Analysing Profitability of Opening a Subway Sandwiches Franchise in Stockbridge


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1.1 Introduction Where is a suitable restaurant that serves fast food and has healthy options in Stockbridge? Currently, there is none of this kind of dining experience. Due to the increase in percentage of people nationwide that are trying to eat a healthier diet and run healthier lifestyle, it seems as though there is a slight niche in the market here. When this niche is contemplated, one restaurant brand immediately springs to mind that would probably best satisfy customers in the area whilst retaining a fair sum of profit is the brand named Subway's Sandwiches. They offer made to order healthy sandwiches with fast service and high quality. This brand is very well known in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. There are many fatty fast food restaurants in the area, such as Franco's and Pizza Hut but no healthy food can be bought in these two places. Subway is a sandwich making restaurant which the sandwiches are highly customizable so is made exactly to the customer's desires. After some browsing the Subway website[â½ ], I found that it was a franchise which has many advantages and some disadvantages as well which will be looked at throughout this feasibility study. Stockbridge is a small area with one main street which mainly consists of tertiary sector small retail stores and many housing area around this central street. The retail stores bring consumers into the area

with cash to buy goods with and some of this money will be spent on meals while the consumer is out of their home. The surrounding area is largely residential so those residents may become regular customers and visit often due to the ease of getting to the restaurant from their homes. The age distribution is looked at in the graph shown in the Appendix of age of people in Edinburgh against the percentage of population. The graph is unimodal and shows that the greatest population lies between the 25 to 34 year old category. This graph is analysed more when looking at the consumers. The success of the project can be measured by profitability of the branch in the first year of the opening. This time scale is adequate because it will allow for time for customers to become regulars and for the brand awareness to spread. A whole year is needed to measure the success of the store because as the seasons chance, so do people's habits so there will be fluctuations in consumer spending patterns, for example right before Christmas when lots of people will go out to buy presents they may also buy a sandwich while they are in the area so sales may increase. 1.2 Objectives: Without objectives any firm will fail. Objectives are usually the firm's targets but they are written out in such a way so that they are SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time measured). The main objective is to create a feasibility study into the profitability of setting up a branch of the Subway franchise in Stockbridge. My secondary objectives contain the following parameters: * Competitors Competitors must be considered when creating a feasibility study. They must be analysed to see if they will be a threat to the firm or if they will provide slight competition. Competition can also be good for a firm as it helps the firm become more productive and efficient as each business wants to do better than the others so works harder at

the business would not be able to create any revenue and would therefore fail. * Customers Customers form the basis of any business.doing so. * Suppliers Where will a business get its stock from? Will the food still be fresh after a long journey from the suppliers? The location of suppliers is just as important to the cost of stock. 1. Money is needed to start and maintain a business so is fairly important and should be considered in much detail. Having a large brand image will help get customers to be loyal to a business or product and not go to competition instead. If customers think higher of one product over another then they are far more likely to buy the product which they prefer unless the value they place on it is less than the price.3 Research: Research is the method used to collect information that can later on . These secondary objectives will then help me in making my conclusions which support my primary objective which was to analyse the profitability of opening s Subway Sandwiches restaurant in Stockbridge. * Brand Image The brand image is how customers will distinguish your product from the others in the same market. Without them. especially in the food business where freshness is the key to quality and quality is the main way the business uses to attract customers. The cash is used in every transaction a firm does with anyone else and is used by businesses to help in growth. * Finances Cash is the gears behind a business that make it work.

for example for creating used to create plans for the future. This will give a larger insight into the way consumers think and their behaviours. Secondary information is data that has already been collected and sorted and can usually be found on hard-copy or by asking experts in the field that is being researched. This information is data collected directly from the source as raw data. such as where I see most people going to eat at the lunch hour of the day. Repeat customers have been known to make up the vast majority of the customer base as opposed to one time only customers for most businesses in the restaurant market. This study will mainly consist of secondary research for finding facts and figures about the area of Stockbridge such as the number of residents in the area itself. Repeat customers are also a good sign of customer satisfaction because if a customer was not satisfied with the service on offer then they would not have come back for a second or more time. This will mean I will have to ask every 10th person who walks by during the time specified if they would be interested in participating in a survey about opening a Subway . This questionnaire would be conducted at the middle of the main street on the pavement. This information is better than primary information because it is usually done on a very large scale to get the most accurate results possible for the people who use it whereas the results may be very wrong in a small survey done over 15 people. My primary research will be a questionnaire done on the main street in Stockbridge and I will make some notes on dining habits in Stockbridge. If there are a decent number of residents in the area then I can assume that a fair amount of those people will at some stage visit the subway branch and may become regular customers due to the ease of getting from their homes to the store. This data must then be sorted and reorganised until it can become useful. I will then know my potential market. This questionnaire will be essential into giving me an insight to how customers think and how they view the franchise I am investigating and it will give me a good viewpoint into the percentage of people who would become customers at the store. aims or targets. I will use systematic sampling to randomly choose the people that will be surveyed in my questionnaire.

