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Published by Boris Petrovic
The Declaration – "To New Peace and Consent
through Spiritual Culture"
World Forum of Spiritual Culture 2010

Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly - The Noosphere Constitution for Mankind
The Declaration – "To New Peace and Consent
through Spiritual Culture"
World Forum of Spiritual Culture 2010

Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly - The Noosphere Constitution for Mankind

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Published by: Boris Petrovic on Oct 22, 2010
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WORLD FORUM OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE ASTANA 2010 The Declaration – "To New Peace and Consent through Spiritual Culture

We - the participants of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture from 70 world states have gathered here to discuss the crucial matters of the modernity such as how to overcome the spiritual and moral crisis, which destroys a human being and all the society, how to achieve the spiritual perfection and creativity, how to implement the ideals of friendship, tolerance to beliefs, cooperation in the routine life, how to support generations with the Future with benevolent conditions for developing the Earth. In the modern Epoch the mankind suffers an acute necessity to change the planetary situation, to improve the environment. Global world cataclysms and turmoil disturb each individual on continents, making them regard it with due care. Apart from external natural factors, the world is shattered with economic crisis, geopolitical and social conflicts. The destruction of traditional institutes bearing the moral and ethical meaning poses a major threat. We are confirmed that: spiritual and ethical world improvement is our common task at the present time and in the future. We are glad to approve international, public, personal initiatives pertaining to the World, an individual, his or her spirituality, which enables to establish harmony on the Planet, the solidarity of states. In order to achieve spiritual consent we declare the priority of values and ideals of Spiritual Culture coupled with the power of truth, beauty, creativity, goodness, fair heroism of self-sacrificed cooperation. Mutual understanding among people and nations, religious tolerance, good neighborhood, a high appraisal of the human dignity are the pledge of the Future, the mankind, the harmonious

combination of material and ethical values, the social existence of people and their intrinsic development. We confirm that the priority for Spiritual Culture that leads to Peace and Consent in the World makes a substantial contribution of spiritual enthusiasts into transformation of an individual, society, thought. Truth, sincerity, beauty, love define the state of existence. We call to mobilize all our forces and capabilities to restore the harmonious relations among people, a Human Being and Nature, state-nations. Our firmness arises from the shared interest to affirm the international order, to create benevolent conditions for the life activities of each individual, each nation on the Planet. It is required to cease the destructive tendencies, expressed in extreme manifestations of social, national and religious egoism, terror, extremism, totalitarian groups. We try to attract the world community's attraction to the life necessity to overcome crisis of spirit and moral, to integrate positive changes today into human consciousness, human world. The ethical and moral renewal of an individual, the mankind can save the World from destructions. Seeing this truth, remind the postulates of Spiritual Culture:


Love is the unique Life feature of the common wealth. Spiritual consent, mutual

understanding and tolerance are demonstrations of Love, common moral Law for a human being and the Universe, the Ethics of Life. Spiritual Culture follows this Law, defining it as a reassuring Basis of Genesis. The preservation of World, as well as the salvation of the mankind is impossible to be performed without the energy of Love. All flesh flourishes in it, acquires endless life. Beauty arises in Love. It is difficult to find sense of life without Love.


Virtue is harmonious life with the surrounding environment.

This principle includes the wisdom of human existence. All the teachers and prophets of the mankind used to say, drawing our attention to the key principle of Light: to serve good. “That man is happy and reasonable, who preserves and developed virtue” - Buddah. “High virtue is like water. It serves good to all the creatures and fights against them” - Lao-Tzu. “Show in your belief your virtue, and in virtue reasonableness” Jesus. “That man who addressed to Allah and makes good, that has a secure Basis” Mouhammed. “Be vile sides of existence fraught with passion and ignorance, be high state of existence virtue” - Krishna.


