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The Jedi handbook


What you now hold is more of a collection of several of the core HoshinTao students' notes. Most of what you will fi ad within these pages is raw; it comes straight from our personal notebooks. Here is our stuff. This is (1: lost of) he HoshinTao Chi Kung system. Each of us who has contributed to this work has gained this knowledge through direct experience. Luckily, we all did it together. I know how important it Wa} for me 10 have someone who understood what was going on when it started to get really weird. Most of lIS are still dealing with the results of our 11 adventuring", the exercises contained herein are what brought us to where we are today.

Some 0:' the moving meditations included here have been practiced for centuries by the Taoist masters, and the y felt les s wear and tear than their yogi counterparts. The Taoists sanity-retention rate of their students VI as far h igher, The path of HoshinTao is one of personal involvement and experiential work. You mus t do it! No one else can do it for you. It is a waste of time to be an armchair warrior, and

chi transfer is m It always. a blessing. ~

I asked] )r. Mort s to write the introduction to this guide, as I feel that this is only right. He is the Grandmaster of the ryu, and his interjection into my life is what started me on this incredible journey. Glenn has trave' ed where few of us dare go, as such, he is the ultimate source for this information and the method to the madness. [am Sure that I speak. for the rest of the Hoshin'Tao instructors in" extending our heartfelt rbanks For all the time, energy, and patience which he has shown

Introduction Glenn Morris

Han Elected member, World Head


As the yl ars go by most of what amazed me in the beginning strikes

experience of er ergy we rks changes your perspective and perceptions godhead becorms a "so what? 11 in comparison to raising your children

I can't ~ ay goin ~ through the kundalini has broug!l~ me accidental "impr egnation ' have had interesting experiences. l-am too be able to ride t ie waves of bliss forever. Perhaps that is a good second hand e:x~ erience, which often reports opinion as fact.

The psyc hological problems of being more aware are rewards for you i' exister ,00. There arc many we,lJa~llllIlg will go out of tl: eir way to attempt to. t'l"'f,:i.01~.tFlf·lTf"lll time and preveni you from 'worki~ "Jl.I ...... \.l~Ll'I,IU~~I__}:"" becomes very if iportant to .. I:~onsiaer some of

God helps those who help themselves. . .. _~~~

The rnaj; r reason I formulated a sc!~:nnnc SI

was lonely. I didn't have anyone to play-with more that have d evelopec l through reading and


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HoshinTao C ili KUl[) s

Transpersona I Psychology and Esoteric Energy Meditations

Chi KUlig is primarily the science of bioelectrical energy generation/cultivation and circulation within the hum an body, The result of Chi Kung practice is increased physical and mental health and vitality. Chi Ku ig is an mcient practice which has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Its basis is on the iirection of this energy (called chi) and the intent of willpower through the use of the breath.

There at ~ two nu lin categories into which Chi Kung training is divided: Martial Chi Kung (dealing with the combai ive arts) and pure Chi Kung which the purpose of is for increased health, longevity, and spiritual attainn ent, The practice of Hoshin'I'ao deals with both forms.

Hoshin'l 'ao Chi Kung focuses on opening the chakra and kundalini channels through the combination of meditaion, visualization, and physical techniques appropriate to the healer, yoga practitioner, am martial artist.

The pml titioner )f HoshinTao willleam the theories and principles of Chi Kung and be able to bring its benefi s into every facet of life. Chinese medicine emphasizes balancing and strengthening the body so that it C ill heal i self The practice of these techniques allowed Dr, Morris to reverse the effects of' arthritis within: lis own. 1 iody almost 10 years ago.

In 1985 I Dr. Norris achieved the rising of the Kundalini (Greater Kan and Li) using these techniques. Si1 Ice then he has been able to guide over 40 of his students to successful and relatively painless knndal ni awalo .

