GI A nurse is preparing an educational session with parents of newborns.

Which of the following would be included in the teaching in relation to the differences seen in newborns and their gastrointestinal system? Select all that apply. Swallowing is voluntary at birth. The newborns get more gas in the abdomen. Newborns have decreased peristalsis. The newborns have a smaller stomach capacity. The newborns have increased peristalsis. Which intervention would the nurse include in care of an infant following surgical repair of a cleft lip? Position the infant in the supine position for feedings, to avoid aspiration. Use a special feeding device with shorter nipples. Administer pain medications as ordered. Let the infant touch the suture lines as a means of self-comfort. Which assessment finding would lead the nurse to suspect esophageal atresia in an infant? Excessive drooling Hypotonicity Abdominal distention Excessive crying Which of the following clients would the nurse suspect to have pyloric stenosis? An 11-year-old with olive-shaped abdominal mass A 7-month-old with choking episodes A 5-week-old infant with projectile vomiting A 2-year-old with a harsh cough A nurse is discharging an infant after a pyloric stenosis repair. Which statement by the mother would indicate the need for further instructions prior to discharge? "I should fold the diaper down so it does not irritate the incision." "If my infant vomits, I should hold feedings for 6 hours." "I should call the doctor if my infant's temperature rises above 101 degrees." "My infant's incision will need to be observed for redness, swelling, or discharge." A nurse is preparing a child for a barium enema. Which of the following conditions would this plan of care be appropriate for? Gastroschisis Pyloric stenosis Appendicitis Intussusception Which intervention would not be included in the preoperative plan of care for an infant with an omphalocele? Administer intravenous fluids. Care for the infant in a radiant warmer. Assess for signs of other congenital anomalies. Push the exposed abdominal contents back into the abdomen. A child is being prepared for immediate surgery due to risk of life-threatening respiratory distress. Which of the following gastrointestinal illnesses is a priority consideration for this problem? Gastroesophageal reflux Diaphragmatic Hernia Umbilical hernia Cleft palate Which of the following instructions should be provided to parents of an infant with gastroesophageal reflux? Feed every 4-5 hours to prevent overfeeding. Place in a seated position for 10 minutes after feedings. Burp every 3-4 ounces with feeding. Elevate the head of the crib at all times. A nurse is obtaining a nursing history on an 18-month-old with diarrhea. Which of the following questions might help to identify the cause of the problem? Select all that apply. Has the child taken diphenhydramine in the past week? Does the child have any food sensitivities? Has the child traveled recently? Has the child been on antibiotics recently? Do any other family members have diarrhea? MUSKULOSKELETAL A nurse is caring for a child who has just received a cast. Which of the following considerations would be important in providing care for this child? Assess the casted extremity every 15-30 minutes the first 2 hours after cast application. Apply powder to the inside edges of the cast to help decrease moisture. Give the child a blunt object to help with the itching under the cast. When handling the cast in the first 24 hours, use fingertips only. Which statement would reassure the nurse that the parents understand the teaching regarding their 4-year-old with genu valgum? This is a normal developmental issue that will improve as the child grows. This deformity was caused by a Vitamin D deficiency.

like a green twig. This deformity is a manifestation of Blount's disease. and the milk might cause bleeding. One of the bones in the arm broke completely. Assess the child for signs of infection." "All infants require iron supplements. The mom asks the nurse why the heel stick must be repeated. A nurse is evaluating a child for compartment syndrome after fracture reduction." "Falsely elevated RBCs might be seen in newborns. What is the nurse's best response? "The small body size of the preterm infant calls for supplemental iron to promote growth." "The fat content of cow's milk is harmful to infants. One of the bones in the arm broke completely and penetrated the skin. HEMATOLOGIC A child has a high red blood cell (RBC) count obtained by a heel stick. Discourage the child from performing self-care. Avoid administration of opioid analgesics for pain. Teach the family the condition will not worsen with time. Which description would be an accurate way to explain a closed fracture of the radius to the family? One of the bones in the arm is broken incompletely. Which of the following interventions would be included in the child's plan of care? Select all that apply." "Preterm infants have decreased ability to synthesize iron. What is the nurse's best response? "Two samples are required in all situations." A mother questions the nurse regarding feeding her baby cow's milk before the age of 1 year. She notes that one of the students has excessive convex curvature of the cervical thoracic spine. Provide resources to the parents related to developmental norms for the child's age." "Cow's milk is fine as long as there is vitamin supplementation. Go back to gym class and participate. The line of pull has some slack for adjustment. premature infants require supplemental iron." "Hospital policy requires a second sample when results are abnormal. Which is the most appropriate response? "The baby's GI system is underdeveloped." A mother of a premature infant asks the nurse about the baby's need for supplemental iron. Administer intravenous antibiotics. A nurse is educating a family about the type of fracture their 8-year-old son has experienced. Increase motion to the extremity quickly to increase circulation." "Infants require cow's milk because of the need for increased fat.Casting will be needed to correct the deformity. Make sure the weights are in the proper position. Apply ice for 20 minutes at a time. Assess for rising ESR levels." "The physician ordered two samples." . even if she experiences pain. Encourage increased fluid intake. Which of the following interventions would be appropriate in providing care for a child in skeletal traction? Nuts and bolts should be movable. Which assessment finding would alert the nurse to the presence of this complication? Pink extremities distal to cast Absence of space between cast and extremity Capillary refill under 3 seconds Pain relieved by medication A school nurse is evaluating a child who hurt her leg in gym class. The school nurse is screening the sixth graders for scoliosis. but is still going to refer her to her pediatric nurse practitioner. Weights are supported on a table. This finding would be indicative of which of the following? Lordosis Kyphosis Torticollis Scoliosis A nurse is caring for a child hospitalized for osteomyelitis. Which instruction should the child follow until she is seen by the PNP? Try to walk on it. which indicate healing. The nurse feels it is a muscle strain. One of the bones in the arm is crushed and broken incompletely. Which of the following nursing interventions would be appropriate for a child with muscular dystrophy? Immunize the child on the recommended schedule. Which situation would alert the school nurse that a child requires additional assessment for Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease? A 16-year-old girl with swollen knees and ankles who is limping A 7-year-old girl complaining of a muscle spasm in her calf A 7-year-old boy who is limping and states that his hip hurts A 10-year-old boy with a fever and complaints of knee pain." "Since iron stores are developed during the third trimester of pregnancy. but did not penetrate the skin.

