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Interested Parties 10/21/2010 IVR Survey Results for Zatapulse in LA CD 02

From: Brad Chism

Last evening Zata|3 Consulting conducted a random sample survey in Louisiana’s second congressional district. Below are highlights from the survey. We first show the combined weighted totals from committed supporters and voters leaning toward each candidate. We then show the breakouts for confirmed supporters and the results for how the undecideds lean. Methodology: We used IVR survey technology to complete 500 surveys. All respondents self-identified as very likely (96%) or somewhat likely (5%) to vote in the November General Election. We asked a total of 13 questions. This survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. This survey is weighted by ethnicity as follows: African American 55%; Caucasians 40%; Other: 5%; This survey is weighted by geography as follows: Orleans Parish 68%, Jefferson Parish 32%. This survey is not weighted by age or gender.

Q3. US Congress, which candidate do you support? Combined Supporters and Leans 1 Democrat Cedric Richmond 53.0% 2 Republican Joseph Cao 36.1% 3 Anthony Marquize 1.5% 4 Jack Radosta 1.0% 5 Undecided 8.4%
.Q3. US Congress, which candidate do you support? 1 Democrat Cedric Richmond 47.5% 2 Republican Joseph Cao 29.2% 3 Anthony Marquize 0.7% 4 Jack Radosta 0.4% 5 Undecided 22.2% Grand Total 100% Q4. If undecided, towards which candidate do you lean? 1 Lean Dem. Cedric Richmond 25.8% 2 Lean Rep. Joseph Cao 31.4% 3 Lean Anthony Marquize 3.4% 4 Lean Jack Radosta 3.0% 5 Undecided 36.4% Grand Total 100%

About IVR Surveys. Independent analyses from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, National Council on Public Polls, American Association of Public Opinion Research, Nate Silver’s, and The Pew Research Center all show automated, recorded voice surveys used to record candidate preferences have an accuracy level comparable to live interviewer surveys. About Zata|3 Consulting. We are a Washington, DC-based consulting firm that works for Democrats and progressive causes. We have worked in Louisiana for several years on behalf of numerous Democratic candidates and organizations. Our website is