In Hosh inTao (1 ·~$.that in I~,J:.··',·, lf fi1.J.mseJI -4

saGjii~,lth 0' dy's ~n¢tgy .1 '; .. with:


True SpiritIW arrior Heart) Chi Kung, we learn to master meditative inner energies of the body, while also learning how those energies can

his teachings, Dr. Morris has encouraged us to go forth and share this of Hoshin'I'ao, we are able to focus on opening and balancing the (chakras), as well as, the physical movements, postures and defensive techniques .er, As the name HoshinTao implies, we seek to balance and integrate both sides 'y,M"'~A~ complete human beings. In doing so, we may even reach enlightenment Kenneth Morgan and Rebecca Robertson

attempt by the practitioner to consolidate the health of the body, considers all three of these to be as one, for what occurs in and the rrurtd. THE BODY KNOWS BETTER TIIAN THE . This is true in the pure Chi Kung practices, as well as the

oftbree substances produced or used by the body. Treasures. The ancient Chinese internal alchemists


Chi Kung allow

Thejing amount of jing 1 stress, poor mr rnethpds of jing

(feminine), the chemicals, the entire endocrine made a person what they were. The sperm was to feed the body and brain with its nutrient rich '. . and other organs that sustained this function.

': transported where needed.

of that which was physical. The Taoists believed that the be easily diminished by such things as illness, overwork,

use of drugs. However, lost jing can be replaced. The the use of a proP~t: diet.

chi is as the energy of life, life essence, and breath. These is the aspect that is most heavily focused on by the practice verse which keeps us alive. We breathe chi when we inhale. in healing and in combat.

chi that has been inherited from. the parents. From there, the the use of breathing. Since chi is so closely associated with 3

I~ ;1.',"

" 2. ClIlil

are almost liter ~,'u \a.~">L"','!I of Hoshin'Tao ' We consume c Humans are b . , . child must be;to

I r

l. t

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breath (except, It the hi ghest levels), it is clearly married to circulation/blood, oxygen, and the nerve impulses. Stror g chi, it is said, strengthens the immune system, increases stamina and longevity.

3. Shell. The sheri was the energy in the mind (which was thought of as higher chi or transmuted chi). At the late r practie ss and higher portions of Chi Kung training, the Chi would be transformed into shen. It was sail I that this is what leads to Enlightenment.

We have: two theories as to what happens; the first is that through the practice of meditation, the production and circulation of Chi grows to a personal limit, at which point it transforms into shen and races up the spine to resilt :in the kundalini. The other is the actual process of kundalini is what changes the Chi into she 1.

Chi eire ilates pi. marily in two manners; through the blood by traveling within the oxygen and through invisibl ~ paths in the body known to Chinese medicine as meridians, where the chi makes use of the tissues togo whereit is needed. These meridians are energy channels that cannot be found through the dissection of lnr nan sp:x .imens. The ancient Chi Kung practitioners were made aware of their existence by the use of intros )ective rneditation. They looked inside their own bodies to see and feel what was going on and experiments d with C1US~! and effect. In this manner they compared the body to the universe, seeing it as a microcosm of all tha t was around them. They reasoned that since the universe is in constant motion, there must be a. similar 1 notion within the body. The ancient wise men found these paths of motion and mapped them.

Early Cl i Kung involved using and holding the breath in various ways. The regulation of the breathing pattens (which they inherited from the Indian sages) for these early Taoists came from beliefs which they held Accord ing to their philosophies, a human being was born with only a finite number of breaths to their l.ves. Once (hose limited breaths were used up, then the body died. They practiced holding their breaths for extende- t periods of time, and formulated ways of slowing down the breathing patterns in order to prolong life.

The earl: r Taoists later incorporated meditations which were borrowed from the animals around them. Into their practice they incorporated the movements styles and postures of these animals; for their observations see med to : .how that animals meditated. They would watch for hours as a crane or turtle could stay com] Iletely 151 ill, and deduced that the animals, which had far fewer health problems than humans and WeI! also in much greater harmony with the world around them, spent most of their-time in meditation. Frol n these ( arly practices, the sitting and standing meditations were to become a major factor in the practice 0: 'Chi Ku ig,

There or ginally were only 13 static poses in the practice of Chi Kung. These were the meditative poses, which th ~y borrowed from the animals. As time went on, movement was added to the poses as part of the medit itive practice and for the added health benefits. This is the precursor to the use of the Tai Chi form as a. s: 'stem of vitality and' meditation. Through the years, after much practice; the methods of Chi Kung becan Ie moo: complex, refined, and diverse. The Taoists gathered what they could through their travels, add ed it to what they already knew. and refined it to suit their needs.