there will always be a few restaurants so it would be unlikely for there to be no competition in Stockbridge. Franco's. . 2. To investigate into the competition in the area. This should give me a large amount of results as a copious amount of people walk past the area in which I am going to be at so the results should give a fairly good view on the general opinion of people of the area. Pizza Express. The main competition will be from Franco's and Pizza Hut due to Pizza Hut's large scale brand awareness and both restaurants provide good quality fast food at an affordable price. At a glance. it can be seen that these restaurants do not specialize in healthy food and restaurants such as Franco's and Pizza Hut do not any proper healthy food. The survey will be carried out at the lunch time because the sandwiches made at the Subway franchise are more of a lunch meal as opposed to a dinner or breakfast mean although it does stay open from lunch through till dinner in case anyone wants a sandwich as an afternoon snack. As in all areas. Pizza Express and the local pubs provide some healthy food. The possible competitors include: Pizza Hut. and two local pubs. This is a promising aspect so far because all of the potential competitors are not directly linked in the same market.branch of the restaurant on that street. but at these restaurants the customer usually pays mostly for the service provided in serving their meal in a relaxing environment so they do not provide it as a fast service.0 Secondary Objectives: 2. I performed some primary research in Stockbridge and visited all of the potential competition. This should give a fairly random sample of people asked as it is out of my control who the 10th person to walk past will be. Problems may arise if there is already a supply of the same goods and services that I want to supply to the consumers in the area.1 Objective 1: Competitors I hope to find that competition in the area for the specific market the franchise tailors to will be fairly low or easy to overcome. The kinds of people who go to these two places to eat may not care much for their diet and it may be tough trying to get customers to change to a healthier option of fast food.

If the suppliers are charging too much for goods then the firms costs will rise which could cause problems from the firm.2 Secondary Objective 2 . The Subway franchise buys in extreme quantities of bulk buying. supply on time and should be cheaper than other suppliers. A fee needs to be paid each month to the administration of the franchise in return for supplies. Supplies may include products to be sold in the tertiary sector. The consumers now need to be analysed to give further help into my feasibility study into setting up a Subway Sandwiches franchise in Stockbridge. so the cost per unit would be significantly reduced then if each unit were bought separately. 2. I have found that there is some competition in the food market which may be hard to compete against as they may have brand loyalty but most of the customers will be from a more specific niche market. This is promising for my feasibility study because the restaurant I am conducting a feasibility study into is a fast food restaurant with a healthy theme to it.Suppliers Suppliers are one of the main factors in a businesses running. the market of young professionals. This means that Subway's costs will be relatively low so each branch will not have to pay as much for the products to sell onto the consumers. This means that no time will be wasted in looking for good suppliers. I stood at their doors for 30 minutes each around lunch time on a working day and asked each person who entered what their reason for wanting to eat at those particular restaurants was and most people responded with something along the lines of that they wanted some food that they could get quickly that was near to where they worked.To establish the reasoning why consumers went to Pizza Hut and Franco's. The main things to look for in a good supplier are that they must be reliable. trained staff and machinery. . Using the above reasoning. One advantage from starting another branch of a franchise is that all of the supplies are dealt with by the administration of the franchise. This will be analysed more closely when researching the secondary objectives for the customers.

