Fact Sheet for Warp Films

Warp Films don t consistently use the same producers for their movies, but have used Mark Herbert for both This is England and the spin off television series This is England 86 .
Here is a list of films that Warp films have invested in: This is England; This is England 86; Four Lions; Grow your Own;
Arctic monkeys at the Apollo;

Exhibit A; Hush;

Although Mark Herbert was the only producer for This is England , the movie used seven executive producers and another co-producer, including Tessa Rose, Peter Carlton and Louise Meadows, who is related to the famous director: Shane Meadows

Donkey punch;

All tomorrow s Parties; Bunny and the bull; My wrongs 8245-8249 & 117

Shane Meadows is the most successful director for Warp Films. He directed This is England ; This is England 86 and Dead man s shoes . His films have made Warp films a more successful production company, and his work has been rewarded as he has been nominated and won a BAFTA and a British independent film Award.