Taoist C u Kung, ~IS it was to be practiced by the monks, was composed of seven individual disciplines; marl lal arts! weapons training sets, exercise, concentration 1 visualization, meditation, and sometimes, mars lalas, Each practice built upon the foundation set by the previous practice.

Weapon! were used :for the effects that they had on the body and its conditioning. Concentration was used to brir .g the ct i to certain parts of the body; the melding of the mental and physical aspects of breathing. (Whe -e the mind. leads, the chi will follow). Visualizations were used which could consist of spheres of ligh, colors, or the figures of flowers, god/dess, and patterns within the body. The visualization cor: ibined \1 'ith the breathing and following of intent in a prolonged form of concentration caused incredibf : effects within the body, as the practitioners of HoshinTao have witnessed.

In the sn dy of Hoshin'I'ao Chi Kung, we will be doing a great deal of work with energy. This is not just a physic: L1 or kinetic type of energy, but also the body's own internal bioelectrical energy. Think for a moment ab nit the coordination between all the cellular and organic structural systems that keep your body functionins . All that activity requires immense amounts of information to be relayed, monitored, and organized. This goes w: thout even mentioning conscious mental processes. Most of us are incredibly unaware of just how much information we deal with on an unconscious level, Our nerve synapses, and even the brain its elf require a certain amount of electrical energy to handle all this activity. This is the chi


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we were talkin ; about. 1111S is where the name Chi Kung comes from, since chi in Chinese means, literally, "air,' 'power," "motion," "energy," or "life."

In Tai (hi and Chi Kung theory, its actual meaning is "intrinsic energy," "internal energy," or "origin at eterm l and ulimate energy." Chi can be seen as bioelectric energy, universal energy, human energy, or any number of things, The Chinese word Kung means "discipline," "work," or "exercise." So, Chi Kung it self can .nean "energy exercise," "breathing discipline," "internal energy work." etc.

Huang 'l'i (2698-2597 B.C.) was the supposed founder of Taoist Internal Alchemy, which came to

be known as Cl i Kung. This became, in time. a discipline practiced by both Taoist and Buddhist monks I

and martial arti Its who wished to develop their inner strength. One of the most notable groups who engaged in this, lisciplinc is the legendary Shaolin monks of China, who learned their fighting skills as a

way of keeping 5t and defending themselves while following their spiritual lifestyle. Little was known In r

the West about I 3e actual practice of Chi Kung until 1977, when Mantak Chia became the first person to

openly teach CI ti Kung in the west. Chia's books allow the student clear, concise descriptions of the practice, and are recommended for intensive study in the art.

In Hosh n'I'ao W(~ focus on training of the breath to amplify and direct the body's natural flow of chi. While this nay seem like a foreign concept, or maybe a little too far "out there." Think about this. Have you ever f ~lt drained around certain people? Have you ever "felt" someone staring at you? Have you ever instantly li ked or c isliked someone due to the "vibes" you got? Have you ever sensed another person's presen::e without hearing or seeing them? All these things are results of interactions of your body's internal ~ nergy ti. ~ld with those of other people. The human body is surrounded and permeated by a field of Chi. S cientific methods, such as Kirlian photography, have proven the existence of the body's energy field knc wn as th e "aura."

Accorditg to Cb inese medicine, the chi flow regulates the function of the organs in the body.

When there are physical problems, they can be sensed through the aura. The practice of Chi Kung will help develop an i strengt hen the chi, as well as help learn how to direct it for healing and self-defense applications.

In direct ng Chi, the mind (along with the breath and the intent) is used to visualize the chi moving.

In quantum phy, ics, scientists are beginning to prove that all "matter" is actually energy that is vibrating at I·.

different rates. 11 the exercises you will learn, you can discover how to change the vibrations of your chi,

and direct its flc w, using your consciousness. As you Jearn this, you will begin to become more aware of

subtle interactio is of energy, both inside and outside your own body. This awareness is available to everyone, and y. t few people ever actually take the time to develop it, as it is not generally accepted as a

valid, natural human abIity. It is generally regarded as an "unexplained phenomenon," and yet in all probability, it is limply soroething science is just now catching up with. However, Dr. Morris, a scientist

and psychologi: t himsef, states that "enlightenment is a biological process, which has intellectual consequences." ' leachings, which were hidden for centuries are now becoming available due to science's

work in proving their validity, In this practice, it is best to have an open mind, as some things you will

learn may be SUI prising, .ind even enjoyable, depending on your openness to experience.


