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Passed PMPs Reviews and Lessons Learned

Passed PMPs Reviews and Lessons Learned

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Published by: vijayndran on Oct 25, 2010
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I finally passed with a score higher than I expected. Thanks to everyone for your help during my study. Here is my "lessons learned" in order to finalize my "PMP certification project". Preparation ~~~~~~~~~~~ I followed the 35 hours course from my local PMI chapter in marsh/april 2003. I learned a lot of trick there and I don't know I could have passed the exam without it. The last three hours before the exam, I re-read the Powerpoint presentation of this course. I had a surprise then. I thought that, after the course, I would only have to study for a couple of weeks and pass the exam. How wrong I was!!! Our first teacher told us that we should study between 100 and 150 hours in order to pass. I put the material on the side during summer and really start my study in september. I submit my application form for the exam in the first week of november via PMI website. I received my confirmation 4 days later (one of the person who attended the same preparation course as mine has waiting more than 2 months for its confirmation after he sent is application by regular mail). Lesson: APPLY ONLINE! In october and november, I studied about 10 hours a week. In december, I studied an average of 3 hours per day. My objective: pass the exam before Christmas. I read the PmBok twice. The second time, while reading, I took many notes in an 80 pages par chapter). I also did a big map inputs and there outputs and the way they That really really help me understand the I did "active reading"; pages notebook (about 3 of all the processes, there interact with each other. PmBok. Lesson: Do that!

I didn't bought Rita machintruc's book nor any other costly material. I felt I didn't need any of these. I think you don't necessarely need them. My company doesn't have a formal documented framework for project. So, based on the PMI but adapted to our particular organization, I built one and submited it to the management in place. That was a hit! Management likes it a lot and mandated me to continue working on it (part time but it is better than nothing). I had to explain to them what is "scope management", "earned value management", "risk management" and so forth. Doing this, I often had to refer to the PmBok. That also helped me a lot. I have discover the PMPCert group only three weeks before my exam. Two great benefits from this discovery. The first one is that you showed me how to analyze the questions: in which processus are we?

Do I understand correctly the context of the question? What do they ask? That might look basic and simple but I think this is another key for a successful exam. The other great benefit is TRANDUMPER. I did a lot of test (somewhere between 2500 and 3000 questions). That really helped me. Lesson: tests are a great way to learn the material. Do as many as you can! While doing the test (before answering the question), I wrote down how sure I was of the answer (100%-sure, 75%-almost sure, 50%hesitate between 2 answers, 25%-guess). This is another tool which help me a lot during the exam. At the end, I was having the following result: o I was generally "sure" or "almost sure" of 65% the answers. those 65%, my answers were correct at 90%. Of

o I had around 30% of "50-50" questions. I generally answer these questions correctly between 60% and 70% of the time. o I had less than 5% of pure guess. My results were so variable that I considered that no guess was correct. Regarding the Trandumper test, I work principaly with the CTSA series of question. I scored around 78% on those tests. In the last week before my exam, I took Reddy (78%), ExamCram 1 (88%), Examcram9 (79%), Sybex (76%), Ohio (87%), Balaji (76%), PMP Simulated Test Demo (86%), Dallas (88%). I have found that Ohio, Examcram 1 and PMP simulated test and Dallas too easy. So I assumed that my target note was around 78%. Was I ready? I was not that confident but I had to go forward ... There is not a great margin between 78% percent and the passing score. My fear was that I could have very few "sure or almost sure" questions during the test. Imagine if I only have 50-50 questions; I could then be in trouble ... There is also the perception that discussion on this site tends to say that you can pass the exam when you score in the mid-80's at practice tests... The day of the exam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a 2 hours 30 minutes drive from home (Quebec city) to my test center (Montreal). My test was scheduled at 13h00. I planned to take the bus at 8h00 in the morning to be in the test center before noon. A major snowstorm hit my region the day of the test. Everything in my hometown was closed. We received over 20 inches (50 centimeters) of snow. The highway between Quebec City and Montreal was almost closed. I decided to take the bus at 7h00 and finally arrived in Montreal at 11h15 (the 8h00 bus arrived in Montreal at ... 14h30!!!!). Anyway, I was there on time. Other lesson: RISK MANAGEMENT and RISK RESPONSE PLANNING!!! What could happen might

happen! The exam ~~~~~~~~ During the tutorial, I dumped a schema showing all 39 processes and there interaction (a mix of figure 3-5 to 3-8 on the PMBok with a few personal notes). I answered all 200 questions on the first pass which took me 3 hours. I wrote down the "degree of assurance" for each question. I marked all the 50-50 questions. Only two or three questions took me more than 3 minutes to answer and I decided to answer them right away. I then compile my numbers and got the following results: 1 - Sure and almost sure: 124/200 2 - 50/50: 66/200 3 - Guess: 10/200 Based on that, I assumed that I have 112 good answers for "sure or almost sure". I only need 30 more good answers out of my 66 "50-50" which is less than 50% and less than what I normally get in the practice test. So I started to relax!!!! I was quite sure to pass at that time! I reviewed my 50-50 questions and realized that, in many case, I could have put an "almost sure" quote on it. I also changed a couple of answers. 2 minutes left. Submit. Pass: 165. (I was expecting in the 150's).

My appreciation of the exam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Altough I have found the exam moderately difficult, I've got a better result than many practice tests. The number of "easy" question was almost the same (62%). The number of very difficult question was also almost de same (5%). I really think that I scored better than 90% on the "sure" and more than 65% on the "50-50" questions. I feel that the questions were "less tricky"! As hard, but less tricky. You must also rely on your experience. The question and the answers are not always straight from the PMBok. I think experience is a big factor to succeed in the exam. Know the process. Know what is an I/O (Input / Output) and what is a tool.

Now, I can release my resources from this project. Project completed.

Daniel Tremblay, now PMP Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Hello Everyone, I took the PMP Certification Examination yesterday (12/12/2003) and I passed. YES!!! If you plan to take the PMP exam, consider developing your own braindump cheat sheet. I understand that some folks may not agree with me on this. However, in the exam should one encounter an unfortunate brain freeze (risk event) the brain-dump cheat sheet (contingency planning) may help get the concentration/confidence alignment back and even help you remember what you momentarily forgot. So, is the brain-dump cheat sheet worth your time investment? You decide. Also note that unless you truly have a project management experience, the exam will be quite challenging. At the very least, you aught to have a project manager's thought process. Memorizing the PMBOK should not be considered the only tool needed to pass the examination. There will be few questions with answers that appear just about the same. Your project management reasoning will be your key guide to the right answer. If you are seeking a study material, I have read a lot of recommendations on Rita Mulcahy's PMP exam preparation book ($89) and her fast-track CD ($299). At one point I even thought about ordering her whole study kit (RMC PMP® Exam Prep System - $393). Instead, I invested in Kim Heldman's PMP Study Guide book ($59.99). My reasoning was simple: Heldman's book was more affordable and had a CD with a decent number of test questions. I am not discouraging anyone from purchasing or using Rita's materials. I just happened to find a more cost efficient way of preparing for the PMP exam. I have observed that some individuals want to attempt as many preptest questions as they possibly can get their hands on to prepare for the PMP exam – an overkill by any standard. If you have a Project Management experience and if you have studied the PMBOK, the objective of taking the prep-test questions should then be to help gauge the weak-spots in your understanding of each knowledge area and associated processes. The questions in Kim Heldman's PMP Study Guide CD can help you achieve that goal. A few PMPs in this group have recommended reading the PMBOK 2-3 times. Make sure you take notes on each chapter as you go along. Review these notes as often as you can. Attempt the prep-test questions in the last two weeks preceding your PMP exam date to reassess your learnings. Re-study weak concepts in the PMBOK and you are all set to take the exam! Do let me know if this information has helped you. Good luck!

PMBOK 2. exam is not that difficult. you can choose correct option. In PMBOK Pg 33. Thanks Vijay Here is what I have started doing. I am trying to understand their pupose for a particular process.One of the most productive and reassuring things I did while preparing was to do a search on this forum using the word "passed. Saif Shariff. PMP I passed with 166 on Thursday. If you have managed few projects. thanks Puneet Here are some thoughts for my fellow PMP study sufferers out there: ** THERE ARE AS MANY WAYS TO PASS THIS TEST AS THERE ARE TYPES OF PEOPLE**-. (remember PMIsm and Code of Conduct etc. It made me realize that there are many different ways to pass this .Files from this group and most important is the archive of correspondence exchanged among the members of this group.) Material used for study. KIM Heldman 3. Rita's PMP cert. For few questions I could relate to the discussions in this group and pick the correct option immediately. Many of the members in the past has given detailed instructions relating to taking the break and get some fresh air. the planning processes diagram has also helped me a lot in this. The matrix presented in PMBOK Pg 38 has also helped a great deal. Thanks to elceem and all the members of this group. Hope this helps. It has helped me in understanding and in turn memorizing. Many of the questions can be related to actual situations and wearing a halo behind your head. 4 hours is a long time and to sit and focus. Without this forum it would have been a major challenge to go for such certification. 1. 4." to pull up people's various approaches to studying. SCPM. Instead of memorizing IT & TO. I found all such instructions very useful.Regards.

