'The Complete Line of Three Models in Fifteen Duplex and Closed Body Styles









uhe New



THERE is a responsibility in lea~ership which we have kept faithfully in mind while designing the new models pictured in this catalogue. Studebaker has led the way so often in the past in new and better features of design and to so much greater values in automobiles that the public always looks with confidence to a Studebaker announcement of new models for still greater things.

In these new cars we sincerely feel that we have kept faith with the public; we believe that the combination of new features, many of them absolutely exclusive to Studebaker, will mark a new era in automobile design.

Every change in the new cars has been made, not for the sake of "novelty", but for the proved betterment of the car-to improve its convenience, comfort, power or performance, or to add to its durability and wellknown great value.

Every change has been adopted only after the most painstaking research and the most exhaustive tests. All the great resources of Studebaker, in skilled engineering talent, long and successful experience and in unexcelled laboratory and factory facilities have been utilized and concentrated upon, making still better a line of cars which has been so satisfactory to nearly a million of our owners.


And not of the least importance in helping us to improve our cars is the first-hand information gained from the invaluable experience of a host of Studebaker owners who operate our cars in all parts of the world and under all circumstances of service.

Bit by bit we have gathered priceless operation and performance data from this source which has aided us immeasurably in perfecting our new cars. In our opinion no engineers or manufacturing organization can design or build a perfect automobile without this experience.

The refinements and improvements in detail are so numerous that they affect every vital part of the car, but there are some so unusual and distinctively Studebaker that they should be mentioned in these paragraphs.

The bodies, both the open and the closed types, introduce an altogether new style in American body lines. The daring originality of European design has been very skillfully adapted to American standards of good taste. The high radiators, straight hoods and wide, deeply crowned fenders harmonize in a pleasing flow of straight lines and blending curves.

The result is a line of beautiful cars, distinctly and exclusively Studebaker. To appreciate their appearance you must really see them; the pictures in this catalogue can merely suggest their great beauty.

Pa.ge 3

Then there are the new Duplex models, with permanent top and roller curtains, furnished on all three chassis. As the name implies, these are open-closed cars. The body is of a brand new type, originated by us, and constitutes another step forward in Studebaker leadershi p.

The Duplex models fill the demand for high quality closed cars at open car prices. No other cars have this type of body. The roller curtains may be drawn and fastened instantaneously. They permit either closed car snugness or open car freedom.

A mechanical feature of great importance to the owner is a fully machined surfaced crankshaft inherently balanced which does away with attached counterbalance weights and eliminates "the critical point of vibration." Few other manufacturers follow this practice.

Real balloon tires-not merely low-pressure, oversize tires-are regular equipment on all models, and used with a chassis, wheels, steering gear and springs designed especially for this equipment.

If you should ask any great number of people who know automobiles what is the outstanding fact about Studebaker cars an almost unanimous answer would be, "Great value."

There are more reasons for the ability of Studebaker to give such great automobile value for the money than just the obvious reasons which are: large volume of production, great factory facilities, cash buying power and good management.

One reason is that 70 per cent of the Studebaker factories are new in the last six years. Modern machinery, modern plant layout, modern manufacturing methods not only permit the manufacture of better and higher grade products, but they also effect great savings in production costs which are reflected in Studebaker prices.

These resources also permit Studebaker to make not only most of its parts, but to manufacture the parts from the raw material. Very few companies today operate complete foundries, drop forge plants, steel stamping plants-very few indeed make their own open and closed bodies, tops, cushions, fenders, and so many minor parts.

It is not only the volume, but the completeness and the modern methods of manufacture and the division of administrative and overhead costs over three distinct models of cars that enable Studebaker to give the public such high quality and such great value for the money.



IN THE BIG SIX, Studebaker has achieved the maximum in fine quality, superb performance and in satisfying size, room and comfort. All details of this car are typical of those used on the most expensive cars,

The new Duplex body, with its low, sweeping lines, is ideal on the BIG SIX Duplex. Phaeton because of the wide use of the BIG SIX in touring. The new roller curtain> bring an entirely new sense of com' fort, convenience and utility to the open type of car.

Extr« equipment has been la vishly added. There is nothing more to buy. It even includes two highgrade, nickel-plated bumpers; an extra balloon tire, tube and tire cover;

de luxe rnotometer, with lock and winged cross-bar and many other unusual items, among which is the lighting control on the steering wheel.

The famous BIG SIX engine, too, has been improved. There is strll more power and still better performance, notably at high speeds. \Vhat this really means can only be appreciated by owners who helve driven the BIG SIX and therefore know its performance qualities. It IS a car especially designed, with grea t resources of power and per' formance, to meet all demands of seven-passenger service.

The BfG SIX Duplex-Phaeton is lacquer-finished in Studebaker blue withstripings in light blue and ivory.

i :t~E~~~;;'~alloo:~re,~~~:::dc,:;~~:::~ 0' Bumpers. Motorneter with lock ~I',.

,! and winged radiator cap. Lights controlled from switch on steering wheel. il Automatic ignieon elrminares spark lever. One-piece windshield, glare-proof \"150r,

1.1 automatic windshieldc!e_<.mer, rear-view mirror. Cowl and dome lights, extension ~:.".',.,! I lamp and stop-and-tail hghr. Clock, speedometer. gasoline gange:, 011 pressure

:1 gauge and ammeter mounted on instrument board. Step pads. Kick plates.

~- ~~~i.~ ac; ========"""===









THEchar01 of this fine five-passenger coupe is ir~eslstible because of the easy st.eenng control, effortless gear shlftmg, soft clutch action, splendid power of the BIG SIX engine, and the delightful riding qualities of the big balloon tires, long springs and soft CUShlO11S, Here 18 irulividuality, cozy comfort, and yet plenty of room,

Finer matenals and better craft-smanship cannot be found in any car. The economies of latest manu'

The two front seats are luxurious chairs, fine enough for a drawing room. Merely tipping the right front seat forward provides easy entrance to the WIde rear seat, which seats three in real comfort.

The extreme width of the side and tear windows, the big doors and the broad, one-piece windshield permit unlimited view and let in £loods at light. The upholstery is finest mohair, a. dee.p, bluish gray tone; the inside door handles.automatic window lifts and ether interior meta I appoint> merits are finished in dull silver.

The coupe body is mounted on the seven- passe.l,lger chassis to meet the demand for the very ultima tein power, speed and "comfort.

STEEL trunk, equipped with two suitcases and hat box Extra balloon tire. tube and tire cover. bumpers, motomcter, he-iter, vanity case, smoking set. Liphts controlled (rom .sw-tch mounted on ste~rinR wh~el.. Automatic l\gnit'ion ehll111)Iltesspark lever. One:pieceM.'irtdshii.':kl,ghre,p.r:oof\T1SDr,tiutQ'J.1UtJc.\ ... rindshield cleaner, rear-view mirror. Corner lights, -extension lamp. Clock, speedometer, gasoline g8.uge~ oil pressure gauge and arnr-eter on instrument board. Kick plates.


facturing methods-the advantage of new plants with the resulting savings of exclusive Studebaker manufacture, make it possible to price the BIG SIX CO\1pe far below that of any other comparable car.

Pq.ge ·6





S eve n



INTO the new BIG SIX Sedan have gone the finest design, materials match the instrument board and steering wheel. The appointments

and workmanship and the best of Studebaker's 72 years' experience. include a vanity case and smoking set, flower vase, opalescent corner lights

Nothing has been omitted to make it as fine a car as can be built. and dome light. The interior metal parts are finished in butler silver.

Luxurious roominess and sufficient weight to give great strength Big, genuine balloon tires add to the luxurious riding qualities of

are possible in this car, because the chassis and the engine are especially deep, soft cushions and long, supple springs. As on all BIG SIX models,

designed for a seven-passenger dosed body. There is a surplus of the equipment includes an extra tire, bumpers, front and rear, and many

power to meet every demand of ii'l ~. other unusual items.

seven-passenger service. The Sedan is varnish-finished in

EXTRA balloon tire, tube, tire cover. Bumpers. Lights controlled from

In this car Studebaker bas been switch on steering wheel, Automaticignition eliminates spark lever. Mota- Studebaker blue with fine striping

lavish to the point of luxury. It is meter and winged radiator cap. One-piece windshield, glare. proof visor, automatic in ivory on body and louvres and,

windshield cleaner.rear-view mirror. Heater, vanity case, smoking set, flower vase, I I fi h

upholstered in finest mchair-c-bluish Dome and corner lights, extension lamp. Step pads ". Kick plates. Clock, speed, with wood whee s in natura nish,

gray in tone. The doors are trimmed ometer, gasoline gauge, oil pressure gauge and ammeter on instrument board. and glistening radiator, the whole

in walnut-finished panels which , ~~ effect is strikingly impressive.

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Passenger BERLINE



(Be·dine b c d t e s a r e ftj.Tn'i~hed also

.Sp ec l c.! a.nd Standard Six ch(1$!ii.!;_)

To MEET an insistent demand for chaujfeUI,driven enclosed cars Studebaker has introduced with the present new models the popular and adaptable Berline, The distinguished beauty of line, elegance of upholstery and appointments, smooth, silent and vibranonless perform' ance which typify all Studebaker cars particularly adapt the Berline to the discriminating owner who demands the impressive luxury of the finest chauffeur-driven automobile.

