Nursing Health History

Nursing health history is the first part and one of the most significant aspects in case studies. It is a systematic collection of subjective and objective data, ordering and a step-by-step process inculcating detailed information in determining client’s history, health status, functional status and coping pattern. These vital informations provide a conceptual baseline data utilized in developing nursing diagnosis, subsequent plans for individualized care and for the nursing process application as a whole. In keeping the private life of my patient and in maintaining confidentiality, let me hide for with the pseudonym of Patient B. Patient B was born on December 19, 1992. She didn’t know her parents but she has relatives in Surigao del Norte. She stayed at Department of Welfare and Social Development or DSWD and spent her 15 years of existence. Her education was funded mainly by volunteers and charitable foundations. At the same time, she compensated for it by means of helping in chores and accomplishing tasks in the said foundation.

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