PMP Tools daily crossword and word search puzzles (www. and you just need to find what works for you.PMP MEMORIZE IT v2. and when I got tired of studying. TEST CENTER I had a good experience with in case anyone else comes up bug on the website so that I closest to me. ** THINK POSITIVE FOR YOUR TEST PSYCHOLOGY **-. you just have to pass the test -. I think it is important while studying to take lots of practice tests and get used to the idea of answering questions you aren't sure of and thinking positive even if you think you have wrong answers.xls (posted here in files section): This is a spreadsheet set up as an interactive quiz to learn the process groups. I should mention that I was surprised at the number of very straightforward questions-.Let's face it. there were 2 tools that I found especially helpful: . so I was glad I had practiced. at least). these puzzles were a great way to feel like I was goofing off while still learning. would quiz myself. I found this was also helpful when I felt like I got into a studying "rut" to look at some of the "passed" notes again for new ideas of what to study. One thing to let people know.ones that if you knew the material.your score doesn't matter beyond that-. Prometric. However. Don't believe someone who tells you that there is only one approach that works-this forum proves it.I found that there was some could not schedule the test at the site and was able to schedule it with no As other people suggested. If you are a visual learner.One area that I was not prepared well enough for was the Professional Responsibility section-there were a number of questions that directly pulled from the PMI document and none of them were anything like I had seen in practice tests. I copied this onto my desktop at work and when I had a spare 10 or 20 minutes. I called them problem. . but it is important not to get psyched out by it. these puzzles really helped me learn the vocabulary more than memorization would have (for me.pmptools. ** KEEP IT FRESH AND INTERACTIVE**-. if you need to go to the test center beforehand to feel comfortable-. ** STUDY THE PMI PROFESSIONAL CODE **-.test. you could get straight off the bat.This is a tough test. By this time in our lives.be true to yourself.listen to that.and the test *is* designed so that most of us are going to miss a bunch of questions.com): I am a puzzle person by nature. Remember. In addition to the Trandumper and other practice tests. with it-. the material is dry and hard to absorb by pure memorization. it would be a good idea to find where your . if you need things to be color-coded. I found this was a great way to memorize the process groups in a fun way. I found that over time. most of us know what works for us in terms of test preparation-. there were plenty of tough ones.

that everyone knows about. . My nickels worth of free advice is not to get discouraged during your studies. If you find that score hard to believe so did I at first. well over 100 hours put in total. On my first pass through the Rita and ESI tests I was getting marks below 70% on some of the chapters. in my opinion. Good luck to all of you in your studies. I used the common materials PMBOK . and the ESI Sample questions and Study guide (4th edition). I've been studying for six months. Rita's book (4th edition).mine was 10 minutes from my home but was hidden in the back of a parking lot and was very hard to find. I have a fair amount of project management experience but it's all been in software development with one company so there was a lot in PMBOK I wasn't familiar with.test center is ahead of time-.This book is great. you are most likely ready for the exam.you can do it! Marie I took the exam yesterday and passed with a 190. I went through all of the sample tests in Rita's book and the ESI book twice. and understand what EVERYTHING is. I just kept hammering away at it until the material that was new to me started to make sense. If you go through the book. I think a few of the answers given are wrong and some of the questions seem unfair but practicing all of those test questions and researching the ones I got wrong really prepared me. .) I took the test yesterday at 9:00 AM CST and passed with a 173. I must have guessed right on almost all of the questions that I could only narrow down to two choices. I read PMBOK and Rita's book three times each and took notes in a spiral notebook on the things that weren't familiar in order to reinforce them. Yesterday there was only one question out of 200 that included a term I wasn't familiar with.actually very important to know and understand this Rita . I also went into the exam overprepared. I was really glad I had scouted it out before test day. I also downloaded the trandumper file from this site and took most of those tests.5 . I highly recommend the trandumper tests. The life cycle game is an excellent learning tool. Good luck to the rest of you studying out there-. Just wanted to perform a lessons learned to help benefit the PM Knowledge area. My study materials were PMBOK. if there is such a thing. including retakes of the questions I missed. About my studying: I studied for about 3.4 months. I'm selling the Rita book and ESI book on this site if anyone's interested.

9. but I just had a good feeling that I had at least passed. estimate ranges. Q&As and in aligning my method of preparation.Sybex (Book & Study Guide) . I felt very prepared for the exam. register for the exam and schedule it for as soon as possible.EXPERIENCE IS A MUST. . PV formula. the better". You will not be able to pass this exam without real world knowledge. . EV formulas. Thanks a ton. and pass it the second time. Good luck to all of you out there studying still. .I listened to these for approx. I was very surprised that I got a 173! Advice for others: .Be committed to your studying. I didn't complete much of the study guide.Don't stress out. I should have heeded the warnings and found the site ahead of time.When you feel like you are prepared. It is NO BIG DEAL if you do not pass. but I didn't. since it reassured my answers. Real world project management experience is a MUST have for this exam. This is what I did. as well. This is a tough certification exam. This group helped me in terms of Morale. . and the proctor allowed me to start early. This was VERY helpful to me. Set a strict study pattern and adhere to it. I do not think I would have passed without this experience. This site .the Notesv. I submitted the exam. and there are people that do not pass it. I made it through all questions in about 1 hour 30 minutes.The book is great. and after reviewing them.5 file is great! Thank you to it's author. I also enjoyed reading about other exam success stories. It is really layed out quite nicely.25 format list. I had told myself before I started the exam that I was going to list the questions out in the . Hi All. . I am going to try to hang around here and answer questions in the future. and process group interactions. I did a brain dump during the tutorial of the life cylce game. Schedule the retake. About the exam: I had troubles finding the exam site. Rita's Audio CDs . They are a great tool. I had only marked about 6 or 7 questions. . and the material seemed very fresh in my mind. 2 months on my commute to work every day. communication formula.5. It was the first book I read after the PMBOK. Don't take the exam lightly. I really didn't need to buy it. but I was nervous about the exam and thought "the more material. I arrived well ahead of time.

RITA (only thing I Memorized. Process definitions and meaning of each. 5.Mgmt Life cycle . Process group/KM mapping 3.On Dec 1st I Passed. Planning processes relations (PMBoK) 4. but did not use them. KM area/Process group mapping from PMBoK 3. Helped me answer at least around 20 Qs) 2. Started after 20 mins again. (page 24 i guess). There were couple of questions that really did not make sense to me at all. (supplimented with Rita) . Make sure you Know 1. Proj. Read top-down. . Reviewed all and changed around 4 Pressed end 1 mins before finish. Marked 40 for review finished in 3hr 30mins. Project Management Life cycle chart in RITA. I was given Ear plugs. tried to understand logically) Study Material: PMBoK (you know it) Rita This group About the exam: Felt it was easy while i was answering. Things I did 2 days before exam: 0. ofcource ITTO (need not memorize. Said I can write only after actual test started! Center did not allow me to take break (nature call? he said no!) There were 15 candidates taking test and all started punching their keboards at at point for around 20 mins. 5. though i knew well. Reviewed entire PMBoK. Center did NOT allow me to write anything on paper in first 15 mins. the subject it is asking. My suggestions: Relax and you can make it. About the center: I started in 15 mins test and it crashed. but my score did not reflect that. Planning processes relations 4. but know them logically) M . 1. ITTO (I did not memorize. Process definitions.took me 16 hrs. (If you can memorize. good) 2.What each MEANS.

