I play the bass note. We make a big sound. You follow me?

Sinuous and sensual.

It throbs and pulses. Like a snake charmer working his market place magic as the dust flies around his face, as the cobra rises with its forked tongue taking in the sounds. It is a big noise.

We make a big noise like rumbubadum. Rattle stones of gravel on a tin roof. Hail stones falling loud and long onto corrugated iron. Finger nails etching a bloodline on a blackboard.

It’s the tongue of Satan. It’s Loki run riot.

It is a big noise.

It's a small world where graffiti brick fills the suffocating shadows show as Genitallia rising over the sidewalk, covered shit, spit-covered stone. Cracked and hateful. Bracken dead doves rose water drowning.

But it pulses still. It throbs like an erection. Filling the hands and mouths of the young girls, the fledgling goddesses of the new, of neu, of now.

And it rises like ire, black and filthy. Like the dogma of religion throw out with the baby along with the bath water.

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