Meditan: on is simply the act of relaxing and stilling the mind. While this may seem simple) when [

one sits down all d attempts I:() do this, the person may encounter surprising difficulty. Silencing the mental '

"chatter" which he cons, ~iotls mind produces requires practice. There are many different techniques in

meditation, somi of which include focusing on a certain object to the point of becoming absorbed in it, or !

a. certain word. 0: sound, as well as guided meditations, in which the meditator visualizes a certain setting

or situation.Iike walking into a story. In HoshinTao Chi Kung, we use certain meditation techniques for

relaxation and st ress relief, and others for energy work. Studies have shown that people who meditate 1

have lower stress levels, calmer mental states, increased creativity and awareness, and when following

proper breathing techniques, are less prone to stress-related conditions like heart attacks and nervous disorders. Medit uion has also been used successfully in overcoming addictions.

'When in meditation. the mind enters a different state of consciousness from that which is experienced in e reryday life, The brain. waves slow down, in conjunction with the heart and breathing rates. Stilling the mind and silencing the "chatter" can allow one to reasonably find solutions to problems by focusing the mind wi thout interference. It can also help one find a sense of peace within the self, sometimes by si nply enj eying the silence and escaping the pressures of everyday life. There is a wide


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variety of musc avails ble that is composed especially for meditation. as well as recordings of guided meditations. 11: ese are i: nended to help the listener achieve a meditative state.

Medital ion can be practiced practically anywhere that allows someone to remain undisturbed for the needed length nf time. lt.can be practiced in a chair, or lying down, seated on the floor, or even while moving, walking, or jogging, Zen meditation involves "mindfully" doing whatever it is you are doing at any given mon lent. Thi So is part of what we work toward in HoshinTao Chi Kung, by using meditation and affirmati on ; to inter nalize states of mind for building confidence, creativity, and the ability to manage stress in a prod icti ve W ly.


One of he most prevalent terms in modem esoteric literature for the main energy centers in the human body is "chakras." Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel," or "disk." The chakras are also known as "10m: es. " The goal of most esoteric practices is to open these "lotuses."

In Hosh inTao chi kung, we work with a structure based on Togakure Ryu Bujinkan Ninpo's Go Dai (Five Cents rs) system. With each chakra, there is a correspondence with the physical body through the endocrine s v-stem and spinal nerve nexus, a particular emotional and mental state, and a particular psychological '\ alue. To further understand this, let's look at the cbakras and their correspondences.

1st Chakra .. t Earthl StnbiJity/ Muladhara (Bear)

Located at the ~ erineum, in the base of the spine, the first chakra is primariJy concerned with security and sin viva] issues, Its associated color is bright red, and the endocrine glands it connects with are the ovaries, nd testicles. The martial attitude is stability.

2nd Chakra- ItWab~!II .A.daptivityl Svadisthana (Dragon) .

Located below the navel on a line across the hips. the second chakra is primarily concerned with emotional and iexual is SUf~S. Its color is bright orange, and the endocrine glands are the ovaries or testicles and adt enals. The martial attitude is defensiveness.

3rd Chakra- 'Fire! Int'lmsityl Manipura (Tiger)

Located at the so tar plexus. the third chakra is concerned with issues of personal power and will.

Its color is brig 11 yellow, and the endocrine glands are the stomach, spleen and pancreas. The martial attitude is aggre ssivenes s,

4th Cbakra- I 'WindlGeUllerative/Anahata (Lion and/or Eagle)

Located at the center of the chest, the heart chakra deals with love and compassion. Its color is bright lime gree i, and the endocrine gland is the thymus and heart. The martial attitude is evasiveness and compassion

5th, 6th, and! 7th Chakras- Void/Self-ActualizinglVishuddha (throat), Ajna (third eye), and Sahasrar: l (thous and pointed lotus) Spider and/or Crane

At this point, the three chakras in the head are grouped together as the Void element, and are known individu illy as fallows:

Throat: c ommunication, creativity, tied to the thyroid, the assocrated color is sky blue. Third E) e: intuition, imagination, dreaming, tied to the pineal, the associated color is dark (CO)a1'1:) blue/indigo.

