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Deep Waters

Deep Waters

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Published by: itisme_angela on Oct 25, 2010
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THE story is told of a wealthy Englishman who had added

to his valuable collection a rare violin which was coveted
by Fritz Kreisler, the celebrated virtuoso. When the owner
refused to part with the instrument, Kreisler begged permis-
sion to play it just once. The opportunity was granted and he
played as only a genius can play. He forgot himself. He poured
his soul into his music.
The Englishman stood as one enchanted until the playing
ceased. He did not speak until Kreisler had tenderly returned
the instrument to the antique case, with the gentleness of a
mother putting her baby to bed. “Take the violin,” the Eng-
lishman burst out, “it is yours. I have no right to keep it. It
ought to belong to the man who can play it as you did.”
That was odd reasoning, to be sure; and yet it has some-
thing compelling about it. In a sense, ought not an instru-
ment belong to the master who can draw the fnest music
from it? And ought not our lives belong to the Master who
can draw the noblest harmonies from them?

A. C. Frey Collection

Deep Waters and a Bubbling Brook
Deep Waters and a Bubbling Brook


Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due 93

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