it should not require much more effort for Subway to deliver extra supplies to the area.3 Secondary Objective 3 . Stockbridge is an area near to the main part of Edinburgh so many businessmen will work in the local area so would visit Stockbridge at lunch for a quick meal. By using the Census Report of 2003. This is because many of those young professionals want a fast lunch so that they can get back to their busy work and they also will want something healthy because young professionals are known to eat and exercise well to keep in shape. socio-economic profiles and media aspects. This number of residents gives a promising outlook on the number of local potential customers. I feel those people would be the main type of consumer which the product is aimed at. 2.Customers Without customers. be young professionals. The main target market will. this could mean either two things: people eat out . One of these is to look at how many people there are living in the area of Stockbridge. There are many ways of finding out about potential customers. any business will fail so before setting up any firm we must be sure that there is sufficient demand on the market to keep the firm running. This is useful because it would be convenient for the residents of that area to often have a quick snack or meal from a fast food restaurant.954 people live in the area with the postcode beginning with EH4. which is the Stockbridge area. The results were as expected as a lot of the people I saw were dressed in this way so we can assume they are young professionals. I have found that approximately 6. The ACORN (A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods) group performs vast amounts of research into different aspects of area. I went out to Stockbridge and inspected the number of young people wearing a suit. One of the pieces of data stated that the number of microwave purchases was low. This should be good because the quality standards Subway sets are high so the food should stay fresh until after it is sold on to the customers.Because there are other Subway sandwich branches in Edinburgh. some of these include attitudes. therefore. housing. One lunchtime on a working day.

This may be the cause for the low meat consumption in the area. where we go and what we do. The socio-economic profile for the area is the population is well educated and there are nearly three times the amounts of professionals in Stockbridge than the national average. it will not be added to their sandwich. The most popular grocery products are ground coffee. winter holidays are 73% more popular and long holidays are 2.6% of people in Stockbridge are 20-49 years of age. fresh fish and fresh fruit. ACORN tells that there is a 60% greater chance of someone being a vegetarian in Stockbridge than the national average. This could mean that incomes may be fairly high and couples live together. Unfortunately. Attitudes are very important in every day life. dog food. particularly in the evenings. Many of the young professionals will not travel though because they will be . If there are two cars then each one will probably be for each person in the couple. They can determine what we buy. so at least one person in the relationship will work because they need two cars because they will be doing two different things at the same time. It also states that eating out is extremely popular in Stockbridge. A Subway branch has potential to be one of these restaurants that people go out to eat at. It seems that people in Stockbridge enjoy fresh foods and do not eat much meat. and all cuisines are popular except English. the customers can choose what they would like on their sandwich so if they do not want meat. mineral water. The number of households in the area with two or more cars is rated high by the ACORN profile. This will mean that there is at least one professional in each household and they will most likely be a young professional because 47.7 times more popular than the national average so sales may be expected to decrease in the winter and on holiday occasions. Young professionals are the target market for the Subway restaurant so this information is very promising in constructing a customer base. Because of the customisability of the sandwiches.often or people do not use the microwave to prepare meals. These two pieces of data are very useful because they show that many people do not eat at home but go out to restaurants. Subway provides its customers with a range of fresh products and almost all sandwiches bought have salad and other vegetables in them.

000 per annum than the national average. These ages are also the type of age which most commonly care about their general health. This market seems to have vast amounts of young professionals in it which are the main target market.hard working and want to spend lots of time on their job so may not want to travel far away. Leisure activities are very popular in the area as people are very active. According to ACORN. A niche has been found in the market. Stockbridge is a very affluent area with 3. such as abroad. This will mean there is more professionals in the area than in other places. eating at Franco's (an unhealthy restaurant in Stockbridge) would not be a common option for healthy eaters. One part of having a healthy body is the food they eat. . Each person who answered that they would visit the restaurant if one were to open in Stockbridge and also said they lived in the area may become regular customers due to the ease of being able to reach the restaurant and they also expressed an interest in visiting the store. they do lots of sports so probably live by the attitude of a healthy body is a healthy mind. so it is very promising when these are the sorts of people the target market for the sandwich restaurant would be. The results of my survey indicated that most people questioned in my random sample were between the ages of 20 to 39 as shown in the below distribution graph. Repeat customers are vital to the success of a business and make up most of the total number of sales a business will receive. instead they would probably prefer a healthy sandwich.5 times more people earning £40. Professionals take their jobs very seriously and do not have long lunch breaks so fast service is very important along with the healthy lifestyle the majority of people now lead. The healthy choice Subway provides would well suit the healthy attitude that most of the people of Stockbridge seem to live on so therefore there is a fairly high demand for healthy fast-food but there is no supply. [IMAGE] Most of the people in the survey turned out to live in the area.