First. Mike Jackson. It is common to get feedback that students are memorizing the test using the prep cd's. Got this for the CD with sample tests. Students report that the real exam score are anywhere from 0 to -10% of the Heldman scores. PMPtools does not want the PMPcert group to comment on their material. understanding that the whole PMBOK is a integrated process. Don't worry this is normal. draw from that what you will. it is my belief that you will have a great chance (~98%) of passing the test with a score of 150 or greater.00. Both are needed for successfully completing the test. My PMP investment was over 1300. All this is based on the data from our local PMI chapter and the way we run our exam prep class. not a lack of knowledge. Go thorough the test until you score a consistent 80%. Many of the questions missed initially are due to not reading/understanding the questions. the Heldman CD with the sample test are quite adequate for preparing for the exam. reschedule the test and let us know you passed. I would also suggest you get the Heldman book with CD (published by Sybex). I think the value that you get out of the practice tests are the execution of the test process. By this time you will be feeling anxious and totally unprepared. Schedule your test and go take it. One review item that has been helpful to people in our study groups is to trace the output to the inputs. While this might be true in some part. Although we charge 575 for a 6 day class. If you test yourself against the Heldman CD. if not get it now! 60% of the test is covered buy the PMBOK. I don't know one PMP that felt "ready" to take the test. and consistently obtain a score of >80%. You should pass with a 150-170 score. Rita's book is most likely one of the best resources out there (also one of the most expensive) . Sybex will teach you to read and take the exam correctly. 3x is recommended) and gone through the Rita's material. One bonus about the Heldman Book is that is can be bought online for under 40. The test is challenging but not impossible. you have done many things right. Here is a few comments that might be helpful. I tell you this to assure that this is a normal process. .00 USD. I am sure we all feel your pain. We used the Sybex and Rita books and the PMBOK. not lack of knowledge. Our local PMI chapter is getting excellent results with using the Heldman CD and a 80% passing score as a benchmark for taking the test. Many of the question that you will miss will be due to not reading the questions. Although I also get the puzzles and such. You don't specifically state that you have the PMBOK. I would not use them too much.Shirley. (did your momma teach you not to say anything if you cant say nice things??? ) Once you have reviewed the PMBOK (2x min. nothing presented in the class is not contained in either Sybex or Rita. Best of luck. While I can not comment on the other two books.

So either you will pas with a 150+ (about 95% proximity) or fail the test (about 2% proximity) if you follow the above guidelines. PMBOK . I would have studied for about 100 hours. or overstate the exam by 5 . I found Rita's book quite useful. and I have rarely found someone to score in the 137 . Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need help. So don't think you are going to have a 200 on your test score.PMP Transdumper [Finished about 50%] I did not refer any other study material.Studied 4 times 2.10%.Our quality audits find that the Sybex test scores either match the exam results. The test generally test your comprehension of the the PMBOK PM process. Many of the people feel that memorization is not necessary IF you comprehend the process.PMP Notes v5 [Studied last 2 days] . Best of luck Mike Graupner. There were a lot of situational questions in the exam. PMP 714. Hence if you are scoring 80% on Sybex Test. As lot of people in this group have already indicated. The Exam I found the questions in the exam a bit simpler then Rita's and Transdumper.150 range (about 2% of the scores that I collected are in this range). you should expect a 150-160 score on the exam.8170 (cell) 714. Most people score in the 150 to 180 range. IT and construction project management. I did this for 3-4 times.Studied 4 times 3. One other note. Rita Muchahy's book [4th Edition] .349. . I used to study each chapter from PMBOK first then Rita's book and the questions at end of each chapter.839. one of my students just got a 184 on the test. I am putting together a yahoo chat study group and please email if you are interested in joining. But not many were direct picks from any of the sources. Study materail from this group . I hope to have the first facilitated study group meeting in the next few weeks. The feedback was the he ran into some very bizarre questions that could only be answered if you have an background in accounting. if you have experience in project management then it is easier to relate to situational questions. I used the following study materials 1.5924 (home/fax) Hi All I appeared for the PMP exam at New York today and passed with 171 ! I started thinking about PMP 2 year ago but started serious study about 2 months back.

I found the PMI questions to be short and clear. and buy the Rita book. I have been doing project management work (some in a coordination role) for about 7 years. However. After 3 hour and 50 min I pressed the magic button . and then made a ligitimate effort . I am sure many more PMP aspirants will benefit from this group. Read BOTH PMBOK and Rita's book in detail. 4.5%). practices. Thanks Gopal.. but try to read it full at least in 23 passes. with project management terminologies.It definitely helps to have a base to start from.. I would like to thank this group for all the support motivational and study material. 2. in a practical sense. . [Unfortunately I didn't have time to complete it]. Complete as many practice questions as possible. Here are my comments. Outputs. Those last few second of waiting for result were killing !!! My suggestions 1.the PMP exam itself is more straight forward than the majority of the test exams found in the net and training books.As suspected. If you are familiar. experiences and suggestions: . PMP My Study effort was well rewarded today. I found the "Transdumper" on this site pretty good. I Took my PMP exam today and passed it with 165 (82. 3. and T&T is not worth it. and processes then you eliminate a big barrier going into the exam. It is very difficult to study PMBOK cover to cover. . Try to understand reason behind every answer. Then finished 2 rounds of review (only the questions marked for review) in another 1 hour. expending too much time learning the Inputs. Based on your personal comfort.. select an exam strategy and stick to it. Be mentally prepared that you won't be able to answer some of the questions in the exam Finally. it is important to understand the answers when you are doing practice tests. a small percentage (around 10% of them) where difficult to solve because the ansers were very borderline (too close to each other). Three years ago I started taking some of the ESI courses inpreparation for this moment.. Finally. join PMI. I was left with about 10 questions where I was not sure about the answer.So. I focused in learning the 39 processes involved in the 9 knowledge areas. I finished the first pass in 2 hour 35 min.Exit . Six weeks ago I finally made the decision to take the plunge and shed the $800 required to take the exam.

The test is really made to be taken in 4 hours comfortably.There was a mix of very short (one liners) and long questions. Controlling (45). Better to take a break before the exam day. but an errata is available form their website. So make sure you practice with both types of question. The EVM questions were extremely simple. . I do believe however. output. Never used the PM FasTrack CD and I suspect. and I could feel the effect on my eyes and brain. with all the test examples available in this forum. Executing (48). Quite frankly. and in those longs. I gathered enough knowledge and a good notion of what would be involved with those processes. The notes in this forum. The interesting thing is that this was the same area I found easier during my practice test. Closing (14). and this forum notes in that order. It has errors. many used the same text in the question to ask a subsequent question.The network questions on the PMP exam were harder than I expected. I then read Rita's book and highlighted what I thought was important. Rita. No calculators needed. . I would venture to say . Sybex. but referenced it back to validate answers to test questions. Planning (47).I found the executing process questions to be the most difficult. and they were easy to figure out.to understand what type of information (input. The Sybex book is a good book that can be used more from a practical standpoint.I read up to the last minute of the exam. specially the PMINOtes document. . So don't waste your valuable time concentrating in this area. . . T&T) would be relevant to use in each of those processes. that the Sybex test questions are excellent and give you a good sense of the types of questions you should be able to answer for the exam. Only read the PMBOK book once as I thought it was clear to understand. The breakdown of questions was as follows: Initiating (17). I took my time answering the questions and took me 3 hours and 35 minutes including a 10 minute break taken half way through the exam. . are excellent for quickly reviewing. It is impossibly to digest and remember all that information anyway. the PMP exam had probably no more than 10 of these questions. . I would say the mix was 60% short questions and 40% long. . I do not think it buys you much more than what you can get from the notes in this forum. although the center provides one for my use. I think the book is well written. but over-rated. but not necessarily memorize them. As suspected. that it is not worth the money. Not recommended. They were not straight forward and they don't necessarily use the finish-start relationship only. instead focus in understanding the practicality of the processes.I used the PMBOK. Professional Responsibility (29).There seem to be lots of quality related questions in the exam. I actually read my highlights on the Rita book prior the exam. In that faction.Practice tests: I spent a significant amount of my preparation time (the majority) answering test questions.

The planning processes include 21 of the 39 processes and their flow is very logical(in terms of Inputs and Outputs) *The night before: read Initiation and Closing processes from PMBOK and Rita's book + professional .Rather than spending so much time memorizing EVM formulas. I had the Kim Heldman's book but after a couple of chapters I realized that it doesn't have a lot of extra info than PMBOK but read it once(easier to read than PMBOK). . just understand them (very well). and SPI. PMP Hi all. took my own notes/summary while reading and prepared flashcards for ITTOs. 10-14 hrs/week * Study material: PMBOK and Rita's book. The only formulas you really need to remember are CV. I did all the questions in the books mentioned above + questions at the PMI website + questions in this group's db + free ones on various web sites * ITTOs: 90% memorized them.If I were to recommend an approach for studying for this exam I would say read the PMBOK. and then do tons of practice questions using these study materials as reference.Good luck to everyone here and thanks for the help! I will continue to contribute as much as I can to this forum. I didn't do any of the exercises) and took my own notes from Rita's book as well. I drew that figure to my scratch paper at the beginning of the exam. memorize (and understand) them and if you cannot memorize them. It is much easier to follow and learn. . Culantro. One other thing. if you can. I took the exam on Tuesday and passed(project completed) and wanted to share a few things: * Prep time: ~10 weeks. CV. Rita. The interesting thing is that some of the questions in the PMP exam were identical to some of the ones I encountered in the practice exam. Everything else is common sense and can be derived from these four. I read the PMBOK two times. One thing I found very useful when reading PMBOK is. CPI.I tested on over 3000 questions. I made sure to analyze every question I got wrong. why not understand what each of the terms really mean. The TranDumper tests on this forum are excellent source. I found it helpful. Rita's book was definitely helpful (BTW. to read the processes by Process Groups.. . PMINOtes. Planning processes-Figure 3-5 on page 33 of PMBOK.

