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Project Report
"Consumer Behaviour towards
Bear Market"

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The Indian beer industry is quite large at around 65 mn cases (12 bottles
of 650 ml each) and in the last 3 years has grown at 14% annum is the
unrestricted markets. The per capita consumption stands at a low 0.5
litre. Beer manufacturing requires a license from the centre, which is
ratified by the respective state. Till 1989 licensing was restricted, in 1989,
the central government relaxed the policy and accepted 460 applications
for new projects. Only a few were cleared and fewer still have actually
come on ground, on account of the low and uneconomical capacity of
5,000 kilolitres per annum licensed by the government. However the
capacity is released to 15,000 kilolitres per annum for NRI proposals with
100% foreign equity, of which minimum 51% has to be on a
non repatriable basis.

UB, Mohan Meakins and Shaw Wallace are the only companies with a
national presence. Companies such as Associated Breweries have built
up strong regional brands while operating only in the beer business UB’s
Kingfisher is the market leader followed by Hayward 5000, which has
emerged as the second largest selling brand in the market share of the
various player are as follows :

UB Group -40% Shaw Wallace -14%

Mohan Meakin -20% Others -26%

This is the most effective tool in marketing. In liquor industry advertising is
not allowed by the Indian Government therefore they are indulged in
surrogate advertising Products with similar brand name: - This is very
common method used in the liquor industry, here companies introduced a
non-alcoholic product with similar brand name and advertise it in full
swing. Financially sound players use this.

“Kingfisher” brand of mineral water launched by UB group to promote the

Kingfisher brand of beer. Similarly Mohan Meakins launched “Golden
Eagle” brand of mineral water to promote the same brand of beer.
“Genius” mineral water is launched by SOM Distilleries to promote
“Genius” whisky.

• Television

• Print media

• Hoarding

• Glowsign Board

• Wall Painting

• POP’s

• Window Display


Main Objective

• The main objective of this study is to find out the

consumer behaviour towards Bear Market.

Sub Objective

• To study consumers brand preference of beer in Delhi &

nearby areas.

• To study consumption pattern of beer.

• To study the factors affecting buying behaviour of beer.

• To study alternative ways of product promotion.

The design of research project is the plan that ties the data collected to
questions or hypothesis posed, thereby linking the data to the conclusions
to be drawn.

Marketing research projects are either exploratory or conclusive in nature

depending on the objectives. In this exploratory research has been
conducted in finding the extent of acceptance of newly launched Genius
Prestige whisky, its strengths and weakness through customers and

Data Collection sources

Gathering the data from primary as well as secondary sources has
completed the data collection process.
Primary data collection process was carried out by personally
interviewing the targeted consumers.
The collection of secondary data on liquor is a very tedious.
However, secondary data are collected through following sources
Business Magazines (Business Today, Business India, Business
World and A&M)
Newspapers (Economics Times, Business Standard, Business
Line, Financial Express, The Observer of Business and Politics,
The Pioneer).
Excise department


Data collection has been done through a very useful & popular
survey method. The survey was conducted through personal
sinterviews to record the consumer’s perception, attitude towards
To understand each individual response, the personal interview
method is better than other methods like telephonic interviews,
mailing questionnaire etc. Because this method gives the
researcher enough flexibility to ask any other question which is
relevant for research.


The survey method was used for the research; the personal interviews
were conducted with the help of a structured questionnaire.

Place: Delhi

Target Respondents: Consumers

Sampling Procedure: Convenient sampling

Sample Size: 150 Consumers


1. The sample size of 150 is for representative of the population.

2. Respondents have no bias.


Marketing Management
By Philip Kotler
Marketing Management
By Ramaswamy & Namakumari
Marketing Research
By C. R. Kothari
Business Today
Business World
Business India

Clippings from various News Papers like :-

Business Standard
Economic Times
The Pioneer
Business Line
Financial Express

1 Do you drink beer

Yes ❑ No ❑
2 How often do you drink
Once in 15 days ❑ Once in a week ❑
More than once a week ❑ Occasionally ❑

3 Where do you perfer to drink beer.

Parties ❑ At Home ❑ Outside with Friends. ❑

4 Which is your favourite brand

5 If this brand is not available then your second choice in brand of beer
6 Name any five brand of beer
1) ________________________ 2) ________________________
3) ________________________ 4) ________________________
5) ________________________

7 You like beer

Mild` ❑ Super Strong ❑ Extra Strong ❑

8 You like beer in

Can ❑ Bottle ❑ Both ❑
9 You like beer
Chilled ❑ Warm ❑
10 You like the brand because of
Price ❑ Taste ❑
Quality ❑ Availability ❑

11 Your brand is superior to other brand because of

Price ❑ Taste ❑
Quality ❑ Availability ❑

12 Would you like to switchover the brand

Yes ❑ No ❑

13 If “Yes” then why / If “No” then why

Price ❑ Taste ❑
Quality ❑ Availability ❑

Factors affecting buying behaviour of beer

(Give rank from 1 to 8 )
Price ❑ Taste ❑ Quality ❑

Strongness ❑ Packaging ❑ Advertisement❑

Availability ❑ Brand Name ❑

14 How often do you drink

Once in 15 days ❑ Once in a week ❑
More than once a week ❑ Occasionally ❑

15 You drink beer for

Booze ❑ Enjoyment ❑

16 What improvement do you want in your Brand

Price ❑ Taste ❑ Quality ❑
Availability ❑ Awareness ❑


Name __________________________Age ________Sex ________

Qualification HSC ❑ Graduation ❑ PG ❑

Professional ❑

Profession Service ❑ Business ❑ Professional ❑

Student ❑

Income Upto Rs 5000❑ Rs5000-7500❑ Rs7500-10000❑


This is synopsis of Consumer Behaviour towards Bear Market

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