1 IVR Current Architecture:
The figure shows the current architecture of IVR system:

Figure 7- 1 IVR Architecture

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Call 111 Call gets transferred to one of the multiple MSC for the given circle. WVR (WebSource Voice response) which is proprietary IVR product of IBM is co located with MSC. Using the voice MPLS, the WVR gets the entire customer related information required for IVR from WAS (WebSource Application Server). WAS acts as a backend while WVR acts as front end for this operation. WAS is situated at PUNE and is unique, which gets information from all the 23 circles. Once WVR get all the information, 70% of calls get handled through WVR. Remaining 30 %calls end are transferred FR/ATM frame relay for the calls t o be handled by call agents. They are connected to PUNE, MUMBAI, DELHI OR AHMEDABAD HUB. Through VOIP, each call centre IS CONNECTED TO ONE the hubs. CMS (Content Management system) is used to preparation of reports i.e. number of customers handled, time take, waiting time for call etc.

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