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  • Meetings held with Government Representatives at New Delhi
  • Supplementary List
  • Assam (Guwahati)
  • Bihar (Patna)
  • Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)
  • Jammu and Kashmir (At Delhi)
  • MEGHALAYA (Shillong)
  • NAGALAND (Kohima)
  • UTTAR PRADESH (Lucknow)
  • WEST BENGAL (Calcutta)
  • GOA
  • Government of India:
  • Supreme Court Judgements
  • High Court’s Judgements
  • Foreign Courts



APPENDIX-I COMMISSION ON CENTRE-STATE RELATIONS Public Notice Government of India have, vide notification No. IV. 11017/1/83-CSR, dated the 9th June, 1983 set up a commission to "examine and review the working of the existing arrangements between the Union and State in regard to powers, functions and responsibilities in all spheres and recommend such changes or other measures as may be appropriate". The Commission's assignment being comprehensive in character and of nation-wide interest, it is but appropriate at the very outset, to collect some basic information. The Commission, therefore, hereby solicits from all interested individuals, organisations and other sources such information (including published or written views) and factual data as may be relevant to any aspect of the aforesaid arrangements between the Union and the States, including the legislative, administrative, fiscal, economic and other spheres. An analytical study of such data would facilitate the identification of the problems, issues and difficulties experienced in the working of these arrangements during the last 33 years. This would also render facile the preliminary task of preparing working papers and questionnaires for ascertaining by the Commission the views thereon of eminent experts or groups in the specified spheres. The Commission trusts that all concerned will extend their fullest co-operation and assistance to it and furnish the required information at their earliest to the Secretary to the Commission, Lok Nayak Bhavan, 4th Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003. BY ORDER OF THE COMMISSION ON CENTRE-STATE RELATIONS Sd/— (K.A. RAMASUBRAMANIAM) SECRETARY

APPENDIX-II Composition of Commission's Secretariat
Name and Designation Secretary 1. Shri K.A. Ramasubramaniam 2. Shri G.V. Ramkrishana 3. Shri D. Sankaraguruswamy Joint Secretary 1. Shri M.K. Moitra 2. Shri A.K. Varma Directors 1. Shri B.P. Sinha 2. Shri B.M. Rao 3. Shri A. Neelakantan 4. Dr. Vivek Bhattacharya Honorary Constitutional Advisor 1. Shri Lalnarayan Sinha Part Time Consultants 1. Shri J. Srinivasa 2. Shri P.P. Singh 3. Dr. N.M. Khilani 7-9-83—to date 8-11-83—30-6-84 16-8-84—28-2-85 10-10-83—30-4-87 20-10-83—to date 4-1-84—to date 21-2-84—to date 15-3-84—29-3-87 19-10-83—30-9-86 18-2-87—to date 23-3-83 to 31-7-84 1-8-84 to 13-2-85 3-4-85—to date Period

7 23 25(States 22 UTs. Jayasankar Section Officer 1. 12. 6. 3.. 2. Sharma 2. Sikka 19-8-83—to date 1-7-83—30-8-85 9-12-85—to date 3-8-83—to date 11-8-83—21-7-87 14-11-83—to date 21-11-83—to date 25-11-83—24-8-86 28-11-83—3-1-86 7-12-83—30-4-87 16-2-84—to date 6-1-86—1-8-86 30-6-83(AN)—to date 1-9-83—to date 15-12-83—28-7-86 19-4-84—to date 30-8-85—23-9-87 25-8-86—30-4-87 APPENDIX-III Statement Showing Categorywise Replies Received in Response to the Commissions Questionnaire S. Rangamannar 3. Shri S. Shri R.R. Serving and former Presidents/Vice-Presidents/Prime Ministers/Speakers of Lok Sabha/Chief Justices of India Serving & Former Union Ministers Union Ministers/Departments of Government of India State Governments/Union Territories Serving & Former Governors & Lt. . Shri P. 10. Smt. Dr. Shri L. Sanjay Singh 5.B. S.3) 7 12 4 11 9 1.N. Tahera Ajmal 6.K. Shri K.S. Tahera Ajmal Research Officers 1. Shri Ramesh Sharma 2. Shri S. 9. 8. Lall 6. Mittal 5.S. Shri A. Shri K. Sharma 8. Singh Administrative Officer 1. State/ Regional and Registered Political Parties as per lists maintained by the Chief Election Commissioner of India Other Political Parties & Groups Serving & Former Members of Parliament Serving & Former Chief Justices and Judges of Supreme Court & High Court 36 20 6 13 11.K. Smt. Dr. 13. Shri Diwan Chand 2. Category No. Kannan 4.Senior Research Officer 1. Shri R. 5. Raja J. Sharma 9. Shri T. 7. of Replies received . Shri Niranjan Singh 3.No. Wadhwa 7. Yegnanarayanan 4. Governors of State and Union Territories Serving & Former Chief Ministers of States & Union Territories Finance Ministers and other former Ministers of State Members of Constituent Assembly Serving & Former Speakers/Chairman and Members of State Legislatures Presidents/General Secretaries of all the National.D. Dr. 4.C.

1984 October 31.) Inter-State River Water Disputes Governor's Discretionary Powers under Articles 163 and 200 5. APPENDIX-IV Dates and Subjects of Supplementary Questionnaire Issued to Relevant Organisations/Individuals Sl. Industry (for State Govts. 25. Universities and Research Institutes Editors of Important Dailies/Periodicals and distinguished Journalists & Correspondents Financial Institutions and Chambers of Commerce & Industry Trade Unions. 21. 1985 March 30. 8. 16-22. 1985 August 1. 1985 March 30. 1985 Sept. 1984 February 14. 1. 3. 9. 1984 November. No. more than 6. etc. 6. 18. 26.14. 1 1 3 24 2 2 1 79 7 8 19 3 17. Mayors/Administrators of Municipal Bodies. 1985 November 8. 1985 Nov. No.—In all. 20. Article 252 of the Constitution 8. 5. 7. 4. 15-21. 1985 January 18. 1. 1985 February 23-26. 1985 July 5-6. 1985 June 10-14. 3. 10. 13. Article 356 of the Constitution 10. Miscellaneous Questions regarding various Articles of the Constitution 9. 23-25. 24. 30-Oct. 11. Office of the Governor and President's Rule etc. Farmer's Bodies & Employer's Associations. and 500 copies in Hindi were canvassed. etc. 22. 1985 March 30. 19. 1986 Industry (for Central Govt). 2. 1984 August 2-8. 4. 1984 February 19-21. 1. 15. Serving & former Auditor General of India Serving & former Attorneys/Solicitors General of India and Advocates General of the States Presidents/Secretaries of Bar Council of India and of States and Bar Associations of Supreme Court and High Court Eminent Jurists & Advocates Former Chairman/Members & Secretaries of Finance Commissions Serving and former Governors/Deputy Governors of Reserve Bank of India Serving & former Chief Election Commissioners of India Eminent Economists/Political Scientists. Article 249 of the Constitution 7. State/Union Territories Kerala (Trivandrum) Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) West Bengal (Calcutta) Tripura (Agartala) Assam (Guwahati) Karnataka (Bangalore) Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) Orissa (Bhubaneshwar) Nagaland (Kohima) Meghalaya (Shillong) Maharashtra (Bombay) Goa (Panaji) Date of Meetings June 1-7. 1985 March 30. 1985 . 1985 Nov. 6. 12. 1984 September 17-19. Subject Date of Issue September 22. Taxation of Agricultural Income APPENDIX-V Dates of States visited by the Commission and Meetings Held with the State Governments at New Delhi Sl.800 copies of Questionnaire in English. 2. 1985 September 27-28. Service Associations. 23. 1985 April 1-12. 16. Miscellaneous (including individuals) 82 TOTAL 405 Note.

Paidipadu. Shri Pandrangi Rajeshwara Rao. Former Speaker. Shri Vavilala Gopala Krishnayya.V. Shri Avva Satyanarayana Rao. 26-31. 1987. 18-20. met the Commission at New Delhi on July 14. Hyderabad. Anantapur. Parthasarathy. . 7. Gujarat November 20.V. who had submitted the State Government's Memorandum. Ch. M. Editor.14. All India Telephone Traffic Employees' Association. Hony. Hyderabad.— Sardar Surjit Singh Barnala. 1986 19. Rajasthan March 19. 10. 1986 17. The Andhra Patrika. Subrahmanya Sastry. Shri C. G. Andhra University—Represented by Prof. Government of Andhra Pradesh. Prof. Legislative Assembly. 5. General Secretary. Vijayawada. Prof. Vijayawada. APPENDIX-VI List of Individuals Bodies who made Submissions in the form of Memoranda/Replies to the Questionnaire etc. Advocate. Subba Rao. Shri K. 1987. Shri K. Manipur February 20. 1987 22.J. 1986 20. A. Advocate & Journalist. 1986 Meetings held with Government Representatives at New Delhi 18. Sattenapalli. Krishna Rao. Former MLA. Jagadeswar Rao and Prof. 9. & Head of Political Science & Public Administration Nagarjuna University. Bihar (Patna) Dec. Shri Gopal Rao Ekbote. Shri Mollakalapalli Koleshwar Rao. Radhakrishna. Prakasam Institute of Development Studies. 20-22. 11. Waltair School of Economics. ANDHRA PRADESH 1. 4. Ex-Chief Justice. Raghavulu. Pondicherry January 1-2. Jammu & Kashmir February 16. Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) January. 1987 Note. Shri A. Tamil Nadu (Madras) Dec. Shri Mendu Venkata Rao. Haryana March 12. 1985 16. Hanumantha Rao. Vema Reddy. 1985 15. 8. Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. as Chief Minister of April 24. former Chief Minister of Punjab.V. A. Shri M. 1987 21. 12. Hyderabad. Nagarjunasagar. Raghava Rao. Shri P. Andhra Pradesh.P. Mallikharijuna Rao and Shri B. Secretary. 2. 3.V. 6. Shri S.

Shri R. Baga Reddy. Warangal.Agraharam. Prof. 24.L. 29. Former Union Home Minister. AP Legislative Assembly. Shri K. Shri N. Hyderabad. Indian National Congress. I. Former Dy. M. Ex-Governor. Dr. Former President. Ramchandram. Leader of the Opposition. Osmania University. 25. Kasaiah.) Hyderabad. Prof. 15. Hyderabad. Hyderabad. 28. (Retd. Secunderabad. Director. Andhra Pradesh (Retd. Hyderabad. N. 14. 18. Hyderabad.. Hyderabad. Telugi Jatti Vimukthi Sangam. Reader in Economitrics. Shri M. Poornachandra Rao. Shri N. C. Shri N. Muttalib.). Ex-Mayor. 22. Brahmananda Reddi. Justice Alladi Kuppuswamy. Shri Vijay Kumar Adwant. Lecturer in Public Administration. Governor of RBI. S. 13.A. Forum for Right to Work.A. Andhra Pradesh. Social Worker. Rao.V. Guntur.A. Former Minister.). Shri V. Dr. Nehru Nagar.F. Dr. Chief Justice. Ex. President. 23. General Secretary.S. Raju.P. Former Chief Minister. University College of Arts & Science. Hyderabad. 20. Ramakrishnayya. Vivek Vardhini College. Shri Akbar Ali Khan. Shri M. D. Hyderabad. . 16. Hyderabad. Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies. (Retd. Kakatiya University.V. Andhra Pradesh. Srihari Rao.S. Hyderabad. Nampally. 27. Laxminarayan.B. V. 17. 26. Hyderabad. 21. 19. Lecturer in Economics. Tirupati. Hyderabad. Bhaskara Rao. I.

30. Deptt. 40. 41. President. Prof. Patna. Guwahati. Dr. Dr. University of Bihar. Dr. Kakati Guwahati. Muzaffarpur. Weavers Welfare Society. Dr.N. Shri Saryu Roy Convener. 39. Jagannath Mishra Ex-Chief Minister. Action Committee of North East Regional Parties. 32. BIHAR 37. 43. Government of Bihar. . Bodh-Gaya. Guwahati.-MP. 33. P.K.P. Roy Choudhuri Head of Department of Law. Purnea. ASSAM 31. Patna. Vichar Manch. 42. Tewari. Government of Assam. Dr. J. Jha Deptt. General Secretary. 44. Director. Bihar.D. Ex-Minister of Assam. Kedar Nath Kumar Reader. Patna.N. 34. Shri Barfi Dev Wafa. Shri Pradhan H. Senior Advocate and Ex. L. Shri Satis C. A. 38. Kakinada. Madan Mohan Sharma. J. Shri K. 45. Patna. 47. of Political Science. Asom Jatiyatabadi Dol. Guwahati. Darbhanga. of Economics. Sinha Institute of Social Studies. Shri Deveswar Sarmah.P. Verma Advocate. 46. A. 35. Prasad Prof. 48. Patna University. 36. Panasayan. Jorhat. General Secretary. Patna. Jagjivan Ram Institute of Parliamentary Studies & Political Research. Assam State Employees' Federation. of Economics. Mithila University.N. Chairman. Magadh University.

