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onfiction Strategies that are Vital in any

onfictio UOS ;b~~~~(J10


__ -+-R_egurgitating is not understanding- it is just ~acking it away

• once Kathleen Tolan knew calculus, thanks to cramming.

Now? Can not even balance checkbook

~~~ =======

__ -+-_·_n_o_t good learning:_1 _

__ -+-_·_we want to ~ut an end to this in our classrooms _

·when we read NF we want to be active seekers of

~~~= =====



• we don't just want fact,fact,factl

---+--- ----

• be able to synthesize info into a short sentence, not

---t-- --


==~ ~===================

• give our kids strategies to so this

--~ ---------

• we aren't looking for kids to be able to spit back random

---t- --


===f= =======

• we want big ideas and evidence,not just 20 examples

• we can't remember those lists 10 mins later!

---+------- ----

• show them explicitly what NOT to do


• I need to do this when we start research paper

===+=========== ===

·even if we are reading NF for fun, we need org.

___ ------

• 10 s of kids "browse" NF instead of reading i


• consider browsing to be reading

---+-- -:----

• fine sometimes but they need to have strategies to be

active NF readers even when reading for fun

---+--- _------

• teach them to move past look at the PICS etc


• lOOK at now tne text is organized


• does org support you as a reader?


• lots of textoooks are structured as paragrapn- question,

My 11:16am

~~~===- =====:=====C:=====-~======= 1012312010 ==

How text is setup help us anticipate info coming up

• maKe connections to otner info we Know ana otner t\JF we nave react

• identify text structure and anticipate plan for now you will ---+-:r:=-=e-=-aa it

1. Acnvate prior knowleage smartly

---+--. don't aSK Kids to write everytnlng they know oat tOPIC in notebook. Smart kids pretend they know nothing to avoid reading. (3ood kids can write forever!

• kid thought be he didn't know about beavers ten he couldn't make predictions about a book. But he read about animals before, so how is animal bk set up?

• move to larger categories!

• books about animals tells us about things like where they live mating, etc

• activate prior knowledge in broader ways!

• kids are very literal and concrete, no matter the age!

• beaver teeth sits in larger category of teeth! What do you know abotJ teeth, not what is your prior knowledge of beaver teeth specifically!

• this can touch other information you have learned

• this work is cri ical! If we just pack it away we have --~f0rgotten it in a min.(like caleulusl) ---------~~4=. Ka hleen recommends some work in a tex se -even fer just --~a few days read a let ot becks en 1 sut:>jeet:-------

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~~~= '================= 1012312010 ==

I ntroductions I

--of- ______;;;;",.---=--------=----------

---t-. our kids never ever read the intro and that is an imp tex_t _


__ -+-·......;.,;In....;..,;t;..;;....,;ro;;; us an angle, usually _

__ -+-. gives you something to hold onto while y__o_u_re~a_d_. _

__ -t-·.....;.a_lso gives you an idea of the author's Rurpose _

~~4==·=w=hat is author forwarding? What should I oav attention to?

• reverse boxes and bullets!


• what is the author claiming(box) _

• evidence? Bullets

---t-. _w_e teach kids topic sentence is in the 1 st or 2nd sentence,

__ ~ra_re_ly true except in testing! _

__ -+-_. ~o~ out sentence instead - what is the author ~o~~ing._ out to us?


• lower level- take a ~aragraph and cut out sentences, give to

kids to arrange. What sentences go together? What is the


b:g sentence? Great mamipulative

---t--= ----------

• main idea is a concept, not something concrete- hard for


literal learners

• need to learn to find idea, not just a sentence in the

---.+- ----



• kids need to learn to sort and re-sort into categories ad

---+ ---

they learn


ndry ot 5 for h iPad

ndry ot 5 for h iPad