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Two Arrested at Mt. Ida for Threatening Kidnapping, Rape

Two Arrested at Mt. Ida for Threatening Kidnapping, Rape

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Published by Laura Maas

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Published by: Laura Maas on Oct 25, 2010
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Two arrested at Mt.

Ida for threatening kidnapping, rape
By Laura Paine/Staff Writer Wicked Local Newton Posted Sep 28, 2010 @ 02:45 PM Newton —Two Boston men were arraigned in Newton District Court after they were arrested for allegedly threatening to kidnap and rape two females on the Mount Ida College campus on Sept. 26, the second arrest on the campus in the last week. Rashaud Peoples, 25, of 130 Dartmouth St. #204, and Emanuel Hall, 25, of 130 Dartmouth St. #210, were arraigned in Newton District Court on Sept. 27 by Judge Dyanne Klein on charges of threatening to commit a crime, rape; threat to commit a crime, kidnapping; assault; and threat concerning the location of a dangerous weapon. Peoples and Hall were released on personal recognizance and ordered to stay away from the Mt. Ida campus, victims and witnesses. Both men are due back in court for a pretrial hearing on Oct. 19. Police responded to Mount Ida College’s Shaw Keith Brown dorm at 777 Dedham St., where the campus public safety officer had two males in custody after they allegedly threatened the victims. Reports said the victims were sitting in the backseat of a public safety car and appeared to be shaking and crying hysterically. According to reports, the victims said they were walking across campus in front of Malloy Hall when Peoples and Hall, who were unknown to them, approached. The victim reported that the men got extremely close to them and began “hitting” on them. When the women reportedly told the men to get away from them because they weren’t interested, the men got “in their faces,” blocked the path and began calling them “fat” and used a derogatory term, according to reports. As the two women tried to walk away, Hall and Peoples got closer, began waving their arms while shouting “you don’t know who we are, we have a gun and we will kill you,” and “I’m going to stab you,” “we will rape you” and “we will kidnap you.” The victims reportedly ran to their roommate, who called police, and said they believed the men had a weapon hidden in their clothing. When Peoples and Hall were asked what happened earlier in the night, they reportedly told police that they were good kids, did not do anything wrong and they were on the campus because they were attending a party, but they did not talk to anybody that they did not know or argue with anyone. According to reports, Peoples “randomly” said, “What, I can’t holler at a female?” Both men reportedly stated they did not remember arguing with females and seemed extremely confused, which police attributed to their intoxicated state. Police reported Peoples and Hall had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from them, they were unsteady on their feet, had bloodshot eyes and difficulty following booking instructions. Reports said there were no weapons found on either of the men, nor were any found on the campus while it was canvassed by police. On Sept. 19, Mount Ida student and Florida native Phelippe Barbosa Arruda, 21, was arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot his fellow students on campus. He was charged with threat of a location of a dangerous weapon, gun, though no firearms were found.

Laura Paine can be reached at lpaine@cnc.com. Copyright 2010 Newton TAB. Some rights reserved

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