4 Secondary Objective 4 . This is a way Subway promotes their brand into different markets. Out of the sample. On the side of the cups Subway sells for its drinks. the leading franchise in the world. therefore it is safe to assume that approximately 98% of people in the area know of the restaurant. Brand loyalty is very important to Subway so they try to make it so that the customers do not forget which store they are in. Subway have been slowly promoting their brand and building up a strong brand image and lots of brand loyalty. They do this by putting their logo on most things on the store. for example on the walls of the store and on the wrappers of the sandwiches. it states. This is advertising in the market for young people who enjoy watching cars race. This is one of the methods Subway uses to increase their brand awareness and to help to increase their brand loyalty.2. This is due to the promotions and advertising done by the franchise to increase their brand awareness throughout the United Kingdom. In my survey. I asked people if they had heard of Subway and out of the 50 people asked. only 1 did not know. Over the past 38 years. Combined with . If one were to look on the back of the number 54 NASCAR Winston Cup Car driven by Todd Bodine at Watkins Glen. This shows that it is not just an advertising method. they would see the Subways logo over the back of the car.Brand Image Brand names are very important in modern society and may be the determining factor which will help a consumer decide between two similar brands. "Subway." After some background research I found this to be true as Entrepreneur Magazine[⽡] rates Subway as the number one franchise opportunity each year for the past 11 years. There is not another Subway franchise in Edinburgh but still everyone has heard of it or has been to one. I asked other people around school if they had heard of Subway and 19 out of 20 people said they had been to a branch and everyone had heard of the brand. I wanted to find out whether Subway's brand name was as well known in Scotland as it was in the United States of America. 54% had purchased something from the restaurant which shows us that about this percentage of the people may be regular customers or have experienced the restaurant.

a lower cost store. This is very useful for franchisees because their store will be well known and will be easier to attract potential customers.500. this shows that Subway is fairly popular with the public in the Stockbridge area so I can say that there is definitely some forecasted demand for the sandwiches sold in the restaurant. There are three different types of store that the franchisee are allowed to open. 2. these are: start-up costs. fees have to be paid to the administration of the firm. Due to the many methods Subway uses to advertise. sales revenue. a moderate cost store and a higher cost store. Because the firm is a franchise.5 Secondary Objective 5 .Finances A feasibility study must also cover financial aspects because without question about how customers would rate the restaurant. This fee is £12. they have created a very strong brand image and are very well known. There are four areas of finance which apply. a firm cannot operate. direct costs and indirect overheads. This is good for my primary objective. The initial start up costs and running costs for the first three months for each is as follows: Lower Cost Store (£) Moderate Cost Store (£) Higher Cost Store (£) Initial Fee 12500 12500 12500 Real Property (2 months rent) .

2000 5000 12000 Leasehold Improvements 40000 75000 100000 Equipment Lease Security Deposit 2500 2500 6000 Security System 1000 2500 5000 Freight Charges 2000 3000 4000 Outside Signs .

2000 4000 8000 Opening Inventory 2500 4000 5000 Insurance 800 1500 2500 Supplies 500 750 1000 Training Expenses 1500 2000 3000 Legal And Accounting .

1000 2500 4500 Opening Advertising 2000 2300 2500 Miscellaneous Expenses 4000 6000 8000 Additional Funds (3 months) 12000 26000 41000 Total Investment 86300 149550 213500 With sales revenue. these include a . many things must be considered.

