Voki Handout

Tamea Uzupis

CUR 505

Create & Share a Voki

After you sign in, select Create a New Voki.

Once you have a screen with a generic Voki displayed, select a category under Customize Your Voki.

Here is where you can play around and create a voki to look and dress like the character you want. You are also given different options for the background and ways through which you may include the sound.

Main Tool Bar:
You can choose from many types of heads, hairstyles, mouths, and facial hair for your character. Here is where you would select the clothing style. You can even give your Voki a hat. If you want your Voki to wear jewelry or other accessories like glasses, this is where you will find those. You can type what you want your Voki to say and then select an appropriate choice from the voices given.

You can call or provide your number, and the site will call your phone prompting you to record your message that will then be saved to your profile on the site.

You can also record your message straight from your computer s microphone.

Select a background to match your purpose from the site s library or from your own pictures.

You can change the color of the player that surrounds your Voki.

mouth. .) Tips and Other Features:  Have a script written before you start recording  For longer messages. (Sometimes the MySpace code works better than the other.  If you selected hair or accessories you don t like. etc. Insert as a widget. You can send your Voki avatar to someone through email.Tamea Uzupis CUR 505 Publishing: Once you have created the Voki you want and recorded the message. You cannot type long messages. This will bring you to a page that directs you to several ways to share your Voki avatar. You can copy and past this code and place it on your class website or wikispace. Your Voki avata will also be saved under your profile for future use. just choose the blank tile at the beginning of the options to have your avatar withouth the change. You can make changes to the size of the facial features and color of hair skin. either call in your recording or use your computer s microphone. You can control the position of your avatar on the screen using the arrows and zoom tools. select the Publish button.

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