Crown: 'mderst'3Jlding. knowing, bliss. regarded by some as "cosmic consciousness," ~ be associated color is violet fading to white.

Chakra und the Japanese Go Dai are not perfect matches but there is enough similarity in the traditions to alk w a synchronous comparison across cultures. It is interesting that the animal totems of


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many Asian am l American Jndian cultures have similar meanings as well. There are also correspondences with elemental Western Alchemy.

Further ex] rloration of Chi Kung and the GoDai

What fc llows be low is a deeper look into the chakras, for each element the feelings, body positions and ideas of tha t elemen t will be explained. For each element there is also a visualization exercise.


Earth! Stability} Muladh.ira (The Bear)

The pos nre is calm and relaxed with the shoulders down, the back straight, the head erect with the chin pulled slig atly in. TIlle. knees are slightly out as are the toes. The pelvis rocks imperceptibly with your breath and shifts with your stride so your spine is always supported and balanced. When you move, you move your whole body. When you walk, you place your heel on the ground first and then shift your weight forwardl along the. side ofthe foot. Your shoulders and anus will swing in a rolling motion as you walk and rotate your spine, Your knees and ankles should be relaxed, soft, and flexible. Practice making this your everyc ay walk itwill do more than just benefit your fighting style. You will become centered, smooth and flo' ving.

The thin king atti nde of the earth is relaxed happy acceptance of the universe or situation as it is.

You have no fe [If as yell are confident in your strength and experience. You are steady, loving, and confident. You ire curious, uninhibited, practical, and enjoy a good laugh. You smile at others and make eye contact. Yo 1 reward service and kindness with praise and reciprocity. You are careful with the truth of your words .. (ou are ronest and reliable. If there were still kings and queens worthy of the name you would be their I eer. Yoi. enjoy the way your body feels and study how it reacts to the world and people around you. Yo 1 do not use your strength to intimidate others, but to help those who are weaker to find their own sourc : of strength. You use your anger to right wrongs and punish those who attack you but do not initiate, onlj retaliate in an appropriate manner. You are a teacher of the Way as well as a warrior,

The pon t of com .entration is the perineum at the base of the coccyx, below the genitals. When you want to assume a strong Earth attitude you touch your little fingers to your thumb. If standing and want to quickly drop Y' ur cente: you simply rock down on your heels. The color of the aura and phosphenes behind the eyes are bright red,

Our patl to self- actualization and integration via the spinal column begins at ground level, in the Earth chakra. .A s in all t rungs, the key to being successful lies in starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top. Build a strong foundation. In Sanskrit, it is called Muladhara or "root." You may have heart someone refer to "grounding" or being "down to earth," and indeed. developing an "Earthy" attitlldl: will promote this. This chakra relates to all solid earthly things, like the body, health, survival, materi tl and IX onetary existence, and the (st)ability to focus and manifest needs. Its color, a deep, vibrant re I, has th ~ longest wavelength and the slowest vibration in the visible spectrum. With the focus at the bas ~ of the spine, it connects with the legs and feet to the ground. The sciatic nerve, which extends from tb: sacral plexus down though the legs, is the largest peripheral nerve in the body (about as thick as your tl umb) ar.d functions like a root for the nervous system, The nerve endings in the feet provide us with much ill: 'ormation as we walk. This can be thought of as the first step in thinking with the spine and not ju :t the brain. The endocrine glands linked to this chakra are the genitals, which are activated in situations wb ~re grow .h, creativity, sexuality and reproduction are necessitated.

Emotion ally, the positive sides of this chakra are feeling strong, confident, stable. nourished, and therefore ready :0 grow, The negative side is conventionality ~ rule-boundedness, anger, and unbridled sexuality, as we: I as an atachrnent to security and monetary things. "Grounding" is considered a state of mind in which: 'ou are I here and now." We "plug in" the hardware of the body/mind to receive and transmit the eno mous variety of energies like the finely tuned instrument that it is designed to be.