62. President. Ahmedabad. 55. A. D. Dibakar Jha Retired Professor of Economics. HARYANA 64. Patna. Dean. Shaibal Gupta Lecturer in Economics. Government of Haryana. Prof. Pathak. All India Council of Mayors. Indian Institute of Management.I. Shri Kedar Nath Singh Daryapur.C.Deptt. Prof. 63. Patna University. Patna. Faculty of Law. Director. Kurukshetra. Bihar State Bar Council Patna. Dr. Himmat Singh Sinha Deptt.. Shri Rafiuddin Shaikh Mayor of Ahmedabad & Chairman. Patel. Prof.B.N. Shri Babubhai J. 54. Gandhinagar. Dr. MS University of Baroda. Distt. Government of Gujarat. Sinha Institute of Social Studies.N. Sinha of Institute of Social Studies. Patna University. Shri Ram Shobha Singh & Other fourteen teachers of RDS College. Shri Chimanbhai S. R. Saran (Chappra). Patel. Vallabh Vidyanagar. Dr. 57. 51. Sardar Patel University. Dhanbad. Patna. Ahmedabad. Former Governor. 61. Muzaffarpur. Patel Ex-Chief Minister of Gujarat. Peace Research Centre. of Economics. 58. Baroda. . Prof. of Philosophy. Dholakia. Department of Economics. I. Gujarat Vidyapith. 65. GUJARAT 56.N. 50. Dr. 53. H. 60.G. 59. Reader in Economics. Durganand Sinha A. Ahmedabad. Kurukshetra University. Patna. Editor "Sandesh". Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. 52. Himmat Patel. Ahmedabad. 49.

(Forwarding a copy of Statement released by opposition parties after Srinagar Conclave). Shri Hokisha Sema Governor. Rothtak. H. Shimla. 82. Arun K. 68. Shri B. University. Shimla.P. Delhi High Court. Registrar. 72. Bangalore. University. Justice T. Ranbir Sharma. & Head Department of Political Science. IRS (Retd. 71. Jammu. 80. Retd.66. Bhadwar. Sambasiva Iyer. Jammu & Kashmir. J. & Head. 74.N. 77.P. Faridabad. Registrar. Maharshi Dayanand University. Bangalore. Himachal Pradesh.K. Govt. College. Principal. Punjab & Haryana High Court. of Law & Shri A. Shimla. I. Sampat. 70. Visnoo Bhagwan. Dr. Hissar. Lok Ayukta. 81. 73. Mahajan Ex-Chief Justice. Shimla. Government of Karnataka.S. Haryana Agriculture University. Tatachari Ex-Chief Justice.R. Dr.P.). Dr. Himachal Pradesh. Dr. KARNATAKA 79. Himachal Pradesh. 75. Pt. President. Government of Himachal Pradesh.Registrar.V.R. Massey Prof. JAMMU & KASHMIR 76.S. Chauhan. Shri Kadidal Manjappa Ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka. Deptt. HIMACHAL PRADESH 69. Farooq Abdullah Ex-Chief Minister. Shimla. Shri G. Gupta Director. H.L. Under Secretary. Prof. Government of Karnataka. Democratic Socialist Party. Government of Jammu & Kashmir. . 67. Justice D. Dr. Model Institute of Education & Research. 78.

Smt. Post Graduate. Bangalore. Chandrashekhar. Sadashiviah Jayanagar.) Mysore. Shimoga Distt. 86.) Bangalore. Raghavendra Rao Deptt. Shri S. Shri R. 89.) Hemalata Rao Associate Professor. University of Mysore. 96. K. Narayan Advocate. 88. 98. R. 83. 84. 92. of Law. Saklaspur. Shri P. 95.V. Via Madanageri.K. Shri T. Dharwad.S. Shri L. Appu. Ahalya Bangalore. Ganapaiah Secretary General.V. of Law. Bangalore. 94. B. Subramaniam Former Director. 99. N.Bangalore. Karnataka University.K. Prof. The Farmers' Federation of India. . 97. Seshadri Reader. Dr. Dr. (Mrs. Bangalore. 91. Institute for Social & Economic Change. Indian Institute of Management. Economic Unit. 85. of Political Science. Bangalore. Thimmaiah Director. Deptt. Nadiger Kuppagadde. G. of Post Graduate Studies & Research in Law. Naik Member of Parliament. Bangalore. Registrar. MLC (Retd. Karnataka University.N. Shri K. Dr. Srikantiah. Institute for Social & Economic Change. Administrative Intelligence. Karnataka University. Dr. 90. Gonehalli. Dr.S.R. President. Dharwad. Shri B. Shri K. Devidas Reader and Shri P. IAS (Retd. Iswar Bhat Lecturer. 87. Shri N.B. 93. Bangalore. Advocate. Deptt.

Bangalore. President. Karnataka Legislative Council. 111. Bangalore. Communist Party of India (Marxist). Colony. Secretary.H. 115. Bangalore. Shri P. Sandur. Shri M. Shri K. Indian Institute of Management. Dr. Employees Association. 109. 102. Dr. Patil President.S.T. Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Bangalore. Kodli Bangalore. Shri D. M. Karnataka State Committee. Sivappa Former Chairman. 108. Parthasarthy Advocate.S. KERALA . Shri K. Belgaum. Bangalore.V. Legislative Assembly. N.Y. 103. Shri N. 112. 105. 106. Santosh Hegde Advocate General. 101. Shri S. Karnataka State Council of CPI.R. Ratnam Indian Institute of Management. 116. Republican Party of India(K). 113. Shri B. 107. Bangalore. President.R. Bangalore. Narayan Advocate. N. Shri Michael B. Bangalore. Bhimshakthi. Ramaswamy Director. The Karnataka State Government. 104. Bangalore. 110. Ghorpade Former State Finance Minister. Karnataka. Srinivasan Assistant Editor Deccan Herald. Bangalore. President. 114. Bangalore.C. Bangalore. Secretariat-Member. Bangalore. Venkataramanan N. 100.Karnataka Rationalist Association. Fernandes Ex-MLC. Dr.K. Bangalore. Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (I) Bangalore.

Prof. 126. 122. Kochukoshy. Aranattukara.R. 127.S. Dr. Habeeb Mohamed Vice-Chancellor.N. . Parameswaran Professor. Vice-Chacellor. Prof. Dr. Pillai Reader and Head of Deptt. Kerala State Electricity Board. University of Cochin. University of Cochin. 129. Cochin. Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research. Department of Commerce & Management Studies. Principal of Training Colleges. Krishnan Nair Keecherry. Shri P. Trivandrum and Dr. Ernakulam. Kerala Agricultural University. 123. Government of Kerala. Trivandrum. Shri M.) Former Member. Pappinisserri P. K. Board of Revenue and Chairman. Cannanore. Trivandrum. C. & Head. K. Sankaranarayanan Head of Department. P. Purushothaman Nair Prof. M. University of Calicut. 121. Trichur.O. University of Kerala. Vaidyanathan Centre for Development Studies. 125. Dr.O. Member-Secretariat Communist Party of India (Marxist). 131. Pylee Directore General (AIDE) Former Vice Chancellor. Dr.S.P. Cochin. Trivandrum.V. Dr. K. 128. Shri T. 132. Krishna Iyer Former Judge of Supreme Court. Shri P. Justice V. 124.V. Cochin. of Economics. A.117. George School of Management Studies..K. John Mathai Centre. Trivandrum. University of Cochin. Calicut. Ernakulam (Cochin). Gulati Centre for Development Studies. I. Madhava Menon. Trichur.C. Chendersekharan Pillai School of Management Studies and Prof. 130. Commissioner Corporation of Cochin. Shri C.K. Ramanathan Retd. N. Shri G. 118. Applied Economics. IAS (Redt. 119. Trivandram. Dr. Dr. 120.

K. Chairman. Kerala Congress (J). Kerala. Trivandrum. Trivandrum. Leader of Opposition. Janata Party. 147. Ernakulam. Trivandrum.A. Trivandrum. 144. Mahakoshal Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Kerala Committee. 148. D. Shri B. Secretary. Trivandrum. General Secretary. Federation of State Employee & Teachers' Organisations. Trivandrum.P. General Secretary Revolutionary Socialist Party. Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (I). Kerala Congress (Mani Group). General Secretary. Trivandrum. Indian National Congress Party. Kerala Unit. Trivandrum. 139. Bhopal. 137. President.President. General Secretary. Former Chief Minister Haryana and Governor of M. 136. Mammuhaji. General Secretary. Shri E. 135. R. Jabalpur.Kerala State Committee. 140. Shri N. 134. Kerala Pradesh Congress (Socialist) Committee. Shukla. Vice-President. Nayanar. 142. MLA. 149. 145. Bhopal University. 133. Trivandrum. President. Bhopal. Kerala Legislative Assembly. . Cochin. C. Dr. Trivandrum. State Committee of the Peasants & Workers Party of India (Kerala Unit).. 138. Trivandrum. Kerala. MADHYA PRADESH 146. 143. (On behalf of Muslim League State Committee). Trivandrum. General Secretary Malayalee Desheeya Munnani. Government of Madhya Pradesh. 141. Sharma. Vice-Chancellor. Praja Socialist Party.

Subbiah.150. 167.-M. Industrial Development Bank of India. Vidisha. Shastri Nagar. Member constituent Assembly. Jabalpur. 159. Mandke.P... Inspectorate Engineer's Association. Bhopal.P. Chhattarpur. R. Bhopal.. Bombay. . Bombay. Marathwada University. Shri P. 163. Government of Maharashtra.P. Nagpur University. Bhopal. Murti. R.. 151. S. Communist Party of India (Marxist). Supreme Court. Senior Advocate. 160.K. General Secretary. Shri Nani A Palkhivala. MAHARASHTRA 158. Sanaddar. Bombay. 166. Purna. MP Electricity. N. The Registrar. Shri Ram Sahai Tiwari. Bhopal. 161.. Member Constituent Assembly and Ex. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (I). Professor & Head of Deptt. Shri Dilip Shantaram Dahanukar. M. M. Dr. Shri S. Aurangabad. Shri M. Inamdar. Justice P. Malad (West). Ex-Chief Justice. Bombay. Shri M. Saxena. 164. Churchgate. Shri D. 165. Shri V. Bombay. of Political Science and Public Admn. 153.N. Chairman. G. Congress Committee (I).P. N. Industrial Assurance Building. Deputy General Manager. Masani. R. Madhya Pradesh State Committee. Member Constituent Assembly and Ex. 155. M. 152. Secretary. 154. Editor Ajanta Express. President. 156. Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Professor & Head of Deptt. Gwalior. Shri A. Nagpur. Malegaonker. Law Commission. Shri Ram Sahai. 157. 162. of Public Admn. 168. University of Poona. Tare. Bombay. Secretary. Secretary.

Baramati. Ex-Mayor. Dr. Prof. Seervai. Indian Institute of Public Administration Research Fellow. Bombay.Pune. Latur. of Geography. Principal. Nepean Sea Road. Sawant. 177. 183. H. Republican Party of India (Kambl) Bombay. Shri A. Pune. Bombay. Rajaram College.P. R. 169. 176. Rajadhyaksha. Indian Council of Social Science Research. 173. High Level Committee on Power. Shri H. B. Ankush B. The Employers' Federation of India. Mr. Dayanand College of Law. Bhasin. Shri Sudhir Joshi. Pune. Economic Advisor. G. (Mrs. Pune. Professor & Head of Deptt. Convener. Dr. Shri Mohan Dharia. G. 181. 172. Marathawada Agriculture University. Shri V. Dr. Professor. K. Chairman. Kamble. DBF Dayanand College of Arts & Science. M. Ozarkar. Kolhapur. 174. 179. Tata Industries. 182. Vice-Chancellor. Shri Mohammad Rashid.Shri M. Planning Commission. Former Union Member and Ex-Governor. Shri Shivraj Nakade. Shri K. 185. R. Senior Advocate. Ex-M. 178. Noorani. Indian Centre for Democratic Socialism Aurangabad. 170. Parbhani. C. Bombay. Bombay. Supreme Court. Pendse. Ex-Union Minister. Pune. MANIPUR . Paranjape. Bombay. 180. Bombay. & Leader.) Krishnabai Nimbkar. Shah. Acting Secretary. Member. 175. Shri D. 171. Solapur. 184. G. Principal. K. S.

Jandiala Guru. Chandigarh. Government of Manipur. Shri B. Prof. 197. Advocate. Shri R. Leader of the Opposition. & Head Deptt. Dr. Retd. Shri Tankadhan Mahapatra. 188.. Jena. Orissa. Government of Nagaland. Prof. 199. Shri R. Cuttuck. Shillong. ORISSA 194. Mokokchung. Planning Advisor. Dr. 200. Shillong. Dutta. President. Ex-Minister. Shri Fateh Singh Bagga. Bhubaneswar. District Council. A. 190. Dr. Lyngdoh. Amritsar. North Eastern Council Sectt. Shri Nihovi Sema. B. Chairman. Dhenkanal. Nagaland People Party. Orissa. MEGHALAYA 187. Shri K. R. Khasi Hills Autonomous. Berhampur University. R. 195. Shri S. 189. Harekrushna Mehtab. Ex-Chief Minister. 204. Ramamurthi. Berhampur. 193. Nagaland Ex-Parliamentarian Association. Prof. 201. . Mishra.186. PUNJAB 202. K. Professor of Philosophy. Shri Nityanand Acharya. Johl. IAS. Vice-Chancellor. Chief Executive Member. & Head of the Deptt. K. B. of Political Science. Bhubaneswar. Chattopadhyaya. of Biophysics. 196. B. Government of Meghalaya. Bolangir. Sharma. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research. Government of Orissa. 203. Shri S. Kohima. Shillong. Ex-Chief Minister of Meghalaya. 192. 198. Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology. NAGALAND 191. Agragami Karyalaya.

