Choosing a Career from a Holistic Health Perspective
By: Melanie Henderson Patricia Ricketts Veronica Owens

Inspirational Quotes
‡ Quote: ³Blessed is he who has found his work. Let him ask no other blessing.´ Ravi Dykema

What is Holistic Health?
‡ The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes; both internal and external, and offers multi dimensional ³healing´, as opposed to specific ³cures´. It is concerned with one¶s propensity toward disease as it is with its transmission.

nutritional supplements. emotions. relaxation. holistic health combines the best of modern science diagnosis mentoring techniques with both ancient and innovative health promotion methods. These include: natural diet and herbal remedies.spiritual . exercise. mind. and spiritual life.What is Holistic Health (cont¶d) ‡ Taking into account one¶s body. psycho.

What is Holistic Health (cont¶d) ‡ counseling. given the proper support. ‡ It addresses not only symptoms. his or her current life predicament. meditation. . breathing exercises. including family life. and other self-regulatory practices. and religious beliefs. job. but also the entire person. The fundamental premise is that your body knows to be well.

´ By finding work that offers us integrity. service.How Does Holistic Health Apply to Choosing a Career? ‡ How does HH apply to choosing a career? Work is art and ³it is deeply linked to our sense of who we are and our relationship to the universe. it is possible to find work that fulfills and stay financially sound at the same time. . and excellence. enjoyment.

THAT IS THE PASSION).How Does Holistic Health Apply to Choosing a Career? (cont¶d) ‡ Through meaningful work. rather than just survive. You can translate your passion for what you love into a profession by identifying the thing you love to do and feeling that passion (FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIVE IN. we can live. .

.Our Journey ‡ In researching this project some personal observations we have made regarding finding the best career: ‡ 1. your strengths. The most important step is investing time in yourself to explore your passions. your interests all prejudices aside.

Many careers that we thought were ³dream careers´ are really out there! . ‡ There are innumerable types of Careers.Our Journey ‡ Just as valuable as books and websites are activities and friends that bring out the best in you and allow you to examine your passions and choose a mode of excellence.

Our Journey ‡ Invest a significant amount of time exploring and researching through every mode you can think of. . ‡ ask people who seem happy what they do for a living ‡ the internet is invaluable.

.EXCELLENCE We have found that discovering a satisfying career is about daily choosing a life of excellence.

.Our Journey ‡ Walk down the street looking at people and stores and businesses with a new paradigm of where you could be that you would passionately enjoy and feel rewarded.

‡ They are inspirations of how to begin your career search and how to view that process and path of discovery. .EXCELLENCE ‡ The following are quotes and definitions of excellence.

p 38.EXCELLENCE ‡ ³Excellence is a matter of intention.´ ± Issue Oprah Magazine. Dec . Aim to be fully present for whatever happens. even when things don¶t go your way.then see how much richer your life is.

Creating Time for introspection and vision«´ -Melanie . what your dreams are and what it will take to achieve them.EXCELLENCE ‡ ³Excellence is stopping consistently to figure out what you really want. who you really are.

something that¶s in all us. novelist .´ ±George Elliot.´Tina Turner ‡ ³ Excellence encourages one about life generally. I think. a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered. it shows the spiritual wealth of the world.EXCELLENCE ‡ ³The real power behind whatever successes I have now was something I found within myself.

then see how much richer your life is. even when things don¶t go your way.´ ± Ralph Waldo Emerson Oprah magazine.´ ± ‡ ³None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone. December issue. .EXCELLENCE ‡ ³Excellence is a matter of intention. p 38. Aim to be fully present for whatever happens.

‡ ³When someone is truly centered, then that person is the definition of excellence, no matter what it is that he or she is doing.´Audra McDonald, NY actress

‡ Another component is INTENTION and placing things in our lives that REMIND us of WHO WE ARE and our intentions. We love Bill Cosby¶s quote: ‡ ³I gave all of my children names beginning with E, for Excellence. Because a baby comes into the world pure, unaffected and fragile. The E names remind us of the excellence we continually have to strive for in caring for that baby.´- Bill Cosby

EXCELLENCE ‡ Why don¶t we choose a nickname of excellence for ourselves to remind us of who we are?