"Measur ements t ave shown that when the human body is standing on the ground • .it is electrically grounded as well. There .s an electrostatic field surrounding the Earth with a resonant frequency of about 7.5 cycles per se cond. Itrhak Bentov discusses a micromotion of the body which consists of the constant vibration of the heart, c( .lls, and fluids of the body. This micromotion has been measured by him to vibrate at a freq iency elf 6.8 to 7.5 cycles per second. Therefore, the body resonates with the Earth's ionosphere. COIl meeting physically to this great body, as in walking or lying on the Earth, our own bodies enter into this re sonance more deeply."--- Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life.



[ I l


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Walkin.; is exceIent for grounding higher energy, as is just about any exercise that requires contact with the Earth, .ike yoga, I'm Chi, or other martial arts. Eating. since it relates to survival, and redirects the body's energy t ) digesti on, is also a good grounding activity. In meditative practice, focusing the mind on the body and 01 .velopin; awareness of physical condition could be helpful when working with the Earth chakra, Medita ions whch lead into caves, or other stone structures are good for connecting with Earth energy. The fol owing exercise from Amber Wolfe's Elemental Power is one such meditation.

Stone Sanctuar- '; An lin agery Exercise for Strength

Imagine that you an: walking through an earthen tunnel that leads into a limestone cave. You carry an oil lamp to r elp guide your way. The light from the oil lamp reveals fossil patterns embedded in the walls along the way.

Here an i there, black smudges show that others have come this way before, perhaps in ancient days. There aI'4: no incications that this tunnel has been visited in recent times. You find that the passageway is (lear and open, The limestone is pale and brightly reflects the light that you. carry with you " - and within yc~· 1.

You fin. I an opening leading to a small. quiet cavern. just large enough for you to stand up. This small cavern is mmded, smooth, and silent. You step through the opening and settle comfortably into this special place.

Lifting: 'our oil lamp, you search the walls and ceilings for fossils, symbols, or signs that someone has been here before YI)U. You search, but find nothing. Only the twinkle of lights reflecting off the limestone is prc sent in tlus quiet, pristine, place. Slowly, you lower the flame of your lamp until the cave is comfortably ( arkened

It is completely quiet in this, your private sanctuary of stone. You become aware of a strong, steady rhythm. Its soun.i vibrates off of the walls. amplifying itself with power. You wonder about the source of this sc und, unt i1 you realize, with some amusement, that you are hearing the sound of your own heartbeat You J nigh out Ioud, and echoes of delight dance around inside your cave. After a few moments, the sound fade: away, and all is silent once more. You rest in the smooth comfort of your stone. sanctuary, and r eflect up:>n the strength and the steadiness of your heartbeat You feel the steady strength of your Self as ~ ou rest t here, centered and connected to the quiet rhythms of your self-nature ..

AU arou ld you i1, a stillness and a silence of profound power and peace. You feel yourself merging with this stillne: s, becoming part of this powel", entering into the silence, and finding the peace profound.

From de ~per within the heart of Nature, you hear the steady rhythms of the Earth. You feel them inside yourself, strong, stable, and abiding rhythms of power. You feel the strength within. You feel supported. comp letely by these peaceful abiding rhythms of the Earth, of Nature, of your Self.

In silent e, you C onnect with the core of your Self. You connect with the structures inside your Self that bring y )U strength, In connecting to the heart of your Self. you find your deepest power waiting and abiding wit! in; you .ind the foundation of patience and perseverance. You find that these have their origin in the pro Found pc wer of peace that exists within the sanctuary of your Self.

You knc w, with deepest assurance, that this sanctuary is always there. abiding in peace~ waiting for you to enter nto its s ilent power and find your strengths.