The driver's seat is separated from the rear compartment by a glass section with sliding windows. The glass is held in mohair covered panels to match the upholstery. The Ber' line gives the privacy of the limou-

sine, yet with a window open to the driver's compartment it may be driven at will by the owner as a sedan.

The Special Six five-passenger Bedim: is upholstered in a soft taupe mohair with carpets and silk curtains to harmonize. The interior of the Standard Six Berline is in a light shade of brown to harmonize with the soft, light gray, lacquer finish which distinguishes all Standard Six enclosed models. The Big Six and the Special Ber lines are in lustrous dark Studebaker blue with glossy black. upper panels. Genuine balloon tires, natural wood wheels and nickeled radiators are-regular equipment on each of the Berhne models.

UPHOLSTERED in genuine mohair. Heater. Light!; controlled from switch on

steering wheel. Automatic ignition eliminates spark lever, One-piece wind,

l shield, glare-proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner, rear-view mirror. Winged radiator cap. Walnut-finished instrument board with followmg instruments grouped on silver-faced oval: eight'day dock. speedometer. oil pressure gauge. gaso· line gauge. ammeter. Cowl and rear comer reading hghts. and stop-and-tail light.


Page B


THE SPECIAL SIX Duplex-Phaeton, like other Studebaker Duplex ness, dependability and riding comfort, make this car a paragon among

models, introduces an entirely new idea in automobile construction. five-passenger automobiles. There is nothing like it on the market

And at the same time it establishes also a new idea in value among and it remained for Studebaker to produce it.

medium priced automobiles. It occupies a foremost place among highest It is finished in Studebaker blue lacquer, with striping in ivory and

grade automobiles where splendid power, perfect performance, complete light blue. The harmonizing beauty of the new Duplex body and top

equipment, the best quality of materials, the finest upholstery, finish and with the new straight hood, deeply crowned fenders and distinctively

appointments are all essential quali- ~============= .. ",_.~ designed lamps, set off with touches

tications, Very few makers indeed . of sparkling nickel, jet black enamel

NEW type Studebaker top with Studebaker roller curtain s, One-piece wind-

could meet these requirements at the shield, glare.proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner. Lights controlled, and natural wood wheels, are details

Studebaker price, from switch mounted on steering wheel. Automatic ignitioneliminatesspark lever. Ii of appearance that make this one of

The improvements in the new W,aln,ut.fini,hed instrument bo, ard with dock, speedometer, oil prc"ssurc gauge, gas' I! the handsomest cars on the market. aline gauge,.and ammeter, m a. cluster. Winged radiator cap. Robe rail, foot rest, I

SPECIAL SIX chassis and engine, giv- tunmng board, step pads, kick plates. Tool compartment in left front door, . It has taken the place of the "tour-

ing still more power, speed, smooth- ~""""""''''''''~'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~CCfu-....._<Gc}~~ , , ' ing car" of yesterday.


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AGLANCE at the illustration suggests instantly the elegance of this beautiful Duplex-Roadster-s-smart in the newness of its trim, sty lish lines-elegant in the dignity of its size and in the contour of the body-which blend perfectly with the new, low, Duplex body.

There is a sweeping dash which characterizes this car-an apparent eagerness for long, open roads and winding hills where power and speed mean thrilling enjoyment.

The Duplex-Roadster, with its beautifully rounded rear deck, is long, low and graceful as a greyhound. Every detail is in best taste.

And its beauty is matched with elegance and completeness of ap-

pointments. The broad, deep cushion and 'the high seat back are upholstered in cbrome tanned Spanish grain leather. The instrument board is walnut-finished with the equipment conveniently grouped under an oval glass on a background finished in dull silver.

The splendid power of the SPECIAL SIX engine, with its quiet and vibrationless performance, ideally meets every requirement. There is reserve for instant pick-up and for bursts of speed on the straightaway.

The finish is in Studebaker blue lacquer with striping of lighter blue and ivory. Big balloon tires and natural wood wheels add the final touch

~I NE~ type Studebaker top with Studebaker roller curtains. Luggage com-

, partment under rear deck and Wide, deep package box behind sea t. Onepiece windshield, glare-proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner. Lights cow :, .. 1 trolled from switch on steering wheel. Automatic ignition eliminates spark lever.

Clock, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, gasoline gauge, and ammeter in a cluster ;i on silver- finished background. Tool compartment in left door.

I ~

- ---_--_... ---~'~"*~ -------- -

of distinction.

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IT WOULD be difficult to imagine a more distinctive or handsome clutch pedal and the certainty of the brakes are advantages which

car than the four-passenger Victoria with its low, well proportioned make this one of the most delightful cars to drive-especially when

body, the blending details of deeply crowned fenders, high radiator traffic and parking conditions make responsive control most satisfying.

and hood lines and gracefully rounded back. It represents the ideal Back of the driver's seat there is a convenient parcel compartment,

of those who enjoy the friendliness of the close coupled closed car. always appreciated on a shopping trip. And at the rear, under the

The driver's seat is set forward a. little from the large rear seat, sloping deck, a commodious space for baggage-for the motor trip.

which provides ample room for two. ilI---.------.--c..-.,..,..~. . The body is finished in Studebaker

The auxiliary seat is folded under I UPHOLSTERED in genuine mohair. Motomerer, one-piece windshield, glare. blue with striping in ivory. Super-

the dash when not in use. proofvisor,automaticwindshieldcleaner,rear-viewrnirror. Lightscontrolled structure, fenders and chassis parts

The smooth, silent power of the . from switch mounted on steering wheel, Automatic ignition eliminates spark are in glossy jet black, in striking

lever. Inspection lamp, rear corner reading lights. Vanity case, smoking se't.heater.

SPECIAL SIX engine, the perfect Clock, speedometer.oilpressure gauge, gasoline gauge and ammeter in singlegroup. contrast. The sparkling radiator and

ease of steering and gear shifting, ing. Luggage space under rear deck, parcel compartment behind drivers seat. natural wood wheels add attractive

the almost effortless action of the -- .. ------- ~~"'"" - highlights.


Pag~ r r ttl





F i v e





THE SPECIAL SIX Sedan will appeal instantly to people of good taste who admire beautiful cars. It is "special" not only in narneit is "special" in elegance, power, performance and comfort.

Take one obvious indication of fine quality-the upholstery. A very fine high grade of mohair is used, a fabric made from the silky fleece of the Angora goat, velvety and lustrous as an oriental rug. The interior fittings are in keeping. The vanity case and smoking set are in dull silver finish, the automatic window lifts, inside door handles, and other fittings in two-tone, bright silver and satin finish.

There are cut glass reading lamps,

dome light and flower vase, bright in contrast with the dark, walnutfinished instrument board and steering wheel. Thick, rich carpets, in deep brown, blend with the seats, sides and ceiling. Silk roller curtains at the broad windows, Wide opening doors which close perfectly on a full, metal-lined framework. These details merely give an idea of one of the finest closed cars. There is distinction in the new SPECIAL SIX lines, the conservative dignity of the body, varnish-finished in Studebaker blue, with striping in ivory, while the nickel-plated radiator, big balloon tires, and natural wood wheels add a striking touch

Page I:::

I TIGHTS conveniently controlled=~h mounted on steeringwheel, AutoL matic ignition eliminates spark lever. Dome and rear corner lights. Flower vase. UPhOlster. ed in mohair. One-piece windshield, glare-proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner.rear-view mirror. Inspection lamp. Motometer, heater, vanity case, smoking set. Clock, speedometer} oil pressure gauge, gasoline gauge"ammeter in single groupmg on silver-faced background. Step pads and kick plates.

., ~Jl .• """",,,===========~

~,. . I~A"'''''


of brightness.



THE new Studebaker Standard Six Duplex-Phaeton provides the convey the impression of siae and unusually sturdy construction.

airiness and moderate price of the open car, yet a touch, of the The new STANDARD SIX is upholstered in black, chrome tanned

hand to the new roller curtains converts it into a closed car instantly Spanish grain leather. The instruments are grouped under glass on

The new permanent steel top and the new roller side curtains, orig- a frosted silver oval on a dull black, steel instrument board reinforced

inated and introduced by Studebaker, are such radical improvements with wood. 'The lighting control, including the dimmers, is mounted

over the "touring car" that they alone would immediately establish atop the steering wheel-another new convenience.

Studebaker leadership in value and I'l ~, Heavy crown fenders, genuine bal-

convenience. loon tires, distinctive head lamps and

NEW TYPEStudebaker body with Studebaker roller curtains, Light. controlled

The lines of the Standard Duplex', from switch on steering wheel. Automatic igniticn eliminates spark lever. cowl lamps are additional evidence

Phaeton are entirely new, beautiful One-piece windshield with weather-proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner. of quality and value.

and impressive, The high radiator, Instrument board finished in dull black with following instruments in a single, The body is finished in lustrous grouping: eight-day clock, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, gasoline gauge, am' !

unique in design, the broad hood, meter, Cowlltghts.stop-and-rail light. Tirecarrier,withlock_Highgradesetoftools. 1:1 black enamel, with bright nickeled

and low, perfectly proportioned top, I~ radiator and wood wheels,


Pag.~ 1,3


INthe new Duplex-Roadster one is instantly impressed with the smart- the rear of the seat, readily accessible and a real convenience.

ness and beautiful balance of its appearance. Fitted with the new per- In the roadster type of car-whether used for business or pleasure-

manent top, with roller curtains which can be drawn down with a touch alert, responsive performance is especially desirable. The new

of the hand, it possesses all the comforts and convenience of a closed car. STANDARD SIX engine meets this requirement perfectly.