I supplemented the course with the other two texts mentioned as I didn't want to depend on only one source of material. The material is based on the process groups so is a lot easier to follow and relate to our practical experience than if it was grouped by knowledge area. . any time with most lessons broken down to short 15 to 20 mins components. I wanted to learn and not just satisfy the training requirement). After a lot of discussion with various providers I settled on the mScholar course which follows a self learning approach. After finishing the marked ones. No breaks. Given the online forum option as well it also means you can have discussions with other students on any points you are confused on. It allows you to fit in a lesson anytime during the day when you have a little bit of free time. It took 3 hours to finish all 200. However. I found all the staff to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.there is only 3 or 4 per chapter. reviewed 20 more and time was up. and finally be able to be undertaken by distance learning given I'm based in the Middle East. It uses a combination of audio and text based material to teach you the required coursework. There is online support through an instructor forum and the instructors accept direct emails as well.there is just so much material available its difficult to know what is the core material you need to know. At the end of the course you sit an exam online at a Prometric centre so get use to the conditions of the real exam (this should be available overseas in the next couple of months due to changes at the Prometric testing centres). provided a good learning experience (i. The main problem with this exam is over studying . Prior to buying the course I had read the two main PMP prep texts talked about in the forum (Kims Sybex guide and Ritas Exam Prep book). The extra material may have resulted in 2 or 3 additional marks in the exam but not much more. My only negative comment on the course would be that I would have liked more sample questions at the end of every chapter . Alp I spent a lot of time researching different course options for the PMP. *Exam: very long but fair. I found the material from mScholar to be superior to both of them in terms of understandably and layout. Thanks & good luck.e.responsibility chapter. I needed something that satisfied the 35 hours. Marked 30-40 for review. The cost not only includes the PMP course but the next 3 years of the continuing education requirements for the PMI. I see the mScholar course combined with one other text such as Rita's or PMPTools Exam Cram is a good combination to pass the exam. hit the end button and waited for really long 5 seconds to get my score (177). If you calculate the cost per training hour its quite reasonable compared to other offerings. I was worried about a course that wasn't classroom based but found the approach to be such that I can study any place. there was so many other sources of questions available that this wasn't a big issue. mScholar sticks to the main information only so you can learn what you need to know properly.

It includes one sample lesson as well. Any provider that doesn't give such a guarantee is not worth considering . I can't assess the additional courses that are provided for the CE requirements as I haven't tried any as yet. the course provides the normal guarantee that you will pass the PMP exam or they will refund your money. one of them is worth reading no matter which course you undertake as it involves lots of hints for approaching the certification including studying and exam.mscholar. They are adding more courses every few months.it shows how confident they are in their material and approach.One last thing. Anyone wanting more information should refer to www. Mark Rohan mrohan@emirates.com They have a couple of documents available that will explain their approach and give you and idea of the quality.ae .net. Please note I'm not employed by mscholar nor do I have any financial interest in their organisation. Good luck.

every time tried to do a Brain dump. The day before the exam just went through the mind maps and the notes. 4. Scored 150 in Exam. had a touch of both PR and the knowledge Areas. As promised find below the preparation process I followed for the PMP exam : Material Used: 1. Created flash cards for the mathametical Formulas which I used to revise in between my work. Certified PMP. The Prof.5 months Tools & Techniques: 1.Responsibility. 6. Solved 70% of the Mock exams available in the SYBEX CD. just one week before the exam which affected the flow. Sweeney. Should have solved more of MOCK test questions. This was a one month exercise with 1. Had a gap of 7 days inbetween. Solving of questions with such a mind set would have helped. 2. Quantitative Methods for Business by Anderson. 5. 2. Added to my confidence in Project Management. 4. Training Materials (My present employer's Academy Division) 5. Sunday obviously).Responsibility forms a significant portion of the questions in exam.Study Guide(with CD) 3. and also differentiating the Core and the Facilitating ones. To go through PMBOK atleast 3 Times.In addition every chapter has questions dedicated to Prof. Regards. Williams 6. Lessons Learnt: 1.utilized 10 minutes of the tutorial review time to do my brain dump of all the mathematical formulas and also the Processes under each knowledge area in sequence. PMP preparation Notes from PMP group.PMP The major difference is the inclusion of Professional Responsibilty as a chapter in 4th edition which is not there in 3rd edition.Project Management Professional. 3. Archana Roy. Lessons Learnt which will be helpful for all PMI aspirants.Hi all.5 hours everyday (excluding Saturday . Flash Cards for the Mathemetical Formulas. During the exam. This was a unforseen risk which I should have planned. Professional responsibility was a weak area for me and many of the questions I found during the exam. PMP . 4. Created a Project Management Knowledge Areas Mindmaps of my own using the available in PMP group folder. Studied PMBOK 2000 twice. 2. Output: 1. 3. Formed a PMI aspirants group in my present company and had presentation sessions on the various knowledge area. Thanks & Regards Mridul Paul . 2. PMBOK 2000 2. SYBEX . Study Plan for 2. 7. 7. I passed PMP on 28th of August. 3.

Its well structured and given its organised by process groups its easier to follow and relate to. Sorry for this long email but lots to cover.mscholar.Boston Exams (Exam 3 for PMP) . Unfortunately due to exam registration issues with PMI it added two additional months of delay before I could sit the exam. For the training I used the mScholar course. I started studying in April for the certification. For practice exams I used: .I read this four times over my study period.Its only 200 questions but they are good quality questions and they also provide good explanations for the answers. Its almost like a series of notes rather than a structured text book.I read this book first.PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy . mScholar is a self study program that can be undertaken at the students own pace. In terms of other materials from the files section I liked PMPCert-PMINotes v5. . I sat the exam this morning and passed with 173. I agree with other reviewers it doesn't have the depth to be used as a sole text book.Hi Team. I sent a separate review of this yesterday to the forum.PMBOK . I was allowed 4 months preparation as I had a lot of other things happening at the same time in my life and had to balance priorities. and PMPSample70a. .SYBEX PMP Certification guide by Kim Heldman . The forum itself has discussed a lot of them.although most people seem to like this book I was not that impressed with it. However. the 220 questions (PMPCert-QA220). . Again be careful with all sample questions as there may be some incorrect answers. Materials Used I used the following text books : . Further information can be found in www. Its very difficult to determine from the headings and layout information maps to which topic areas.com In addition I received a summary of this forum discussion each day and reviewed the items one by one.

. I didn't focus too much on practice exams in the first few months of study. pg 38 in PMBOK that shows all the processes by process group and knowledge area as well as the planning process flow diagram (figure 3-5). You could use the PMINotes v5 from the files section but I think actually writing the notes yourself is the main benefit of the exercise. Prepare a plan of your approach. and Outputs. 5. 3. I thought my study time could be put to better use elsewhere.Study Hints 1. I wasted a lot of time reading other texts and not taking in the information before I decided to prepare my own study notes. 2. From the beginning I decided not to learn the Inputs. After finishing the main study I spent the last month focusing on practice exams. If you get any questions wrong that you think should be right research the answers. Its important to set boundaries for what you want to learn. The mscholar course helped me a lot here as it focused on the core information required to pass the course. I wrote 2 to 3 pages on each of the knowledge areas using the main texts as input . Re-evaluate the base plan after the first few weeks once you have an idea of the material and work involved. I used the two electronic test banks as well as any paper based ones. 4. I would use the chapter summary exams in the texts to make sure I understood the material I had read but nothing more. Learn the core material very well and do not spend too much time on becoming a mathematics expert. I found I was having trouble learning by just reading the various texts especially since they all had a slightly different approach. Although PMBOK is the main text to be used its made clear that we have to use other materials. This is the minimum I think people should know.this helped me absorb a lot of information in a very short period. I memorised figure 3-9. I could derive most ITTO questions from this information combined with my work experience and remembering my study. Tools/Techniques. If you look at some of the questions raised in this forum they are complicated enough to put most people off ever sitting the exam. Having both of these included in my brain dump provided a good basis for answering most questions. Over studying is a major problem with this exam.

