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Promotion Cycling

Promotion Cycling

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Published by: Davide Burgalassi on Oct 25, 2010
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Cyclists are vulnerable to motorised vehicles and they may feel more at risk under poor
cycling conditions due to insufficient cycle path infrastructure. Safety and a sense of
security are significant factors in making cycling a better option. A sense of security is the
cyclists’ subjective perception of the risk of being run over. This perception may be based
on direct experience of dangerous situations in traffic or merely a purely subjective

It is vital that cyclists are visible to motorists at junctions and also that cyclists are aware
of cars. One means of increasing road users’ awareness of each other is to bring them
physically closer together. Figure 7 reports the number of cyclists fatalities per million
citizens from an EU 25 survey in 2005.

Policy Department B: Structural and Cohesion Policies



Figure 7: Number of cyclists’ fatalities in EU 25 (2005)

Source: CARE database, EU DG-TREN

Latvia is the country with the highest number of cyclists’ fatalities, followed by other
eastern EU countries. It should be noted that Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and
Finland have a higher number of cyclists than Spain and Greece, for example, but have the
fewest reported fatalities. The following paragraphs report some examples of policies which
could promote cycling safety. The possible measures are related both to infrastructure
design and traffic calming and to cyclists’ training and behaviour.

The Danish Ministry of Transport published the strategic document ‘Promotion of safe
cycling’, to provide local bodies with guidelines and a list of possible measures to improve
road safety (see Table 6).

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