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DVD Unlocking Codes

DVD Unlocking Codes


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Published by Shona
Codes To Unlock Different Dvd Players
Codes To Unlock Different Dvd Players

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Published by: Shona on Jul 18, 2008
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Region Code Hack: Turn the power on / press 7,4 then select (if this doesn’t
work, try 77). Secret menu is now enabled. Scroll down with the directional
button to set the country code to = 13 or 0 then press [select]
Press set-up to exit & save

Macrovision On-Off: Turn the power on / press 7,4 then select. Secret menu is
now enabled). Scroll down to next page with the directional button and press
select. Highlight Macrovision and press select, then type in either 1+0 (10) or 0
(0). Press set-up to exit.

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