Anatomy of Optic Nerve & Visual Pathways .

Important facts   Optic Nerve is a confluence of retinal ganglion cell axons In Optic Pathways:    1st order neuron is the bipolar connector neuron in the retina 2nd order neuron is the ganglion cell of the retina 3rd order neuron id the Lateral Geniculate body .

  Optic Nerve is composed of about 1.200.     Intra-Ocular Intraorbital (25 mm) Intracanalicular (5 mm) Intracranial (10 mm) . It has four anatomical portions.000 myelinated axons.

Nerve Fibre Layer .

RedRed-free photo of Nerve fibre layer .

Optic Nerve Head .

Cut Section through Optic Nerve Head .

Blood Supply of the Optic Nerve .

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