You've spent a lot of time preparing for this day. If you can do the quick and easy ones first it will give you confidence for the more difficult questions. move on. The biggest question for most people is when are you ready to sit the exam. and have time.I read through my study notes for 30 mins only and spent the rest of the day relaxing. 1. Leave any of the longer questions to later. 3. 7. Pace yourself. and focus on the ones you do know. For those of you trying to prepare in a faster time period I would look at your marks on the sample tests. I liked Karen's comment I saw a few weeks ago on this forum saying you are ready to sit the exam when you are sick of it. The day before the exam minimise your study . The number and length of breaks differs from person to person but I believe at least 2 breaks are required. Keep on eye on the time and allow yourself breaks. 4. Remember that most people have time at the end of the exam to review their questions. I recommend you try at least 2 or 3 full tests of 200 questions or more.Don't just assume you are right as in a few cases it turned out I misunderstood the question or the answer and my research showed gaps in my knowledge that needed resolving. I sat the exam on a Monday so I could rest on the Sunday. 5. This will help you prepare for exam day itself. Exam Hints A lot of this has been properly covered before by other people so I'll just mention the highlights. Take some food in case you need a snack during one of your breaks. Make a plan of how you will approach the exam. That's very true. Relax. 6. 2. If you are constantly getting 80% to 90% on the main tests you should be ready. I went through the . I found I was losing concentration on the last 50 questions and making stupid mistakes. you know the material. Don't get stressed about some questions you don't know.

.net. Even though I went into the exam quite confident. Anything unmarked was theoretically correct. I marked everything for review where I was unsure of my answer. They do make u think. I do have enough Project management exp to be elligible for the exam but thats about it. Read Rita's book and now realize that two chapters in particular HR and Communications . So I still have ways to go and therefore found the exam a little tough. while doing the exam I realized that I still had a lot of grey areas. There was too much to digest. At the end of the 2nd cut I was left with 46 questions I was unsure about. To be honest. studied for about 40 Hrs. Its a great help and is the first source I recommend to anyone that asks me about preparing for the exam. I still finished reading the book once. I studied the PMBOK. more importantly I found I actually learnt something from my studies and believe I'm a better project manager because of it. I then had a break and started reviewing my marked items (125 of them). I could not breathe for the few seconds it took for the score to show up. Rita Mulcahy's Prep book and did the PMP Fast Track by Rita. because I was not sure how I had done. I started doing a 3rd review of all questions but was too tired and ended the exam with 25 mins remaining.. Mark Rohan mrohan@emirates.. I was undersatnding more than trying to memorize. Given I could get 60 wrong I was reasonably confident I had passed. The first time I read PMBOK. Finally thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum.ae Hi All.. I then did Rita's Prep book.30 secs per question. Apart from obtaining the certification itself. I passed the PMP certification exam today scoring 85. felt much better. During this 2nd time through I kept track of the number of questions I was still unsure of.5% (171). I then did PMP fast track CD by knowledge area. I sarted studying 3 weeks ago. Went back to reading PMBOK and quite honestly enjoyed reading it since it all started making much better sense. was scoring about 75%. Overall I found the PMP certification to be quite valuable. I was ready to throw up after reading each knowledge area.questions quite fast the first time .

. Its all about PMBOK and real life project management experience. When you press this button it gives you a list numbers. be sure that u will be guessing because there sure are multiple right answers. Yesterday in my posting on passing the exam I gave reference to boston test questions.boson.are much better covered from the exam perspective. There is a free sample download if anyone wants more information. In the top left of your screen you have a box to mark a question. I was happy with the questions and explanations of the answers in test exam 3. I was now confident to write the exam. Then did PMP fast track CD by groups. review. Read PMBOK again. Boson have 3 test banks available for PMP. The web site is www.com. If you dont know your subject matter well. The exam can be quite ambigous. At any time during the exam you have a review button at your screen. Mark Hi KG. In addition you can leave the question completely unanswered. Some stuff not in PMBOK is mostly covered in Rits's book like Theories of motivation. You just need to double click on any of the question numbers in the review . My 2 cents. Can u believe that.. Sorry for the incorrect reference..This time I was trying to memorize the I/O/Tools as well. Good luck to you all. The correct reference is boson questions. Also. PMP Hi Team.. used this to mark any question I was unsure of for later review.. I was recommended to get the 3rd one as it more closely represents the exam. Those that have no answers are marked 'I' for Those you have marked yourself are highlighted with a 'R' for I the bottom of of all question Incomplete. Thanks to Davin for pointing out the reference. Bela. do try to retain I/O/Tools to the extent you can but not very imp. Scored 90% and more.

I took the exam on Friday and passed with 163.com Hi all.rohan@vistre. This is how I prepared for the exam (in chronological order): 1) I’ve been advised of the PMI exams on a Project Management course (2 days) in last January. 3) I attended online PMP Prep Pack of IIL and I bought the Kerzner Project management Book (I found it very good.. The moment I found this group.. If you take more time on the first cut you will have less questions marked for review so won't need as much time.. In March I decided to take the exams. This is a great group. Given I was aiming 30 seconds per question for the first cut this meant I could get through all 200 questions in around 100 minutes.. It takes literally 1 to 2 seconds to jump back to the review screen and select the next marked question number you want to look. .. Its a balancing act.. I read the PM IQ questions and questions I found on form to PMI. exams or not exams). I bought the preparation book. And I started evening time and weekends Kerzner book. I made Kerzner this group. 4)On the 30th of July I send eligibility studying seriously for 7 week during the (average of 14 hours a week). I went quite quickly for the first cut as I wanted the confidence of a lot of answered questions behind me before I went through the more difficult questions.). This week I brought with me on holiday my laptop and studied about 8 hours a day. I knew I can make it. Mark Rohan mark. I read for the 3rd time PMBOOK (sounds really better than the first two times . After a small break I had 125 questions to review which I divided over the remaining time. I sincerely want to thank all of you for all the support/files/discussions.screen and are automatically taken to that question. If you are going to take this approach just make sure you keep track of the time. (after reading I realized I need something else). 2) I read for the first time PMBOOK2000 on April. 5)On the 11th September i received the eligibility letter and immediately fixed the exam for the 19th September.

. my score was 163.. many situations with differences of performance measurements and quality control.. I have been advised that all my exam would be videotaped.. It took 3 hours and 50 minutes to finish all 200 questions..6) Exam: very long time in my opinion!.. GREAT FILM!!! Forget bringing with you any scratch papers from home. Italy). Marked 70 for review. PMP Hi Subha.. ISO9000. I had many questions about quality management (gurus. mmm .. about 10 questions with EVM. After reading tons of messages from various members who have passed the exam sucessfully.. Thank you for the help and encouragement I have received from this site! And good luck to future test-takers! Angelo Bonorino. The main motivation for studying hard was the thought of losing 405 bucks :) My study plan in chronological order : (1) Took the online e-learning course to get the 35 hours from .. the books that you need to use are: 1) PMBOK 2000 2) PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy 3) SYBEX PMP Certification guide by Kim Heldman Have Fun! Jude Joseph Glad to inform you all that I took the PMP exam today in Oregon and cleared it with 168.. process and some ITTO at the beginning of the exam (I found it very useful. whatever)... ITTO. Sometimes I hardly understand questions.. I hit the end button and waited for really long 5 seconds to see PASS on the screen.. During the exams there were 2 cameras looking at me for the whole exam (I was in Milan Prometrics center. I am happy with this score considering the fact that I did not spend a whole lot of time preparing for the exam.. At about 3:59 I was so exhausted. I am currently studying for the PMP exam as well. consider to do it). the italian translation of the question was very bad and my english is not very good. I prepared for approximately 5 weeks (added a week to my initial planned duration to be absolutely sure of passing). No breaks. time was up.. I made a brain dump of AOK. some Network diagram to analyze . and I had to read over and over again . but after 10.

Took 3 days off from the work just before the exam. I could not review it. I did following seriously 1. Though I download everything from file section of this website and printed out. I took the local PMI chapter (Pittsburgh) class in Apr-May but could not keep my study steady. I did some questions set downloaded from yahoo group. Performance varied from around 65 percent to around 95 percent. Shashank SCJP2. As you can see.skillsoft. All in all. Mike for their postings. Good luck to everyone preparing for the test. (6) Solved tons of practice exams.com (2) Took the online e-learning course from http://www. I got serious about it and started spending weekends on study. I took the test last Tuesday and passed it with a score of 169. Studied PMBoK 2 to 3 times . (7) Took the exam today and passed. A big thanks to elceem for forming this group and to all the other senior members Karen. Do not expect the exam to use the same terminology or same sentence that is used in the PMBOK. Lessons learned : (1) Practice more situational questions. (4) Read the complete Kim Heldman book online once. Read the PMBOK once.PMP Hi. (Took 3 hours and 59 minutes) Needless to say. (2) Understanding the meaning of terms and other terms that may be used to refer to them.pmguruonline.com (3) Became a PMI member and got the PMBOK. (3) Do not panic if the first few questions seem difficult. (5) Read the PMBOK again. I did not use the Rita book mainly because I could not find it in the local bookstore.http://www. From beginning of August.SCJD2. binded it (separate folders for theory and questions).IBM-XML.SCWCD. this group was an invaluable resource and helped in every stage of the preparation.

