The first stage included gathering information about the SBI life and SBI Mutual Fund in India and getting acquainted with the working of the various SBI Life and SBI Mutual Fund Schemes. The next stage involved determining the objective of the study, knowing the target audience and drafting a questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed keeping in mind the target audience and objectives of the study. It was non-disguised in nature and will include a few open-ended questions. RESEARCH PLAN The research was exploratory in nature and the goal was to gather preliminary data to shed light on the real nature of problems and to suggest possible solutions or new ideas. It involved getting a feel of the situation and lays emphasis on the discovery of ideas and possible insights. DATA SOURCES Primary data was collected from the specially targeted persons like:y y y Salaried persons Business men House wife

The primary information was collected through Questionnaire and interviews presented to the investors. Secondary Data was collected from: y y y Print articles on Mutual Funds SBI LIFE Annual audit report of the SBI Life and SBI Mutual Fund Company Product and Service Brochures of the Mutual Funds of SBI and SBI life

SAMPLING PLAN The sampling unit comprised of the people present in the various offices of Mutual Fund Companies. The sample size taken for the study was two hundred only. The samples were chosen on the basis of random sampling and these respondents belonged to middle and upper class salaried and self-employed people, students, professionals and housewives who have invested in SBI Life and SBI Mutual Funds. The research was carried out in Rourkela only. DATA ANALYSIS TECHNIQUE y y Simple averages Tabulation

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