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6) Georg Bataille Blue of Noon PENGUIN BOOKS Blue of Noon Georges Bataille, French essayist and novelist, was born in 1897. He was converted to Catholicism, then to Marxism and was interested in psychoanalysis and mysticism. As curator of the municipal library in Orléans, he led a relatively simple life, although he became involved, usually on the fringes, with the Surrealist movement. He founded the literary review Cruique in 1946, which he edited until his death in 1962, and was also a founder of the review Documents, which published many of the leading Surrealist writers. His writing is a mixture of poetry and philosophy, fantasy and history. It follows the mazes of an exceedingly rich and varied thought, of which the centre pomnr is defined in L’Expérience intérieure (1943), part of Summa A-theologica. His first novel, Story of the Eye, was. ‘written under the pseudonym of Lord Auch. Bataille’s other works include the novels Blue of Noon and My Mother, and the essays Eroticism and Literature and Evil, Will Self is the author of three collections of short stories, The Quantity Theory of Insanity (winner of the 1992 Geoffrey Faber Memonal Prize), Grey Area and Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys; three novels, My Idea of Fun, Great Apes and How the Dead Live; three novellas, Cock & Bull and The Sweet Smell of Psychosis; ewo collections of journalism, Junk Marl and Sore Sites; and the pictorial essay Perfidious Man.