There are long, easy riding springs, a steering gear adapted to the The increased power of the new unit power plant is not only due

big, balloon tires, a smooth clutch action and unusual ease of gear to larger engine size but also to the remarkable efficiency of its design

shifting-all advantages which help ",,===================,.r;:.l:il!~"""==================~ which includes automatic spark canto make the Studebaker STANDARD ~ trol, inclined valves, balanced crank,

COMMODIOUS luggage compartment under rear deck, and wide, deep,

SIX Duplex-Roadster very easy rid, package box at rear of seat. One-piece windshield, weather-proof visor, auto- shaft machined on all surfaces, large

mg, and a delig.htful car to drive. matic windshield cleaner. Instrument board in dull black with these instruments bearings-these features give in-

Th I [ grouped on silver-faced oval, under glass: eight-day clock, speedometer, oil pressure

ere is a arge uggage space . gauge, gasoline gauge, ammeter. Lights controlled from switch on steering wheel. creased power with better fuel econ-

under the rear deck and a roomy Automatic ignicion eliminates spark lever. Tire carrier with lock. Spare rim. amy and with almost vibrationless

,,~_paCkage compartment dear across ~~~ performance at all engine speeds.

~ Pa.ge 1 ..


THE beautiful lines of the new Coupe-Roadster, its attractive finish in comfort. The lighting control is mounted on the steering wheel, in-

in two tones of gray, meet the needs of not only business and pro' stantly convenient to the driver's hand.

fessionalmen with whom this type of car is proving so popular, but make The Coupe-Roadster is finished in lacquer-the lower portion of the

it appropriately at home at the Country Club, the exclusive residential body in light Navajo gray; the upper in darker Seminole gray-a striking

street or wherever fashion demands correctness. color combination. The jet black fenders and splash guards, the natural

The high nickeled radiator, straight line hood, deep body and low top wood wheels with big balloon tires complete the picture of this hand-

lines are pleasingly distinctive and Ol .~. some, three-passenger closed car.

compel admiration I Anabundanceofpowerandspeed,

.' . UPHOLSTERED in chrome tanned Spanish grain leather. One-piece wind,

The upholstery is in rich chrome I shield, glare·proof visor. LIghts controlled from switch on steering wheel. ample carrying space for luggage

tanned Spanish grain leather. The Automatic ignition eliminates spark lever. Automatic windshield cleaner. under the rear deck and a handy

Instrument board finished in dull black with clock. speedometer. oil pressure gauge,

extra broad seat cushion, deep and gasoline gauge, ammeter, grouped on silver-faced oval. Concealed lamp lights package compartment back of the big,

well padded, and the seat back, high instruments. Cowl lights, sccp-and-tail hght. TKO carrier with lock. Set of tools. wide seat, make this car most con-

and inviting, provide the ultimate ~~ venient and in every way desirable.


Page r$_~ fu










THERE is a delightful satisfaction in driving any Studebaker STANDARD SIX model because of the responsive power, the quiet' ness and smoothness of its engine, ease of steering and gear shifting, sureness of brakes, and the entire obedience of the car to the driver's will.

And there is the added charm of driving a closed car so C04Y and comfortable in seating arrangement, so distinctively individual, and so unmistakably high grade in every

detail as the five-passenger Coupe. ~ ~, ~ ~I'

UPHOLSTERED in mohair. Trunk rack with side arms and body guards.

The two front seats are deeply up' Heater. Lights coatrolledfrom switch on steering wheel. Automaticignition !

holstered. The auxiliary seat, folded eliminates spark lever. Instruments in single grouping on silver-faced oval: clock. i

speedometer, oil pressure gauge, gasoline gauge. ammeter. Cowl. and rear corner

forward when not in use permits easy lights. stop-and-taillight, One-piece windshield. glare. proof visor, automatic wind- ,

entrance to the wide, comfortable shield cl ea ner, rear-view mirror. Winged radiator cap. Tire carrier with lock. I

rear seat with room for three. The <, '~, I


interior, with its fine mohair upholstery, dainty accessories, heavy carpets, silk curtains and beautiful instrument board, expresses the discrimination of the owner who selects this automobile.

The Coupe is finished in lacquer, Navajo gray below and darker Setninole gray above, a strikingly appropriate combination.

On no Studebaker closed model. do the nickeled radiator, crowned fenders, one-piece windshield, wide windows, natural finish wood wheels and balloon tires appear to better effect than on the Coupe. And as a final touch there is a trunk rack at the rear, with bars, side arms and bright metal body protectors.

Pog!!!: 1.6









STUDEBAKER'S purpose in designing this beautiful new sedan expresses beautifully the cheerful coziness of the interior. Other in-

was to provide the ultimate in value in a five-passenger closed car terior appointments likewise merit the pride of the most discriminating

at a medium price. owner. The door pulls and other metal fittings are finished in bright silver.

Only large volume and the resources of a great organization ami Like other STANDARD SIX models, the ease of steering and gear shift-

unsurpassed manufacturing advantages make so fine a car possible at ing and the soft clutch action make this a delightful car to drive, espe-

the price. The body, as on all Studebaker cars, is built by Studebaker cially in traffic. And the increased power of the STANDARO SIX engine

and the construction is as fine as ~ ~ meets every requirement of service.

modern factories and expert crafts- ~ UPHOLSTERED In mohair. Heater. LIghts controlled from switch on steer- The body finish, in two shades of

manship can produce. It is lower to mg column Automatic ignition eliminates spark lever. One-piece windshield, . gra y, is strikingly contrasted with

the ground and with straight line glare'proofvisor,automatlcwmdsbielddeanerandre!)r-viewITllrmr. Winged radi- the glossy jet black fenders and the

"tor cap. Walnut-tinished mstrument board With these instrumencs grouped under d d

hood and high radiator, its appear' glass on silver-faced oval; eight-day clock, speedometer, 011 pressure gauge, gaso- bright nickel-plated rae iator an

ance is commanding, line gauge, ammeter Cowl and rear corner reading lights, and stop- and-tall light. natural wood wheels, Big balloon

The brown mohair upholstery . - - - ~:t~ tires add the final quality touch.

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An open car one minatc-

Roller curtains drawn down ill fille secunds-

Page 18

%1: rnJ\1()ntages of a closed car



STUDEBAKER has superseded the open touring car and roadster with an entirely new type of car, The comfort, convenience, durability and beauty of the new Studebaker Duplex,Phaeton and DuplexRoadster cars appeal instantly to the car owner wbo likes the airiness and alert performance of an open car, but who also appreciates the comfort. protection and impressive appearance of a closed car.

The new Studebaker Duplex models meet this demand perfectly and at the price of the former tourin~ car and roadster. There is much higher cost and value in the duplex type of construction than there is in the tcuring car and folding top, but Studebaker operates its own body plant and steel stamping plant and thus gives the owner advantage of the savings made possible only by the efficiency of new manu' [,eturing methods in new and modern plants,

The construction of the Studebaker Duplex body is unlike that of any other type. The top structure is of pressed steel and finest covering fabrics. The framework and shape'giving sections are of pressed arccl v-c rhis includes the two "side quarter" sections from front to rear, the rear end section and the upright two rear sections.

Six light steel cross bows electrically welded to the side quarter. carry the roof fabric, both the outside covering and the inside lining. There is no paper board or wood veneer used anywhere ill the top of the new Duplex model s,

The top is made by Studebaker for Studebaker cars, Therefore. its lines blend harmoniously with the body lines. The entire body and top are one unit,

The Studebaker roller curtains are a distinct and completely new innovation introduced for the nrst time by Studebaker as a feature of the New Duplex Models, The rollers are mounted. one slightly above the other. so that when the curtams are rolled down they overlap and give wind-proof and weather-prcof protection.

A reach of the hand and the curtain can be pulled down in place and snugly fastened-in an instant it can be unfastened and rolled up completely out of .ight. It makes an open or a closed car in five seconds,








J\lfw instTu.ment bo.:lJ"Q and llg,~U"g ca1l_!lro~ 0'Jl: .rh:eri~g- WhilE"! of Stll."dD.rG SU .Dl!ph:x~PhnctOl1..

Di:l~p, wide: cushions, hd'Tidrlln~,ojo'ol(e, 'r11,:l, arid foot '1e~1- arlO featu'rl!i Qf tiJl'11!etlU vf Sp(.f;i<.1.1 Six p~pJC(";Phaf!OI1.

, - C

"'" -,_ "(

~ w~{t

~ , ~,,~

~ - :C\ -, ~

TO, lwfmly bI,niI,d lim-s 'brt"~, Speci,d Six Duplex r Phaetpn a-r~ impl't$~~ I.1;ti~ ';~ffi'cr,! IE's~tUTd)l C'OtutTLitCtII'm.

