Synergy Scavenger Hunt

Enter to win! Throughout the Virtual Open House, you will find the answers to the following 10 clues. Attend keynotes and breakout sessions, visit booths, check out the documents you can download. When you have the answers to all 10 questions, complete the Scavenger Hunt Survey in the Prize Center Meeting Room. The entries with the most correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a prize. You can only enter the survey once, so do not submit your answers until you have found all 10. The survey will remain open until 6pm EST on Thursday, August 26th, and the winner will be announced after Mr. Preuss’ keynote at 8pm EST.
1. Mrs. Julie Young, the President and CEO of FLVS, states that removing two restrictions helps many more students learn. What are those two restrictions? 2. In the session, Communicating with your Teacher, what are the four ways you can contact your teacher? 3. Where can you find your 3DT results? 4. Name 3 of the 5 Academic Integrity Tools used at FLVS. 5. In the session, Tips for Success, what is an example of Tip #3. 6. You want to submit a poem to the FLVS Literary Magazine. Who do you email it to? 7. According to the High School Progression plan, what two science courses are recommended choices for 11th grade? 8. Who should you contact if you want to join the Science Club at FLVS (please provide name and email)? 9. You need to practice graphing coordinates for your math class. In the Virtual Library, what website resource could you use? 10. At FLVS, our Principals are called Instructional Leaders. You can meet some of them in the “Meet Your Administrator” Meeting Room. Which one of the Instructional Leaders was a basketball coach?

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