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- PhoneNET ~ User's Guide An AppleTalk Local Area Network _ a™ farallon me computing Copyright This manual and any associated art work, associated software, product designs or design concepts are copyrighted with all rights reserved. Under the copyright laws this manual or designs may not be copied, in whole or part, with out the written consent of Farallon Computing. Under the law, copying includes transtation to another language or format. Copyright © 1986, 1987 Farallon Computing Inc. 2150 Kittredge Berkeley, CA USA 94704 (415) 849-2331 PhoneNET@ is a registered trademark of Farallon Computing. PhoneNET, PhoneNET Pius, PhoneNET StarController and TrafficWatch are trademarks of Farallon Computing. Patents for several design concepts used in the PhoneNET connector and system are pending. Macintosh is a trademark of Mcintosh Laboratory, Inc., licensed to Apple Computer, inc., and is used with express permission of its owner. Apple, the Apple Logo, AppleTalk, LaserWriter, and ImageWriter are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. IBM PC, XT, and AT are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. TOPS is a trademark of Centram Systems West. InterBridge is a trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, inc. Hayes is a registered trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. FastPath is a trademark of Kinetics, Inc. UNIX is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratoties. Q-Bus and VAX are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corporation. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corporation. Multibus is a trademark of Intel Corporation. (2) 6) 0) © ( O) () ) © Revision 3/87 i -C)