The med itation above could be added to the Earth door in Da Mo's Cave very easily (Path Notes), or it could be u.ed as a separate exercise to familiarize yourself with Earth-type energy. Here on the ground floor. WI work tc build a strong foundation for the process of self-actualization, so we can use that inner strength I) keep reaching for higher levels of potential. Internalizing the feelings of security, strength, self-co ifidence discipline. and stability is a large part of working with the Earth chakra, Stability may be necessai y on me re than one level as you climb the spine toward the upper chakras, since some strange and inter esting things may happen along the way. In your meditative practice, you may want to pay close attenti m (without attachingl) to what goes on, as you may receive some surprising information about yourself. Feeling strong and secure helps to prevent becoming fearful regarding information we may receive in c ther real ns of consciousness which is intended to assist in our development. Sometimes truth manifests i n strange forms, and is not always pleasant. but remaining "grounded" can help us to cope. A quote f om Fred erich Nietzsche comes to mind--"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." This is typical C If an Earthy attitude regarding challenges. One of the greatest challenges in personal development is laving the confidence to keep going through any number of challenges to reach the goal.


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Water! Adaptiv ity! Svac.histhana (The Dragon)

Primarj motivation at Water is learning to use the power of emotional reaction in any situation.

The samurai th night the most powerful emotion was anger1 but anger is based on fear of loss. The most powerful emoti on is act ially love. A lover has a much easier time opening this chakra tbanone who hates. The chakra being opene:l is the point above your pelvis sometimes referred to as the dan tien, seat of the soul. We usual y refer tJ it as having guts. Or doing something even when. you're afraid. The endocrine tie-ins include 1 he adren al glands. so this chakra teaches your body how to channel the energy of reactive terror into pow er.

The pot ture is cne of moving away but maintaining the ability to retaliate from a safer position. 'The posture of ichimon]i no kamae of the Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu-the result of 800 years-plus of empirical comb it research- best represents the physical manifestation of this attitude. The legs are spread wide for balam e, one tack in a drooping L (pointing away at an angle) rather than a T as in cat stance. The hips are 10' vered an j the knees are relaxed. One hand loosely covers the center line of the upper body-throat and sol lI' plexus, The other is extended loosely to fend and ward off grabbing attacks. The drooping L bac ;: angling: step of the legs away from the attacker allows the individual using this posture to be completely ~ afe from attack even though they appear vulnerable. Study on this.

The rno zements of the water chakra are flowing using the natural body movement of the attacker to direct you out ( f his or her way. It is like a wave wearing down a rock by flowing out and back. You will learn. to move circularly like water sucking someone down into a whirlpool. Like a stream or flowing round your 0PP ment run j filling every opening with your presence to unbalance and wear him down.

The thit king/feeling attitude of water is enjoying the challenge. Using every trick you've got to defeat the attacler, You aI1~: a good listener and enjoy clever conversation and artistic achievement. You are responsive I J others and focused on It getting the job done". You like to try out new things, tend to be sensual and sed active, as well as strong. You're optimistic and ambitious for yourself and others. You're a good friend, a nd a feared enemy,

The point of concentration is below the navel on a line across the top of your hips. To quickly slip into water you olace yo rr ting finger against your thumb, or take one step backwards as you draw in a deep breath. Tl e color of the aura and phosphenes behind the eyelids is bright orange.

We con: inue our path up the spine, moving from Earth to Water, from stability to adaptivity, In Chinese alchem y. this is sometimes referred to as "steaming the cauldron," using the warm Earth energy to "boil" the water and trarsform the inner properties. When we in Hoshin'Tao say someone is "cooking," chances are the r have ;ai: least reached the stage of opening this chakra, if not farther. In Sanskrit, this chakra is name, I Svadhi sthana or "sweetness," which becomes appropriate when you consider that this chakra deals Wil h sexuality. This relates to the function of the water chakra in its correspondence to bodily functions havin ~ to do with liquid, such as circulation, sexuality, and reproduction. This chakra is also the center of ell lotions, sensation, pleasure, movement, and nurturance. Physically. its location is in the lower abdomen centerec between the navel and genitals, corresponding to the sacral vertebrae and nerve ganglion called he sacral plexus. This plexus hooks into the sciatic nerve and is a center of motion for the body. This is 1 he reaso t1 for the title "seat of the soul." In the Water chapter of Miyamoto M usas hi's Book of Five Il ings, there is a reference to "tightening the wedge," or "wedging in". The movements described by D[ Morris above describes how this principle is applied to another Water property, which is movement. or ": low". This is also a good example of what is meant when Taoist sages refer to "becoming yin" or "feminir e,' as most men carry their center of balance much higher than women. who tend to carry their center of b dance in the hips.·

Learnin~ to use the hips, walking, triangular postures and angularmovement are fundamental to opening this chs kra. Here we make use of the innate survival instinct along with the pleasure principle to move away fron I danger or pain and move toward a solution to the adversity. The duality of existence as reflected in mas :uline all d feminine principles is another main feature of this chakra. This also brings us to the subject of se xuality, which ties in to the emotions, pleasure, and desire. Healthy sexuality can be seen as a resolution a ad celeb: ~tion of our differences.

