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John, Paul, George, and Ringo- what mentor

authors, like the Beatles, can teach us about
-been studying the Beatles since he was a kid
-immersed himself in the writing process about the
• has hundreds of hrs of their rehearsals
• drafts!

What can we learn from studying writers?

• purpose
• process
• craft
• authenticity

1. Purpose
• help kids imagine the purpose for their writing
• CCS define writing only in 3 ways- persuade,
entertain, inform
• I Saw Her Standing There- purpose is not in any
• Strawberry Fields Forever- know background.
Lennon played at orphanage called Strawberry Fields
My Title 2:22pm

• Here Today- loss

2. Process
• kids need to know that all writers draft and revise
• Beatles bootlegs
• where do writers get their ideas?
• internal, background
• territories don't have to be fav topics, but topics you are
drawn to write about over and over
• encourage kids to find topics that matter to them and write
about them over and over
• Beatles were always playing with language, listening for
• tremendous fans of Lewis Carroll
• Love Me Do ------ "Alice, stop daydreaming, do!"
• Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds-------lifted language
from his son, borrowed motif from Through the Looking-
• revision
• 8 Days a Week lead revised over and over (musically
from harmonies barbershop quartet sound to a fade in lead)

3. Craft
• writing is a balance of big ideas and details
• Eleanor Rigby--- big idea of lonely people, evoke the
life of fictional Rigby with details
• leads--- She Loves You
• get the reader goin