A child with hemophilia wants to participate in sports. Provide a high-protein diet. A preschool-age child diagnosed with AIDS has developed respiratory compromise. Get the pneumococcal vaccine.The nurse is providing teaching to the mother of a 10-month-old regarding the administration of iron to her baby. In order to decrease the risk factors associated with exacerbation in relation to skin. Keep the child well hydrated. the nurse should encourage the parents to do what? Use antimicrobial soap. Give diphenhydramine (Benadryl). Avoid pain medications." "Flying does not pose any particular risks for the child with SCA. Which of the following would be one of your first priorities? Give prednisone immediately. Give an EpiPen. The fluid administered prior to the transfusion increases hemolysis. Which of the following is true regarding the intravenous solution the nurse administers? Normal saline is used before and after per IV." "Flying at high altitudes can be associated with less available oxygen. Give antibiotics daily. D5W is used before and after per IV. Which technique would the nurse utilize to encourage effective lung expansion? Incentive spirometry Bubble blowing Cough and deep breathing Chest physiotherapy A child is diagnosed with lupus. The dose is 4 mg per kg per day. Which of the following is the best response? "Air travel is not recommended because of the unavailability of emergency medical care while in flight. The nurse's priority interventions are directed toward which objective? Management of body image concerns Maintenance of cardiac function Maintenance of skin integrity Prevention of infection Within the question text below. there is one text entry field where you can enter your answer. . A child with sickle-cell anemia (SCA) requires a blood transfusion. Encourage exercise prior to the transfusion." Which of the following nursing diagnoses is most appropriate for a child with sickle-cell anemia? Impaired Gas Exchange Alteration in Nutrition Ineffective Coping Pain The nurse teaches a parent of a child with sickle-cell anemia (SCA) about prevention of the cells from sickling. The daily dose for this child would be mg. Teaching would be considered effective if the mother administers the iron supplement with which of the following? Milk Water Formula Orange juice The parent of a child diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia asks the nurse about air travel with the child. A child is diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency deficiency syndrome. The medication Nizoral (ketoconazole) is ordered for a child with a fungal infection. Which of the following prevention teaching would be recommended? Select all that apply. Give oxygen." "Flying will present a risk for infection secondary to crowds. The child weighs 22 pounds. Administer IV fluids once a week. causing increased sickling. Use sunscreen products of 30 SPF. Which sport should the nurse recommend as most appropriate for the child? Baseball Swimming Running Biking Which of the following would be the priority nursing diagnosis for a child following a bone marrow transplant? Pain Risk of Infection Alterations in Breathing Patterns Alterations in Nutrition IMMUNOLOGIC You are a school nurse when a child comes in for a possible anaphylactic reaction to peanuts.

gloves. The daycare worker expresses concern with transmission at the day care setting. and masks Standard precautions . The nurse informs the daycare worker that soiled diapers need to be handled by which of the following methods? Gowns and goggles Gowns and gloves Gowns. Increased protein A child is diagnosed with HIV. Based on knowledge of the physiologic aspects of JRA. A mother of a child with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) asks the nurse what activities would be most appropriate for the child. The nurse considers dietary instruction to parents effective if which of the following foods are included in the child's diet? Yogurt and 100% fruit juice Hamburger and skim milk Tuna salad and whole wheat bread Chicken fingers and milkshakes A child is diagnosed with lupus and is placed on steroid therapy. The most important priority for the child and family is promotion of what? Anxiety reduction Growth and development Administer antidepressants. Which diet should be included in the child's plan of care? Increased carbohydrates Increased iron A well-balanced diet. A child is recently diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). which of the following would be the most appropriate response? Skiing Biking Swimming Running A child is diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency deficiency.Provide oral rehydration products. Wear sunscreen.

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