Let Us Remember Palestine!!

Let the world know the true..

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Who cares your fire..

Jamal Aldura and his son Mohammed, 12, hiding behind a barrel to protect themselves from Israeli-Palestinian cross fire

Mohammed is seen after he was fatally struck in the abdomen. Seriously wounded, then die.. The father Jamal shook with convulsions, rolled his eyes skyward and lost consciousness

Scare of rock .. You cowered

A Palestinian woman grieves in front of a pool of blood at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound

The body of Fahmi Abu Amunah, 21, who was killed by Israeli gunfire during heavy clashes at Netzarim crossing in the center of Gaza

The sister (L) of Palestinian Nezar Ida, 16, cries at her brother's funeral in the West Bank village of Dir Amar near Ramallah

Last Respect… Palestinian Abdel Azim Hassan kisses his 18month-old daughter Sara prior to her funeral in Nablus

Stone Vs Guns

Mohd. Abu Assi, was shot dead in the clash by an Israeli sniper in Gaza, October 4th.

Its Just started… Think About the new generation

The Coming Generation…

An Israeli border guard passes a Palestinian boy at Netzarim crossing near Gaza City

An Israeli army tank leads a convoy of armored Israeli policemen aim vehicles towards Nablus their guns at stone throwing Palestinians in an east Jerusalem

Wandering.. What if the Palestinian Having Guns

A Palestinian mother Killed by the Israeli police… in front of her kids…
And do you still wandering why Palestinian kids involve in clashes !!!

A Palestinian man beaten by the Israelis army..

A Palestinian youth aims his slingshot at Israeli army jeeps

Abu Jazar was shot in the head By Israeli gunfire

Others.. Died for there land…

Others.. Fighting as long as they can…

Many...Ready to sacrifice

And that’s how we go on.. and on…

on.. and on.. and on..

Participate by spreading the true to the world.. Pass this on Send it to as many as you know.. Thank you