ReaT view of Standard Si~ ch .. pIt::x5Phaetan sfrOW$ ltnes of Duple;.; body, tar!! carrier and &hlddcd. ga.so~ilLi: ~a,..".

BmDSImC)I hri:l~e is ape1llted b)l ltltdll-ng pull hllnclll:, b.:1Itllth center fJfiTl,stru1Mnl b&I,rd.


ga.l"olinc ti:'ll11{_.


Ft:Otl:r: . liejdt of fhe St.ar.darrl Six &datl ;;kQllrjtlS"J1[,w p'(lttrton of brll~~Jn;lTIrlle, t.LrldcTdti.l'in.

'The &a~d Six. F-iUJ:l~Ptl::;;,<:engcr C!I[>I;PC -na.s Q t7UI1~ T4C~ with b!lrr, sid!!:

I:ITffl.l: .:I n:d bod)1 protector-'I,







TIe Stltlldlmi S'i,;: COlApt:,RQ':wsru 1'$ uphol,i;ttted rrt chflYrlt-t' MrnJt:d Sp.lll1l~f1 IP"l1lt1. lCM;ttff.

B:rond lJI'sion iTlo C'IIeT)I dil'ectiOl'l I/> dfl:atun~ of Sr.dnddrd Six Pl'[!~~p.a.l:llmst:r Coup.:.



Duplex-Phaeton and Duplex-Roadster on Special Six: and Standard Six Chassis, and Duplex-Phaeton on Big Six Chassis, are equipped with new type of body, developed by Studer baker, baving integral steel top an,d weather-proof roller curtain" which make possible instant conversian from open to closed model. No other cars have this type of body.

Body lines of all models are new and


Bodiesonall models are lower to ground. Ail raps are lower.

Improved one-piece windshields are on ?:ll cars.

AU models equipped with weather and glare-proof windshield visor.

Automatic windshield cleaners are furmsbed on all models,

New type cowl ventilator is operated by the feet. All Duplex models and the Standard Six CoupeRoadster are upholstered in real chrome tanned Sl,"nish grain leather.

Genuine mohair upholstery used in all dosed models except Coupe-Roadster. ,

New package compartment is located at rear of seat in Roadsters and Standard Six Coupe-Roadster.

New cushions and seat backs are placed ill formfitting position.

Silk curtains are used at windows of all Jive-passenger Coupe, Victoria, Sedan, and Berline models, Rear-view mirror is provided in all Big Six models; in the Special Six closed cars, and in the Standard Six Sedan and five-passenger Coupe.

All Duplex-Phaeton and Sedan models are fitted with foot rest and robe rail.

Rear-corner reading lights are provided in all Jive and seven-passenger closed models and in the Special Six Victoria.

A dome light is standard equipment in the Big Six Duplex-Pha .. ton and Sedan, and Special 5iJ< Sedan.

Cut glass Dower vase 18 included in Big Six and Special Six Sedan appointments.

Big Six and Special Six closed models are equipped

with vanity case and smoking set.

All bodi es have bathinside and outside door handles. fligSIX-and Special Six dosed models have varnish finish, Big Six and Special Six Duplex models and Standard

Six dosed models are finished ill lacquer.


STUDEBAKER regular brakes are safe, simple and adequate for the operation of Studebaker care, Studebaker 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes will he furnished as optional equipment on all models at an extra charge. Three outstanding features not found in any other 4-Wheel Brake System manufactured in America, are embodied in the Studebaker design: 1. Hydrauhc power automatically operates braking pressure on all four wheels in forward speeds. Only light. foot pressille on brake pedal, which .imply actuates operating valve, is required to control this power. Tb'is feature will appeal especially to women. 2. Impossible to lock front wheels. 3. Only two points of adjustment in entire system; one at each rear wheel. Front brakes require no adjustment whatever after leaving factory. Por generating hydraulic power the transmission oil is used. Action of the power pump will not allow this oil to congeal and it never [reezer a,




-N E W



Standard Six Duplex models are finished in black enamel.

There arc new instrument hoards of beautiful design, finished in American-walnuz all all Big Six and Special Six models and the Standard Six fivepassenger Coupe, Sedan and Berline. On the Standard Six Duplex models and Coupe-Roadster they are in black enamel, satin nnish,

New instrument grouping under; gl."s on silver finished background, includes dock, speedometer, gasoline gauge, oil pressure gauge and ammeter on all models.

Instrument group is indirectly illuminated.

Ignition switch and carburetor choke pull handle are located on instrument board at left of steering post, On Big Sill: models and Special Six closed cars an extension lamp is located all right side of instrument beard.

An attractive, oval-shaped plate for owner's 'initials

is placed all instrument board.

New and more beautiful headlamps are on all models, Cowl parking lamps of a new design are used. Combination stop-and-tail light is regular equipment. Headligbts (including dimmers), cowl and hil lights

are controlled from switch conveniently mounted in center of steering wheeL

American-walnue steering wheel has horn button, also finished in walnut, mounted at its 'center.

All mode!' carry ornamental, winged radiator caps. The Big Six models and Special Six closed cars are "quipped with de luxe Motometer and lock.

All Big Six models are fitted with highest quality, bumpers, front and rear, and on other models there. are bumper attachments.

Radiators are nickel-pia red and are higher and wider.

Straight line hoods have beautiful ivory stripe on louvres.

Fenders are heavier and more graceful. All cars am equipped with genuine full-size balloon tires. 011 the Big Six models an extra balloon tire with tune and tire cover is furnished.

New design .of spare tire carriers on all models has built-in lock.

Natural wood wheels of selected hickmy are standard on all cars.

All Big Six and Special Six models havealuminum-bound running boards with corrugated rubber mats and step pads and aluminum kick plates.

Chassis frames have been made heavier and number o-f cr"05S members increased.

A new pressed steel ehield covers the gasoline tank. Emergency brake operates on the transmission with pull handle beneath center ef instrument hoard.

Old-style emergency 'brake lever is eliminated. Spring bolts and spring hanger supports have been made hea vier.

Highest quality threaded rubber stomge battery is used on all model s.

Thief-proof lock on transmission entitles owner to best insurancerating.

Chassis is lubricated by high pressure system-all models.

New unit power plant bas improved single-disc, dryplate clutch.

All engines have increased power,

Extra heavy crankshafts are machined on all surfaces

for perfect balance.

Detachable cylinder heads are used in all models, Pistons are of cast iron with four rings.

Engines have' positive force feed lubrication system. Valve for draining engine oil conveniently located

near oil filler pipe, Not necessary to get under car to drain crankcase.

The new steering gear designed to meet balloon tire requirements assures easy steering.

Ease of gear shifring and quiet operation of engines are marked features.

The ignition is fully automatic and no spark lever is necessary.

New ball type of accelerator adds to ease of driving. Tools are conveniently carried in left front door compartment of Big Six: and Special Six Duplex-Phaetons, and in left door of Special Six Duplex- Roadster.

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and transmissions are of the unit power plant type. The newly designed force feed oiling system provides maximum lubrication efficiency. Crankshafts are machined on all surfaces and thus inherently balanced. This is a practice followed by very few manufacturers. Main bearings <Ire unusually large and ani bronze backed. And there are many other unusual features.

The }{ew SpeCial Si>: Engine- 63" Horsepower.


THE new power plant« of Studebaker cars are more powcrfu I, more flexible, smoother and more silent, than ever before. Vibration has been elimmated, Studebaker engines in the past have established world-wide records for these quali.ties. Studebaker engines are de· signed by Studebaker engineers and are-manufactured complete in Studebaker plants.

'fhe N_ew S",,,daril Six Engine- 50 Horsepower.






MODEL&,-Thc seven-passenger Duplex-Phaeton: rbe fivc-peseenger Coupe; the seven-passenger Sedan; the scven-passeoger Berline.

WffEELBASE-127 inches.

ENG.lNE-The powerful B;g Six engine. of Studebaker design' and manufacture, is of the Lhead type. cast en bloc. Compact umt power piaut, insuring perfect alignment between engine -and rransmissien. 'The bore is- 3,% inches and the stroke 5 inchr.s. Actually develops 75 horsepower at 2400 revolutions ~r mir-uee. E-emovable head, with combustion chambers exactly IT achined to uniform si:;e,

Precise-Iy machined cast iron PlStOru; with four- rings and extra lang '1 ttl inches) connecting reds forged from selected .sreel, arc wei_gI1&i (or perftct balanee.

'Tbe connecting rod bearings are cast babbitt; tbc sturdy oneinch piston p;ln:;;. set high i.n the pistons, turn in bronze bushings.

The Studebaker crankshaft, drop-forged from steel specially made to Studebaker specifications, is fully machined ce all surfaces to close limit dimensions and therefore 'inherently balanced. Tim: practice 1:9. fallowed on ,'ery few other cars, !:It <my pr ice . The Clftnkshafr is extra heavy and is carried on four large, blome· backed bearlnga, with a total bearir.g Sucf3CC cf23 % square irxhes

The camshaft. is carried 0'0 four large beanngs. It 18 made. of specially tough for-grng steel, wtth cares and bearings forged Integral with the shaft. Cam surfaces are case hardened.

Large mushrccrn-rype push rods operate the valves. which are lLW6 inches in diameter with a lift of% inch. The-valve stews and push. rods are amply lubricated by OIL from the crankcase, through open -pdl!.&lg:CS wbich connecr with valve chambers.