‡ Below are a few of the most respected approaches: .Career Approaches ‡ There are many different theories or approaches in discovering the career that is the perfect match for you.


‡ The Holland Codes assess clients in six different areas: .CAREER CHOICE APPROACHES ‡ This assessment was pioneered by John Holland and is often referred to as the Holland Codes.

Conventional ±3.Investigative ±4.Enterprising ±5.CAREER CHOICE APROACHES ‡ The Holland Code (cont¶d) ±1.Social ±6.Artistic . Realistic ±2.

.CAREER CHOICE APPROACHES ‡ The Holland Codes (cont¶d) ‡ Holland then gives each person a "code' based on their strengths in two or three areas and then provides them with a list of jobs that match these strengths. broad categories such as banker. teacher. ‡ The criticisms of the Holland Codes is the job matches are in very traditional. etc.

.CAREER CHOICE APPROACHES ‡ The Holland Codes (cont¶d) The Meyers-Briggs Test is an excellent tool that is based upon a combination of the Holland Theory and the following Personality Assessment Approach.


CAREER CHOICE APPROACHES Personality Assessment ±The following are Personality Descriptions: .

genuine. assembly-line worker. ‡ Shy. ‡ JOBS: ‡ Mechanic. farmer . persistent. drill press operator. strength. conforming.Career Personality: REALISTIC ‡ Realistic: ‡ Prefers physical activities that require skill. stable. and coordination. practical.

news reporter . mathematician. economist. and understanding . organizing. original. curious.Career Personality: INVESTIGATIVE ‡ Investigative: Prefers activities that involve thinking. ‡ Analytical. independent ‡ ‡ JOBS ‡ Biologist.

friendly. counselor. cooperative.Career Personality: SOCIAL ‡ Social: Prefers activities that involve helping and developing others. teacher. clinical psychologist . understanding ‡ JOBS ‡ Social workers. ‡ Sociable.

corporate manager. file clerk . bank teller. efficient. and unambiguous activities.Career Personality: CONVENTIONAL ‡ Conventional: ‡ Prefers ruleregulated. unimaginative. ‡ Conforming. inflexible ‡ JOBS ‡ Accountant. orderly. practical.

Career Personality: ENTERPRISING ‡ Enterprising: ‡ Prefers verbal activities in which there are opportunities to influence others and attain power. public relations specialist. ‡ Self-confident. real estate agent. small business manager . ambitious. energetic. domineering ‡ JOBS ‡ Lawyer.

musician. writer. ‡ Imaginative. emotional. disorderly.Career Personality: ARTISTIC ‡ Artistic: ‡ Prefers ambiguous and unsystematic activities that allow creative expression. impractical ‡ JOBS ‡ Painter. interior decorator . idealistic.

.Job Fit Theory ‡ Another approach on Career Personalities.Personality.

and writing more than anything? Or do you enjoy hands-on projects. and science are more your thing. research.Personality. Do you like music. ‡ If you are interested in what profession your personality is suited for check out your CAREER PERSONALITY PROFILE . art. it may be directing you towards a Career. crafts and building? Maybe experiments.Job Fit Theory ‡ What do you like to do? What ever it is.

or a research lab technician. Keep reaching for the stars and you may end up finding a new planet! THINKER: . and enjoy working on extra curricular activities in your free time. You want to absorb all there is to know about the world. police detective. journalists. You are a perfect candidate to become a professional tutor. marine biologist.Job Fit Theory ‡ Your family and friends can be sure to find you in a library or science lab.Personality.

like a kindergarten or preschool teacher. while molding the minds of children. exhibit all your talents. So you are best suited for a career as a social worker. painter. writer. Imagine a day of playing house. or a job that will. and finger painting.Job Fit Theory ‡ Although you work well with others.Personality. That¶s a pretty cool opportunity! FEELER . Your idea of a great Sunday afternoon is having the house to yourself so you can work on your latest masterpiece. You are in touch with the world around you and how others are feeling. you really prefer to go it alone.