Member. R.T. Shri Gokulbhai Bhatt. Shri Gian Chand. Advocate. Chandigarh. Tulsi. Jaipur. Dr. Patiala. Chandigarh. 206. Krishna Shetty. Senate.C. 207. University of Madras. 205. Freedom Fighter. Madras. 213. Advocate. Chandigarh. Shri V. Shri Nar Bahadur Bhandari. Jaipur. Shri Brij Bhushan Mehra. Gangtok. Convener. Jaipur. Mrs. Panagariya. M. P. Patiala. Deptt. University Studies in Law. Jain Kagzi. of Public Administration. 210. 215. Government of Tamil Nadu. Ludhiana. Dalavai. University of Rajasthan. Former Reader in Constitutional Law. Professor. University of Rajasthan. Punjabi University. TAMIL NADU 218. Jaipur. Advisor. 221. Ex-Speaker. Dr. . Shri K. 222. Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Civil Liberties Council. Srivilliputtur. Shri B. Punjab Pradesh Congress Kisan Dal (I). Government of Sikkim. Shri Agam Singh and Shri Sukh Lal Sharma. President. Sikkim Sangram Parishad. 219. SIKKIM 216. Madras. Government of Rajasthan. Sector 8-C. Chandigarh. 214. 208. Sr.Shri Ajit Singh Sarhadi. Vijayavalli. 212. Shri R. RAJASTHAN 211. Sundaresan. Vellore.Vice-Chancellor. 220.S. Velappadi. K. Advocate. 209. L. Punjab University. Shri Sham Singh Harikay. Member Constituent Assembly. V. 217.

228. President. Sivagnanam. Advocate. Ramasamy. Shri Sathyalaya P. Shri G. Chief Executive. 226. Robert Gananamuthu. Madras. Justice M. President. Madras. Secretary. Bureau for Parliamentary Work.223. Sankaran. Madras. 239. Madras. Gobichettipalayam. Shri D. Madras High Court. S. Ramakrishnan. Karunanidhi. Madras. Shri R. Vanamamalai. 234. Madurai Kamaraj University. Shri M. Madras. Madras. Tamil Arasu Kazhagam. Vedanayagam. Sivaprasad Industries. K. Paramananthan. Shri M. Former Senior Supervisor. Annamandram. "Sathyalaya". Ismail. Madurai. Madras. Shri B. Assistant. 225. Madurai. Bar Council of Tamil Nadu. Sociology and Political Science. High Court of Madras. President. Shri M. Political Advisor. Directorate of Medical Education. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. 232. Periyar. Secretary. Madras. Department of Economic Studies. Registrar. Madurai. Madras Telephones. Hindustan Chamber of Commerce. Madras. Shri M. 227. Madras. General Secretary. T.M. 231. Shri N. 229. President. Jr. Tamil Nadu Government Employees' Association. S. Anandhan. 224. P. Former Chief Justice. 233. Vaseekaran. Balasubramanian. All India Christian Party. Shri K. 230. 238. 235. Senior Advocate. Madras. 237. General Secretary. Pattiveeranpatti. Distt. 236. Shri R. .

Coimbatore. Distt. Principal. 248. Saharanpur. Madras. of Political Science. and Shri S. L. Satyanarayana Moturi.D.B. News Editor. President. Guruswamy. 245. The Indian Express. 257. 244. C. 253.C. Dwivedi. Dr. Prof. M. Government of Uttar Pradesh. 255. Jothi Yencatachellum. Shri R. Madras. Lucknow. ICS (Retd. Jwalapur. General Secretary. of Economics (Retd. Jariwala. P. Banaras Hindu University. Government of Tripura. Tiruchirapalli. Mussoorie. Namadhu Kazhagam. Tamil Nadu Kamaraj Congress. Meerut. 246. Shri O. . All India Vaishya Federation. Madras. Narayanaswamy. Dr. Varanasi. 241. Mylapore. Lecturer. TRIPURA 249. Lucknow University. Reader. V. UTTAR PRADESH 251. Shri Shyam Dhar Misra. M. Deptt. 254. 242. Thakur. Reader in Law. General Secretary. Madras. Naganathan. Dr. Former Union Minister. Sharan. 250. Dr. 240. Madras. Madras. University of Madras. Head of Deptt. Shri L. Retd. Cuddalore. Varanasi. 243. Alagesan.P. Dr.). Mathew. P. Member Constituent Assembly & Former Union Minister. R. General Secretary. Agartala. S. Tripura Government Employees' Federation. Meerut College. Member Constituent Assembly. Madras. Nehru Illam. Shri P. Mathur. National Academy of Administration. Ex-Governor of Kerala. 256. Shri B. 247. 252.C. Retd.S. of Economics.). Smt.

Treasurer. 264. Hony. Shailendra Singh. 267. West Bengal. Secretary. Calcutta. Presidency College.Shri Upendranath Barman. 259. Shri Suhas Chattopadhyay. 273. Shri Balai Chandra Ray. WEST BENGAL 262. Member Constituent Assembly.258. . Shri Somendra Chandra Bose. Sen Verma. Calcutta. Lucknow. Deptt. Lucknow University. Former Chief Minister. Shri Prafulla Chandra Sen. 265. Prof. Bank Employees' Federation. General Secretary. High Court. Jalpaiguri. Shri Dilip Suraana. Institute for Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies. Senior High Court. Masud (Retd. of Law. 263. Shri Sunder Lal Bahuguna. Member Constituent Assembly. Economic Research Unit. P. 261. U. Calcutta. Chipko Information Centre. Sr. 266. Calcutta.P. 274. Calcutta. 268. 270. Reader in Economics. Shri S. of Economics. Advocate & President. Tehri Garhwal.) Hony. 269. Emeritus Professor of Economics. Calcutta. Calcutta. Advocate.A. Viswa Bharati. Secretary. Regional Branch. West Bengal. Gorkhpur. 260. Indian Statistical Institute. 271. Calcutta. and Former Member. Calcutta. Justice S. University of Gorakhpur. Reader. The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dr. Shri Prabhudayal Himatsingka. Calcutta High Court. Dr. Government of West Bengal. 272. Calcutta. Lucknow. Former Chief Election Commissioner of India. Deptt. Bhabatosh Datta. Fourth Finance Commission. Bar Association. Anirudh Prashad. Calcutta High Court.

Shri S. Shri Atulya Ghosh. R. Calcutta. Smt. Member Constituent Assembly. Teacher. Viswa Sanakrit Mission. Secretary. LCS. Calcutta Chamber of Commerce. 280. Calcutta. Calcutta. Calcutta. Lecturer. Calcutta. Revolutionary Socialist Party. Calcutta.Calcutta. Socialist Unity Centre of India. Advocate. West Bengal Headmasters' Association. President. West Bengal. Calcutta. West Bengal State Committee. General Secretary. A. West Bengal State Committee. 281. Masat. Shri Saroj Mukherjee. Asstt. 278. Calcutta.M. General Secretary. Masat A. Calcutta. Advocate. Smt. Distt. 287. Renuka Ray. Calcutta. Dr. Biplab Dasgupta. Calcutta. Shri Sanat Kumar Chakrabarty. Shri Nakuleswar Banerjee. Calcutta High Court.). Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 284. Shri Annada Sankar Ray. (Retd. College of Law. Indian Association. 285. President. 282. 275. University of Calcutta and Executive Vice-Chairman. Professor. Secretary. Calcutta. Calcutta. 279. 286. Bhartiya Janata Party. Calcutta. Calcutta University. Hooghly. Secretary (Retd. 283. 276. West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation. . Central Secretariat. Dr. Calcutta. 291. 288. High School. 290. Calcutta. Chakrabarti. President. 292. 289. Communist Party of India (Marxist). President. Shri Chittaranjan Bag. 277. Manjusri Mondal.). Revolutionary Communist Party of India. Sanyal (Vettadhish).

Tarkeshwari Sinha. . 306. & Member of Constituent Assembly. 305. 298. 295. Democratic Socialist Party. 302. (Rajya Sabha). Communist Party of India (Marxist). President. New Delhi Traders Association. B. Namboodiripad. General Secretary. 299. Prof. Secretary. Member of Parliament. Secretary. Calcutta. Shri P. L. Shri Dharma Vira. Khanna. N. West Bengal State Council. Calcutta. Indian Institute of Management. 294. Central Committee. Justice H. Former Union Minister. 311. Shri Amit Jyoti Sen. Convener. 313. 300. 307. General Secretary. Nagendra Singh. Advocate. Judge of the International Court of Justice. Former Judge of the Supreme Court. 297. Communist Party of India. Former Union Minister of State.). Ramaswamy. Vritti Vikas. 303. Planning Commission. Prof. I. Executive Secretary. Shri E. Shri K. Calcutta. Former Chief Minister (Karala). Hony. Smt. Special Correspondent. All India Panchayat Parishad.C. 293. Sher Singh.M.S. Moza. Former Member. 301. Former Governor. (Retd. Editor. R. Democratic Socialist Party. General Secretary. Member of Parliament. Dr. Vice-Chairman. Shri Vimal Dave. Bhartiya Post. 308. 309. R. Kharlukhi.Shri Tarlok Singh. Dr. UNION TERRITORIES DELHI UON TERRITORIESDELHI 296. 304. Shri H. 310. Deendayal Research Institute. Supreme Court.Central Committee. Ajit Kumar Sharma. 312. Calcutta. Bahuguna.S.

Rukmini Menon. 318. Dubhashi. Secretary (Econ. Secretary. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Supreme Court. Rangarajan. Dwivedi and Chaudhari Ranbir Singh. 326. 323. Shri Anil K. . Justice R. Indian Sugar Mills Association. Desai.Centre of India Trade Unions. 324. S. 334.C. All India State Government.S. Secretary General. 329. Dr. Shri S. Sarkar. Manda. K. Punjab & Haryana High Court. Shri P. General Secretary. All India Organisation of Employers. 320. General Secretary. Central Office. D. Shri G. Former Union Minister. 335. ICS (Retd. Nauriya. Sr. C. Shri S. 330. Sr. 336. 321. 317. 322. 314. Sushila Nayar. Janata Party. Shri Govind Narain. UPSC. Director. R. Indian Institute of Public Administration. Government of India.U. Malhotra. Institute of Economic Growth. Chief Justice. Advocate. Professor. L. Former Chairman. Communist Party of India. IAS. ICS (Retd. 327. 325. (Lok Sabha) 315. Member of Parliament. B. Bhoothalingam. Supreme Court. Reader. Prof. Shri Soli J. P. 319. Indian Institute of Public Administration. Sorabjee. Retd. All India Forward Bloc. Former Governor. 316.). Justice Jaswant Singh. Supreme Court. Narsimha Reddy. 328.). General Secretary. Advocate and Former Judge of the Delhi High Court.). Shri M. Employees' Federation.S. 331. 333. Justice S. President. Smt. Ambedkar Institute of Social Research & Training. Shri D. Members of Constituent Assembly. 322. Director. Narula. Former Judge. Shri R. Advocate. N.

Panaji. Konkani Lekhak Sangh. General Secretary. 338. 351. S. General Secretary. President. 356. Dr. Bhartiya Janata Party. Panaji. Government of Goa. General Secretary. President. Gomantak Bahujan Samaj Sanghatana. 347. 340. Shri K. Panaji. General Secretary. All India Congress Committee (I). Maheshwari. Former Member. Professor of Political Science and Public Administration. Dr. 343. R. GOA. Sastry. 355. Seventh Finance Commission. Daman & Diu. Raj Krishna. United Goans. Panjim. 357. President. 353. Secretary. 342. 344. Former Governor. S. 341. Planning Commission & Former Member. 339. President.Former Ambassador. Panjim. General Secretary. All India Congress Committee (Socialist). (Goa. 354. DAMAN & DIU 348. Director of Audit. Lok Dal. Shri Raghukul Tilak. 349. New Delhi. 337. 352. General Secretary. Indian Administrative Service Association. Prof. Panjim. Indian Institute of Public Administration. Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. General Secretary. Dr. Daman & Diu). Indian Forest Service Association. Former Union Minister. Thana Cortalim. Yuva Janata (Goa Unit). All Goa Youth Federation. Miss Kastura Ravlu Naik. 350. Convener. Konkani Projecho Avaz. 345. United Goans Party. General Secretary. Karan Singh. Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. 358. . New Delhi. President. Panaji. 346.

