Setting for Samsung (SGH D900i, SGH E200, E250

1. Go to Main menu, Browser 2. Go to Profile settings 3. Select one of the existing settings and edit it a. Profile name: Ntc b. Home URL: c. Bearer: GPRS first d. Proxy: Enable e. Go to GPRS Settings f. Proxy IP: g. Proxy port: 8000 h. APN: ntwap i. Leave Login ID and password blank j. Save the profile 4. Go back to Current profile and select Profile 'Ntc' 5. Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet

Setting for Samsung (SGH Z170,...)
1. Go to Main menu, Settings 2. Go to Connections 3. Create New connection a. Name: Ntc b. Access Name: ntwap c. Auth. Type: None d. Protocal: HTTP e. Home URL: f. Proxy Address: g. Port: 8000 h. Leave other fields as it is and save. 4. Go back to Internet, Browser Settings and select the connection as 'Ntc' 5. Restart your set and you are now ready to surf internet.

Samsung SGH-i607(Windows Mobile)
1. Go to Start, Settings 2. Go to Connection, GPRS 3. Go to Menu on right bar and Add a. Description: Ntc b. Connects to: The Internet c. Access Point: ntnet d. Leave other fields as it is 4. Return back to Connections 5. Go to More 6. Press Menu and go to Advanced a. Internet Connection: Ntc b. Leave other fields as it is 7. Press Done 8. Finally go to browser 9. Go to Menu, Options, Connections a. Uncheck "Automatically detect settings" b. Select Network: The Internet 10. Now restart the mobile set and you are ready to browse internet

4. Rest as it is 6.Setting for Samsung (Corby & new touch) 1. More 9. 5. Save . For Java application: Go to Games and Collection 8. Go to menu Internet Setting Internet Profile Create a. Select NTC that has been created earlier 10. 3. Access name: ntnet(must be in small letter) c. Save and select it 7. 2. Set name: NTC b.

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