Keep that in mind when applying for your next job. You¶re always jumping in to help fix things and prefer to be working on a hands-on project than reading the latest mystery novel. or Firefighter. You are best suited for a career like: a Seamstress.Job Fit Theory ‡ When push comes to shove. Gardener.Personality. It¶s never too early to start! REACTOR . Mechanic. people look to you to get the job done. Carpenter.

ut.psyc.doi.Personality.harvey.Job Fit Theory ‡ Personality.Job Fit Theory ‡ Related sites: ‡ Jobs Analysis and Personality .edu ‡ Connecting Personality Types with Careers and Jobs www.

.CAREER APPROACHES ‡ The last Career Approach we will explore was designed by Steve Miller who studied the above as well as many other approaches and tried to take Career Assessment to the next level. ‡ This Approach appears to be the most Holistic Theory of all we came across.


The Implicit Career Search ‡ The Implicit Career Search: ‡ It¶s foundation is based on the work of Dr. among other books. Will Schultz. . an American leader in the human potential movement and author of "The Human Element" and "Joy³.

Implicit Career Search ‡ The Implicit Career Search encourages career changers to take an inward journey deeper than the level of personality to look at: ‡ BEHAVIOR ‡ FEELINGS ‡ SELF-CONCEPT and ‡ one's very ESSENCE in order to .

a work purpose statement. The Implicit Career Search takes the individual through a planning process to arrive at a strategy for developing that work purpose into a career decision.The Implicit Career Search ‡ arrive at a personal mission statement and from that. ‡ Building on that. .

but take one through the process of a: ‡ Hero¶s Journey. an ‡ Inner Journey.The Implicit Career Search ‡ This is a complex theory. and finally ‡ Outer Journey .

. ‡ and for developing that career through increasing levels of holarchy from Craftsperson to Creator. from personal through to essence. ‡ It is an attempt career decisions at various levels of depth.The Implicit Career Search.

that place where resides the growing embryo of a growing intelligence. a special intelligence usually buried under the immense weight of social shams. 1985 .The Implicit Career Search ‡ 1. No Boundary.³ -Ken Wilber. Inner Journey ‡ The point is that individuals were making satisfying career decisions based on a contribution they wished to release to the world and were able to develop solid career plans from that basis ‡ Discovering One¶s Purpose ‡ The Holy Grail of this journey is the individual's Work Purpose and it seems to be located in one's very soul or: essence . Shambhala.

That which is created comes from essence and is a necessary part of evolution. The creator is freed from the restraints of attachments and is invincible and defense-less.The Implicit Career Search ‡ 2. The acorn has become an oak. craftsperson + manager + leader + expert. ‡ . The Outer Journey ‡ The creation contributed by the implicit career is the culmination of the previous four stages.

The Implicit Career Search ‡ The Craftsperson Stage ‡ 1. The Craftsperson asks what skills do I have or need to acquire for this job? ‡ 2. The goal is to transition to the next stage. . We all start at this first stage. The craftsperson is focused upon jobs that are present and accessible. the Creator Stage.

The Implicit Career Search ‡ The Creator ± What Do I do that no one else does? The Expert ± Where do I focus my learnings? The Leader ± How do I combine my skills with others? The Manager .

The Implicit Career Search ± How do I organize and market these skills? The Craftsperson ‡ Today's heroes make the shift from an industrial mindset to an informational one by changing their job search approach from. "Who can provide me with a job?" to "What do I have to contribute?" .

The Implicit Career Search ‡ As the individual develops the career along these lines the mission and work purpose statements evolve from centering on: ‡ self-family-nation-world-spirit. .

implicitjourney.Implicit Career Search ‡ For further information on the approach of the ³Implicit Career Search´ see the website: ‡ .