Rita Flash Card (Audio as well as Paper format) .PMP Book) charmie_gupta@yahoo. (3) How do you rate the difficulty level of the exam with the 220 questions on this site ? The Dallas PMI sample questions ? The 220 questions are very good for assesing how well you have read the PMBOK.Read once and did questions in the CD multiple times. Rita Flash Card 4. we can make mutual arrangement for delivery. However if you work in any IT project. Please find my answers below : (1) How many hours of study did you dedicate for the exam? I studied only for about 5 weeks. . you are bound to come across a lot of the Project management activities whether you are a project manager or not.PMP Study Guide (Excellent condition) . Rita Mulcahy's book Reading as well as exercises . However I studied really hard (average of 4 hours on weekdays and about 16 hours on weekends (both Sat and Sun put together).2.com If somebody is from Pittsburgh area. (Somehow I recalled correct answers). Thank you very much.3 times 3. Sybex PMP Study Guide .original $90 .Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep (excellent condition) . I am a technology consultant and don't do Project management for a living. please e-mail me at (subject .original $ 48 .original $60 If you are interested. At last I had started scoring 95 to 100% in Rita as well as PMP Study Guide Question bank. (2) Did you have any background in Project management before preparation ? Not really. which is again different from the real exam. Hello KG. I think the Dallas PMI questions are very easy compared to the real thing. Frankly. Also the 220 questions do not have much situational questions. I have following material for sale asking $125 OBO (worth $200) + SH .tools and techniques and outputs. However a lot of questions among the 220 deal with questions related to inputs. The real exam hardly has a few questions relating to inputs/tools and techniques and outputs.

Usually by the process of elimination. since decomposition is not a process. The answer to 1 is scope definition. kill points. Shashank Initially I was thinking of taking 4 day prep seminar costing $2795. Later I tried to solve the practice questions available in the files section of this group. You will have to select between the remaining two answers. In the second question the keyword is technique. Read Rita's PMP Prep and then studied PMBOK one more time. Rita's book helped very much in simplifying the concepts and also the practice exam at the end of each chapter in her book helped. Rita's book helped a lot and of course all the prep questions on your site and other links suggested by you for the free practice exam. You will find a lot of them in the PMBOK itself. Are there any sources you know that provide alternative terminology? Not really. The answer to 2 is decomposition.. for example. but indicative of the type of tricky questions. is it too confusing. You have to watch out for keywords. . Read PMBOK once. Sometimes the questions can be tricky. risk register etc. In the first question. Good luck with your examination. For example.. contractor initial response. I studied for 2 weeks. didn't understand. That was sufficient.. But later just but PMBOK book for $25 on Amazon and Rita's PMP Prep book for $89. escalation notices.(4) The terminology difference. I passed with 158. Also try to know the alternate names with which different terminologies are called. the key word is process. (1) What is the process of splitting a deliverable into smaller more manageable parts called ? Is it Scope definition or Decomposition ? (2) What is the technique of splitting a deliverable into smaller more manageable parts called ? Is it Scope definition or Decomposition ? Please note that the above are not real exam questions. you can eliminate about two answers. Hope this helps . since scope definition is not a technique. Thanks.

.. Study Material used: .. Thanks for the Study Materials & help.. Today (09/28) Passed PMP.Hi everybody I passed (150) and this is the effort I put: Total 10 days In a day studied only max of 6 hours... PERT..PMBOK (Studied Twice) . My Experience: ... any person who understands plain english would know what comes first Activity definition or Activity sequence.which are peanuts. My Exam Preparation was nearly 2 months (2.. ) After reading PMBOK (Complete) Read Rita Mulchay (A very helpful course material) Read it once. (With max 2 hours at a stretch.To Clear Exam.) Remember law of dimnishing returns. ( Again the focus was on understanding the process rather than cramming..) Then did the practice tests on Rita's CD. Believe me if you have common sense and if you little experince in Project Management. Best of Luck... Project Management concepts are VERY CRITICAL . Comms channel.4th Edition. Did a thorough undertsnading of the PMBOK rather than cramming. I found this forum is most useful for Exam Preparation.for eg.. the test is a cake walk... ..Memorizing things may not help much....EVM..and I was aware of lots of processes etc.. Apart from above Books Practiced around 500 sample Questions..too much studying will confuse you more and not add any more value.Rita's PMP Exam Preparation Book ..(Studied Twice)..... understanding complete PMBOK.. The only cramming required are few formulas... (I guess the other help was that I was one of the interviewee for my companys assesment for CMM level 5. Did all the practice exercise in the book.4 hrs per day). Bhupinder Hi All..

This forum has been very useful for exam preparation. LC Just wanted to thank this group for all of the great tips and study information! Passed the test today. To clear exam. This exam really checks your knowledge. and used the following to study: . join a preparation course. Thanks.. My experience: 1.This Exam Really Test your Knowledge.you are going to reuse the figures in questions later. it is required to have a dedicated study for minimum of 2 months.Practical Project Management Knowledge will help you to some extent while answering questions. This is group helped me a lot. . acquire some preparation guides . So it is required to have dedicated effort for minimum of two months. 3. 2. I passed the PMP exam today. read PMBOK only will get you about 100 questions. I used PMBOK. So wish you all the best & Good luck. Thanks and good luck to those who are going to take the exam. use supporting materials: those from this group. Rita and Leroy Ward. I passed the exam on 29/9.I felt Rita's Book will give you the feel of Exam Expectations. understanding complete PMBOK. . So wish you all the Best & Good Luck.in order to pass the exam. Thanks Harish Dear all. Shreerama Muniyoor Hi All. so I recommend. draw diagrams in your paper . It is a good book for Exam Preparation. Project management concepts are required.

I listened to them daily on my drive to and from work. ( Not necessarily relating to your situation) Wish you all the best. They were very representative of the actual test.Form a study group. Rita 4th edition 3. I had Leroy's book. Regards Gaiyas Hi All Passed the PMP today with a 162. 2. The most important thing to do to succeed is: 1. Still i would advise you that you need to practise more sets of Questions. however. Rita's book was much more helpful. PMP FASTrack Studied for about 5 weeks (about 100 hours).1. PMP I just passed a couple of weeks ago with a 163. I did. get a lot of benefit from the audio CDs that Leroy Ward and Carl Pritchard put out from ESI. Cliff Dear Naresh. Ultimately. Read Kerzner. Hope this helps. Hi i do have similar experience and years like you. Tony Kovinchick. Thanks to everyone who posted in .Do practice tests. Time is important. PMBOK 2. The EXperience brings insight but the answer to Questions are based on ideal conditions as described in PMBOK. you can get a lot from the CDs.Understand the PMBOK (did not memorize ITTO). 3. So if your commute is around 30 minutes one way. One had Rita's book. Leroy's questions are just too long and not really representative of the test. Good luck to all that have not taken the test. I gave up on Leroy's book and only used Rita's book for the last few weeks. develop the "mental frame" in responding to questions. As you mentioned. Rodney Turner. This kept me focused and motivated. Gray Larson atleast Once. I studied with two other guys.

PMP Exam Cram and Leroy Ward.this group.T. sometimes too much experience might work against you if the project management methodology you have been following on your projects is not similar to the PMI methodology. I spent last 2 months preparing for the exam. Thanks Muthuswamy Dear All. Thanks John H with the But that PMBOK & prep & I took practice tests from Rita. Rita's material was very similar to the exam. However. was made possible by information here along with using the Rita's book.S While 12 years of experience managing projects is a great asset for the exam. In fact. It is like learning to drive on the right side of the road after driving on the left for a few years. In extreme cases. Books Used: PMBOK Rita a score of Also the PMPCert-PMINotes v5. Read both three times along with taking a PMP the practice tests I found here. The information. you will have to go through an unlearning phase before you can start learning the PMI way of managing a project. Muthuswamy. Use the PMBOK as the bible for the exam and practice lots of scenario based questions. practice tests. Before starting the tutorial. I assume you have been studying for quite a while. I did a brain dump which helped me throughout the exam. etc were all a great help examin. I cleared the PMP Certification today with 167.doc from this site was very much useful during the last few days. since you have completed the 35 contact hours in Feb 03. Take as many sample exams as possible in the same . that alone is not sufficient to clear the exam. The examin wasn't as difficult as I had expected. Thanks.

yancy. this time i noted down all my answers under 3 different category. About the exam: I didnt do any brain dump during the initial tutorial time. Information and material posted on this group was immensely helpful.com/cfm/hm_pg_content_page. you should be able to do well on the real exam. The practice exam in the Kim Heldman book is good. Then i reviewed all the questions which were marked for review (38 of them).. http://www. It was pretty fast i finished answering all 200 questions in around than 90 minutes.org.SCWCD.cfm?var=137 Actually the Hi All Passed the PMP today with a 160. Mahesh Good article on the value of a PMP and why you need it. I feel questions from the files section in this group and chapter end questions from Rita's are more than enough.. If you are able to get more than 80 percent on this exam. Then i started all over again to go through all the questions..PMP . I took the exam this afternoon. and marked the questions which i was doubtful. PMPCert-PMINotes v5.SCJD2.kind of environment that you would expect in the real exam. whole site is pretty good. I passed PMP with the score of 172 yesterday.doc was very very useful for me to revise all the topics this morning. Shashank SCJP2. Studied for 3 months on and off.IBM-XML. after a preparation of 3 months with PMBOK. I didn't buy any question banks or simulated exam and as an afterthought. Other than the material posted on this group. sample tests posted in this group and also in www. I started answering. I used PMBOK and Rita's book. Thanks to everyone who posted in this group. Rita's Book. X (answer almost sure) Y (questions where i narrowed down to 2 answers and also .pmousa. Good luck with your exam.