small deliveries of stock. ensuring high quality goods and service. Indirect costs would be the rent. insurance. having small and frequent deliveries would be the best option because the food must be fresh when sold to the customer. The price set for the product being sold to the customers is set by the administration of the Subway franchise so the franchisee does not need to research into pricing tactics such as price discrimination or selective discounting. it seems that many people in the area will visit the restaurant to try it to see if it meets their standards and their tastes in food. The forecast for the volume of sales must be looked at in three timeframes.300 to £213. bills. Due to the nature of the business. There are many different start-up plans Subway has to offer so even if the franchisee does not have enough money to pay the costs. long medium and short term. Direct cost may include materials. The sales are not likely to be affected by seasonal changes unless there is a psychological connection with the weather and peoples' eating habits which is yet to be proven. As shown in the above table. salaries/wages. they can get help from Subway in raising the finances. the stock each three months will cost from £500 to £1000 but a freight charge will also have to be paid to get the stock into the store. Repeat customers form the main consumer base of the majority of markets so they keep the demand high. There would also need to be somewhere to store the stock which must also be paid for. This should mean a relatively high volume of sales in the short term but the medium and long term sales will come from repeat customers.sales volume forecast and the effect of seasons. This could be avoided by using a just in time basis or by having frequent. the insurance costs from £800 to £2500 each three months and there are many loan schemes that the Subway franchise have to offer if not all expenses can be paid by the franchisee. In the short term. If the franchisee feels they can make this money back through sales then this option seems .500. The rent has been found to be from £2000 to £12000 for two months depending on the type of store bought and the location. The total start-up investment needed to be a franchisee ranges from £86. This is very useful because it allows more franchisees to be able to afford to start up the higher cost stores which in turn are of better quality than the lower cost store. stock bought and labour. interest on loans and depreciation.

This leaves two other main options. personal money owned and shareholders. the more risk there is involved. By 5 years into the business venture. The only disadvantage in applying for a bank loan is that a feasibility study must be done and shown to the bank and the franchisee must be able to prove to the bank that the bank will get its money back with interest in a specified time. There are several different ways of obtaining this money. This is why a bank loan would be the opportune way to collect funds to start up the firm. such as family disputes over the firm. The higher the cost of the store.financially feasible. We would like to have as little risk as possible whilst still being a quality shop so it may not be very practical to go for the high-cost store. Some of these include bank loans. I would like to compare the opportunity cost of investing the £149550 in a building society with extremely low risk instead of investing in the business proposition with very high risk over a 5 . personal finance and a bank loan. Many people will not want to help in the business venture as of the extremely high risks involved in starting up a business. Deciding which type of store should be set up is another major consideration. Having shareholders in this particular case is not an option as franchisees cannot have shareholders due to the nature of the business. the medium-cost store. This leaves one viable option left. This feasibility study would be very useful in showing to a bank manager to help them make a decision on whether they think the risk outweighs the potential profits or not. If the franchisee does not want to use one of Subway's borrowing schemes for some reason such as they may know of a better and cheaper way to raise the finances then they must look for another form of money to pay for the original start-up costs. Borrowing within friends and family causes many social problems. The store will be located in a prime area and so will attract a fair amount of customers so it may not be a good idea to go for the low-cost store as it will be smaller and less attractive so may not attract as many customers. The total £149550 will not all be able to come from the personal money of the franchisee in this case but they could borrow money from friends and family. I hope that at least the initial start-up costs will be paid off and the branch is making a continuous profit.

80 4 219 450 171 612.70 3 129 450 165 808. Profit (£) Year Business Venture Building Society 0 (149 550) 149 550 1 (50 550) 154 784.30 2 39 450 160 201.year period.10 .

£177 618 would be the amount of money the business would have by the end of the five years that could come from investing this money into a building society in a building society called Nationwide Building Society. My calculations seem to show that it would be a very profitable to take up the business venture but it has also made me consider the factor of risk in more detail which has led me to the conclusion that it may not be such a good idea to take up the business venture after all. The risk in the business venture is extremely high and if there are problems then the franchisee will be completely liable whereas the investing in a building society has little and almost no risk attached to it. £309450 would be the money made after paying back the loan.5 was missed out on. I also assume that there is a fixed interest rate of 3.50 For this table. I assume the branch will make a revenue of £90 000 per year.177 618. The above table shows that if the base rate remains the same then the interest rate will also be the same and after 5 years. If the business venture was taken up. The cost of investing in the building society is also not considered because of depreciation in the economy for currency.5% on my building society investment. Risk is one of the main factors in making important decisions about whether or not to become a franchisee. it is only a model. . The second problem with this method is that it does not take into account risk. This means that if the money were to be put into a business society then the opportunity cost of this would be that (409 450 . The costs for the business venture will be fairly high so the figures calculated are not an accurate representation of the future. the main one being that costs are not taken into consideration.50) £231 831. There are many problems with this method to calculate payback.5 309 450 177 618.