LURRICA TION-ln the positive fOI"t;1!- reed lubricating system, ail. under 20 pounds pressure, 15 fo~cecl directly tn she crankshaft, camshaft and ccnneottng rod bearings. The cverflo ..... ' from the camshaft and crankshaft forward bearings drains uno the timing gear hoUtiing and lubricates the timing gears. The overflow from the connecting rod, bearings is thrown into [he cylinders, lubricariag the wrist pins and cylinder 'walk The. oil, returning from the engint': parts to the crankcase, is filtered throu-gb: an extra: large and easily cleaned screen, sO that the engine operates always on clean oil.

Oil pressure gauge, mounted on instrument board, indicates oil pump pressure,

Chassis lubrication b5'" high pressure system.

CARBURET[ON-A one-and-one-hall-inch. double-jet, two-range carburetor, sPClOiaUy designed for the Big Six engine, is used. It requires no dash adjustment. except the choke. for starting in cold weather. Throttle is located at head of stcenng.posr. Ac~ celeratnr LS of the new ball-type, conveniently located on toe: board. Improved intake. manifold, with bot spot, is doubly &;t~de.d to assure uniform fuel mixture-to each cylinder.

!G~lJ~~~~~~;d ~n:t~f~~~ :gFn~~;~o~;~~h~~~;~~:;

separator storage battery. The distributor, carried. at rbe left front end of engine. is of the full automacc spark ccmrol type, thus eliminating the necessity of band operation by driver. The ",mount of cur:reo[ gencratoo 1;;' regulated .uutomati'cally by the engine, speed whicli p:re, .. ents overchaTge of battery. Igni,t.ion 5-wit\:h 15 a sepa.rate unit mounted on ifls:t.rulJlent board at left of sti'ltr:mg column.

STeARTER-Carnpact. durable -starting motor. d-evdopcd a!1d p'<.':r~ fected from many years of llii".. Exert6- twning force of 200


pounds. Operated by starting switch conveniently located on toe board.

G~~~i~E c;~~-;-~:a~rrh~e~:~n~ro~~~~dofb/;'~~~l

shield, Gauge 00 instrument board, indicates. in gallons, quarttiry JJf gasoline in eauk. Fuel is fed to engJ:I'le through vacuum tank.

COOUNC SYSTBM-Wa~E':r cooled v.:ith PI.l[J1P circulating- sys .. tern. Tubular type of radiator. Four-blade, Hi-inch aero fan.

ELECTR:IC LIGHTS-Large. artistic h,eadlights-. with improved deflecnng and dilfusing ]~n~; specially designed cowl lights. dash light, which illuminate!; .1nstrurru-;nt group; extension lamp; combination. stop-and-tail light; dome light and. in closed cara, rear corner reading hgbrs. b'ghting switch ~'hkh ccutrcls headlights (iOlJudlOg dimmers) and cowl and tail lights eonveniently meunred on steering wheel, All eiecrnc wires carried in il.erible, metal conduits.

CLUTCH-Improved single-disc. dry-plate clutch. Exceedingly

simple and effecrfve, stnocrh in engagement and sof; in action.

TRANSMISSION-In unit l,\_'ith dutch and engine; selective [Y[1(-; three speeds forward and one reverse. Countershaft gejir.~ are forged integrally wtrb rmmrershaft, thus essuring perfect. alignment. All shafts and gears of special <tHoy steel. Shifting lever mounted on homing directly over ge:an;. Built-in, thiefproof lock. which locks' cransmissiou in neutral.

GEAR RATIO-Duplex-Ph,eton, 3.69 [0 1.

Closed Can, 4.36 to l.

REAR AXLE-SeffiirHoating in type, with extra large nickel str:d shafts. Spiral bevel gear drive. Load carried on large. rnljer bearings at wheel hubs- and differt':ntiaJ. Housing of heavy pressed steel, shaped to provide great truss strength. By simply removing differential plate, all parts are readily accessible.

DRlVE-Hotcbk.is.s; type. The torque and drive. are. taken through the extra powerful springs. The propeller shaft is a Heavy steel tube, "2 inches in diameter, turning through two universal joints and wirb angle of drive reduced to minimum because of low hung chassis design.

SPRING8--------Semi,-eUipt1c in type. Frear, 38 inches iOflg. 2. inches WIde \lo;~ith 7 leaves. Rear, 56 'inches lODE, 2 inches wide with 8 leaves. The rear' ends of both front and rear springs are: carried on links of special steel and designed to take up wear, All spring bolts extra heavy. Studebaker manufactures Its uwa springs from steel made to Studebaker formulas.

TIRE5--Gelluine. balloon tires, 34 x 7,030, npn-skid all around. BRAKES-Foot brake=external ccntracnng banda 00 extra. large brake drums on rear wheels. Brake leverages are of 6uffii;ieot length rc obtain powerful braking action, Adjuatme.nt very simple and requires only turning of two nuts Olt each band. Simple, mechanical equalizers insure perfect distribution of brake pressure.

emergency brake-+placcd at the rear of, :and on the maio shaft of ehe transmission imd is tlpcrated by mean5 of a la.tching pun handle placed jp.st under thl!: center of the instrument board. By this arra.n_],l"ment. the old'style, hand. emergc",;y levc[ is eliminated.

LOCKS--Built-in, thirf~proof tranSlJJlfiEilon lct:k (aPJ;roved 'tty

!:~~~~~\)~\;::~ ~~:~~~~de:i~;~~t~~~:


lock uu tool compartment in left front door, all operated with same key.

FENDERS-l\.1ade of heavy pressed steel. Batra deep oval, double crown. design) beautiful and substantial

UPHOl..&TERY-Dup!~Ph.1eron upholstered in black chrome tanned Spanish grain kat her. Closed cars upholstered in genuine mobair,

TOP-~he Duplex-Phaeton i.a equigpr:d witha brand new type of top originated and developed by Studebaker. It is o( the per. manenc type with steel frame and, equipped with roller curtains. also de .... eloped by Brcdebaker, it is possible to couvert It Into a dosed Gat instantlY. No other car has this feature.

STEERING GEAR-Pull worm and worm wheel type. Specially designed for use with balloon tires, Roller bearings c{;;Jn steering pivots. insure the smooth; easy steering quahnes, which arc uotahle features of all Seudebakere.

FRAME-Deep~ rigid pressed steel channel section, narrow at the front to allow "it short. turning radius. Side members have channelsection 7 inches deep, with 2,inc.h Jlange, and are secured tcgetber by seven cress .. members. The, rigid construcricn or the Studebaker frame provides il large factor of sa.fety.

WHEELS-Artillery type, of hickory. specially selected for rmrural finish. Twelve spokes in each. wheel. extra large nubs and flanges bolted with 12 bolts, steel felloe.

EQUIPMENT-Extril rim. complete with b..IIOO-<l tire; tube and tire cover. Handsome, nickel-nlarcd bumpers, front. and rear. De luxe umtomerer and lock with winged radiator cap.

Jmpreved one-piece. rain .. proof windshield wifh Dililt--ifl. glare-proof visor, automatic windshield cleaner and rear -v iew mirror.

Handsome. walrnrr-Enisbed Inatrumerrt board, the. lower. line of which is gracefully curved. Insrrumente in single grouping on silver-fiuiahed groundwork. under oval glass, 'illuminated indirectly.

Iustrumenta include high-grade, g..day dock, speedcmeeer, ammeter, gasoline gauge, oil pressure ·gauge. Instrument board also carries ig_nirion switch and carburetor choke. just to lefe of steering' post. Ameriean-walnur, all-wood steering wheel. wirh horn huttou, lighting !!wi~ch and throttle: lever conveniectly mounted in center ..

Cowl ventilator, operated by the foot, combination robeand-hand rail extendrna full width of .front seat. Foot teet in tonneau. Large electric 'hom, ruc.kclep1atlj!:d radiator.

Aluminum-bound running boards with corrugated rubber

:,~:.an~;~b~d&,~~~ :d:~~ kick plares. Set of high grade

All dosed cars furnished with bearer, flower VilSE; vardry case and smoking set. Beautiful walnut panel on d1XlJ"5 of closed models in harmony q'ith other firnngs. l\lU .. to harrdles. window regulators, and other interior me-tal appointments finished in butler silver.

Coupe equipped with trunk rack, nickel-plated body guards lind pressed steer, black enameled trunk, complete willi two large. ollit ca.%5' and hat box'.

COLORS-DupIex.Phaeton-In 'b_cqller.._Studeba.k:er- blue witb tight blue and :ivory striping. Lom.::res in ivory.

ClQ~e:d Mode!i5-Vami.sh fini~h.. Lowu section. Studebaker: blue. Upper ~rioD, hla<::k. Double ivory stripe- on body. Loll ... rcs ill ivory.

Pa.ge .23






MODELS-The five-passenger Duplex-Phaeton; the three-paesenger Duplex-Roadeter: the: four-passenger Victoria: the fivep~nger Sedan: the five-passenger Beeline,

WHEELBASE-l20 inches.