Good understanding of . 4. but I passed. Wouldn't have minded a 137 either. Score 156 . Hello all. Very happy with the score.9 + y*0. and some scratch paper.25 i got figure of 158. PMBOK 2000 hard copy and CD Rita's Book Rita's Fast Track CD PMP training course (3 days) ESI Intl. Take your breaks at your scheduled times.78%. 3. Portable PMP Prep CD's with J. a basic calculator. 2. This really helps. LeRoy Ward Good luck to all. Take a 200 question exam in a simuated environment at least once. I thought I'd share a list of study aids in the order of effectivness for me: 1. Then i pressed the END button and waited for nervous and loong few seconds to see my score and result.5 + z*0. Impression: Most questions are situational. score as I would have liked.questions of doubt) and Z (never heard or no clues about these questions) in the end i calculated the probable score by x*0. a pencil. 5. Do your brain dump and proceed with the questions. Good luck! Karen I took the test on 9/29 and passed with a 153. It's not as high a For the benefit of those yet to take the exam. Close yourself off with a timer. Passed the PMP yesterday. Good luck to all PMP Aspirants and thanks again for all the postings in this site Regards Ganesh S I recommend that for your final weeks and days you do the following: Read the PMBOK Glossery every day Take a sample test every day Practice your brain dump (if you intend to do one) every day.

CTM. -Never completed the Kim Heldman book end-to-end. (Might not work for all). Reference materials from this group. CPPM. -Do any kind of stress-reduction activity the day prior to the exam. wish I had it early in my preparation) Solved lots of practice exams. I and Os.. -Never completed one full test (200 questions) during preparation. The test actually measures the "application" of the knowledge. -Read questions well and even more . And repeat that after the exam too. -Braindump of key equations helps but application of equations is what is important. All the best to aspiring PMPs. Study Technique/Materials used: -Never completed the PMBOK end-to-end. -Common Sense. . each time unmarking some of them till I unmarked all of them. -Completed a Certificate in Project and Program Management from UCSC Extension almost a year back. -No need to memorize T&T.processes. their implications and their intent required to answer these questions. I personally went over my marked questions 4 extra times. Suggestions: -Understand the application of Processes. CL (finally feels good to be a PMP) Glad to inform you all that I took the PMP exam yesterday in Hyderabad and passed with 165. understanding what they signify is important. -Feel free to Mark as many questions as you want.. Good Luck. MCA. tools and techniques. I found it very hard to study) PMP Exam Prep 4th edition by Rita Mulcahy (studied twice) PMPTools Simulated Test Bank software PMP Role Delineation Study by PMI. You will only go over these questions after your first pass. excellent resource for planning preparation strategy. Material used: PMP Study guide by Kim Heldman (studied twice) PMBOK (not able to complete even once. (Might not work for all). SN PMP. However. (Might not work for all).read the answers provided. (Clearly defines the test criteria.

For the questions I am 100% sure. This was a real help in that they gave us lots of material to help us focus. Took a break and completed the 25 questions using review unanswered questions feature. the book was copyrighted July 2003 so it appeared to be very new. Thank you all for sharing all your questions/answers.Took a PMP prep class from ESI INternational via my employer.Couldnt get motivated in beginning. Ravindra Hello everyone.) As luck would have it. . It is quite different in the exam.SPent about 100 hours studying. done an extensive memory dump. I had reached the end and there were 25 unanswered questions. During exam: After the tutorial. I had not answered. most of the questions I had practiced. How I prepared . Used the following strategy during first pass. After 1 hour.I think I may have done it a little differently. we got the following books: PMP Challenge (600 practice questions in form of flash cards) ESI practice test book ( it had a 40 question test at end of every chapter and a 200 question test simulation at end. but I needed the time pressure to get off my lazy butt and get going!!!! . For long questions and math's questions. Good luck to those of you preparing for the test. In other words.I studied for nearly 100 hours over the past 3 months. selected the option and marked the question for review. For the questions I am not 100% sure. Thanks & Regards. I can easily eliminate 3 options. so I tried to review all the questions from start. . In addition to class materials. This group really helped to solidify things in my mind. At this moment little less than 2 hours remaining. Then reviewed the questions that I had marked for review (~ 50). Lessons learned : Practice more situational questions that have more than 1 correct answer. So stopped the review and hit the end button. but in the end it was not required at all. This is backwards for most people. I did the following: . I just wanted to share that I passed my pmp exam last saturday with a 161 score. So I scheduled my exam THEN started studying. selected the option. but this time I am finding multiple answers to be correct during the first 20 questions.

This kept me current. Best of luck to anyone out there studying. ESI was much clearer with explainations as to why a question was what it was. . Used PMP challenge in follwoing way.Did most of the other things to prepare that people said in prior notes. It pointed you to a page in the pmbok or a textbook.Read PMBOK cover to cover . One curve ball they threw at me had to do with a network diagram. Then about 20 questions later. Moral of story: save any calcs cleanly and neatly off to the side as you may need them again. this tool timed you in the practice exam and scored you in each section so you could track performance.LOTS of situations: what would you do. But quesstions were spaced like 10+questions apart. From there. I will continue to monitor the emails from the . it became so much more clear to me what the key docs were and what you were trying to do within each flow.FInished pass 1 within 3 hours .Hardcover PMBOK An automated tool called PM Powertrack by Mamagement Concepts Inc (another training company). His work on the files section of the group website is greatly appreciated. outputs and TT's. but no explaination whatsoever.Very little number crunching with math formulas . In addition. they show me THE SAME diagram with slightly different working to make it look like a new question.. I saw 1-2 more questions with SAME NW diagram so I used original drawing. WHen I saw the whole process flow and the in/tt/outs. planning. execution. I did my NW diagram on separate piece of paper in pencil. BUT IT WASNT. execution and control. relationships. what would u do FIRST. I took an old poster board and wrote out the process flows as outlined in ch3 of the PMBOK. I have been a silent member for a few months.Studyed the first 2 above cover to cover. Hope this helps someone out there like others have helped me. However 1 thing I did that wasnt mentioned earlier had to do with studying for the 5 processes (initiation. control. It really helped me in my exam. what does this do to task Y. This was nothing more than lots and lots of test questions. As luck would have it. etc. The 2nd question asked if we change float on B to x. not sure I would actually buy the PMPowertrack thing myself. The questions were ok. WIthin each process box I wrote the inputs. Same diagram. I did this for planning. and it enabled me to find answers and study material quickly. but didnt really resemble the type of questions I got in the exam. Also. Go for it!!!!! I'm proud to say that I passed my PMP testing today and wanted to thank everyone participating in this group. Spent 1 hour/day on 1 chapter of flash cards for 2 months before exam. I have used the emails being shared to answer my own questions as well as get a better understanding of issues I believed I had a handle on. Got this courtesy of my employer. if you got a question wrong it wasn't real clear what the solution was. I did submit a question on calculating PV and got a most insightful and easy method to obtaining my answer. As I studying the PMBOK I was having trouble relating chapters 4-11 knowledge areas to the IPECC process flow. but it helped me see the whole thing and see trends. It was nothing fancy or pretty. closing). They gave ma a NW diagram question and I had to do start-finish for whole thing to answer a question abou float. I merely marked up old doc with new data and quickly got answer. I would recommend this exercise. . etc. A special thank you to ELCEEM. Overall. They had practice questions for both process groups and knowledge areas as well as a 200 question simulated test. So here is what i did. MY EXAM: . different calculation.

