1. Nayantara Catharanthus roseus Family: Apocyanaceae. Uses in: cancer, insomnia, blood pressure, diabetes. Source of drug: leaves. 2. Sarpagandha Rauvolfia serpentian benth. Family: Apocyanaceae. Uses in: insomnia, blood pressure, brain disorder, dysentery. Source of drug: Roots. 3. Ghritkumari Aloe indica Family: Liliaceae. Used in: constipation, fistula, anthelemintic, leucorrhoea, piles, burns, jaundice. Source of drug: leaves. 4. Lajjabati Mimosa pudica Family: Leguminosea. Used in: blood purification, toothache, convulsion fistula, piles. Source of drug: whole plants. 5. Patherkuchi Kalanchoe pinnata Family: Crassulaceae Used in:cough, lung infaction, wounds,diabetes, boils, insect bite. Source of drug: leaves. 6. Bara kalkaesunda Cassia occidentilis Family: Liguminosea Used in: cough, asthma, bronchitis, ring worm, diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis. Source of drug: roots, leaves, bucks, seeds. 7. Shatamuli Asparagus racemosus Family: Liliseeae Used in: cancer, bacteria and fungal disease, tonic, appetizer, diabetes, jaundice. Source of drug: roots. 8. Dadmardan Cassia alata Family: Leguminosea. Used in: insects bites, ring worm, eczema, bronchitis, stomach disorder. Source of drug: leaves, roots. 9. Kesuti Eclipta alba Family: Compositae Used in: spleen disorder, stomach disorder, dermatitis, constipation, headache. Source of drug: whole plants. 10. Jogyadumur Ficus hispida Family: Moraceae. Used in: insects bites, boils, asthma, piles, bronchitis, diarrhea, cough. Source of drug: roots, fruits, barks, latex. 11. Ulatkambal Abroma augsta Family: Sterculiaceae Used in: gonorrhea, diarrhea, urethritis, irregular menstruation. Source of drug: barks, leaves. 12. Ulatchandal Gloriosa superba Family: Liliaceae Used in: abortion, tonic, appetizer, anthelminitic, piles. Source of drug: rhizomes. ii

13. Antamul Tylophora indica Family: Asclepiadaceae Used in: asthma, cough, bronchitis, diarrhea, dysentery, stimulant. Source of drug: roots, leaves. 14. Mehedi Lawsonia inermis Family: Lythraceae Used in: skin disease, pox, burns, dandruff, insomnia. Source of drug: leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds. 15. Bherenda Ricinus communis Family:Euphorbiaceae Used in: constipation, headache, rheumatisms. Source of drugs: roots, seeds. 16. Gandabhadal Paederia foetida Family: Rubiaceae Used in: diarrhea, uriticaria, paralysis, piles, toothache. Source of drug: leaves. 17. Bohera Terminalia belerica Family: Combretaceae Used in: constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, piles, rheumatisms, leprosy. Source of drugs: fruits, barks. 18. Haritaki: Terminalia chebula Family: Combretaceae Used in: indigestions, jaundice, piles, skin disease, ulceration of gums. Source of drugs: fruits, barks.

19. Akanda Calotrips procera Family: Asclepiadaceae Used in: dysentery, cough, fever, asthma, syphilis, constipation, rheumatisms. Source of drug: roots, leaves, backs, flowers, white latex. 20. Elache Elettaria cardamomum Family: Zingiberaceae Used in: asthma, constipation, skin disease, rheumatistic. Source of drug: fruits, backs. 21. Muktajhuri Acalypha indica Family: Euphorbiaceae Used in: cough, asthma, ruminates, Anathematic, constipation. Source of drug: roots, leaves, flowers, young stem. 22. Thankuni Cliotoria ternatea Family: Leguminosea Used in: weakness, dermatitis, jaundice, stomach disorder. Source of drug: whole plants. 23. Neem Azadirachta indica Family: Meliaceae Used in: anathematic, dermatitis, fever, stomach disorder, jaundice, nausea, ruminates. 24. Tulshi Ocimum sanctum Family: Labiatae Used in: stomach disorder, stimulant, cough, fever, malaria, common cold, hypertension. Source of drug: leaves, flower, seeds, whole plants. iii

