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A Guide to Open Source Software

A Guide to Open Source Software

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Published by Ernesto Guevara
Something that Government and Society Should be aware of when implementing Opensource Projects
Something that Government and Society Should be aware of when implementing Opensource Projects

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Published by: Ernesto Guevara on Oct 23, 2010
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To assist agencies in assessing the value of OSS-based ICT solutions, the Australian

Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) has developed the Demand

Assessment Methodology (DAM) and Value Assessment Methodology (VAM). Demand

and Value were chosen as the two most important criteria in assessing a potential ICT

application or service from the perspective of end users and customers.

Demand assessment forces the agency to start with the end user and determine the

nature of their needs and how they might be best addressed. Value assessment is a more

traditional evaluation, typically centred upon costs and benefits. In the case of government,

value considerations also need to take account of social and governance implications as

well as intangible benefits.

The DAM and VAM models assist agencies in developing transparent and auditable

assessments of demand and value propositions for government online programs. These

propositions underpin the business case and assist in substantiating the viability of

the initiative. They should also be used to justify resource investment and demonstrate

transparency and accountability. The two methodologies provide for a consistent approach

across agencies.

For further information, see the AGIMO website:



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