The only words of wisdom I'll pass on to those still studying for the exam is that you must read and understand the PMBOK.net Greetings fellow PMers!! First time poster and wanted to share my experience on the PMP examination. I did stop short a few times but that was after I had taken a number of test and felt pretty good about my knowledge. There is a difference between real world experience and how the PMI organization is scoring you on the test.e. I will say the test was much easier than most of the test questions I came across. 4th edition). I did not read the PMBOK. as well as use as many test questions as possible. PM Fasttrack CD (Mulcahy). I also used the PMBOK to read over the glossary. it's not a matter of knowing the material. Quality Assurance = "Overall or confidence" and Quality Control = "specifc"). It made me see patterns and key words to some of the questions (i. Good Luck!!! Elizabeth Hazel liz4200@bellsouth. organizing the material in a way that made more sense to me. After going through the PMP Exam Prep. I refered back to PMBOK for subjects that I didn't understand or wanted more information on. I must have taken 10 or so 200 question exam simulations. I went and searched out more information in the PMBOK. So to sumerize some things that I did and did not do that I see a . I went back and took the PMP simulation tests again. It has always helped me becuase it forces me to go over everything. I forced myself to complete it all. I turned to the PM Fasttrack CD. PMP Exam Prep (Rita Mulcahy. You don't neccessariloy have to do this. This helped out a lot. if I started a 200 question simulation. It was taking me around 2 hours to complete the simulations. but how to take the test and pass. For the most part. as I feel these communications can be a valued source for reference and clarification as I continue to advance my PMP career. I typed out each chapter in the PMP Exam Prep. For most of us. I then went through the PM Fasttrack CD and took questions from specific process groups so I could focus more on a single process group at a time.group. If I didn't understand something in the glossary. I only went to it looking for specific information on topics. After going through the process groups answering questions. I scored 90% twice and that was good enough for me. PREPARATION FOR THE EXAM: I used only the following: PMBOK.

Bring ear plugs. I don't think I would have passed without the simulation exams. Just "mark" it and go back when you have some questions under you belt. . I actually moved my test date up a week becuase I was tired of studying anymore. When you get stuck on question 3/200 it can be very discomforting. I am open for questions. I found those posts to be the most valuable so I am hoping someone can use this info. Version 5. ABOUT THE EXAM: It took me approximately 2. it took me around 4 weeks of intense studying.DON'T DO THIS! In preparation.DID NOT read the PMBOK. I really appreciated the feddback posted in here from others that passed the exam. . All in all.Yancy.3 times Extensive use of the notes on this site . My testing center had head-sets and I am gld they did. The institution offering the prep course had an old version of Rita's CD. I also wrote last Thursday and passed with 170.lot of questions on.5 hours to complete. attended a PMP prep course over 10 weeks which ended in August.. and . There is something to be said for having gone through all of the questions. The simulation questions and the PMP questions were a good match. I have not bought Rita's. . Some of my experiences : The test centre was 5 min walk from my office so I went in early to have a final "refresh" but landed up having to deal with a minor work crisis which threw me slightly .. or any other books.DID NOT learn how to calculate NPV. It's worth the money. After learning the material this came naturally. The guy across from me kept pounding on the keyboard as he was typing away and I considered picking up my PC and throwing it on his head. .DID use the simulation exams as my primary source for studying.DID learn the rest of the formulas. It makes you feel more optimistic about the ones that you need to go back an review. Good luck!! Hi. Only referenced it like a dictionary. I "marked" all of the questions that looked to be difficult or required extensive calculations or thought.DID NOT memorize inputs/outputs. I didn't want my brain to sizzle too quickly so I saved these for the end. . Anyhoo. WARNING: You will need to retake the exam if you crush someone sitting next to you with your PC. and I did about 4 full length tests. Other material included : PMBOK .

it should not be too difficult to get the PMP title. Good luck. and as a thank you to those in this group who have helped me pass. I found the questions generally easier than expected.selecting this will NOT exit the exam. Don't be thrown by the "END" at the end of the tutorial . and have a corresponding answer in the choices if mis-read. I can't stress the importance of doing practice questions. A BIG THANKS to the moderator as well. There were also some where all four choices seemed correct (based on by 14 yrs project management experience).quite a few others in the form of presentations etc Lots and lots of practice questions.2) review the course notes 4. but just the tutorial. I found that the exam was not too difficult if you understand well the principles behind the PMBOK. and take you to the exam. I finished in 2 hours. as some of the questions are worded in a tricky fashion. I kept notes of those practice questions I got horribly wrong. I had a calculator. Some questions were simple one-liners. then did the tutorial. together with Ver 5 notes as my main Key-points summary prior to the exam. I took the exam yesterday and passed!!! experiences: Here are some of my . then spent a further 45 min reviewing EVERY question.1) reread the PMBOK 4. and used these. It is not a question of knowning by heart the content of the PMBOK but rather to assimilate the PMI philosophy and being able to apply it to the different situations that are proposed in the exam. This was just as well. but did not have to use it. This site is about the best resource I have found. I guess I need to share my own experience too. Did a brain dump during the tutorial period.3) take a lot of practices tests It requires discipline but for someone with a fair amount of experience in project management. I intend over the next few days to add to the Ver 5 notes based on my experience. My recommendations: 1)Read the PMBOK 2)Take some sample quiz 3)Take a prep exam course (it helps a lot in putting thing together) 4)Take the exam within the following month and in the mean time: 4. The exam itself : Got there early. and was allowed to start immediately. but others were quite extensive. Its a relief to have passed.

I can't believe how much sharing and support is here. in fear of not passing. so that I could be study free for Thanksgiving. One thing is for sure. along with all the other material in the notes file. that you have to put some study time in to pass this exam.I took the ILL exam prep course Kernzer. I want to thank everyone and the moderator of this group. which just put everything into place and started with the trandumper tests. This group. it is difficult to say if the exam was difficult. It took me about 3 hr. mostly of the formulas. and I purchased the Kim Heldner if you are taking a prep class. Trandumper – or as many pc based exams. a brain dump. and on weekends during the last month (increased it to 8 hrs). As for setting a test date. and I did review some of my work but not all in the last hour. Thanks much for all of the help! RS Hi All . This came in real handy. That's why try to take it as soon as possible after a prep class. This was mostly taking the practice exams. I am so relieved its over. realized that I was not ready. My strongest recommendation is take the exam as soon as possible. This played a huge part in my passing. I just got real tired of the stuff. The trandumper files are great. The day before the test I took the Super PMP and got ~86%. I had originally set it for Nov. Don't put if off. With all the studying I did (started back in Sept). what a valuable asset this is. I am glad to inform the group that I cleared my PMP Exam with a score of 158 on Dec 8th 2003 . while everything is still fresh. This was good practice as to what to expect. Good luck to everyone who is planning to take the exam. I had done what so many people recommend. Kim Heldner 3. I went through each Knowledge Area getting between 65-75% correct. Rita Prep 4. My schedule was everyday for 3 hrs. I tried to over study. That's when I got the Kim Heldner book. During the exam tutorial. So as part of it I used A friend loaned me her Rita prep book book. I wasn't use to taking pc-based tests and this really helped prep for the long exam and staring at a screen for so long. the PMIQ CD and PMBOK. a year ago. but in taking the tests. . then I immediately retook it getting 85-95%. I read PMBOK one time and then hit Rita's questions hard. be difficult to get back into the My Recommendation is 1. now its time to start to live again. 5. PMBOK 2. I found it to swing of studying.

available around but only some of them are really useful . I finished all the Questions in 2Hrs.. Trinia M.-) Best Regards.T.55 mins and review got over in another 15 mins .. Time : It is more than sufficient for any one . What is more important is to understand the processes and Definitions thoroughly (Don't by heart). I did go through the files and found a lot of useful study guides and practice exams. Study Material used: . . Most of them will be one or two liners.Practice exams Good luck to everyone preparing for the exam and pass the test . PMP Advocate Health Care Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share my great news that I passed the exam this morning .T) on the first try today! Even though I did not post here. There is wealth of info. I would say 75-80 hours of sincere study would be sufficient for any one with a resonable amount of PM experience .Rita Mulcahy's book . don't overkill urself .PMBOK (I actually read it twice!) .. Be prepared for Situational Questions . Important Note : Don't expect Very lengthy Questions . pl.I read PMBOK and Rita atleast Twice completely and did take some Practise tests which gave me lot of confidence .her book is very good for making sense of the order in which processes are to be performed. My advise to aspirants is . Just wanted to share my good news! I passed the test (P. The Technic that I thouroughly applied while taking the exam was RTQ (Read the Question)and RTA(Read The Answer) Thanks and Rgds Nagesh Hello All. Tabb.Kim Heldman's book <-. MBA.

PMP .. but I personally could not make sense of it and saved myself the headache and frustration of it all. (4) PMP Exam Online Prep Test (http://www.Practiced questions from: (1) Rita's book. (it may be helpful to some.) Thank youu to everyone who have posted questions and comments to this group! It is definitely a great resource!!!! Akon E.which means I went through it twice! . Ekpo.Read Kim Heldman's book . (3) PMI Sample questions. only went over what I was going to braindump for the exam NOTHING MORE (this keeps the test anxiety to a minimum) What I did NOT do: .) . (2) Kim's book & CD.Read Rita Mulcahy's book (3rd & 4th editions. What I did: .net/pmponline-self-test/75-free-questions.Referenced PMBOK for clarification .Day before the exam.htm) .with a score of 161..vlp.Memorize ITTOs.

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