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EBS Rel.12 Upgrade

EBS Rel.12 Upgrade

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Published by: madhu_singh90 on Oct 25, 2010
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New Generation Consultants, Inc

Upgrading to Oracle EBS R12 Architecture and Technology Amarendra Nettem Feb 27th, 2009

Introducing New Generation Consultants www.newgenusa.com Oracle Certified Partner – Founded 2001 – HQ in Des Plaines; branch in Chennai – 6 Practice Areas
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Upgrading to Oracle EBS R12 Architecture and Technology


Agenda Oracle R12 Technology Stack Overview Changes from Oracle EBS R11i to R12 New Features Analysis and Planning Supported Application Migration Paths Custom components requiring changes Best Practices Questions and Answers 4 .

Oracle R12 Technology Stack 5 .

2 User Interface Application logic Database logic .2.2 Servlet Engine(Jserv) Database 9i or 10g Web Listener JSP BC4J UIX Reports Forms 9iR2 & 10g (Optional) iAS Stack .0.Release 11i Client JInitiator Application 9iAS 1.

Technology Stack – Release 12 Client Application 9iAS OC4J Database 9i or 10g Web Listener JSP BC4J UIX Reports Forms User Interface Application logic Database logic .

3 AS 10g 9.2.Technology Stack .Changes from EBS 11i to 12 Component Database Server Web Server Java Servlet Container Forms Server Java Development Kit Client Viewer 11.2 Jserv R12 (12.3) 10.4.2 JDK Jinitiator Sun JRE . JDK 5.4 .3 OC4J Developer 6i AS 10g 10.0.5 iAS 1.

Technology Stack .Changes from EBS 11i to 12 .

Changes from EBS 11i to 12 .Technology Stack .

Technology Stack .Changes from EBS 11i to 12 Oracle R11i Oracle R12 .

Production) Enables split ownership of applications and technology stack file systems Improves code safety by making shared file system read-only while not patching Configuration and log files are co-located Easier collection of instance state Ability to use network or local storage for various file system portions Minimize disk usage and maximize performance . technology stack) among multiple nodes and even instances (Dev.Instance Home Advantages Clear distinction between the shared file system and the file system unique to an instance Ability to share code (Apps.Test.

New Features in 12.1 AutoConfig can be run in parallel on different nodes of Apps Technology Stack Inventory Validation Report Shared Application Tier File System Amongst Multiple EBS Instances Record History is now available for OA Framework based pages Concurrent requests and managers can now be directed to a specific database instance or node .

Analysis and Planning 14 .

Why Upgrade? IT Drivers Business Drivers • • • • • • • Supportability Stability Improved performance New features Maintenance cost Out of box use Customizations • New Modules • New features & functionality • New requirements • Re-engineer • Design Improvements 15 .

5.10 12 Jun 2003 Nov 2004 Jan 2007 Jun 2008 Nov 2010 Jan 2012 .9 11.EBS Support Release GA date Premier Support Ends Extended Sustaining Support Ends Support Ends Not Offered Nov 2013 Jan 2015 Indefinite Indefinite Indefinite 11.5.

R12 features Think Globally Work Globally Manage Globally Reduced pop-ups & duplicate screens Reduced steps to complete key tasks Improved look. feel and visual style Increased personalization capabilities New functionality in the Financials area The best in technology:10gR2 & 10gAS .

Analysis and Planning – Application Migration Path .

5.1 and below) .1/ Applications R11.10.2/ Path Applications R11.5.6 and below requires to first upgrade to R11.7 and up can be directly upgraded to R12 Database in all releases must have been upgraded to 10gR2 (11.2) or should be done during upgrade to R12 (11.

Technology Improvements AutoPatch replaces AutoUpgrade tool AD parallel infrastructure improvements for work distribution of Large Table Update Inclusion of Gather Auto Stats job in R12 Upgrade driver itself to keep statistics up-to-date after the upgrade sqlplus_parallel directive to eliminate the contention between jobs executing parallel query Optimizer dynamic sampling (for objects with no statistics) Converted non-critical jobs as concurrent manager requests to reduce overall downtime R12 unified upgrade driver provides an option to defer compilation of PL/SQL packages during creation .

0 or higher to 12.0.8 to 11.6 .0.Release Update Pack upgrades via the R12 RUP patches.0.RDBMS upgrades for Applications customers via the Applications Database Upgrade Assistant 10g and 11g products.4 .5.0.2 to 11.3 or higher to 11. This includes: .5.5. This includes: 8i to NCA to 11.1 or 10.2 .Overview – Maintenance Wizard This tool will guide you through upgrade of Oracle Applications technology stack and products from Release 11i versions to Release 12 Currently.5.10.3 to .10 product. the Maintenance Wizard performs the following types of upgrades: .2 11.5. This includes: 11.1 10.10 product.8 or higher to 12.3 9.0.Upgrades to Release 12 via the Upgrade Assistant for Release 12 product. This includes: 12. This includes: 11.Upgrades to 11i via the Upgrade Assistant for Release 11.10.Upgrades within 11i via the Maintenance Pack Assistant for 11.10.3 9i to 10.

