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WH HW 13

WH HW 13

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Name_______________________________ Wuthering Heights Homework #13 pages 314-341, chapters 25, 26, 27 8 points Please answer the following questions

in complete sentences.


1. Edgar says that he does not mind that Linton is Heathcliff¶s son and that he does not mind if Linton ³takes´ Cathy from him. But on page 316 Edgar says that he cannot abandon her to Linton if he is what? Explain what this means to you.

2. What does Heathcliff do while Linton is writing is letters to Cathy? Why does he do this?

3. In your own words, describe Linton at the top of page 322. Don¶t just repeat or rearrange Bronte¶s words!

4. In chapter 27, Cathy threatens to leave and Linton reacts. What does his reaction tell us about him and his relationship with his father?

5. Explain why Heathcliff has brought Cathy and Nelly into Wuthering Heights. What is the plan?

6. Why does Heathcliff wait until Edgar is ill to put this plan into action? There are multiple reasons.

7. On page 339, Heathcliff says ³I detest you´ to Catherine. Why does he hate her? Again, there are many reasons.

8. What do you predict is going to happen now? Why?

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