BNGINB-Powfirful engine of Lbead type, cast en bloc. designed and manufactured completely by Studebaker. The hare IS 331 Inches and the stroke ,5 inches. Develops 6.5 horsepower at 2400 revoluticee per minute. Compact unit power. plant insures perfect alignment- between engine and transmission. The detachable cylinder head makes possible complete. machining of the firing cbambere. Pour-ring cast iron -piatona and extra long (llj.i inches} connecting rows forged from selected steel ere picked and paired and thug. have uniform weight and balance for each engine.

Connecting rod beatings are cast babbitt. Stur-dy [JD~i[lc:h piston pins set high in pistons turn in bronze bushings.

Extra. heavy crankshaft, chop forged from steel specially made to Seucebskcc specihcatione, is cOlnp1cte1y machined on all surfaces to precise dimensions and therefore inherently balanced. '1 his practice is followed by only a very few other rcaaufaccurers of higher price<i cars. The crankshaft is carried on four large, bronze-backed bearings with 3. total bearing surface of n.Ya square. inches.

Four-bearing camshaft or special steel, hear-treated for tough. ness and hardness at cam surfaces. Came and bearings are forged integrally with the.shaft.

Large mushroom-type push rods operate the valves which are ll~ inches ill diameter with a lift of %. inch. The valve sterns and push rods are allJply lubricated by oil from the crankcase, rhrcugh open passages which connect with valve chambers.

LUBR]CATrON-po~itive force feed lubrication is supplied by gear-driven pump which forces oil 'under .20 pounds pressure directly to the crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod bearings. The everfiow from tile camshafe a~d crankshaft forward bearings drains into the timing gear Lousing and. luhricrres the, timmg gears, The overflow from the. connecting rod bearings. is thrown into cylinders, lubricating the wrist pins and cylinder walls. Before r~turni[lg to the crankcase. oil is filtered through extra large cylindrical screen, which Cilll be easily removed for cleaning. The. engine operates al w rays, therefore, on clean, fresh oil.

Oil pressure gauge, 'indicating oil pump prC55W'1; mounted 00 instrument board.

Chassia Iubrication by high pressure eyetcm.

CARBlJRETION-One and cue-half inch plain tube carburetor, specially designed fo:r; the: Special Six engine. is wed. It requires no dash adjustment except the c.hoke fo-r' starting.in cold weather. Throttle: is located lit head of steering post. Accelerator IS of the new ball-type, conveniently located on toe board. Improved intake manifold. with hot spot, is doubly divided to 3SSlJ.(/! uniform fuel mixture [0 each cylinder.

[CNITION--Current is sllPrlitd by generator, accessibly mounted at the right forward end 0 the-engine, arid by a tlireaded rubber separator storage battery. The distributor, carried ac the left front end of engine. is of the full automatic spark control type, thus eliminating toe neceseity of hand operation by driver. The. amount: of current generated is regulated autoraazically by the. engine; speed which prevent." overcharge. of battery. Ignition SI.\.-'1tdi is a separate unit mounted on instrument: board a~ left of steermg column.


ST A.RTER-Compact, durable starting motor exerts turning force of 2.00 pounds. Operated by starring search conveniently located on toe: board.

GASOLINE SYSTEM-Vacuum tank, under left side of hood, draws fuel from leak-proof gasoline, rank, of 19-9allon capacity. carried at rear of frame. and protected by a sud sh'jdd. Gauge on iestrumeat- board, indicates, in gallons} quantity of gasoline in tank.

COOLING 5YSTE1vf-WOlter cooled with centrifugal force pump.

Tubular type of radiator. Four blade, 18~incb fan, driven hom crankshaft.

ELECTRIC LIGHTS-:-N<w design bcudlights. with improved deflecting and difhlstng. lenses; specially designed cowl lights; dash light, which illuminates, instrument 'gt;OUp; combination step-and-tall light; and in (dosed cars, inspection lamp and rear corner reading lights. And, in addition, dome light, in Sedan, Ligntlng switch. which controls headhghts {including dimmers) and cowl and taillights convenlenrly mounted on steering wheel. Ali electric wires carried In flexible metal conduits.

CLUTCH-Sjngle:-ptat.e, dry-disc clutch, in unie with motor. Ex· ceedingly .sirnple and effective, smooth in engagement and soft in action.

TRANSMI5S10N-ln unit with clutch and engine: selective type; three speeds forward and one reverse. Countershafr gears are ... forged integrally with couatershaft; thus assuring perfect aligniD~t. All shafts and gears or special alloy steel. Shlftiog lever mourned on housing directly over gears. Built-in, thief-proof lock. whjdl. locks transmission in neutral.

GEAR RATI0-4.36 to L

REAR AXLE~Srudebake.r improved. semi-floating, with extra large nickel steel shafts. Spital bevel gear drive. Load carried on large roller bearings at wheel hubs and dsferential. Housing of ·heavy pressed steel. shaped to provide great truss strength. By simply removing differential plate, all parts are readily accessfb.e.

DRiVE-Hof,ll;hlcili& type. The torque and drive are taken through the ex-tra strong eprioge. The propeller shaft is <L heavy steel tube, 2 ~n(hes in diameter. turnihg through tWD universal joints and with angle of drive reduced to rniaimurn because or low hung chassis design.

SPRING5-----Semi-eJlipt:k. Prout, 38 inches. long, 2 inches wide with 7Ieavt5. ReM, 56 inches long, 2 inches wide. with B leaves. The rear ends of both front and rear springs are carried or'! links of special steeland designed to take up wear. An spring bolts. extra heavy and spring eyes broeae-busbed. Studebaker manu' facruree its own springs from steel made to Studebaker formulas.

TIRffi-Ge.nulni: balloon tires, 32,,6.20, non-skid all around. BRAJCES---Eoot brake=external contracting bands on extra large brake drums on rear wheels. Brake leverages are of sufficient length to obtain powerful braking action. Adjustment ver:¥ simple and requires only turning of tWQ i'i9.Jta at each rondo Simple, mechanical equalizers insure perfect distribution of brake

pressure. ..

Emergency brake-eplaced, at chi': rear Qf. and an the main shafe of the transmission and is operated By means of a: handle placed just under center of the Instrument, board. By this arrangement, the old style: hand emergency lever ie eliMinated.


LOCKS-Built-in. thief-proof transmission lock (approved by Inaurance Underwriters Laboracoriee), and entitling Studebaker owner to lowest insurance rates, sp;,Ue tire lock. and on DuplexPhaeton, lock on too-I compartment in left front door (left door on Duplex-Roadster}, an operated with same key.

PEND.ERS-·BeautifuLly crowned and gracefully curved info ruening boards. Extra long and made of heavy gauge- pressed steel.

UPHOLSTERY-J)uplex~Pba.eton and Roadster upholstered in black, chrome tanned, Spanish grain leather. Closed cars upholsrered in genuine mohair.

TOP~Duplc.x:~Phaeton and Duplex-Roadster equipped with new type of top originated and developed by Studebaker. It is of th~ permanent type with steel frame and, equipped with new roller curtains ... also developed hy Studebaker, it ie possible to convert Dupler model into closed car instantly. No other car has this feature.

STEERING CEAR-Specially designed for use with balloon tires.

Full worm and worm wheel type. Boller bearings on steering pi .... cts insure smooth, easy st~l':ring qualities, characrerieric of all Seudebckers.

FRAME-DeeQ. rigid pressed steel channel section, narrow at the front to allow a short turning radius. Side members 7 inches deep, with 2~inch flange and are- secured together by sevcrr erose members, with tors-ion tubes at each end of ffilme. The rigid construction of the Stadebaket frame provides 11 large. factor of safety.

WHEELS-ArtiUtry type, of hickory specially selected far natural finish. Twelve spokes in each wheel, extra large. hubs and flanges. bolted with ]2 bolts; steel felloe.

EQUIPMENT -r-Impruved one-piece, rain-proof windshield with builcsn, glare-proof visor and automatic windshield cleaner. Rearview mirror on Sedan. Victoria and Berline models. Winged "radiaror cap.

Handsome, new) walnut-finished, steel instrument board reinforced with wood. Lower line is. grawoUy curved. lnstrumente in single grouping on silver-fared oval under glass and

lig~~~:c~~~~~mhigh~~-a~e, S-day clock, speedometer" ammeter, gasoline gauge, oil pressure .. gauge. Instrument board also carries ignition switch and carburetor choke, just to left of steering post, and initial plate: and, 'in dosed cars, in~pcGtio[} lamp. American-walnut, all-wood steering wheel, with horn button, lighting switch and throttle lever conveniently mounted :in center,

Cow! ventilator, operated by, the foot. Combinaeiou robeand-hand rail extending full width of front seat and foot rest in tonneau of 6ve-~cngcr models, Large electric horn, nickelplated radiator. Tire carrier; with lock, at re a r and extra rim.

Aluminum bound running' boards WIth corrug<itEd rubber mat! and :.d:ep pads, Set of high grade tools (carried in left front doer of Duplex-Phaeton. Le-ft door of Duplex-Roadster).

AU closed -G(I.[S furnished with De luxe motcrceter, heater, vanity case and smoking see, And in addition, dome light; and Ilower vase in SWan. Pl111~to handles, window regulators, and other interior metal appointments fimsbed in two tcoe, bright silver and eatm finish ..

