Persuasive Essay 4. Do humans exploit animals when they keep them as pets and/or in zoos?

As the zookeeper enters the room to feed the lions, something goes wrong. As we all know, you go to the zoo to go see wild animals from a safe distance. Do you humiliate or embarrass the animal if it’s kept in captivity? Humans do not exploit animals when you keep them as pets or in the zoo because the animals is fed and nurtured, and the animal is also protected from danger An animal in the zoo is fed daily, and is also cared for by the zookeepers. The animals get fed at least twice every day, usually more. The animals are also inspected for any illness or disease that they might have. The zookeepers also care for the animals, giving them love and support. As a result, each animal is cared for, and is kept safe. All animals in the zoo are kept in different areas, so they are safe from each other. They separate all the carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores from each other. In the wild, most animals are vulnerable to other animals that want to eat them. Sometimes there’s not enough food for all the animals, so many of them die off. As a result, it is better for the animals to be kept in captivity, rather than be out in the wild. There are many reasons why keeping the animal in captivity isn’t exploiting the animal, but there are some reasons why keeping the animal in the zoo are unpleasant. Keeping the animal in the zoo can be a bad thing because some people try to humiliate or make fun of the animal by throwing junk at it, or laughing at it. The zoos have strict laws of violating the animal, so there is no need to worry about other people breaking the rules. If they do, they will be thrown out of the zoo. The zookeeper is attacked by lions that want to play with him, they then start

and they are loved and cared for. animals are not humiliated or embarrassed from being kept in captivity. because they are kept safe from danger.Persuasive Essay licking his face cheerfully. As you can see. So you should find out where your nearest zoo is located. and go see some amazing animals. .

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