LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS (Support your answers with sections and case laws.) 1.

“All contracts are agreement but all agreements are not contract.” Write your comment on the statement. 2. Define and explain the rules for a valid proposal. 3. Who are competent to contract? Explain the position of minor under Indian Contract Act. 4. Write a note on a. Valid contract b. Void contract c. Voidable contract 5. Discuss the different kinds of contract. 6. Define “Free consent “and state the factors when it is not free. 7. Explain the remedies in case of breach of contract. 8.Write a note on Quasi contract. SALE OF GOODS ACT 1930 Define and explain the characteristics of contract of sale. Distinguish between Sale and Agreement to sell. Define and explain the rights of “an unpaid seller” Write a note on the Rule of Caveat emptor. “Nemo dat quod non habet”. Explain with the help of examples. NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT 1881 Define and explain the three negotiable instruments.

Explain the machinery for the redressal of consumer dispute. What do you mean by Incorporation of a company? What are the consequences of Incorporation? OR Discuss the features / characteristics of Incorporate company. Consumer Dispute COMPANY LAW 1956 Explain the different types of companies. Explain the characteristics of Negotiable Instruments. What are Unfair trade practices? Define a. Define and explain the rights of Holder in due course. Consumer b. CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 1986 What is the object of consumer protection act? State the rights of a consumer. Write a note on Prospectus Articles of Association Memorandum of Association Distinguish between Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT 2000 .Distinguish between cheque and bill of exchange.

Write a note on Digital Signature Electronic Governance Electronics records Certifying authority .

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