Denden Alicias 20 November 2005

Outline What’s new in the 1991 Local Government Code? What functions/services were devolved to local governments? What are the powers of local governments? What are the institutional mechanisms for citizens’ participation? .

resources and revenue generation to local level that is autonomous and independent from the devolving authority. Started in 1992 when the Local Government Code took effect Push for decentralization came from: Democratic transition Pressure from international financial institutions/donor agencies .Philippine Decentralization Devolution (Political Decentralization) Powers and responsibilities are decentralized to elected local governments Transfer of responsibility. decision-making.

operate ferries. wharves.What’s new in LGC? More autonomy for Local Governments Mechanism for people’s participation People empowerment provisions Mandatory consultations Recall Initiative and Referendum Mandatory Public Hearings Preferential treatment for the marginalized sector Sectoral representation Fishery rights of fisherfolks cooperatives/organizations Preferential rights of cooperatives to operate/lease public utilities and to construct. public markets. or slaughterhauses .

000) contiguous territory of at least 50 sq.000.000.Local Government Units: Provinces: annual income of not less than 20M (USD400.000 inhabitants. 2.000 sq.000). Annual income of 2. contiguous territory of at least 2.5M (USD50. Contiguous and population of not less than and population of not less than 25. Municipalities (towns) Barangays (villages) .

and population of not less than 200.000. Component cities: subject to general supervision by the province Autonomous regional government (ARMM) Created by special law .Cities Highly urbanized cities annual income of not less than 50M (USD1M).

Inter-governmental relations National Government Province Cities/Municipalities Barangay (Village) Highly Urbanized Cities Barangay (village) .

divide. merge barangays (villages) Delivery of basic services and facilities Create own sources of revenues and wealth Power of Eminent Domain Corporate or Municipal Powers Power to negotiate and accept grants and donations Power to reclassify agricultural lands .What are the Powers/Attributes of LGU’s? Power to create.

Sources of Local Government Funds/Resources Internally-generated: Local taxes (business tax.g. bonds and B-O-T schemes Grants Externally sourced: . public market) Fees and Charges Share in Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) Share in Proceeds from National Wealth (mining. real property tax) Income from economic enterprise (e. fishery charges) Loans. forestry. credits.

What Services were devolved to LGUs? Agricultural extension and on-site research Community-based forestry projects Field Health and Hospital services and other tertiary health services Public works and infrastructure projects funded out of local funds .

What Services were devolved to LGUs? School building program Social Welfare Services Tourism facilities and Tourism promotion and development Telecommunication services for provinces and cities Housing projects for provinces and cities .

Bids and Awards Committee Joint undertaking with LGU’s in Delivery of basic services Capability building Livelihood projects Development of local enterprise Build-operate-transfer projects .What were the spaces for Citizen Participation? Membership in Local Special Bodies Local Local Local Local Local development councils Health Boards School Boards Peace and Order Council Prequalification.

What were the spaces for Citizen Participation? Mandatory Consultation Mandatory Public Hearing Recall Initiative and Referendum Local sectoral representation .

LGU development funds Not enough funds for poor LGU vs.Issues and Challenges Fiscal problems Budget deficit vs. surpluses of rich LGUs . IRA releases Congressional Pork Barrel funds vs.

collaboration Reforms as electoral capital .Issues and Challenges Elite capture of spaces for citizen engagement Risks of participation Unfunded wish list Cooptation vs.

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