Financials and Procurement .CRM .Supply Chain Management .Overview – Upgrade by Request Option to additionally upgrade historical data that has not been upgraded during the initial upgrade process Historical data can be upgraded anytime when system is up or down Following products historical data can be upgraded at a later date .Projects .

Analysis and Planning – Pre Upgrade Tasks Apply 11i.AD.I Review Size of the Table Spaces Gather Schema Statistics for CBO Run TUMS Utility Run AD Preparation Scripts Identify & Prepare Upgrade Plan for Customizations Convert Oracle Alert E-mail processing to workflow notification mailer Backup the database Run Rapid Install for Release 12 Convert to Multiple Organization Architecture Drop Event Alert Triggers in Custom Schemas Conditionally complete product specific PreUpgrade Steps Migrate or Upgrade the database to 10G Release 2 .

ora parameters Backup the database Backup Oracle Applications Enable the Maintenance Mode Apply R12 AD Mini Pack Run the Upgrade Patch Driver (u6394500. constraints and indexes Disable the Maintenance Mode Drop the MRC Schema Reset init. Mgrs Migrate the database to 10gR2 Update init.drv) .ora parameters Run the NLS Patch Driver Disable custom triggers.Analysis and Planning – Upgrade Tasks Disable AOL Audit Trail Shutdown App tier listener and Conc.

Test and Test the Applications Install Online Help Resize the database .Analysis and Planning – Post Upgrade Tasks Reset Oracle Schema Passwords Configure and Restart both. constraints & indexes Verify Completion of Concurrent Programs Test. Reports etc Migrate Existing Objects to OATM Reapply Customizations Integrate custom objects & schemas Re-enable custom triggers. DB and Apps Server Processes Migrate Custom Forms.

Reports which rely on it will need to be modified and we recommend using XML Publisher and OAF Oracle Graphics Integration with Oracle Server Convert the Oracle graphics integrated with Oracle forms to OAF. Oracle Forms is not a part of Fusion technology stack Oracle Applications Framework pages Migrate OAF present in AK repository to MDS. Web pages are migrated to OAF Oracle Reports Server Oracle Graphics is no longer present in Application Server.Custom Components requiring change Mod_plsql Apps R12 no longer uses (disables) mod_plsql. .

Best Practices 27 .

1 Involve Right People Review appropriate documentation to gather information on upgrade process and tools required Plan to run multiple test upgrades Plan to test key features Purge or archive historical data 28 .Best Practices .

2 Use hardware that closely matches with that of Production during Test upgrade Use TUMS to eliminate tasks that are not relevant for your system Use Shared file system for Multi-node Use Distributed AD for Multi-node Estimate tablespace sizes for Test upgrade 29 .Best Practices .

Performance of some upgrade scripts can be significantly improved by doing this: db_file_multiblock_read_count (do not set -.3 Modify the following parameters for the duration of the upgrade.Best Practices .remove) db_file_optimizer_read_count (do not set – remove) job_queue_processes parallel_max_servers pga_aggregate_target sga_target log_buffer recyclebin db_block_checking 30 .

3 31 .Best Practices .0.4 Perform the following tasks in advance to reduce extended downtime: Convert to Multi Org Convert to OATM Purge workflow related tables Upgrade database to 10.2.

5 Perform the following key tasks to substantially reduce the downtime during your upgrade: Functional tasks listed in Reducing downtime section .(Appendix G) in R12 Upgrade manual 32 .(Appendix E) in R12 Upgrade manual “Upgrade by Request” section .Best Practices .

6 Gather statistics before your upgrade using Gather schema statistics concurrent program Build Master APPL_TOP from Test upgrades Record timing for each step during Test upgrade Make sure you have good backup before both the R12 and database upgrades Add PL/SQL no compile option in R12 upgrade driver to save time during upgrade Choose proper batch size and number of workers for AutoPatch during upgrade Isolate post upgrade concurrent programs to a separate manager queue 33 .Best Practices .

5.0.Recent Upgrade Experience NewGen Client Upgraded from 11.4 TB Purged close to 400 GB of temp data 1st test upgrade : 72 hrs 2nd test upgrade: 40 hrs 3rd test upgrade: 19 hrs 4th test upgrade : ?? 34 .4 Database size : 1.9 to 12.

35 .

com EMPOWER Your Business – 2400 E Devon Avenue Suite 266 Des Plaines.Thanks for Supporting NCOAUG For more information contact: – Eugene Breger 847-331-5554 gbreger@newgenusa. IL 60018 36 .

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