CO[ORS-Duplex~Phacb:m and Duplex-Rcadarer-e-In lacquer, Studebaker blue with Light blue. and ivory striping. Louvres in 1..VO(Y·

Closed Models-e-Varuish Jifi:isb. Lower section, Stude;h:lkcr blue. Upper section, black. Double ivory stripe on body. Louvres in Ivery,




MODELS---- The: five-passenger OupleJ:-.Phaof:toll~ tbe three-passenger Duplex-.Roa&rer; the three-passenger CouP'!"Road:;rer; tb~' fiv,,· passenger Coupe; the llv!;!:o:pas.'>E".:ng_er SEdan; the, five:pa35£:ng'e.r Berline.


E~GINE__;Pawerfbll!r{lglm~ of Lheed type. Cast ell bloe, designed and manufactured ccanpletely by-Studebaker. ThE!. bore is ~% lOC1U::;SB;IlCl stroke; 4·,t{, inches. ~W!IQfJs 50 horsepcwer at 2,200 revolutions per minute. OJr;n_ua,ct unit ,Hd'.\.:eI plant m51JrVi perIeee alignment be:tw.uo eOglnl! and rransmfssion. The derarbabl ... cy1ind~r head. makes posSible a -'C,_ompll:!:te m:oc.hinrng af thefiring chambers. Pour-ring cast iron pi<lotonj and ,iI;mg (IO inches) connecting rods fm:gc,d from selected steel are picked. and pairedand thug have uni(mm weight and balance fur each engine.

Connecting [00 De(l[ings are cast ba bhftt, Sturdy Ji.fnc;h piston P~11S. set,high in pistons jurn in bronze bushings.

El'tra beavy cran"k:iliaft, :drop forged from steel ~pf!t:ially made to StudeBaker specifications, and corrrreeting reds are completely machined on ~11 surfaces to precise. dimensions to give: inherent balance, This i,s. art exclusive Studebaker ft:atltl",t;-b.(l cars at-this prise. Tbe-cranl(5hrlft:l:;; CBITied on (our f~rg~,bron2i':!'b;)ckE':d bearfugs witli' a total bearing surface of 18.25' square mcbe~.

Pour-bearing carashalt of special steel, heat-treated for toughl'I,e5-S, and hardness ae cam sunac;,e!l. Casas and bearings are f01jged integrally with..po ,haft.

Roller type. of bell crack operates the valves wnich are 1M irxbee in diameter with a lift of -{t; inches and which are inclined reward center of cylInder at angle of 20 degr.t:.eB. The valve stems 'ere. amply lubrhated by oil from the crankcase. direct ·by splasb. to-all valve: parts.

All :l;;:G~~or,ie&. "i'm;:1mlmg ,oil pump, water pump, gl'::rlerator~ relay coil, a:lstributor: and automatic spark canrrol.cortibined .iuto COIDfld.Ct accessory unit, mounted on a single base at right side of engine, 'They are, lubricated by splash through an opening in side, of crankcase over which the:ir base is mounted.

LUBRICATION---Pooitive. force feed lu'brica.tionis snppJicil. by

gear-driven pump wbieh forces ail under 20 nds presBl1re..

directly to the crankshaft, camshaft and connect a:nngs.

The overflow from the camshaft end crankshaft. _ beacirige

drains into the timing chain hOU5LDg and lubricates tbe timing chain. 'The ceetflow from the connecting red beanags is tbrown into cylirider.51 lub;ri"a.tlqg t5.c wri&t pins and ·cyliri:der walls. B,;!fore r;etum111g to th~ (·.:raJ;J..kca,se, oilia 61te~d tbrol.!gh e:xtra.lar~ cylindricaJ sc[:cen, which can be: ~ily removed for cleaning. The ,e.o,gine.ope:rate.s aLwllYs., therefore, on dea.D. fresh oil.

011 prl3l'laure gauge, indicatllllg 011 pump pI'c.s.!3.ure:r mmm.tecl on i1)1;tl;JJ.ml!n~ ooartl.

Ch:u;i;.ls lubrication by liigh preasll:fe: sy,~tem.

CARBlffi_ETIQN-One~incb. 8pet:iilly cim;;iglled plain tube car· buretor is utiEd. l~ r~qu.ire-3 no d.a.Sb adjw;tmeot c;,xcept tbe: c.boke f:Or startin:.g in cold WI!~th~L Throttle i:;, located :at hE~d of steering poEt. A.;!:.'Cierntar:i_;. Qf the new b;\H~ty~, -c:pnye~eutly located, on toe h~r.d. Improved in~e manffol-d, wich ho~ s,pot, ,i!,- doubl}' divided to assun:: uoif"or.m_ fuel mix,till!"; :to each cylinder.

iG1il,JTION-GlJ1"f"tnt iii supplied by gen~r:atm:~ mounted at the dght tear of <:ngipe. driven from "?-(cessory MidIt" and by OJ. tbre:;rded rubber !3cparator swrage battery. 'The distributor, -:1.150 drilrEn from :a~-c:e:s~ry sb~ft. is of the full iluto:lIlB.tic:. spark contrnI type. thus ~limimti"g th~ oecessity of hand opcration by dIi;vff. The <J..w.Oilllt of current gUl~9,tcd is 'regulated autematically by the


engine speed whU:h prevents overcharge of battery. Ignition swhtli til !J.SEp"-fcfte unit mounted OD instwm..ent board at left of sh::e,ring·cGlumn.

STARTIR-Com.-pace. durable, starting motor exerts turning force of"200 pounds, Operated by starring 5w1tdi eoaveniently Iocated on toe board.

GASOLINE S:y.STEM-Vac"Uum tclDk. under; left side of hedd,_ draws fuel from le-ak'p.::oof gasdline ta..o.k: of 15'galion C:ilpa~_ city.l carried at rear of ftam~ end protected by a steer shield. Gauge on instrument board, iDdk ... tE!,l, in gallons; ql.GJ_:gtity M ~~ol.i["le..in tank,

COO~ING SYS_TEM~\Va.tc'f cooled with'centrifugal fo:m:e pump.

Tubular t}l-pe. of radiator; FOU(' blade, 17>iacb f1l1'1, driven from ctankshaft.

ELECTRIC L1GHTS-N,w desi", headlamps, withimprov,d and diffusing knSle:s; s~i-all~ designed cowl 1ights~

t. which illuminates im.tr.JJm~t :group; corn binarion

ligh.t; and in closed cars, f:4Cept Col.lpe~R:oawt.er. rear. CDmCf reading lighw. Lighting switch which controls ~e:a:~~ight-s (including d-i.mmer-,:,:) and cowl and ftlil Light~'c.om>en~. ieael ~monnred on steering wheel. All electric: ",·ires carried in flexible. metal conduits.

ClUTCfI-Sin~letplate. dry~~ dutch" In unit with motor.

Exceedingly simple and effective, smooth in enga-gellle::lJt and. soft in aefinn.

TRANBMJ5SION-m unrt with chircli and errgtne; aelecrive, type, three speeds forward and one reverse Counter sh-{tt gears are forged mregrally with counter Maft, thus assuring perfect align, ment. All shafts and gears of.special alloy s~l, Shifting lever rocunted on housing' directly over g-e3rs.BUilt-"in, cnief-pt'oof tock~ which, leeks transmission in neutral.

GEAR RATIQ-Duplcx models and Coupe-Roadster- 4.6 to 1.

Sedan, five-passenger Coupe and Berliner :).1 to 1.

REAR AXLE-Studebaker improved, eemi-doating, with ana Luge nickel.steel sbafts. Spiral bevel Rear drive. Load carried on larg~ roller bearings at wheel bube and dl:fferential. H,OUMng of h~vy presaed st~~I~,sb-ap>":'d to provide great truss $trength. By simply removing dilfamdal.pla're, a-1l1?i\[ts are.readily accessible.

DRIVE-Hotchkss 'typE. The Wrgue Clod dri lie are taken -thmugb th-e: extr,~. p~u,,'"erflli :sprf:rr:-gs. Th~ pr~~Uer sbaft::Us a, hea.vy steel tube, l%. loc.he .. 111 diam~fer:. turmng through two tmiv.er~1 jam.~ of the fabnc disc type a.nd witb angl...: cOf dr.ive !;eciuct":d to minimum because of low _blJng c~i!': de&ign.

SPRING&----8emi.dliptLc. Prout. 36 inches long. 2 inches wide with 71ea:ves. RE!a.r, 50 inches longt 21m:h-E:IS wide. with 7 l.eayeo.

Tbe: ,re<l!' ends IJt and rear springs are carried O1lfi.tJks

of spe..:.lill steel to tak~up wear. All .'Iprfug bolts

extra: heavy a.11 )le:;;- broIU£:-bu:;hl!d. Stude'lja.k:er 1Ibl.fl1.l-

~rurl!$ ft:s ow from st-eel made to Studebah,r formui2J:;,

TJR.E&----G:llyw.e balloon tireEi, '31:6,:2.:1, non:·skidaU around. BRAKES-.Foot hrak~tefllill conttacting 'h_;mds on cxtra !.ar"ge brake drums 011 [eilI" w:b.ed.s. B~ke leverage.'3i aro=. ofsuffiden.t

lrogtb. to olJtain WWErful b.r:aliing ,.ction. AdJustmeut VCI"Y -.simple and. re'q~ir~ on~_y tll~g of ~WD Qutl>_ (It Nch band. Simpli':, mechil.mcal C-{j_ruUhu-s rn.sure pe:rfed aJg-tnbu-tID1l of bra.b:!

