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WHH Renaissance and Reformation Review Any material covered in class can/may be test material

The Papal Monarchy Martin Luther The Feudal System Fief Vassal Charlemagne Monasticism The Norman Conquest The First Crusade Pope Urban II Holy Roman Empire

The 100 Years War The Black Death The Catholic Church, Middle Ages Sacraments Inquisition Theology Peace of Augsburg 95 Thesis Wittenberg Pope Leo X Johann Tetzel Emperor Charles V

The Habsburg Family Henry VIII John Calvin Lutheranism Diet of Worms Calvinism Anglican Church Indulgences Leonardo da Vinci Raphael Donatello Michelangelo

Filippo Brunelleschi Cathedral of Florence The Medici’s Patronage Cervantes Humanism Renaissance Niccolo Machiavelli Florence Linear Pespective Galileo Galilee The Western Schism

Albrecht Durer William Shakespeare Petrarch Francesco Sforza Secular The Italian Wars Baldassare Castiglione Dante Alighieri Fresco Christian Humanism Desiderius Erasmus Salvation

Edict of Worms Predestination Ulrich Zwingli Catholic Reformation Ignatius of Loyola The Last Supper The Vitruvian Man The Sistine Chapel The Mona Lisa The David (Donatello) The Prince

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