Executive Director. (Department of Revenue). Panjim. Viron Jain. Uxbridge. 362. Commander. Max Frenkel. Ramachandran. 367.A. Ministry of Energy. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilzers. C/o. Government of Pondicherry. Member of Parliament. Shri M. Ramassamy. Hanptgasse 70. Dr. Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation (Department of Civil Aviation). Department of Law. General Secretary. 66. H. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 369.Q. Pondicherry. 99 APO. Department of Electronics. Former Chief Minister of Pondicherry. Shri V. Principal Lecturer in Law. UNION OF INDIA 370. 372. 374. Col. Fazal.O. Dr. Ministry of Industry. Shri D. 371. UK. United Kingdom. Stiftung fur eidgenassische Zussammendrbeit. Middlesex. Notingham. M. Ministry of Agriculture. Speaker. 382. 380. 361. ANDAMAN & NICOBAR 365. Pondicherry.Maharashtrawadi Gomantak. 379. Gomant Lok Pokx. Trent Polytechnic.H. Panaji. PONDICHERRY 360. Switzerland. Mobile Depot. 363. Narayanasamy. Ministry of Communication. Ex-Chief Minister. Shri S. Brunel University. 368. Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies. Shri Rajeev Dhavan. MISCELLANEOUS 366. Ministry of Finance. 373. Ministry of Human Resource Development. Ministry of Home Affairs. . (Department of Education). Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 375. (Department of Power) 376. 359. 381. Government of Andaman & Nicobar. 364. 378. Pondicherry. 377. Legislative Assembly. Farook.

397. Bangalore. Secretariat Member. Justice G. Govinda Bhat. Sarma Sarkar.C. Department of Ocean Development. 388. Shri H. Gandhi Kamraj National Congress. Srikantiah. Delhi. 386. Supplementary List 393. .K. Chandigarh. Federation (Regd. President.). 402. Shimla. 396. Andhra Pradesh State Committee. Shri J. Hyderabad. Ministry of Planning. Citizenship Front in India. 391. Mr. Bangalore. Madras. Judge (Retd. Ministry of Shipping and Transport. (Department of Statistics). Former Chief Justice. 399. 400. Advocate. 390. Ministry of Urban Development. Communist Party of India (Marxist). 384. The Karnataka United Urban Citizen. Planning Commission. Shri Amar Singh Ambalvi. M. General Secretary. 385. Ministry of Water Resources. Ministry of Labour.L.). Shiromani Akali Dal. Ministry of Personnel. Chairman. Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (I). Shri Amritsar. 403. 405. Public Grievances and Pensions. 392.383. Ministry of Social Welfare. 21st February Celebration Committee. Government of Punjab. 389. 394. 387. All India Tribes and Minorities Federation. President. 395. 398. Calcutta. Karnataka. (Retd. Calcutta. High Court. Ministry of Railways. 404. 401.).

B. Shri P. 25. Shri M. 3. Shri M. Guru Raja Rao. Governor. Prakasam Institute of Development Studies— represented by 14.P. Anjaneyulu. Shri Sadiq Ali. Shri Akbar Ali Khan. Special Secretary to the Chief Minister. Obayya.APPENDIX VII—List of Individuals/Bodies who met the Commission ANDHRA PRADESH (Hyderabad) Government of Andhra Pradesh— represented by 1.S. A. Shri N. Shri K. A. MLC. 21.P. Prasad. 5. Ramakrishnaya. 17. Former Governor. 20.I. 19. Former Dy. Shri K. 15. Shri P. Shri B.R.L. A. Surayanarayana Rao. Y.V. 6. Finance. Former Chief Justice. 11. & Ex-Member Rajya Sabha. Shri Vavilala Gopala Krishnayya. A. Secretary (Political). GAD & Officer on Special Duty. Vithal. 12. Santhanam. T.R. Secretary (Industry. Consultant. Raghavendra Rao. 8. Shri K.R. Rama Rao. IAS (Retd. Purna Chandra Rao. Kosalram. 4. Shri T. Narasimha Reddy.P.P. Secretary (Planning). Former Minister. Director. Shri V. Secretary (Finance). Ramakrishna. Shri Sushil Kumar. Shri P. Chief Secretary. Finance Government of Andhra Pradesh. Shri H. Secretary to Chief Minister. Former MLA. Justice Alladi Kuppuswamy. 24. Secretary (Irrigation).P. Shri Shravan Kumar. 9. Dr. 23. Raju. Commerce & Power) Shri U. 16.B. Ramachandra Reddy. Ex-Director General of Police.) Former Secretary. 7. Parthasarathy. . Shri S. Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu. R. 2. Information & Public Relations. 10. Chief Minister. 22. Shri M.T.V. Dr. 13. Sastry.B. GAD Shri G. Secretary. 18. Venugopala Reddy.S.

MLA. Muttalib. Former Minister.P. Reddy. (Mrs.P.B. MLA. 28. Nakade. Associate President with eighteen members. Rama Rao. C. A. Bagga Reddy. . 34. 35.) Shamim Aleem. Former Director General of Police. Reader in Public Administration. A. CPI(M). Kondaiah. S. 39. Shri V. Shri D.P. 37. Shri Vijay Kumar Adwant. Lecturer in Public Administration. Vivek Vardhini College. Former Chief Justice. Shri K. 44. Shri M. Leader of the Opposition. & Orissa. Shri S. Narsimha Rao. President. Ayyapu Reddy.Ex-Governor. Kasaiah. Shri K. Non-Gazetted Officers Association— represented by 40.P. 41. Shri Gurukula Mitra. Prof. Daya Nand College of Law. A. Telugu Desam Party. Shri A. Former President.P. 42. Leader.V. Narsa Reddy.P. Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies. Telugu National Liberation. Shri E. Dr. A. 29. Principal. Shri N. 47.P. University. Former Union Home Minister. Shri P. APCC. M. Shri Avva Satyanarayana Rao. Ramachandram. 30. M. 43. 27.P. Secunderabad. President. 31. A. Advocate. Shri M. Raghava Reddy. 33. Veerappa. Former President AICC. 32. Kasi Viswanadham. Ex-Chief Minister. Dr. Latur (MS). Justice C. Director.P.A. Lecturer in Economics. Democratic Socialist Forum. A. Dr. Subramanya Reddy. Former Chief Justice. Advocate General. 46. Manuswamy. Tirupati. Justice Gopal Rao Ekbote.V. Brahmanada Reddy. U. A. M. Convener. 38. 45.V. Shri E. Narayana Rao. Shri S. Osmania University. Osmania University. 36. Secretary APCC. 48. 26. D.P.P. Reader in Econometrics. Shri G..

W. Education. Lahkar. & Training. Minister. A. Das. Commissioner. 74. Chaudhury. Co-operation.D. Industries. Special Secretary. Hill Areas.K. Transport. Gogai. Gogai.C. 58. 69. Kamilla. Minister. 76. Shri T. Secretary. Sengupta. 64. Shri J. Veterinary. Industries.K. Shri K. 63. Commissioner. & C. Minister. 55. Shri D. Commissioner. 73. 51. Shri B. 50. P.R. Health & Family Welfare. & B. Barman. Das. Dutta. Shri H. 57. Transport. Finance Commissioner. & C. Shri A. Shri H.T.P. . 72. Sinha. Special Secretary. P. Food & Civil Supplies. Hills & Dev. Changkokoti. Sarania. Shri T. Kishan Lal Shri Pratap Kishore Shri G. Bhattacharya. Minister. 77. Agriculture.P. Commissioner. 66.S. Chief Secretary. Barua. Shri K. Agriculture Production Commissioner. Shri R. 65.Jana Sabha (Telangana)— represented by 49.C. Shri P. Shri Sadhan Sarkar. Minister. 60. Singh.D. Saikia. 54. Commissioner. Commissioner & Special Secretary. Shri K. Shri U. 52.H. Shri B. 75. Minister. Rajbangshi. Bora. Shri A. & D. PWD. Sharma. Rangpi. 70.C. Shri J. Commissioner. Palit. 67. Shri U. Shri J.D. 68. 61.N. Shri A. 59. Home.C. Minister. Shri P. 71. Minister. 62. Minister. Shri M. Chief Minister. Secretary. P. Minister. Shri G. Srinivas Reddy Assam (Guwahati) Government of Assam— represented by 53. Shri J. Shri Vandemataram Ramachandra Rao Shri B. 56. P. Hazarika.R. Majumdar.

80. Prof. Deputy Secretary. Chowdhury. Assam. High Court Bar Association. Revenue. 84. 94. Barua. Joint Secretary. Shri Harihar Mahto. Shri S. Shri D. Shri Dinesh Kumar Singh. Irrigation. Das Gupta. Finance. 89. 78. Secretary Flood Control. Shri R. Ex-Member of Parliament. 99. Bihar (Patna) Government of Bihar— represented by 96. Thahuria. 97. 100. Commissioner of Taxes. Minister of Industries. Secretary. Secretary. PWD. 98. Minister of Energy. Medhi. Shri Lahthan Choudhary. Shri Bindeshwari Dubey. Rahman Mandal. Choudhury. Sadullah. Officer on Special Duty. Secretary. 95. Justice B. 81.C. Smt. Secretary. Shri Gauri Shankar Bhattacharya. Joint Commissioner of Taxes. Shri A. President. Shri B. Joint Secretary. Guwahati High Court. Uma Pandey. Choudhury. 93. Minister of Food. Shri B. Shri B.N. 91. 88. 101. Judge. . Dutta. Shri Bipan Pal Das. Minister of Education. 102. Shri Ajit Kumar Sharma. Public Enterprises. Shri Anup Kr. 82. Shri B.H. Sidheshwar Prasad. Legislative. Shri S. Minister of Agriculture.K. Power (Electricity). 79. 90. Shri Ram Ashray Pal Singh. Barma Retd.Special Secretary. Chairman. Financial. High Court Bar Association. Secretary.C. Ex-MLA. 92. Rajkhowa. Law. Committee on 20-Point Programme. 83. Chief Minister. Shri Dinesh Goswami. 86. Gogoi. Ex-MP representing Asom Jatiyatabadi Dol. Shri Md.P. Shri A. 85. Das.C. 87. Shri J. Minister of Transport.

103. Shri Nishikant Sinha. Industries. Reader. of Law. Sahay. Private Secretary to Chief Minister. Minister of Urban Development. Vaidyanathan. 117. Bihar. Leader of Opposition. Special Secretary. Dr. Sandwar. 112. Jagan Nath Mishra. Additional Director.N. Shri K. Shri Arun Pathak. Secretary.K. Dr. Prof.K. Muzaffarpur. Head of Department of Economics. Education. Special Secretary. Director. Shri Raghuraj Singh. Srivastava. Food & Civil Supplies. Dr. Shri Mahabir Chaudhry.P. Shri Durga Nand Sinha. Cabinet Coordination. Sah. Patna University.P. Patna. Shri Bhaskar Banerjee. Shri V. 109. Patna University. Commissioner. A. Varma. P. Chief Secretary. 114. Director.K. Prof. Mithila University. 115. Shri K. Shri H. Shri K. Saran. Joint Secretary. Dr. Head of Deptt. Institute of Social Studies. .M. Sinha. M. University of Bihar. J. Ex-Chief Minister of Bihar. Magadh University. Sharma. 118. Shri S. Ex-Chief Minister of Bihar.N. 127. Mittal. Industrial Dev.N. Shri K. 111. Shri K. 106.K. Finance Commissioner.V. Civil Supplies. 126. 125. Kedar Nath Kumar. Tiwari. 124. 128. 108. Agriculture.P. Purnia. 122. Shri H. 110. 113. A. Head of Department of Economics. Finance. Joint Secretary. Shri Ram Balak Mahto. 107.N. L. Roy Chowdhary. Industries. Advocate. 120. Development Commissioner. 119. 123. 105. Jha. Advocate General. Subramaniam. Jagjivan Ram Institute of Parliamentary Studies & Political Research. 116. Gujarat (At Delhi) Government of Gujarat— represented by 121. Darbhanga. Secretary. Director. Shri P. 104. Patna.D. Verma. Department of Political Science. Shri Pancham Lal. Shri Karpoori Thakur. Mayor. Shri R.

135. 137. Environment and Energy. Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister. Chief Secretary. Agriculture Minister. Minister for Finance and Law. Shri Amar Sinh Chaudhary. 146. 149. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister. Ojha. Shri M. 138. Minister of State (Health). . Minister of State for Forest. Shri P. Industries Minister. Minister of State (Tourism). Chauhan. 144. Shri Arun Sinha. Chandramouli. 140. Irrigation and Power.B. Shri B. Finance. 148. Chandresh Kumari. Shri Arvindbhai Sanghavi. Government of Gujarat. Shri P. Legal Department. Resident Commissioner. Shri B. 131. Chief Secretary.T. Additional Chief Secretary. Shri B. 142. Khachi. 150.K. Shri R. Finance Minister. Secretary. 133.L. Minister of State (Science & Technology).V. General Administration Department. Secretary (Personnel). Finance Department. New Delhi.P. 134. Shri Sukh Ram.M. Shri S. Shri Sat Mahajan. Shri Virbhadra Singh. Chief Minister. 130. 145. Smt. Shri Sagar Chand Nair. Shri Bhajan Lal. 139. 147. PW Minister Shri Guman Singh. Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) Government of Himachal Pradesh— represented by 143. 136. 141. Shri Balwant Singh. Chief Minister. Shri Vijendra Singh. Chief Minister.C.S. Financial Commissioner & Secretary. Planning Minister.129. Trivedi. Shri Sagar Ram Gupta. Caprihan. Duggal. Haryana (At Delhi) Government of Haryana— represented by 132. Gupta. Shri Nalinbhai Patel.

