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Ten Years Ago

Ten Years Ago


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Published by Irma
A moment edged into memory
A moment edged into memory

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Published by: Irma on Oct 24, 2010
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Ten Years Ago

There was a shudder up my spine, despite the warm wind that swept the vast plane. Unusually warm for the time of year. It caught the gray willows lining the deserted roads and rustled busily like ladies' crinoline garments.

Perhaps a dog scavenging, perhaps some loose shutters squeaking in their hinges... Those signs of life had to suffice in a far-away, forgotten land. It was there that I learned that Mother had left us. A telephone call. Never had the wind been more merciful, tangling my hair. It lingered wherever there was a playful twirl to be accomplished, completely ignoring the dense silence that had suddenly and tangibly surrounded me. A week later, the five of us stood like a wall to give Mother a worthy good-bye, around the grave that had hardly settled from Father's mid-summer farewell. The next time we'll gather around like this, it'll be one of us.
Irma Walter 2010

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