New Testament Literature Dr.

Sheets Lecture Notes 10/5/10 It's not true that if you have faith God will give you anything you ask for. That will just breed guilt in people. Jesus talks about the kingdom of God a lot, and there are many different ways of interpreting his statements and correlating Old Testament statements about the kingdom of God. Passages have been misinterpreted to mean things they don't, and this confuses people about the truth of where the kingdom is. The Jews, after all, spent their whole lives reading the Old Testament, and yet they missed the Jesus proclaims the kingdom of God is here, it's not about real estate or a genetic makeup. It's about anybody who will respond in faith to him. The workings of God grind very slowly throughout history. He does this because of his mercy; he wants to give everyone time to come to him. Matthew The books don't specify who they're written by. The only way we know the names is because of the tradition of the early church. The names were put on for that reason, not because any of the writers actually signs his name on it. If it's just about sticking some names on it, it should be Peter and James instead of Matthew and Mark because the former two were bigger figured in the early church and Jesus' ministry. The fact that lesser known names were used points toward the legitimacy of the claims. Papias - 90 AD - writes that Matthew wrote his logia or sayings first, in Hebrew, and that is what we have as Matthew's gospel today. Mark is dated at about 60 AD, and that would put Matthew around 70-80 AD Matthew is written to a group of Jewish believers. Early Jewish converts never gave up synagogue worship and following the law. They saw, however, that their beliefs didn't line up with others. They didn't fit in with the Jews, and they didn't fit in with the Romans.

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