Subject:first time From: Ahmed effectiveness on projects Date:14/10/2010 To: Lei SangObad we were together as a team we had

no idea what to do to deal The Team with the project and how to make it done perfectly. It was kind of challenging f or the Yemeni crow-name of our group-to manage and challenge all the difficultie s that we had faced during the last tow projects. Therefore, the good management and the caring from each one of the Yemeni crew guided us to take great steps t Our first improvement and the a bridge owards theproject was to build success. from by using a craft sticks and glue. I t was unfortunately a failed project because of some reasons. First, each one of the Yemeni crew members was his first time to deal with projects such as buildi ng and designing things, so it was a new thing for us; also, we had no idea abou t how to work as a group and that just wasted our time and guided us to not do i t as explained. Therefore we learned many things during the first lab such as ho The second project was about team and be designing robot arm w good to work perfectly as abuilding and helpful toaeach other.and that was so amazing because we have done it well. During this project, we managed to be help ful to each other and each one shared his experienced and ideas. Also, we manage d to deal with some of the difficulties and we found the perfect solutions. Ther efore, we learned how to be an important part of the team and that always leads Finally, we to success. are working on the third project about building and designing a syst em that is going to carry a ping bong ball and a golf ball from a cup and place them into other empty cups. This project is the difficult one because it took so much time so far and fortunately we are almost finished it. Additionally, we le arned to become more creative because each time we came with new ideas and we ha d many meetings that increased our relationships as a team. Therefore, it is gre at to do projects and try to design and build things that may help to improve ou r life and make it easy; also it is great to be a part of a team that is going t o help you accomplish our goals so as a Yemeni crew team we are going to do our best to be creative and beneficial to our society.

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