CAREERS IN HOLISTIC HEALTH ‡ Resources for Careers in Holistic Health ± library.American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) .htm ‡ See Therapy and Holistic Health Careers.Career Choice ‡ See next page . Excellent. general/careers/health. Has info on many other links and career guides.leeuniversity.

‡ An excellent resource with more valuable links within.CAREERS IN HOLISTIC HEALTH ‡ American Holistic Health Association Web page: http://ahha.html ‡ Includes: Associations. everything from Acupuncture and Aromatherapy to Pain Management and Holistic .

html ‡ JFK University has a number of Holistic Health Oriented Degrees and Certificates including. ± Transformative Arts ± Consciousness Studies ± Holistic Health Education IN HOLISTIC HEALTH ‡ JFK University¶s website: http://www.

Dream Studies and Life Coaching Certificates are also offered. The website defines and describes each of these programs of study in more detail. .CAREERS IN HOLISTIC HEALTH JFK University Holistic Health Graduate Degrees -Integral Psychology ± Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in: ± ± ± Holistic Studies (Campbell) Somatic Psychology (Orinda) Transpersonal Psychology (Orinda)\.

Excellent General Career Related Websites .

95 and worth from my ‡ IQ Tests.EMode. Detailed results are $29. Personality tests and more« ‡ All tests have FREE initial results and have the option to purchase a more detailed analysis. Career/Right Job tests.Excellent General Career Related Websites ‡ www. .

assessment.99. ‡ Has FREE 70 question career matching test. Even free more limited evaluation is valuable. .Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential. Then for further tools and more complete report is $ ‡ Website for MAPP.Excellent Career Related Websites ‡ www.

) . ‡ www.a holistic approach ‡ ticle1022. (See: Get Career Advice but has career-choosing resources and resume-builder resources as well.Excellent Career Related Websites ‡ Valuable STRESS RELIEF STRATEGIES and Well known resume posting board.html Creating PROSPERITY.

com ‡ includes more resources. books. MBA¶s. many of which are helpful. ‡ TrueCareers.Excellent Career Related Websites ‡ www.wetfeet. a link to ‡ www.FlipDog. articles and ‡ Includes resume posting and other services similar to monsterboard. ³Live to Work or Work to Live: That is the Question´ article is fantastic. undergrads. with great links within the article! . etc. stress management. Includes career articles. training and ‡ See Career Resources ‡ See RESOURCE CENTER tab which includes. for career changers.

Slay The Four Voices of Doubt Another Helpful Tool: .

.Slay The Four Voices of Doubt ‡ Another Helpful Tool: ‡ 1. Voice of Gloom and Doom: That¶s the idea that says ³ I can¶t really do what I want to do and make a living at it. ‡ 2.´ Just stay in line with the rest of us´. Better not think about it´. they¶re likely to get a lot of negative feedback to being happy in the job. if someone says ³I would really love to do this´. ³The ³who do you think you are´ attitude. Voice of conformity: Since so many people are unhappy in their work.

society.Slay The Four Voices of Doubt (cont¶d) ‡ 3. the economy. mercury in retrograde.´ . whatever it is. ³There¶s something out there that¶s stopping me. Voice of Self-Diminishment: ³Am I good enough?´ ³Can I make it?´ ³Do I have the ability?´« ‡ 4. Voice of Idle complaint: The general sense that the deck is stack against you.

Slay The Four Voices of Doubt (cont¶d) ‡ The Antidote: seeing you as the hero in respect to work. Enjoyment. Service. ‡ Uses the ISEE formula by author Laurence G Boldt for how to find work you love: Integrity. In other words. . and Excellence. seeking what it is that you¶re looking for. but you are on this quest in the game of life¶s¶ work. the one who goes on the quest. You may not be clear yet.

Choose a meaningful Career. Do More than Survive« Choose to EXCEL!!! .

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