Copy down the words in red a nd score yourself for each one. Using complete sentences complete the BCR

Craftsmanship: /10 Artist has demonstrated superior technical ability with the ink. /10 There are no un wanted paint blobs or oozes. There are no folds or tears in the artwork.

/20 Artist has creatively designed an original symbol that represents characteristics of themselves. /20 The tattoo design emulates the Traditional Polynesian Style. Design : /10 Artist has success fully executed balance throughout their tattoo design. ( Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, or Radial) /10 The design demonstrates movement throughout the format. Focal points are s trategically placed to help move the viewer’s eye. /10 Overall consideration of the page – des ign uses the whole page, no unplanned empty s paces. BCR:

1. Desc ribe specifically the meaning of your personal symbol. Identify what EACH PART means. 2. How did Marques a Tribal Design influence your final design? (use the c riteria found under design to describe in detail)

3. What was most challenging about this problem? What were you most /10 Consideration is given to both the positive successful with? and negative space in the compos ition.

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