25. Pudina Menthe arventsis Family: Labiatae Used in: indigestion, stomach disorder, stimulant. Source of drug: whole plant. 26. Punarnaba Boerhaavia diffusa Family: Nyctaginaceae Used in: mephitic, anathematic, constipation, cough, asthma, jaundice. Source of drug: roots, whole plants. 27. Basak Adhatoda vasica Family: Acanthaceae Used in: cough, asthma, arthritis, dysentery, malaria. Source of drug: roots, leaves, flowers. 28. Dhutara Datura metel Family: Solanaceae Used in: anesthesia, pain, asthma, epilepsy, rheumatic fever, hypertension. Source of drug: roots, leaves, seeds. 29. Nisinda Vitex negunda Family: Verbenaceae Used in: weakness, cough, headache, malaria, kalazar. Source of drug: leaves, barks. 30. Kalmishak Lpomoea aquatica Family:Convolvulaceae Used in: poisoning, pox, gonorrhea, carbuncle. Source of drug: leaves.

31. Shimul Bombax cieba Family: Bombacaceae Used in: fever, leprosy, pox, diarrhea, dysentery, weakness, impotency. Source of drug: roots, leaves, barks, flower, fruits. 32. Cheena badam Arachis hypogaea Family: Leguminosae Used in: diabetes, gonorrhea, tonic, wounds. Source of drug: kernel of seed. 33. Sharisa Brassica napus Family: Cruciferae Used in: fever, common cold, stomachache, itching, headache. Source of drug: leaves, seeds. 34. Halud Curcuma longa Family: Zingiberaceace Used in: blood purification, skin disease, eye disease, tonic, stomachache. Source of drug: rhizomes. 35. Kumarilata Smilax zeylanica Family: Liliaceae Used in: blood dysentery, rheumatisms, abscess. Source of drug: roots, steams. 36. Hatisur Heliotropoum indicum Family: Borahinaceae Used in: fever, rheumatisms, wound, skin disease, diuretic. Source of drug: roots, leaves.


37. Assamlata Makania cordata Family: Conpositae Used in: wound, dysentery, indigestion. Source of drug: leaves 38. Arahar Cajanus cajan Family: Leguminosae Used in: jaundice, mouth sore, anti venoms, cough, piles, leprosy, tumor, heart disease. Source of drug: leaves, seeds. 39. Cha (Tea) Camellia sinensis Family: Theaceae. Used in: stimulant, pox, gonorrhea, boils, antiseptic, diuretics. Source of drugs: tender leaves. 40. Apang Achyranthes aspera Family: Amaranthaceae Used in: piles, diuretic, stomachache, cough, abortion, antifungal, bronchitis. Source of drug: roots, leaves, seeds. 41. Anantamul Hemidesmus indicus Family: Asclepiadaceae Used in: stimulant, blood purification, rheumatisms, syphilis, leuehieehoea. Source of drug: roots. 42. Amloki Phyllanthus emblica Family: Euphorbiacece Used in: tonic, cough, diuretic, stomachache, hair tonic, dysentery, jaundice, dermatitis. Source of drugs: barks, flowers, fruits.

43. Helencha Enhydra fluctuans Family: Composite Used in: nutrition, bronchitis, skin disease, blood purification. Source of drug: whole plants. 44. Methi Trigonella foenum-graceum Family: Leguminosae Used in: tonic, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatisms, diuretic. Source of drug: seeds. 45. Aswangandha Withania somnifera Family: Solanaceae Used in: piles, hemorrhages, headache, convulsion, insomnia, cough, rheumatisms, weakness. Source of drug: roots, leaves. 46. Marich Capsicum frutescens Family: Solanaceae Used in: stimulant, tonic, stomachic, rheumatisms, headache, bronchitis, pain, diuretic. Source of drug: seeds, fruits. 47. Ganda Tagetes erecta Family: Compositae Used in: blood purification, boils, rheumatisms, common cold, bronchitis, pain, carbuncles. Source of drug: roots, leaves, pain, carbuncles. 48. Sandhamalati Mirabilis jalapa Family: Nyctaginaceae Used in: fever, boils, purgative. Source of drugs: roots, leaves. v

49. Latkan Bixa orellana Family: Bixaceae Used in: fever, jaundice, dysentery, epilepsy, skin disease. Source of drug: roots, backs, seeds. 50. Kalojira Nigella sativa Family: Raunnulaceae Used in: common cold, rheumatisms, galactagogue, carminative, stimulant. Source of drug: seeds. 51.Nuxvom Strychons nuxvomica Family: loganiaceae Used in: jaundice, dysentery, hydrophobia. Source of drug: seeds. 52.Arjun Terminalia arjuna Family: combretaceae Used in: For heart disease, tonic. Source of drug: Barks.


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