127. ¤| :=+|+ ++… 781 :=+…
Om Durjay¢ya Namaª Invincible
128. ¤| =+-+( ++… 790 :|++|m=…
Om Sutantavë Namaª Destroys defects
129. ¤| :-:=+¤ ++… 792 ++··|+…
Om Indrakarmanë Namaª Best Mantra (destroys demons)
130. ¤| ÷=(|+ ++… 796 |||+|m=…
Om Udbhav¢ya Namaª Destroys Sins
131. ¤| t·++|¤|+ ++… 799 =·==:…
Om Ratna-n¢bh¢ya Namaª Gives good results (general)
132. ¤| (|==++ ++… 802 ¤¤+:…
Om V¢jasanayë Namaª Gives food
133. ¤| =(¤ |(-:( ++… 806 |||+|m=…
Om Suvarna Bindavë Namaª Destroys sins
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
134. ¤| ¤¬|-+|+ ++… 807 ¤¬|-+·(+:…
Om Akshùbhy¢ya Namaª Makes one unagitated
135. ¤| =((|+|-(t-(t|+ ++… 808 (|=+:…
Om Sarvav¢g¤ºvareºvar¢ya Namaª Gives good speech
136. ¤| +r|++|+ ++… 810 +r+-|+| +t=·r…
Om Mah¢gart¢ya Namaª Hell for sinners
137. ¤| ¤|+=|+ ++… 818 ++··|+…
Om Anil¢ya Namaª (Best Mantra)
138. ¤| ¤++|m|+ ++… 819 |·|+||++:…
Om Am¨t¢º¢ya Namaª Immortality to devotees
139. ¤| -++|¤|:-(t|+ ++… 827 =(|=|a:…
Om Nyagrùdhùdumbar¢ya Namaª Gives all Siddhis (mystic powers or successes)
140. ¤| ¤+=+ ++… 837 ¤+(¤+…
Om Bhayak¨të Namaª Increases fear for Sansara
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
141. ¤| ¤++|m+|+ ++… 838 =+=|t=…
Om Bhayan¢ºan¢ya Namaª Makes us act
142. ¤| ¤¤( ++… 839 =(m|=:…
Om A´avë Namaª Gives all power
143. ¤| (r+ ++… 840 (r·(:…
Om B¨hatë Namaª Bestows greatness
144. ¤| |++¤|+ ++… 844 ||(+·(:…
Om Nirgun¢ya Namaª Bestows Purity
145. ¤| +r+ ++… 845 +r·(:…
Om Mahatë Namaª Gives importance
146. ¤| +|·(m|+ ++… 849 ++··|+…
Om Pr¢gvamºaya Namaª Best Mantra
147. ¤| ¤|t¤+ ++… 851 =|+|+(|rm|=:…
Om Bh¢rabh¨të Namaª Bestows ability in management
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
148. ¤| ¤+(:|+ ++… 862 ¤+(:+:|+=…
Om Dhanurvëd¢ya Namaª Bestows knowledge of Archery
149. ¤| ¤|¤+|+|+ ++… 875 ++··|+…
Om Abhipr¢y¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
150. ¤| t(+ ++… 884 +mr+==:…
Om Ravayë Namaª Gives special benefits
151. ¤| |(t|=+|+ ++… 885 +=|m==:…
Om Virùchan¢ya Namaª Bestows lustre
152. ¤| =+|+ ++… 886 +:¬t…
Om S¦ry¢ya Namaª Six-Lettered Mantra (good in general)
153. ¤| =||=|+ ++… 899 =-+(¤…
Om Kapil¢ya Namaª Seven-Lettered mantra
154. ¤| m·:=r|+ ++… 912 ++··|+…
Om ¹abdasah¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
155. ¤| |ª+·|(¤=|++|+ ++… 922 ++·|r…
Om Punyaºravanak¤rtan¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
156. ¤| |ª+|+ ++… 925 ||(+·(:…
Om Pu´y¢ya Namaª Bestows purity
157. ¤| |+(|r«+|+ ++… 931 ¤|+++:…
Om Paryavasthit¢ya Namaª Limitless Prosperity
158. ¤| ¤+||r|+ ++… 935 ¤+|«·(¤+r|-+
Om Bhay¢pah¢ya Namaª Destroys fear of having no support
159. ¤| +¤|t|·++ ++… 937 ++··|+…
Om Gabhir¢tmanë Namaª Best Mantra (general)
160. ¤| |:m|+ ++… 940 ++··|+…
Om Diº¢ya Namaª Best Mantra (general)
161. ¤| =(|t|+ ++… 944 ++··|+…
Om Suv¤r¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
162. ¤| +¤(|+ ++… 957 +|¬:…
Om Pra´av¢ya Namaª Gives liberation
163. ¤| ++|¤|+ ++… 959 ++··|+…
Om Pram¢´¢ya Namaª Best Mantra
164. ¤| º=|·++ ++… 965 =(+|¤+:…
Om Ek¢tmanë Namaª Gives life to all
165. ¤| ¤¤(r(r+t( ++… 967 =(:…
Om Bh¦rbh¦vasvastarave Namaª Gives all
166. ¤| +-¤+ ++… 976 ++··|+…
Om Yagnabh¨të Namaª Best Mantra
167. ¤| ¤|·++|++ ++… 985 =¬¤|+:…
Om ¡tmayùnayë Namaª Comfort and enjoyment
168. ¤| (¬|+|+ ++… 987 ¤|¬=:…¬r|
Om Vaikh¢n¢ya Namaª Destroys all sorrow
¨ - F$ dh - Y m - _² º - e ¾ - f ª - …
Sl. No. Mantram Namavali No. Results
169. ¤| =|=¤ ++… 995 ma+|m+…
Om Chakri´ Namaª Destroys enemies
170. ¤| t«|+||¤+ ++… 998 ¤++|m=…
Om Rath¢ngap¢nayë Namaª Destroys fear
171. ¤| =(+rt¤|+¤|+ ++… 1000 =(:…¬ |(+|m+…
Om Sarvapraharan¢yudh¢ya Namaª Destroys all sorrows

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