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Deep Waters

Deep Waters

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Published by: itisme_angela on Oct 25, 2010
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AS at many times before, I was trying to decide whether

the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount were prac-
tical. My thoughts went back to childhood days, when such
problems did not exist.
It was a mid-autumn evening. My mother and sister and
I sat in the courtyard in front of our house. We awaited the
rising of the autumn moon, which Mother had said would
be very beautiful. Soon the tranquil full moon gradu-
ally appeared, pouring silver light over the earth. But as it
rose higher and higher and we continued to gaze, our heads
bent backward until, as it reached its zenith, we were very
uncomfortable. Mother, seeing this, went into the house and
returned with an enamel basin which she flled with water.
Naturally, we saw the full moon refected in the water. It was
pure, clear water that made the perfect refection possible.
The memory of that scene makes clear to me why so often
we cannot feel the presence of God. Our minds are so full
of worldly desires that it makes the refection of God’s light
impossible. Only a pure heart could preach the Sermon on the
Mount. Only a pure heart can truly live it.

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