With interest being paid over a period of time on a large amount borrowed.5). The amount of risk outweighs all of the other factors and the potential franchisee must be 100% sure that the business will succeed. Many other factors must also be considered. My feasibility study however is not enough to completely eliminate any doubt of the business failing. Even with all of the positive . On the whole. not just the five main ones I have chosen as I feel they are the main ones. If I were to go ahead with the proposition. then there would be one major problem. I am disappointed that I could not start the business venture but in the end.1 Conclusion After much deliberation. the total amount of money that would have to be paid because of interest is very high. I feel that it is probably not the best of ideas to start up a Subway restaurant in Stockbridge. but I feel that the changes would be so slow that customers would get bored of the same place and the same food every time they came and would move to our competitors as the competitors such as Franco's might bring out a new menu or change its surroundings. The growth of the branch would be limited but the franchise would continue to grow and new sandwiches would be brought onto the menu so there would be some change. This is a very large problem because the business would not get better as the rest of the surrounding business grew.3. The problem being the lack of room for growth and expansion. My main reasoning behind this is because there is so much risk involved. The start-up costs are very high and a large loan would have to be taken out to reach this value of money. it is much better to have not started it when there is a large risk of failure. The figures I calculated and used were very unreliable as I cannot accurately predict how many customers I will have per day and how much they will spend in the shop therefore I cannot work out the total revenue per year which I managed to do using very inaccurate and maybe unrealistic figures in my Payback analysis in my Finances section (2.

If a more in depth feasibility study was carried out and more than just the main 5 factors were considered.information I gathered. this was still not enough to overthrow the inevitable weighting of risk. 3. With more time and chances. there may have been a different outcome.2 Appendix Questionnaire: Have you heard of Subway Sandwiches? ⲡ Yes ⲡ No Have you ever purchased anything from Subway? ⲡ Yes ⲡ No How often would you visit a Subway branch per month if one were to open in Stockbridge? ⲡ 0 ⲡ 1-5 ⲡ 6-10 ⲡ 11-15 ⲡ 16-20 ⲡ Too often Would area do you currently live in / closest to? ⲡ Stockbridge ⲡ Pilton ⲡ Granton ⲡ Inverleith ⲡ Blackhall ⲡ City Centre ⲡ Other How would you rate the service and environment inside Subway branches? ⲡ 1 (best) ⲡ 2 ⲡ 3 ⲡ 4 ⲡ 5 (worst) . I would have looked at as many aspects and then rated them in list of priority which could then be used to find out whether it would be feasible or not.

if one branch were to open in Stockbridge would you ever visit it? Yes: 17% (4) No: 83% (19) How often would you visit a Subway branch per month if one were to open in Stockbridge? Would area do you currently live in / closest to? Stockbridge: 23 .What is your gender? ⲡ Male ⲡ Female What is your age? ⲡ 5-9 ⲡ 10-14 ⲡ 15-19 ⲡ 20-29 ⲡ 30-39 ⲡ 40+ Questionnaire Results: Sample size: 50 people Have you heard of Subway Sandwiches? No: 2% (1) Yes: 98% (49) Have you ever purchased anything from Subway? Yes: 54% (27) No: 46% (23) If you answered NO to the last question.

Pilton: 3 Granton: 1 Inverleith: 11 Blackhall: 0 City Centre: 11 Other: 1 If you have visited a Subway restaurant. how would you rate the service and environment inside Subway branches? [IMAGE] What is your gender? Male: 58% (29) Female: 42% (21) What is your age? [IMAGE] 5-9: 0 10-14: 1 15-19: 7 20-29: 14 30-39: 20 40+: 9 [IMAGE] .

6% of people are 20-49 years old.affluent areas .052 Scotland Average.ros. All types of cuisine are popular (excluding English).High Socio-economic profile. particularly in the evenings.Low 2+ Car ownership.£154.624 people in Edinburgh. Food and Drink. .do lots of sports and activities. 47. dog food. mineral ACORN profile: Microwave purchases. 6.5 times more people earning £40. fresh fish and fresh fruit.7 times more popular than national average.Educated population.Winter holidays are 73% more popular and long holidays are 2.Other information collected: Property Prices: Stockbridge Average.consumption of meat products is well below national average. Eating out is extremely popular here. Most popular grocery products are ground coffee. nearly 3 times the national level of professionals Attitudes.319 Information from http://www.£ young pros in Stockbridge.3.000 per annum than national average Leisure.60% more likely to be a vegetarian Financial. Very active people. People.448.

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