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same as

geonames: Cheshire 980 ACS(c)

was Legeceaster scir was Cestriae provincia

Cestriae provincia date was 1085 Cestre Scire source DB Cestreshyre Cestreshire

date source

1301 Pat

What are we trying to achieve with CHALICE?
We’re helping to create an historic placename gazetteer for the UK, publish it as Linked Data and link it to other widely-used sources of placename reference information on the semantic web -, linkedgeodata. org, the Ordnance Survey Research geographic ontologies. We use Named Entity Recognition techniques to extract placename and timescale reference information from texts, using digitised text from the English Place Name Survey, published by the Institute for Name Studies at the University of Nottingham. Once we’ve bootstrapped our historic gazetteer, it can be used to greatly improve the quality of future historic text mining efforts. We’re engaging with projects and people outwith the usual scope of geographic information specialists; people who are holding archives rich with implicit structured data, or people for whom a geographic means of exploring their archives could hold a lot of benefit. What will we leave behind? * A gazetteer with dense historic coverage (in theory back to the Domesday era) for all recorded placenames and variants within a few few areas of England (Shropshire and Cheshire) * A Linked Data version of this gazettteer * A simple web interface to annotate and correct the gazetteer data and semi-automatically created links to other entities on the semantic web * A short series of case studies demonstrating use of the gazetteer and its potential application to other, similar archives and services * Ability to search through the gazetteer data using the JISC-supported Unlock Places service