153. 154. 160. President. Press Secretary to CM. Financial Commissioner (Dev. 167. 159. Chambial.K.M. Bedi. G. I. Negi. High Court Bar Association (HP). Vice-Chancellor. representing Bhartiya Janta Party.151. Director (HIPA). Shri A. Shri Yogesh Khanna. Chairman. 176.P. representing Lok Dal Party. Duggal. Patyal. Shri N.S.C.K. Secretary (Education). HP University.C. Shri S.C. Shri J. Kaw. Dr. Sharma. 162. H. Shri Bhawani Singh. Leader of Opposition. HP. H.C. Secretary (Law).B.K.P. Tandon. HP. Madan. Shri K. 164. 173. 152. representing Democratic Socialist Party.R. Dr. HP. Shri K. Deputy Secretary (GAD). 175.P. 170.K. 157. 171. Shri Harsh Gupta. Shri M.D. Pal.P. Shri B.M.P. Secretary (PWD). Faculty of Law. Bar Council. Secretary (Planning). Pandeya. Financial Commissioner (Appeal).P. Shri D. Shri G.N. Shri R.P.). 155. Ex-Chief Minister. 165. Principal Secretary to C. Massey. Kanwar. Financial Commissioner (Revenue).S. Malhotra. Shri S. Advocate General. R. . Nag. 158. 172. Public Service Commission. Chairman. Dr. Shri V. 166. HP University. Negi. Shri P. Financial Commissioner (Finance).R. Shri Shanta Kumar. Shri Attar Singh. H. Dean. University. Associate Professor. Special Secretary (GAD). Chauhan. 168. Shri A. 163. Shri B. 156. Registrar. Chief Secretary. H. 169. Public Administration. Anand. Shri Durga Chand. Agriculture University.C. HP. Goswami. H.S. Bhatnagar. 174. 161. Shri S.

197. Shri B. D. Retd. Shri G. Chief Secretary.R. Karnataka. Advocate General. Shri V. Advocate. Institutional Finance & Statistics. Chamayya. Advocate. Sankaranarayanan. Shri N. 184.177. H.K.S. 187. Nanjundappa. Shri Ramkrishna Hegde. Dr.S. Educationist. Gokul Rao. Advocate Association Bangalore— represented by 196. Bangalore. Law Secretary. Vasudev Reddy.). of Law & Parliamentary Affairs. 193. President. Joint Secretary to Chief Minister. Commissioner & Secretary to the State Government. 181. University. N. Shri N. Shri R. Shri Padma Raj. 194. 192. Bommai. H. Shri T. Chander Pal. 188. 189. Secretary. Krishnamurthy.T. Delhi High Court. Dr. 190. Shri S. 178. Shri Mohd. Bangalore. Planning & Institutional Finance. Finance Commissioner. Deptt. Sadashiviah. 185. Mysore. Shri Shrikantiah. Shri Abdul Ahad Vikil. Satish Chandran. Parthasarathy. Santosh Hegde. Tatachari. Advocate. Secretary. Chief Minister. 186. Jammu and Kashmir (At Delhi) Government of Jammu and Kashmir— represented by 179. Karnataka (Bangalore) Government of Karnataka— represented by 182. 183. Shri T.R. (Retd. Ahalya. 195. Lokayukt. Associate Professor of Law. Yaseen Kawoosa. 191. Minister of Revenue.V. of Planning. 180. Smt. Shri H. Advocate General. Bangalore.K. Bangalore. Sampath. Shri M.P.R. Law and Revenue Minister. Shri Altaf Ahmad.R.M.P. Janata Party State Unit— . Shri K. I. Bangalore. Defence Officer. Deptt.V.R. Former Chief Justice.

C. 202.N. General Secretary Farmers' Federation of India (Saklaspur). Shri S. Swetadri. Shri Yadiyurappa. Ghorpade. H. CPI State Unit. 203. Lecturer. Narasimhan. Member of Sectt. Shri N. K.B. . Mysore University. Shri Shrikanthamurthy.K. 216. 207.C. Former Dy. Sectt. 218. CPI State Unit. Patil. Mysore University. Secretary. Mallikarjuniah.B. CPI State Unit. BJP & MLC. MLA. 217. 212. President.V. Secretary.B. 219. Communist Party (Marxist). Shri S. Anantha Subba Rao. 215. Secretary Legislature Party. 221. Member of Sectt. K. 204. Member of Sectt.. Shri M. Nagaraja. MLA. Shri G. Shri Ishwar Bhatt. 199. 123. Devidas. CPI State Unit. President. Cheluva Raja. Member (CPI M) State Unit. Shri T. Prof. Member. Governor. Advocate & BJP Leader. 214. 201.. Karnataka State Council. Deptt. 211. Shivappa. Deve Gowda. Krishnaswamy. Reader. Communist Party of India (Marxist)— represented by Shri S. RBI. BJP. 208. Deptt. of Sectt..D. Secretary. Raman. Ganapaiah. Shri P. Shri Vasanta Kumar. Shri M. 210. Bhartiya Janata Party State Unit— represented by Shri B. Karnataka. Shri Kadidal Manjappa. 209. 220. 205. Communist Party of India— represented by Shri M. President. Venkataraman. Shri H. Suryanarayana Rao. of Political Science. Karnataka Pradesh Congress(I) Unit— represented by Shri K. Former Chief Minister. MLA. Shri M. Shanappa. Krishnan. Dr. of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Law. Shri Karambath Sanjeeva Setty. Shri K. Secretary.. Asstt. Vice-President. 206.S. Former Finance & Industries Minister.N.Y.represented by 198. 200. Shri H. Bangalore University.S. Advocate & BJP Leader.

Lakshman Rau. Mussoorie. IAS (Retd. Former MLA. Raghavan. 227. M. Ramaswamy. Karnataka United Urban Citizens' Federation.) Former Chief Secretary & Former Member of Planning Commission. M. Bangalore. Prof. Former Chairman. Karnataka Unaided Schools Management Association. M. College of Law. Bangalore. Joint Secretary. Vice-President. Indian Institute of Management. Srikantiah. K. Prof. Naik. G. Principal. 225. Director. Shri Thallam Nanjunda Shetty. Shri Michael Fernandez. 248. 247. Bangalore. V. Shri N. Rao. Suryanarayana. Shri Basavalingappa Former Minister Karnataka.P. M. V. Dr. Bangalore. V. Rathnam. 241. Shri P. Shri H.222. Ex-MLC. Bangalore. 238. Auditor. Bangalore. Planning Commission & Academician. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Administration. (Mrs. Ex-M. Shri H. Sesha Gowda. President. President. N. Shri Syed Basheer Ahmad. 224. 243. Former Union Minister. Dr. Joint Secretary. S. Shri N.) Hemalata Rao. V. 240. Cultural Secretary. R. Bangalore. Bangalore. Indian Institute of Management. Associate Professor. Dr. Institute for Social & Economic Change. Institute for Social & Economic Change. Dr. Former Member. Bangalore. Shri B. 233. Shri S. A. Associate Professor. Nanjundaswamy. 235. 230. Associate Professor. Socio-Legal Services & Research Centre. V. Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Gurulingasamy. Puttaswamy. 223. Appu. Director. Shri P. Thimmaiah. 242. Shri Chaluva Raju. Rao IAS (Retd. N. Keshavamurthy. . Sivappa. V. 239. 237. Shri H. S. Institute for Social & Economic Change. 229. Institute for Social & Economic Change. President. 236. Shri T. Krishnappa. President. 232. Board of Directors. 234. G. Rao. Shri M.V. Karnataka State Employees Federation— represented by Shri K. 244. Dr. D. Shri S. Manumanthappa. Organising Secretary. 246. R. 231. Treasurer. 245. President. Joint Secretary. 226.K. T.) Former Director. Shri G. Karnataka Legislative Council. Amal Ray. 228. Dr.

Shri V. Bangalore. 250. Raghavendra Rao. S. 274. Dr. Chief Secretary. 271. Former Vice-President of India. V. Minister for Finance & Law. Srinivasa Rau. Member. Planning Board. Commissioner & Secretary. Sundaram. Dy. 263. Karunakaran. Former Chief Justice. P.M. 261. Deccan Herald. Planning Board. 270. Justice G. 265. D. 258. Karnataka University.249. 257. Minister for Excise. K. Economist. Shri B. Vice-Chairman. Shri K. Shri K. Former Governor and Member of Constituent Assembly. Shri N.V. Pilai. Minister for Irrigation. Retd. Shri N. 269. Dandapani. 252. Head of Department of Political Science. Kamalam. K. Shri R. Dr. Minister of Labour Smt. . Ramachandran. Shri B. Shri K. Minister for Co-operation. Gopalakrishnan. Shri V. Avakadakutty Naha. Under Secretary Shri P. Sreenivasan. Shri M. Minister for Transport. Gopalaswamy. 273. M. Shri C. Jatti. Govinda Bhat. Poonacha. Sivadasan. Asstt. Minister for Education. Shri K. Rabindran Nair. Shri K. Chief Justice Karnataka. Chief Minister. Shri B. Shri N. 256. Minister for Local Administration. M. 259. 267. 254. Finance Secretary. 266. 260. K. 262. K.P. 264. R. Mani. Law Secretary. Sundaram Nadar. Krishnamurthy. 268. Dharwad. KERALA (Trivandrum) Government of Kerala— represented by 251. Sreedharan. Chief Minister. Retd. 253.M. M. Economic Development Commissioner. Jacob. 255. Karnataka. Srinivasan. Gangadharan. Shri Sathyapal. Sambasiva Iyer. Shri M. Editor. Shri C. Shri T. Kerala State Planning Board— represened by 272. GAD Shri K.

Shri K. 285. Shri M. Surendranath. G. 282. Planning Board. Finance Commission. Dr. Congress(I) (State Unit)— represented by 294. P. Dr. Ramanathan. Nayanar.P. Pankajakshan. Gopalakrishna. Trivandrum. Srinivasan. 292. Chairman. Centre for Development Studies. K. 284. Vaidyanathan. K. Dr. Centre for Development Studies. A. Trivandrum. 278. K. 276. IAS Retd.S. All India Muslim League— represented by 288. Retd.B. Shri K.Member. Ex-Chief Minister & Leader of the Opposition. Member. Shri M. I. Revolutionary Socialist Party— represented by 289. Planning Board. Cochin University. Adviser. Trivandrum. S. Adiyodi. Dr. Joint Secretary. K. 277. Board of Revenue & Chairman Kerala State Electricity Board. Cochin University. 283. Shri Baby John. Chief Justice of Kerala.P. Kerala. Economic Committee. 281. Communist Party of India (State Unit)— represented by Shri P. Dr. Training College. Shri Ganga Dharan. Gopalan Nambiar.M. Director General (AIDE) Former VC. Shri C. Shri G. Member. Shri S.A. Senior Fellow. Retd.K. Trivandrum. 287. Shri K. Dr. Paramaswaran. Planning Board 275. 296. Warrier. Former Member. K. Dr. Pylee. 286. PSC. Shri Ramachandra Pillai. Padmarajan. Prof. Principal. President. George. MP Shri C. Shri E. Gulati. Centre for Advanced Legal Studies & Research. Shri V. 280. Professor.V. SRP. O. 290. Kochukoshy. Vardhachary. Former President. Former Member. Communist Party of India (Marxist) (State Unit)— represented by 293. Madhavan Nair. 295. M. Kerala Predesh Congress Committee. Institute for Management Studies. Hammu Haji. 279. 297.V. Jacob. National Democratic Party— represented by . 291. General Secretary.

K. 322. Chief Minister. Rajan V. Indian National Congress— represented by 310. General Secretary. 301. 316. Shri T. MLA President. Joseph Skariah.S. Harijan Sabha. Shri K. Prof. Venugopalan Nair. Shri A.. Secretary. Shri T. Harijan Sabha. 306. Gopinathan Nair. MLA. Shri Madhavan Nair.C.S. Shri Amaravile Krishnan Nair. Nath. 309. Shri M. General Secretary. Shri P. MADHYA PRADESH (Bhopal) Government of Madhya Pradesh— represented by 330. 326. Praja Socialist Party— represented by 300. Kerala Congress (Socialist)— represented by 305. 325. Shri G. Chandrasekharan. Chief Minister. Shri K. Shri K. MLA. Shri Arjun Singh. Neelakantan Nair. Jt.F. Kerala Kaumudi. Prabhakaran.T. Shri N. 311. Kuriyan. Secy.M. 299.P. Former Chairman State Planning Board. 327. STUC secy. Shri Raghuvira Pillai. Surendran Pillai. Smt. Shri A. Viswambharan. Shri T. VC. Editor.298. Kerala Congress(J)— represented by Shri T. 304. Vikraman Nair. Habeed Mohd. Kochukarapan. Upendranathan. K. Shri P. N. Vice-President. General Secretary. 317. Basheendran. 315.S. 329. Ashok Pillai. Kerala. Shri J. Madhavan. 324. Shri P. Kerala Agriculture University. Minister for Education. Sankaranarayana. Somasekharan Nair. K. Malayalea Desheeya Munnani— represented by Shri J. Dr. Kerala University. 319. Kerala— represented by 308. Chandy. Former M. Shri P. Shri Shiva Bhanu Solanki. Madhavan Menon Nair. 318. MLA. Jacob. Shri G. Shri N. Federation of State Employees & Teachers Organisation— represented by Shri K. Devadas. 323. 314. VC. 302. Rajendran.K. 331.. 328. Janata Party. 307.V. Shri S. Dy.K. Leela Damodra Menon. . 321. General Secretary. Dr. John. Madhusudan. 303. 320. Dr. 313. Anandan. Shri Peroorkada Sasi. 312. General Secretary.

