Definition: A computer generated, µimmersive¶ (or wide field), multi-sensory information program which tracks a user in real time


VR provides: Augmented Reality .

. This is used in the space shuttle simulator. On the left is a VR view of earth with satellites.Many organisations do.

Normal? Well how about trades people? This is a virtual lathe. .

Unlimited free material and no clean up! .This lathe is used to train apprentices.

How about learning to hang-glide? .

Is it as easy as it looks? .

How about learning to drive a car? .

We ll find a cure with the Virtual patient. .. that s not a problem..Well.

in our virtual hospital. Why not? .

. Real Estate Agents use it every day.Things are easy with VR.

Wait till you Walk through! .

.Sorry That s VR too.

It goes here. .

Reality. .

or he thinks he is. . Professor Bryant is inspecting it.But none the less.

30 year 11 students went through this door to do their senior history. .

. It is part of a VR course in Ancient History at an American secondary school. yes that is a loom.. It is inside a house in Ancient Greece.. .

VR is in its early stages. it is used educationally throughout the world. globally. While VR is at an early stage.600 educational institutions which use VR. but is used commercially. There are approximately 3. . There are 61.400 international commercial companies producing VR.