SCIENCE AND HEALTH 4 Summative Test No.


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A. Directions: Write S if the substance is a solute, M if it is mixture. _____________ 1. halo-halo _____________ 2. fruit salad _____________ 3. water and alcohol _____________ 4. coffee _____________ 5. granulated salt B. Directions: Write T if the statement is true, F if it is false. _____________ 6. Improper handling of pesticides may cause pollution _____________ 7. Chemical wastes are good for the land, water and air. _____________ 8. Stay away from crowded places to avoid pollution _____________ 9. Drink and use safe water. _____________ 10. Litters are good for the environment. C. Directions: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 11. What is called the universal solvent? a. alcohol c. oil b. water d. kerosene 12. Fruit salad is an example of ________________. a. solution c. solute b. mixture d. solvent 13. What is formed when the substances are mixed without chemical reaction? a. solvent c. mixture b. solute d. solution 14. What happens to salt when mixed with water? a. The salt becomes black. b. The salt evaporates. c. The salt becomes sweet. d. The salt dissolves. 15. What do you call a mixture of two or more substances which cannot be separated mechanically? a. solution c. solvent b. mixture d. solubility 16. Which is more difficult to dissolve? a. big piece of material b. fine substances

c. gas dissolved in liquid c. when the solvent is solidified c. Sugar sinks to the bottom of the glass. . What happens when flour is mixed with water? a. None of the above 20. gas can dissolve liquid 19. When is the solubility of solids increased? a. b. refined sugar d. gas cannot be dissolved by any solvent d.c. d. gas dissolved in alcohol b. b. The sugar spreads evenly. What does this show? a. Sugar makes the solvent cloudy. The flour cannot be dissolved in water. Sugar spreads evenly. The flour makes the solvent cloudy. The flour sinks to the bottom of the container. when the solvent is liquefied d. What happens when sugar is mixed with a glass of water? a. none of the above 17. A fish breathes air that dissolves in water at the surface of a river. c. d. when the solvent is heated 18. when the solvent is cooled b.

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