Name_______________________________ Wuthering Heights Homework #15 pages 375-415, chapters 32, 33, 34 9 points Please answer the following questions

in complete sentences. 1. It is 1802, why does Lockwood find himself back at Wuthering Heights?


2. What scene does Lockwood see when he enters? How does this contrast with the first scene he saw when he entered the house in 1801?

3. What has changed with Cathy and Harleton¶s relationship?

4. How does Heathcliff react to Cathy and Hareton becoming allies? Are you surprised by this? Why or why not?

5. What is Nelly speaking of at the top of page 396 when she speaks of the ties between Hareton and Heathcliff?

6. Heathcliff finds himself at a point where he could finally destroy the Earnshaw and Linton households, however he finds that he cannot. Why can¶t he?

7. What bizarre behavior had Heathcliff been exhibiting? How does he describe the change that has come over him?

8. Think about Heathcliff¶s ³illness´ in a gothic way. What might his illness be the result of?

9. What do the villagers say that they see at night? Are we supposed to believe that this is a happy ending for Heathcliff? Why or why not?

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