P[~SillC. fir"

Emerg.en.;:.y brake=placed at the rear of. and on the wain .e:baft of the: transmissioD and is operated by means Df a handle placed just under center of the instrument board. By thili mmgemen't-, di.e old style hand.elIl£J;g<=Ilcy lever is eliminated.

LOCKS-BlJ~t~in. t~d"-proof 'transtnissibn lock._(ap,pWro::! by Insurance Underwriters Laboratories) and entitlmg Stud~bak.cl' owner to .lnweet Iescraoce raees, 1IRd spare tiri:.lock. epetated hy

___ .';am_e-key.

FENnER&-&alltifuliy crowned and gracefully carved, into running boards, Extra long and made of heavy gauge pressed.steel.

'UPHOLSTER Y-Dupilex models nnd (k,upe-!t:{Jadsttr upholstered in, black c:hrpme tanned Spanish grain leather. GICsN ears upholstered in genuine mohair.

TOP-Dupre.x-Ph-;rer..on and DU[lII"~ROi'td&:er equipped with a new typii:: .or top originated and developed by Brudebaker. it is of the permanent type. with steel frame and, equipped wit.h new roller curtains, a11>0 developed by Studebaker. ~t if} poas.J:ble to convert it into a, dosed. car instantly. No other car ha~ this feature.

STEERING GEAR--Sp&:i~iy d"s;gned for use wi.t;h balloon tires.

Full worm and worm wheel type. Specia.l design of button thrust bearing on 'steering pivots insures smooth. easy gtl':-i':ting qualities, characteristic of ill Studebakers;

FRANIE-Deep, liigtd pressed steel channel section, Harrow at the ft'9nt to allow _.:1 short turaiag radius. Side members ·6 inches deep, with J.Mfj-inch tlall-g~ and are secured together by..w cross members, cairh tor!>19Il. tubes at cadlli'Xl\;Lof frame, The rigid construction of tbe Studebaker t¥.Hnt.: p:tovide:; a. l,rrg.; fact-or 'of safety.

VlHEELS-A:r.tillery type. of hid.ary E;~cia.lly selected ioc n;.J.t1;Jr-aI finish. Twelve spokes in each wheel, large hubs and Oan_gB-!l bolted with 1-:2 halts; steel felloe.

EQUIl,;q'l,gNT-Irnpn;;Ned' one-piece, rn..i!i~proof windshield v"rjth weather-proof visor, automatic ·wlncli-~ic1d c1ea(]er and, on Sedan, five-passenger COupe and Beeline, rear-view mirror. Winged radtator cap, Handsome instrument board finisned in black satin on Duplea rnod~15 and -.;v""alnux:~fi._n.i~hed en closed modd!li lqw~ lJn&isgr,ace£ull,.. curved. lru;ttumen~ tnsingla grouping on ailcer-faced ov:il un._tler glass and lighted bY' concealed lamp.

Instruments include 8-diy dock, speedometer, ammeter, g~1>G' Iip,ega.age., oil pr-c,SliV-r~ ~ Ins,trument board also €aTt'ie:s ig[]lt'lon i5,\\ritl:h. ;mel, car:hure:f;o( choke. jY.st to leTt of steering po,st. American~walnut stttring wheel, with plC)m b-uttOD~ .ughtiDg sw'i:[ch and thrnttlel~v.er converuently·mountf:d ln center.

Cowl ventila.ooI", opera~~d by the foot,. (hmbfu~tiofl robeand-hand rail extending full width of frcot seat and foot reslin Sedan illId- E,vc--pa.ssenge:r Coupe. l.a:rge cli!cttlc bOrI1-, nickel~ plafed :radiator_ Tire ~ withlbck at ri:':-ilr and ex:tt ... rim. Se:t of high gr,.d. "",b.

Scdan~ ll\lc··paMeI1ger Coupe and Betl:ine models furnished with heatcr. :Rull~to handles, window regulators" and otbc.ri:ntcrior meW ap_porntwents finished rn. bright ai.lvCr.

COLORS-Duplex,Ph,,,on arul Dupl.,,;l\oo&t,,-blM.. ,,»amoJ, lou\!i'~ ha..vc ivory. st("ipc.

Closed M0dcls-ln laclquer. Lower w:ti(ln~ Navajo gray.

Up~r :+ec_~ion. Sem:inok: -gf<J-1. IJiju.-:k moulding J;;<lme.s dOubl.:: stripe in light rl':d. Lmvres ..stripe:d in light reo.

Pag:e 2'5




flrSTOR Y. The Studebaker business was established at

. South Bend, Indiana, in the year of 1852, and has operated continuously for seventy-two years. For two generations, Studebaker was probably the world's largest manufacturer of horse-drawn, vehicles, which business it liquidated in 1919,20. It began experimenting with a "horseless vehicle" in 1897, and launched into the automobile business in 1902., producing electric, and later in 1904, gasoline propelled vehicles. Incorporated as The Studebaker Corporation in 1911.

Studebaker has been a consistent leader in advancing the standards of automobile design, quality and value.

More than 800,000 Studebaker cars, valued at more than one billion dollars at wholesale prices, have been produced and sold.

FINANCIAL RESOUROES. The actual net assets employed in Studebaker business exceed $90,000,000.

Studebaker is the second strongest financially of the individual automobile manufacturers of the world.

PLANT FACILITIES. $52,000,000 is invested in. the seven Studebaker plants at South Bend, Detroit and Walkerville, which cover 225 acres and contain 7,500,000 sq. ft. of floor space, and have a manufacturing capacity of 180,000 automobiles per annum.

These plants are modern, scientifically equipped and employ over 21,000 people. Seventy per cent of the total plant capacity has been constructed and developed in the past six years. Research and experimental laboratories employ 125 skilled men, and make 550,000 laboratory tests annually.


12,500 machines used in 342 manufacturing departments . 1,200 inspectors employed in the plants make 96,000 inspections on the three models during manufacture before cars are passed for delivery. 1,769 mechanical operations on the three models of Studebaker cars are accurate to one-thousandth of an inch, and 564 to one-half-thousandth of an inch.

200 tons of castings are produced daily in Studebaker foundries and 113,500 tons of steel, 7,500,000 gallons of fuel oil, and 275,000,000 cubic feet of gas are used annually.

Studebaker plants, in cost and size, are the second largest of the world's individual automobile plants.

ORGANlZATION. The ablest engineers, metallurgists, chemists, production experts, mspectors and executives cow stitute the man power back of the plants and the product.

Home office, South Bend, Indiana, with 25 branch offices, 5,000 dealers and 3,500 service stations, in all civilized countries. These branches and dealers carry in stock $4,000,000 of repair parts for all models of Studebaker cars. Based on the total number of Studebaker cars in operation for the year ending April 1, 1924, our sales of repair parts amounted to only $10.84 per car for repairs covering renewals and also accidents.

POLICY. The name Studebaker is a household word. The broad principle upon which Studebaker business is conducted, and upon which it has prospered for seventy-two years, now grounded upon tradition, insures satisfaction to everybody who deals with the House of Studebaker.







S~U()EB.AKER, autcsncbiles are produced ... rirtually complete in plaars whIcb represent, the mii~t advanced ideas ill factory constnrerion and manufacturing pracriee and Qih£cb, an! recognized M among tb~ Illrn..t:modci-n and .. ffil;jent: m~,nufact~lng plants in ~her'World.

S~I,·tmty _pt:{ cent Pi Studebakerts vast.investmerrr'in plants-and raci,lit.1'~ has been added in the past;; .six years, so evrrything Is DeW and m~ The Studeb;tlr,rr M:tnuf,lcturin~ l1i-.;i ... ion intluw a Reeearcb. Depart ...

meat in "ib:idj are conducted extensive, experiments auned at developing ever beeer manuf:dctllDng merbods. Such new merbcds, oree their worth 1':; e.-.tabli:oilieo,. are-Immediately adopted, a. pobq~ made po5S1ble ~y th~ ccrpnsation'$j'j;(Bac financial (E!SOu!Ces, and one which resultsIn its nliH;tlJf;t.:;turing practices king "_lw~~ abreast-of tbe.ttmes.

Colllpletel~ equipped chemicaland pby,<;icaI labocatDri~ are maintained, In which,a. c--il;p a bl~.'i.t~:tf of Ml:':iO~e1"& and,pb-trni.9t.1I mdke.eests and analysea o.:f

all materials.insuring'the use only of tho$ewhichqJ:!lf':.il,5ur~ up toStudeba~a'g bigh standards. Th~b.tu,t equipment forhl!3.t tieat.i.Jlgaoa carboni-ring steel is in u:BE!; there an! ample n.flw.ay and. track facilities for .shipping,

'These, In :Qa:rt,:ue the:facts which heal' dtlt the truth of the statement that Studebaker, with $90 .. 000,000 of actual !;let assets lucluding $.5.2)X!e,OOO in p.hwt-:facilitleE;, etaads.unsurpassed in ability and r£30TIrt_E:5!0 manufacture eeonomicelly and gi,Yf;:t.he gmat~t: inerinsictvalue possible fer a given l~rki!.

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