Creation is the trait of God will. Where His Will is, this will survive, and the order

will reign here. The current planetary state is becoming more tense. Destructive disasters, dead lakes, burning forests, oncoming sands - all these threats are the result of egocentric thought of the major part of the mankind, which thoughts and deeds attract adverse effects. The availability of the nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon dramatizes the precarious state of the World. Creation, as a process of world spiritualization plays a significant role. The committees for the rescue in environmentally unsafe places should be established. Creation means affirmation of existence, fulfilling God Will in our united attempts.


Evolution is regular requirement to improve all the forms of life.

Evolution is not a violent way of spiritual perfection of an individual and the mankind. Any humiliation of an individual, society, nature, biological life is crime against the traditions of Divine Moral. This is the crime against Reason! Non-violent way is discerned with the enlightenment of a human thought; an individual starts to assume the responsibility for his or her life and the environment, his or her inner side renovates from a material creature to highly spiritual individual.


Spiritual enlightenment is enlightenment, perfection, priority of education of

generations by means of Spiritual Culture. Upbringing of Culture in a human life grants a state with a competent citizen, while society with a healthy and reasonable personality. Culture as an experience of human social existence is indelible from inner side of a human being, his or her ideals, esthetical consciousness, that form a reasonable individual oriented to Light and bearing Light, who follows the path of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Love. It rivets from the evil and canalizes the human consciousness to the life harmony, peace preservation, multiplication of spiritual values and dignity.


Benefit for the World is sincere deed of a pure heart. The human existence is entitled

the right for Life in the harmonious society. The right is granted to each citizen of the Planet. Improving our World, we give the possibility to our children to live and develop in the positive environment. To make benefit is a peace-preserving task of Homo sapiens. Peace-keeper's aim is not only to defend spiritual values of peoples, but as a

first priority to heal this world, to contribute live force of renewal and good. To follow your heart means love to Peace, to bear happiness and be an outstanding Person.


Unity is cooperation and spiritual consent of world peoples. All the earthlings wish to

live in Peace. Their shared values are family, children, motherland, friendship, happiness, security, health, wealth, equity. Love, Truth, God, Beauty unite us beyond our ethnic status, race, belief, social group. All the time these values are High priorities of Human Life. Spiritual Consent leads to non-conflict existence, granting them and close relatives with the possibility not to have fears against their Future, to live in the benevolent society. From separation through to unity and generality! - sounds as a call to spiritual consent. Peoples' unity is in the open dialogue to build New World.


Equity is service to truth. The feeling of equity is natural for all the people living in

the society. The breach of rights and freedoms, the threat to insecurity and wealth is the symbol of the destructive world. The tendency of humanitarian crisis grows. The economic model of peace suffers the global transformation due to the technical progress. Civilization acquires the traits of the mechanical monster, reduces the spiritual principles of peoples to the level of acculturation, which brings the selfdestruction of human individuality. Equity is called to affirm high laws of life, common for all peoples and states. A individual can fell himself or herself a competent, good person only in the fair and humane society.

9. All human fraternity is the planetary hostile. Our planet is unique in its natural richness and possibilities of the biological life. All of us are equal owners. In our cognitive

cooperation with Light, we attempt to fulfill the high purpose of an individual: to become the Co-creator of God, preserve Peace and multiply natural resources granted from God. We - children of Divine, called as the mankind, which is a generic notion for each of us. We bear one spiritual base and the same World each of us has.

10. Culture of spirit is a milestone of Civilization. Love to God and its Creation is Life Power. The old civilization went along the path of material disregarding Divine Light development,

of evolutionary and creative power of thought in

the technical progress. World peoples always expressed their life ideas, they were bearers of Light. «Life was human light», - God's book says justifying this thought. The old world will be replaced with New World. We return to the origins of Life, Culture of spirit, and live Light of this and other worlds in the Universe. So, let us:

approve the key value of human existence every day - Love to

God, all flesh and reasonable; - recognize, that we are capable to improve the world every day;

upbring in each of us a Light Individual, the quality of Man-

Creator; - grant people with joy and mercy; - follow the laws of Existence, to accept life in its unity, completeness and diversity; - strive to live in harmony with the surrounding society; - appreciate what God grants us, believe in the force of Light, Wisdom and Kindness.

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