Vice-Chancellor Guru Ghasi Ram University.C. Shri R. Tiwari. 352. 360. Lohani. Shri N. Rajendra Jain. Raipur. Minister for Major and Medium Irrigation. Shri Kalu Ram Virulakar. 350. Bhopal University. Shri L. Shri S. General Secretary. 365. Shri Sandip Banerjee.C.B. Singh Deo. Sagar University. Dr.B. 339. Jaipal Singh. Bilaspur. Communist Party of India. Gwalior. Capt. Shri Ram Sahay Tiwari. Shri Kailash Joshi. 362. Qureshi. GAD.C. Gupta. Shri A. Dr. Shri M. Law Secretary. B.K. 337. 361. Garde. Malhotra. Chief Secretary.P. Justice P. 343. Secretary Commerce & Industries. 364.V. Shri K. Ex-Chief Justice. Jabalpur. Minister GAD. Shri Manish Behl. 340. Vice-Chancellor. Sivaraman. Vikram University. M.S. MP. Shri N. Secretary. 334. Jawahar Lal Nehru University. GAD. 351. Law Minister. Secretary to CM. 345. Shri Motilal Vora. Secretary Tribal Welfare. Minister for Higher Education. Shukla. 348. Sharma. Home Secretary. Tare. Finance Minister.K. Ex-Chief Minister. Shri V. Additional Chief Secretary. 355.P. Shri Krishnpal Singh. Publicity. 363. 359. Meena. 356. Secretary Agriculture. Shri M. 333. Vice-chancellor. Mohile. 335. Congress Committee(I)— represented by Shri Lalit Srivastava. 354. Ex-MLA. Unit— represented by 357. Secretary Education.R.N. Srivastava. 353. 344. Shri M. Special Secretary. Shri Digvijay Singh. Vice-Chancellor. 347. GAD. Shri B. Jain. 349.D.K. K.332. Shri Brahma Swarup. Commerce & Industries. Secretary Food & Civil Supplies. Secretary. Nigam. Behar. 338. Shri D. Madhya Pradesh. Vice-Chancellor. Shri Jhunuklal Bhendia.C. Shri A.C. 358. M.B. Ravi Shankar University. Member Constituent Assembly. Jiwaji University. Ujjain. Special Secretary. M. Member. Arya.C. Advocate.R. . Minister for Industries. Krishnan. Sharma. Smt. 336. Shri Ashok Vajpeyi. 346. Finance Secretary. Vice-Chancellor. Constitutent Assembly. Shri S. 342. Vice-Chancellor. 341. Dy. Shri S.R. Deputy Secretary. Shri R.

Nayak. Rehabilitation. 380.K.366. Choughle. 373. 375. 388.B. 370. Sports. President. Deshmukh. V. Communist Party of India (M). Minister for Co-operation. 378. Prohibition and Excise. 374. Secretary. Secretary (I) F. Employment. CADA. Secretary (Personnel) GAD.G. Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde. Chief Minister. Minister for Irrigation and Food and Civil Supplies. Minister for Finance. Shri P. Shri Narendra Tidke. Energy. Shri N. Chari. B. 371.T. Chavan. Shri Shailendra Shailly.R. MP— represented by Shri Moti Lal Sharma. 387. Shri B. 385.D.V. 386. Prohibition & Excise. Planning & Environment. Shri Ramachandra Rao Patil. Shri Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar. Secretary (P. MP Electricity Inspectorate Engineer Association— represented by Shri A. Shri V. Shri K. Shri Jawaharlal Darda. MAHARASHTRA (Bombay) Government of Maharashtra— represented by 367. Paranjape. Revenue & Social Welfare. Cultural Affairs. 369. Shri N.L. Shri S. Law & Judiciary Deptt. Chief Secretary.G. . Shri Vijayasinh Mohite Patil Minister for Agriculture.N.) Shri V. Additional Chief Secretary.. Labour and Legislative Affairs. 389. Kale. Secretary R& F.A. Rajan. 384. Minister of State for Law & Judiciary. Youth Welfare.D. Ranganathan. Secretary. Shri Homi Daji. Shri. Subramanyan. Shri Sudhakarrao Naik. 372. Shri K. Shri Shivajirao Deshmukh. Minister for Industries. Shri B. 368. Secretary. Secretary (Law & Order). Technical Education.K. Additional Chief Secretary. Minister for Energy. Repairs & Reconstruction. R. Secretary to Chief Minister. Dr.D.D. Raghunathan. Halve. 383. 382. Saxena. Secretary. 376. 381. 379. Secretary. H. 377.G.

410. 415. Republican Party of India (Kamble)— represented by 411. Economist & Ex-Member MRTP. 401.D. Secretary. Noorani. Billimoria. Kolhatkar. Paranjape.R. Afzulpurkar. Prof.G.). 395. Brahmananda. S. Shri Mohan Dharia. Ex-Member of Lok Sabha. Poona. 396. Raja Ram College. Shri N. Asstt. 404. Kamble. Shri M.R. Ednl. 400.R. Shri B. 412. Shri B. Shri V.P. Dr. Academician & Economist. 393. Deptt. Dr.W. Shri R. Secretary P. Shri N. Gangadhar Gadgil. A. & Empl. Economist & Former Member.T. Supreme Court. Secretary. Shri N. 413. Shri Dilip S. 405. Desai. Pune. Mehta. Shri T. 397.P. of Economics. 391. Engineer & Author in Planning Bombay. Seervai.A.G. Ahmed. Supreme Court. Rajadhyaksha. (Coop.C. Ex-Union Minister. Gunaji. Planning Commission.D. Senior Advocate. Palkhivala. President. 408. Shri Pratap Bhogilal. Bombay. Prof. Shri H. University of Bombay.C. Atre. Senior Advocate. Housing. & C. Adviser. Garware. Shri V. Principal.K. 409. Secretary. Employers' Federation of India— represented by Shri Naval Tata. Mehta. 406. Secretary.(Coop). Kolhapur. Prof. Shri S. Ozarkar. Shri A. H. Dahanukar. Secretary (Education). Shri Ashok B.M. . Mahatme Ag. Supreme Court. Vice-President. President Emeritus. 398.M.M. Shri D. P. Pooran. Secretary. 394. Shri N. 399. Vice-President. Senior Advocate. & C.K. 407. 390. Shri D.B. Department. Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)— represented by 403. A. Shri Ashok Basak. 392. 414. 402.

Executive Director. 436.D.R. Shri K.W. Lyngdoh.. Additional Chief Secretary. Marak. 425. P. Chief Secretary. Dr. 417. General Manager. Sinha. Pillai. Member. Shah. Bombay. Shri R. West Bengal. 418. Labeng. Shri M.L.N. Home Minister. MEGHALAYA (Shillong) Government of Meghalaya— represented by 424. Inspector General of Police. 435. M. Iyer. Leader of Opposition and Former Chief Minister.J. 426 427.A. 420. Minister Shri R. Chief Conservator of Forests. 431. 433. Bombay. 428. 438. Phukan.A. Tamil Nadu. Agriculture Minister Shri J. Lyngdoh. Dias.L. 437.S. 429.B. Shri O.D. North Eastern Council— represented by 419.K.C. Shri D. Shri W. Chief Secretary.K. Shri S. Ex-Governor. Dave. Shri Morarji Desai.K. Sangma. . 432.H. Bombay. 423. Shri A. Shri Dilip Singh. Financial Commissioner. Health Minister.Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)—Bombay— represented by 416. Lyngdoh. Laloo.. A. Former Prime Minister of India. Development Commissioner. Law. 430. 434.A.N. Masani.V. Shri D. Shri Rishang Keishing Chief Minister. 421. Shri K. Shri R. Shri N. Shri R. V. Ex-Governor. Goswami. Patil. Barua. Constituent Assembly. S. Shri R. Special Secretary Political Shri S.S.I. Lyngdoh.C. Chief Minister. MANIPUR (At Delhi) Government of Manipur— represented by 422. Shri M. Shri B. Education Minister. Nampui. Bombay.

Ngullie. Executive Committee. Minister (Agriculture). Shri Chongshen. Shillong City Congress Committee— represented by Shri R. 459.V.T. President. Finance Commissioner. Datta. 461.L. N. Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC)— represented by 441. Jamir. Minister (Planning). Chief Secretary. President. Shri K. 451.R. 449. Minister (Industry) Shri I. Shri Shikiho. Namir. Secretary. Dutta. 458.S. General Secretary.H. Long Kumer. Secretary. Chief Minister. Chief Executive Member. Planning Adviser. 453. Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee— represented by Dr. Colney. Minister (PHE) Shri Rethrong. Shri Tiameran. 447. . Shri L. Chishi. Trivedi. Shri S. Shri P.A. AO Minister (Forest). B. 445. Sakhrie. 457. 454. 444. Minister (Finance). Shri B. Shri Abong Imllong. 450. 446. H. Minister (I&P) Shri J.B. Dr. Commissioner & Secretary (AH & Vet.439. 455.). 456. Minister (Education). Shri U.C. 440. Lyngdoh. Giri. Shri S. Khenoto Sema. General Secretary East Khasi Hills District Congress Committee— represented by Shri Mohan Singh.S. Rymbai. 462. Ahluwalia.I. 442. Shri Kariba. Minister (Transport) Shri Puse. Minister (Medical). NAGALAND (Kohima) Government of Nagaland— represented by 443. 452. Shri H. Shri R. 460. 448. Minister (Rural Development) Shri T. Kharbuli.

Secretary (Social Welfare). Shri R. 464. Former Chief Minister. Ngullie. Biswas. 466.S. Former Member Rajya Sabha. 481. 479.B. 484. Angami. Shri J. Shri Talitemjen. Shri Kipfelhou Angami. 474. Joint Secretary. Secretary (Plg. Shri Lalhuma. Additional Secretary (Education). Shri Kuska Sumi. 483.D. Shri M. 480. ORISSA (Bhubaneswar) Government of Orissa— Conservation). Shri Vizol. 487. (P & AR).Commissioner Secretary (Medical). 468. Shri Darshan Singh. Commissioner & Secretary (Soil Shri S. Former Chief Minister.). Secretary (Supply). Commissioner & Secretary (Agriculture). 463.N. Home Commissioner. O. Nagaland Peoples Party— represented by 482. Shri Shorhozelie. 465. Shri Khyamolotha. Shri V.P. Memeber. 469. 470. 485. 473. Shri A. Shri Anil Kumar. Former Member Rajya Sabha. Chetri. 477. Shri C. Zao. 471. Shri T. Shri T. Miss I. Pandey. Joint Secretary (Law). 476. 472. Secretary (Industry). Imchen. . Shri Imkongmar Aier. Shri R. (Law). Nagaland. 478. 467. Chairman and Former Minister of Agriculture. Shri Imtikunzuk.K. Shri Neikhotso Liny. Ezung. Public Secretary.C. Additional Secretary (Transport). Additional Secretary (Home). Secretary (Education). Nagaland.N. Development Commissioner & Shri R.K.S. Bedi. Shri Daniel Kent. Vero. Commissioner & Secretary (Home). Lotha.S. Chubala. Additional Secretary (Forest). 475. 486. Former Minister of Education. Additional Secretary (Geology & Mining).

Secretary. Agriculture University. G. 510. 496. Shri R. Nanda. 499. Chakradhar Mishra. Shri S. Minister. Home. Industry. 500. Chief Secretary. Kanungo. Secretary. Samant. 504. 498. 511. Parija.L. Mathur. 501. Das. Bhujabal. Narayanaswamy. Chief Minister. Nedunchezian. Ramamurthy. Special Secretary. Chief Secretary.B. Shri R. RAJASTHAN (At Delhi) Government of Rajasthan— represented by 505. Special Secretary. Ramachandran. Shri Rajinder Jain. Shri V. Secretary (Irrigation) Shri H. Orissa. 512. Plg. Chief Minister. Shri Gian Chand. Secretary (Law). Addl. 492. Dr. 509. Chief Secretary. . Shri L.K. Patnaik. Shri Biju Patnaik. Orissa. 495.R. 507. & Coord. Secretary. Former Chief Minister. C.D. Orissa. 493. 506.A. Secretary (Finance). 489. Law. Shri D. & Coord. Commissioner & Secretary.K. former Chief Minister.N. Addl. Shri A. 508. Shri B. Shri D. Smt. Shri Devdas Chhotray.R.G. Orissa. Ramanan. Nandini Sathpathi. Shri A. Secretary. Addl. Secretary. Plg. Vice-Chancellor. Shri T.I. Smt. Shri K. Home. Mehta. 494. Special Secretary (Planning) TAMIL NADU (Madras) Government of Tamil Nadu— represented by Dr.C. Shri Gangadhar Mahapatra. Dr. Shri Harideo Joshi. Dev.B. 513.represented by 488. 490. Finance. Shri Hare Krushna Mehtab. Chief Minister. 502.V.B. Secretary to Chief Minister. 491. V. Secretary to Chief Minister. Bhansani. Former Chief Minister.R. M. 503. Ray. Finance and Law.R. 497. Mishra. Shri J.C.

