Major releases Four Lions (2010) Le Donk and Scor-zay-zee (2009) Donkey Punch (2008) This

is England (2006) Scummy Man (Music Video - 2006) Dead Man·s Shoes (2004) My Wrongs (2003)

-Warp films also have a company alongside them called Warp Records, this explains the ¶Arctic Monkeys Scummy Man (Music Video)· released in 2006. Warp Records are like a sister company to Warp Films and there are similarities between the works of both companies. -Warp Films target audience would be mainly adults as some of their films are thrillers which are not suitable for children to watch, none of the films listed above are rating PG or U which means no child under the age of at least 15 should be watching any of those titles. -Warp Films receive their funding from an umbrella-style company called NESTA, this is because they are an independent company and have to find their funding from various other companies, for example they could be funded by the National

Warp films are less recognisable than ¶Working Title films· partly because they don·t advertise their name on their films or productions, however they do try to make their films ¶challenging· and ¶original·. This makes their work eye catching in a different way, instead of advertising their name. They·re most well-known for ¶This is England· as it·s appealing to teenagers and adults of mixed ages. As they·re a small company they find their funding themselves because they don·t have a company ruling over them, this means they are an independent company. The low-cost methods they use mean that they don·t use well-known actors and they would most probably base their films in England as it·s the cheapest area to film a British production film in. Their aim is to create fresh, innovative ideas for TV and film which causes their work to be memorable.

Warp Films: fact sheet

Jess Pardoe

This is England ·86 is Warp Films most recognisable release in the UK, as there has been a recent re-release of the series on channel 4 and e4 the name ¶This is England· should be a household name across the country. However the age restriction on the programme should cause it not to be suitable for children as the viewing time is on after the watershed. Another well known film by Warp Films is ¶Four Lions· this is because it has been released this year and is still fresh in people·s minds. This is also given the age restriction of 15, therefore no child under the age of 15 should be viewing this film, there will be scenes of violence proving this within it. Warp Films always label their films with the correct age restrictions, partly because their styles of film are more

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