Sharing Good Practices

Sharing and Learning Good practice


DED Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (FORUM member) - operation since1963 - 16 000+ experienced and committed technical advisers - active in 46 countries - staff: 150 + 150 on country site

HVSF Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation (FORUM member) - operation since 2003 - 51+ experienced volunteer - active in 6 countries - staff: 0 + 0 (operated by 5 volunteers)


Content of the common project:

• • •

Thanks to the cooperation, since 2008, also Hungarian volunteers/technical

assistant can participate in German development projects. • The operative co-ordinators are working together– planning and analysing the

applications and the opportunities.

In practice:
• • • •

Hungarian applicant manager was in Bonn for 1,5 Some of the DED’s bulletins was translate and

Month to understand DED’s internal processes

printed out on Hungarian In Hungary there are - not regularly - announcements

for DED project In every 3 weeks there is a DED system presentation

for the interested people


HVSF helps in the e-application process
DED invites, the possible applicant based on the CV DED…..

Advantages for HVSF:
• As HVSF doesn’t have own project, with this

cooperation we can continuously offer projects to our applicants • visit • We got documents We could learn internal processes by the staff

Practical issues (bank, visa, embassies,….)
We will have experienced volunteers One is working in Mozambique

Two are finishing the application presses

Lessions learned:
• Not only for the government but also for the

Hungarian people the international volunteering is a new and curious activity. Actually WE HAVE TO RUN FOR APPLICANTS! • DED has a large experienced volunteer/consultants

pool. To offer adequate applicants it is a CHELENGE for
us! It is a terrible experience: from our 3 successful applicants 3 were worked in Bruxelles before. • •

It is not a short time between the application and the

starting date. It is good to know the next step a head of our

organizational development.

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