Vadivelu. Minister for Food..M. Minister for Labour. Shri P. Shri S. Natarajan. 533.G. Chief Secretary to the Government.R. Minister of Nutritious Meals. Minister for Social Welfare. Ramachandran. Smt. Antony. 516. Minister for Rural Industries. Minister for Electricity. Shri T. 528. Nallusamy. Shri S. Law Department. Guhan. 537. Vijayalakshmi Palanisamy. 539. Shri S. 530.S. 538. Shri T. Gomati Srinivasan. Minister for Commercial Taxes. Minister for Agriculture. 529. Thirunavukkarasu.U. Govendhan. 534. Muthusamy. Shri N.. 517. 535. Shri A. Ramachandran. Smt. 524.K.Minister for Finance. Minister for Law. Minister for Housing. Director. 525.S. Minister for Education. Soundararajan. Shri T. Veerasamy. Madras. Shri R. 527. Swaminathan. Minister for Excise. Shri Anoor P. Shri Ramachandran. Kalimuthu. 523. Krishnasamy. Minister for Backward Class. Veerappan. Shri K. Minister for Adi Dravidar Welfare.V. Minister for Local Administration. Shri C. 518.V.R. Minister for Co-operation. Madras Institute of Development Studies. Shri K. Shri U. Finance Department.S. Minister for Transport. Dr. Ponnaiyan. Shri R. Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. Rajaram. 526. Minister for Rehabilitation & Employment. Shri V. Shri K. . 532. Shri M. Minister for Khadi. 515. 531. Arunachalam.A. Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. 536. Shanmugam. Minister for Tourism & Religious Endowments. K. Handloom & Textiles. Jagadeesan. Commissioner & Secretary to Government. 522. 519. Shri S. 520. Arranganayagam. Shri S. Minister for Industries. Ramasamy. Shri C. 514. 521.

558. Kerala.C. 547.A. Madras High Court. Representing Tamil Nadu Kamraj Congress. Distt.V. .S. Shri Dhandapani. Former Governor. Shri O. Tamil Arasu Kazhagam— represented by 541. Former Chief Justice. Smt.. Shri Veerasamy. M.. Bakthavatchalam.A. Advocate General. President of All India Christian Party— represented by 549.V. Vaseekaran.P. D. Ismail. 552.P. Gobichettipalayam. Constituent Assembly.D. Madras High Court. 542. Shri K. Subramaniam. M. 559. Somu.K. Shri Murasoli Maran. Shri Sadiq Pasha. Shri M. & 5 other office bearers. Madras. Shri P. Shri Kandappan. Somasundaram. TRIPURA (Agartala) Government of Tripura— 553. Mathew.M. 555.P.C. Former Chief Minister. Krishnamoorthy. 556. 550. Shri S. Ramamurthy.P. Shri M. Vanamamalai.L. Jothivenkatachalam. Former Union Minister and Member of Constituent Assembly.L. M. 546. Ex-M. Former Union Minister and Member of the Constituent Assembly. Advocate. Justice M. Satyanarain Motturi. Pariyar. 557. Madras.N. Alagesan. 560. Treasurer of D.540. Party. Namadhu Kazhagam— represented by 545. and 2 office bearers.M. Shri N. Senior Advocate. M. Dr. Shri K. Shri D.M. Shri Thanjai V.T. Ex-M. 543. 548.P. 554. Manoharan.).L. Shri C. Tamil Nadu. Party— represented by 551. ICS(Retd.K. Sivagnanam. Member. Ex-M. Anandhan. Shri K. Shri N. 544.

State Government. Shri H.P. 587.N. 584. Shri C.R. Shri Bhanu Ghosh. Secretary Pradesh Congress Committee (Tripura)— represented by 581. Shri Pritosh Debbarma Shri Nani Gopal Saha. 588. Roy. Shri M. 569. 585. Principal Secretary (Industries). PWD. Secretary. Commissioner Tribal Welfare. Commissioner Local Self Government. Deb. Shri Sibendra Bhattacharjee. Tiwari. Minister for Agriculture. Bhattacharya.K. Law Secretary. 583. Shri Sundhanwa Deb Barma. 568. 594. CPI(M)— represented by 577. 563. Shri Amelendu Dey. Education Minister. Chief Secretary. 564. 575. Shri Badal Choudhury. Shri B. UTTAR PRADESH (Lucknow) Government of Uttar Pradesh— represented by Shri Veer Bahadur Singh. Shri D. 589.A. Shri S. 572. Shri J. Shri S. Shri Nripan Chakravarti. 565. Shri R. Kalyanakrishan. Shri J. 591. Deputy Secretary (Law). Roy. 596. Chief Minister. Shri Sudhir Ranjan Majumdar. . Secretary. 586. Secretary Transport. Das. 566. Sanjay Singh. Tripura Government Employees Federation— represented by 582. Shri Mahesh Prasad. 573. Chakrabarty. Commissioner Agriculture. 571. Samal. 576.L. Shri A. Singh. Minister for Jail & Rehabilitation. Shri Sibte Rizvi. Chattopadhay. Sinha. 578. Vardarajan. Santi Biswas. Gupta. 574. Transport Minister. State Committee Forward Block— represented by 580. Secretary Shri Manik Sarkar Shri Sudarshan Bhattacharji. Shri Brajo Gopal Roy. Forest & ICAT. 567. 570.represented by 561.N. 592. Secretary. General Secretary. Shri J. Shri Sunil Choudhuri. Education. Shri Arber Rahman. Shri Naresh Chander. Chief Minister. Commissioner Industry & Labour.S. 579.P. 562. Sadhana Sinha. 595.B. Minister for Co-operation Shri I. 593. Shri Jogesh Chakraborty. Smt. Chief Secretary. Deputy Secretary (Finance). Planning Secretary. 590. Dr. Minister for Forest. Finance Secretary. Representing RSD. Agriculture Production Commissioner. Shri K. Smt.

Lucknow University. 625. Shri Shailendra Singh. 620. 617. Secretary to Chief Minister. Shri Shahzad Bahadur. Agriculture.S. Lucknow. 615.S. Special Secretary. 599. MIC. Ashok Mitra. Bhattacharya. Prof. WEST BENGAL (Calcutta) Government of West Bengal— represented by Lucknow University.A. 609. MIC. Giri Institute of Development Studies. Shri T. 621.K. Shri S. Mathur. Shri R.V. Dr. & Head of Department of Political Science. 613. Joint Secretary (Appointment). Reader in Law. Gorakhpur University. Shri Narain Das. Shri V. Dr. Papola. 612. Shri Kanti Biswas. 610.K. Education (Higher). 622. 619. Secretary (Industries).597.K. MIC. Commerce & Industries. 611. 618. Secretary (Irrigation). 616. Banaras Hindu University. Anirudh Prasad.G. Reader in Economics. Dr. MIC. Additional Secretary (Law). Joint Secretary (Finance).P. Shri Vibhava Bhushan. Rizvi. 607. Finance. U. Varanasi. Shri Jyoti Basu. MIC. Shri K.M. Uttar Pradesh. Local Government and Urban Development. . Reader in Law. 605. MIC. L.D. Irrigation & Waterways. Director. Secretary. Shri R. L. MIC. Varanasi. Shri Sripat Misra. Agarwal. 604. & U. Gorakhpur. Advocate General. 603. Shri Sambhu Charan Ghose. Shri Radhika Ranjan Banerji.M. Shri Kamal Guha. Shri Nani Bhattacharyya. Special Secretary (Personnel). Shri D. MIC. Shri Prasanta Kumar Sur. Gupta. 601. Dixit. Education (School). Joint Secretary (Food). Food & Supplies. 624. V. Former Chief Secretary.P. Krishnan. 623. 598. Shri S. 600.V. Shri Chandra Pal. 606. Chaube. Sharan. Shri P. Thakur.D. 626.C. Development & Planning. C. Special Secretary (Education). Former Chief Minister. U. 602. Shri H. Chief Secretary. Jariwala.P. Kharlukhi. Shri Rajeev Kher. Joint Secretary (Law). Shri H. Shri Nirmal Bose. 608. 614.T. Chief Minister Dr.

651. Shri S. Legislative. Dr. Shri S. Finance Commission. Former Congress President. Sen. Shri P. Calcutta. 645. Shri A. 641. Prof. Secretary. Officer on Special Duty & Ex-Officio Secretary. Bhattacharya. S.R. Forward Block (Marxist)— represented by Shri Ram Chatterjee. Economist.K. 638.K. 649. (with 7 other members). 628. Shri R. 637. Secretary.K. Basu. 647. Banerjee. 631.M. Shri Saroj Mukharjee. Member of Constituent Assembly. 636. Shri S. 646.K. Secretary. Professor of History Centre for Studies in Social Sciences. Revolutionary Communist Party— represented by Shri Bimalananda Mukherjee. Calcutta. West Bengal State Committee (CPI) (M)— represented by Calcutta.).K. Poddar Former Vice-Chancellor. Renuka Ray. Dr.V. President. All India Forward Block (West Bengal Committee)— represented by Shri Anil Mukherjee.K. Commerce & Industries.P. Judicial. Secretary. West Bengal. Secretary. Secretary. & A. 630. 648. Advocate General. Agriculture. 632.627. Shenoi.K. Secretary. Barun De. Chatterjee. Shri C. Calcutta University. Shri L. Emeritus Professor of Economics and Former Member. Secretary. Education (School). Sen. Ghosh. Shri T. Irrigation & Waterways. 629. 643. 642. 635. Chairman. Shri A. Intellectual & Water. Engineer-in-Chief & Ex-Officio Secretary. Shri P. Home (P. Shri P. Smt. Finance. Calcutta University. Penn-Anthony. Vice-Chancellor. 640. .N. Bhabatosh Datta. Ex-Chief Minister. Secretary Food & Supplies. 634. Acharya. Shri A. Sarkar.S. Education (Higher). Shri Sukumar Mullick.K. 644. Shri Annada Sankar Ray. Broca. 633.B. Banerjee. 650. 639. West Bengal Headmasters' Association—represented by Shri Bishnubrata Bhattacharya. Shri Atulya Ghosh.

Mathur. Economist. 671. 666. Dr. Economist. 676. 658. 675. . 655. High Court Bar Association.J. Minister for Agriculture. Bharatiya Janata Party— represented by 656. Dr. B. Raghuchander.652. 667. Govt. 660. Chairman. Secretary. Minister for Power. Minister for Law & Industries. 665. Calcutta University. 663. of West Bengal. Professor of Political Science. Calcutta. 672. PWD & Housing Minister.K. GOA Sardar Gopal Singh. 659. Lecturer Calcutta University College of Law. Shri K.L. Shri Mohit Bhattacharya. Biplab Das Gupta. 674. 657. 689.A. 654. Law Secretary.P. Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry— represented by Shri J. West Bengal State Committee CPI— represented by Shri Kanai Bhowmik. Ramasubramanyam.D. M. West Bengal. Ghosh. President. Shri Prabhat Das Gupta. Daman & Diu. Shri Chittaranjan Bag. Shri Vaikuntha Govind Desai. President. Revolutionary Socialist Party— represented by Shri Jatin Chakrabarty. President. Shri Somendra Chandra Bose. 661. Chief Secretary. Daman & Diu— represented by Shri Pratap Singh Raoji Rane. Das Gupta. 673.L. Shri P. Shri T. Shri Swadhin Guha. Secretary. Upadhyaya. Shri Francisco Caetano Sardinha. Shri M. West Bengal. Congress (I). Shri Sunil Sen Gupta. 653. 664. M.K. Sinha. 668. Shri Suniti Chattaraj. Lt. Shri R. Governor. Government of Goa. Goa. Shri Harish Narayan Prabhu Zantya. 662. Shri Saurin Bhattacharya. Advocate. Chief Minister. Minister for Labour & Employment. Principal & Dean Calcutta University Law College. Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri. Shri Saikh Hassan Haroon. 670.

Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha— represented by Shri Madhav Manohar Dhond. Wilfred de Souza. Under Secretary (G. Shri Luizimbo Fabiro.).D. Sanydi. 685. Subhanna. Shri B. PONDICHERRY Pondicherry Government— represented by 680. General Secretary. Shri Raju D.H. President. 683. 679. . Shri Chander Kant Keni. Shri G. Manushkar. 693.. Maharashtrawadi Gomantak. 691.K. 696. Khalap. Convenor.677. Naik. General Secretary All Goa Youth Federation— represented by Shri Sushrut A.G. General Secretary.S. Treasurer. Shri M. 681. Daily Rashtramet. Kambli. Genthe.A. Shri Govind Panvelcar.A. Special Secretary (Planning). 688. Shri Lyam Sunder Lengi. M. President. Secretary to Chief Minister. 690. President. Shri R. Goa Congress— represented by Dr. General Secretary. 684. Farook.L. Vice-President.L. 689. All Goa Youth Federation Editor. 687. Shri S. Shri Uday Bhembre.A. 694. President. Shri Damodar Ghanekar. 682. Konkani Projecho Ava— represented by Shri Pundalik N. Joint Secretary. Martins.O. 695. Maharashtrawadi Gomantak— represented by Shri Ravi Naik. M. Editor. 678. Yuva Janata— represented by Shri Cyril Pacheco. Konkani Lekhak Sangh— represented by Shri Datta Naik. Leader of the Opposition & General Secretary. Goment Lok Polox— represented by Shri Mathanhy Saldanha. General Secretary. 692. 686.

708.). 704. 701. Shri L.M. Diwakar. Shri A. Former Governor. Shri S. Joseph Mariadoss. Gomala. Health Minister. 710. Shri F. Pahnuna.V. Public Works Minister. Member Constituent Assembly. Prof. Ganimaran. Ramachandran Former Chief Minister.M. Labour & Cooperation Minister. M.M. Shri R. NEW DELHI 716. Ex-M. Member. Dwivedi. Govindarajan.A. Shri R. Shri Rakesh Mehta. 712.G. 723. Shri M. Shri S. Shri P. Karan Singh. 697. 718. Convenor with Shri R. Subbaraya Pillai. Vaithilingam. 706. Padmanbhan. 721.A. Member Constituent Assembly. M. Kannan. Supreme Court. Shri A. Shri V. Secretary to Government (L. S. Chari. Dr. Ramasamy.A. Constituent Assembly.Chief Minister.L. ICS (Retd.D. Shri P. Shri Subramaniam. 715. Secretary to Government (Finance). Senior Advocate. Shri Kishori Mohan Tripathi. Namboodripad. . Former Chief Minister. 720. Shri N. 698.S. 711.L. 717. Shri Dharama Vira.A. Nair. Agriculture Minister. Former Union Minister. Secretary to Government (Revenue).L. Secretary. Kerala.K. Shri V. Smt. 719.R. Development Commissioner. Member Constituent Assembly. 722. 713. Seretary to Government (Law). Ranga. 705.). Chief Secretary.A. Jankiraman. 702. 699. Secretary to Government (Education).L. 714. Former Chief Minister Puduvai Mukkal Munnani Party— represented by Shri Era Cheram. State D. Dr. Shri E. 1 709. Chandraskhara Menon. 703. Shri D. N. Shri R. Palkhivala. 700.S. 707. Anandavelu.

Member. Shri R. Constituent Assembly. Former Governor. 729. 743.3 Member.K. Jha. IAs (Retd. 744. 741. Planning Commission. L. Shri Raja J. Council. 732. Member. 728. Indian Law Instt. Professor Economist (Retd. 738. Y. C. Ch. Fellow. Alagh. Member. Member. Shri L. 734. Economist. The Hindu. Delhi School of Economics. & Educationist. 748.2 Member. Smt.) Alice Jacob. . Former. Jain. Former Chairman. 726. Member IV Pay Commission. Sahay. 725. Shri G. Correspondent. D. Mukarji. New Delhi. Dr. Dr. Prof.G. Former Director. Constituent Assembly. Shri Renuka Ray. Shri B. Constituent Assembly. 731. 735. Reddy. Shri K. Chelliah. 730.K. ICS (Retd. P. N. Centre for Development Studies. Editor. ICS (Retd. 739. 737.724. Dr. Ram Sahai Tiwari. Editor-in-Chief The Indian Express. 747. Professor. Planning Commission & Former Member. Economic Admn. H. Dr. 727. Planning Commission.S. Hanumantha Rao. The Statesman. Mathur.).K.. Shri S. M.K. Bureau of Industrial Costs & Prices. Nijalingappa.C. Constituent Assembly.K. Member. Economist. Prof. 742. Malviya. Former Governor. Director. New Delhi. Shri N. National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. Member Constituent Assembly. Member. National Academy of Admn.B.). Constituent Assembly. Mrinal Datta Chowdhuri. Shri Tarlok Singh. Shri S. ICS (Retd. Mathur. Reforms Commission and Chairman Indirect Taxation Enquiry Committee. Former Member Planning Commission. Government of India. 746. Raj. Planning Commission. Member. Dr. Raj Krishna.) Formerly Chairman. 736.). Constituent Assembly. Former Cabinet Secretary. 740. Mussoorie. Member. Planning Commission.V. 733. (Mrs. Ranbir Singh. Shri Satish Chandra. Verghese. Singh. Economist. Member. Seventh Finance Commission.K.P. Spl. Shri Mohan Singh Mehta. Vishwanathan. 745. Shri L. Constituent Assembly.). Shri V. Trivandrum & Member Economic Advisory.

K. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)—represented by 753. 771. Prof. Edward Mc Whinney. Italy & Denamark. 755. 767. Shri J. Shri K. 757.749.P. Sanjiv Gupta.C. Professor. New Delhi.S. Verney Douglas. National Police Commission. Prof. 758. Dr. Indian Institute of Public Administration. Director. Former Director General. Sarkar. Former Union Minister. General Secretary. Dy. Delhi High Court. New Delhi. 750. K. Mrs. Shri R. Leader of the Janata Party in Lok Sabha. Resident Editor. Jaipal Reddy. B. President. Ex-President. Indian Institute of Public Administration. New Delhi.). Dr. Secretary (Eco. Former Secretary. Dubhashi. Supreme Court. Election Commission. Committee on Change in Financial Year.P. 764.C. Jain. Janta Party— represented by 768. Member of Permanent Court of Arbitration.R. Shri P. 769. Ganesen. Leader of the Janata Party Lok Dal— represented by 770. 756. Member Secretary. 762. 761. Mr. Dr. Delhi. Goyal. Puri. Dr. . Prof. 759. Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute. Member of Parliament. Shri G.S. Delhi. 766. Maheshwari. 772. Judge. and Member-Secretary Planning Commission. 751. 754. Member of Parliament. Canada. Justice S. Institute of Economic Growth.D. Rangarajan.F. S. 763. Rustomji.B. and Member. 752. Border Security Force 760. Ashish Bose. of Political Science & Public Admn. Shri Satya Prakash Malviya. Shri Shyam Dhar Misra. Retd. Shri Ram Krishna Bajaj. U. S. Former Finance Secretary. Ex-Law Secretary. Former Ambassador to Nigeria. and Former Chairman. Institute of Economic Growth. Shri A. Shri D. Senior Fellow. Ramachandran. Shri Mahavir Singh.R. Inder Malhotra. Bhattacharya.R. Madu Dandavate. Shri K. The Times of India. Professor. 765. Shri A. Dr. Committee Member. Rukmani Menon.. Dr. Shirali. Senior Advocate.

794. accompanied by Shri S. Malhotra. Shri P. Railway Protection Force. Shri R. Kohli. Sharma. Unnikrishnan. 790. 779. Secretary. Ganpati. Allahabad High Court Bhartiya Janata Party— represented by 773. General Secretary. Shri K. Shri R. 796. 774. Department of Forests & Wild Life (Environment and Forests). 781. . Director General. C. Advisor. Joint Secretary. Shri M. 785.R. Seshan. 795. Banerjee.K. Shri C. Member (Staff).K.N. Department of Power. Shri V. Secretary. Joint Secretary.I.C.I. Deo. Secretary. 797.P. Secretary. Shri T. Shri Kuldip Narain. Planning Commission accompanied by 777.C. 780. Railway Board. Bihar. President. Reddy. MP.E.Ex-Judge. Secretary Communist Party of India. Shri Arjun Singh. 783. 798. (I)— represented by 782. Chaudhri. 793.M. Chairman.L. Shri M. Shri Dharam Bir Sinha. Department of Food. 775.P. Shiv Shankar. Shri J. 792. 778. Raja Sekhar.C. Somiah. Central Secretariat. 789. A. Shri S.B. Central Sectt. Srivastava. 787. Kishore S.K.P. Director. Shri N. Additional Inspector General. 788. SECRETARIES TO THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA 784. Railway Protection Force. Shri Prakash Narain. 786. Department of Expenditure accompanied by Shri C. Rao. Kaushal. Shri M. Shri L. MP. accompanied by Shri M. (Socialist)— represented by Shri K. Shri V. A. 791. Sharma. Member. Shri Ram Jethmalani Vice-President. Gupta. General Secretary. 776. Secretary. Additional Secretary. (Industrial Relations). Railway Reforms Committee.S. Advani.— represented by Shri Homi Daji. Vijayasekharan.I. Secretary. Sambamurti.G. Former Union Deputy Minister & Former Minister. Vice-President. Chairman.U.K. Shri T. Union Minister for External Affairs.C. Secretary.C.

K. Secretary & Director General Technical Development. Dr.W. Sundararajan. Patnaik.M.M.D. 823. Shri M. UNION MINISTERS 824. 819. Secretary. 801. accompanied by Shri T. Gupta. Central Water Commission. Shri S. 808. Mehra.) Shri B. P. Adviser. (Water Resources). Shri G. Srivastava. Shri G. Venkataramanan. Subramanian.799. Khanna. Shri P. Sharma. Joint Secretary.A. Department of Education. Additional Secretary. Joint Secretary. Adviser. Joint Secretary. 820. Shri R. Financial Resources Division. Advisor. Shri A. Additional Secretary and Development Commissioner. Plan Coordination Division. Secretary. 821.K. Secretary. Small Scale Industry. 812. Adviser. Ministry of Home Affairs accompanied by Shri S. Chitale. Shri Ramaswamy R.R. Mukherjee. Prespective Planning Division.) C. Latey. Secretary. Shri B. Shri Anand Sarup. Additional Secretary.C. Rao. Secretary. Information and Broadcasting. 807.D.W.K. Department of Industrial Development accompanied by Shri P. Shri Ajit Kumar Panja. Iyer. 803. 816. Member (W. Shri N.R. Department of Company Affairs. 817. Secretary. 802. 814. Sahay. Shri Badal Roy. Chairman. 800. Financial Resources Division. S. . Shri R. P.P. Deputy Secretary. Secretary. Joint Secretary (Planning). Chakraborti.K. Joint Secretary. Shri M. 804. Department of Agriculture. Adviser. 815. Department of Mines. accompanied by Shri D. Shri G. Pradhan. 809. Murari. Lall.P. 818. Adviser (P. Balakrishnan. Minister of State for Planning accompanied by Dr. 811. Shri S. Telang. 813. Shri C. Srivastava. D. Mukherji.N. 805.R. Joint Secretary. D. 822.S. Jakhade. 810. Dr. P. 806. 825. Department of Education accompanied by Shri P.

Dhonoa.K. Mandal. Secretary. Secretary. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation. Dr. 828. R. Additional Secretary. Joint Secretary. 841. Shri T. Director Shri A. Addl. S. 842.V. Union Minister for Human Resource Development. 835. Secretary. Deptt. Health Service. 827. Shri G.D. Sundra Rajan. Deputy Adviser.P. 839. Plan Coordination Division. 834. Shri P. Smt. Secretary. 851.N. Sakesena. Iyer. Dr. 836.D. of Public Enterprises.D. Moshina Kidwai. Department of Rural Development. Ganapati. COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL OF INDIA 850. Mathur. 830. 838. Cooperation and Rural Development accompanied by Shri D. Shri P. accompanied by Shri Sattu Rama. . Ardhanareeswaran. Secretary. 846. of Expenditure. Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare accompanied by Shri S. Umashankar. Shri Buta Singh. Joint Secretary. Officer on Special Duty.S. Shri S. Deputy Secretary.A. accompanied by Shri R. 833. Shri N. D.N. 847. V.S. Chakraborty. Dhillon. Director General. 848. Srinivasan. Shri C.C. of Industrial Development. Dhar. 831. Union Minister of Agriculture. Shri V. Shri P.R.M. P. 837. Narasimha Rao. Chaturvedi. Secretary. K. 849. 845. 832. Deptt. Joint Secretary. Shri K. 844. Shri P. Union Minister of Home Affairs. Bandyopadhyay. Union Minister for Finance. Deptt. Sharma. Bisht. Shri G. C. Union Minister of Commerce.S. Shri V.826.A.S. to Secretary. P. State Plans Division. 843. 829. Union Minister for Industries accompanied by Shri S.B.K. Shri Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Subramaniyan. Shiv Shankar. Shri S. to Minister. 840. Tiwari. Srivastava. C. Shri K.

General Secretary. 854.S. Secretary General. Vice-Chairman. Shiromani Akali Dal—(L) represented by Sardar Surjit Singh Barnala. Gill. Sardar Balwant Singh Ramoowalia. K. Indian Forest Service Association— represented by 852. . Shri C. Shri Narayan Singh. Punjab. General Secretary. 858. 857. Punjab State Planning Board. Member. Dr. 853. 855. Joshi.Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Treasurer Shri A. Sardar Manjit Singh Khaira.P. 856. M. President and former Chief Minister.S. Chaubey. Punjab Sardar Balwant Singh.C. Former Finance Minister. 859.

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L. (3rd) September. Judgement of Diversion Court on the appeal against the judgement at (i) above (July. 85. 83. . 1972). Judgement of the single judge of the Calcutta High Court in Civil Rules No.81. 82. 125 D. Foreign Courts 84. Wheat 1 (US 1824). (i) (ii) (Vires of the Central Reserve Police Force Act. 436 (US 1819). 1. 2 and 3). Mahabir Prasad Sharma V. 87. 1972). Gibbons V. 86. Mc-Culloch V. 489(W) of 1971 (April. 564. Reference Re Amendment of the Constitution of Canada (Nos. 158 US. Prafulla Chandra Ghose. Maryland. AIR 1969 Calcutta 198. Hari Vinayak : AIR 1962 Madhya Pradesh 73. Barat V. S.R.C. Ogden. Wheats 316. 1981. In Re Eugene Debs. 1949).

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