Taoist in temal alchemy is largely seen as a process of uniting the warm, masculine energy(yang)

with the cool, fe minine energy within the self, to refine the spirit as a whole, or unified person. In Taoist 1

esoteric yoga (c' ii kung) and tantric yoga, sexuality is seen as a life force, in an expansive movement that balances, reston .s, renews, and reproduces. Part of the process of most esoteric systems is to connect the

9 !

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base chakra to he crow; 1 chakra, genitals to brain, as Dr. Morris says, "so you can think with the higher brain instead 0 ~ the 101Jl·er." How many people do you know who ran into trouble for using the wrong one?

Change. or adaotivity is a major part of this chakra, and working to develop balanced desire, sexuality, and s elf-confi dence may change the motivations for which this energy is used. Redirecting the powerful sexua energies to the brain can have the effect of rejuvenating the endocrine system, as well as other interestin ~ effects you may notice as you progress. Due to the power of this energy itself, b.owever, one should pay close att ention to the warnings given in chi kung practice to avoid what Mantak Chia refers to as "Kundalir i Syndrome," in which the energy is not cooled before reaching the higher chakras. This is what we call "f ying," as opposed to "cooking." Kundalini is like a 220 current being released into a 110 circuit, unless I he warn ings are heeded, and the energy becomes "yin" before reaching the brain. Many unfortunate pel 'PIe in the US (5 out of 6) who experience this release are briefly hospitalized for psychosis, as '\ zestern c.octors and psychiatrists do not acknowledge subtle energy in their practice. Dr. Morris himself encountered great difficulty in his experience with this until Suzanne Carlson, one of the original Hillsda le found ers of the hoshinroshiryu, transferred icy cold chi that she had learned how to control during J er kundnlini rising.

Positive tbinkit1l ~ pllays a major role in the opening of this chakra as well as the others, as a negative emetic na1 react ion can lead into the negative side of Water- paranoia. This can be avoided by using the Secre Smile exercise, and being as positive as you can. Otherwise, an overly emotional reaction can awaken the adrenalglands tied into this chakra, further promoting fear and terror.

This ex srcise from Amber Wolfe's Elemental Power is designed to help find solutions during troubles, to find the calm wji.thin the storms of emotional upheavals we face in life.

The Silent Stor. n: An Imagery Exercise for Finding Much-Needed Inner Wisdom and Solutions to Deep

Problems. .

hnagine that du ing a raging storm, you are seeking shelter under an outcropping of rocks that juts forth from high steep cliffs at the: edge of the sea.

As the ~ ale-force winds drive the rain between the stones. you fee] the depths of your despair.

You feel coldl, 1: ncertain and alone. As the winds howl and the waves crash against the cliffs, you cry out for help. You': 0 not know which way to go, You do not know which path will lead you home to safety and calm comic rt. You: :'emember all the storms you have weathered before, but they seem to be nothing more than insig iificant tempests compared to the storm you face now. Your tears blend with the salty spray sweeping in from .he sea.

In angui sh, you I each within your Self to find the answers, the solution for the situation you are in now. Deep witl un, you hear the voice of reason counseling calm, patience, and comfort. You reach ever deeper within y. mr Self, seeking that inner voice of wisdom. As you do so, the wind ceases its furious onslaught, the vaves smooth out, and the rain sweeps out across the sea. All is quiet, peaceful, and calm as yOll find the' visdom within your Self.

In the tn nquil moments that follow the terrible storm, you hear that wise inner voice. You hear the wisdom within, and yen. I know what you must do. You listen and fmd new direction, With relief and renewed purpos ~, you find the path that leads you home.

"As you learn tel face head-on any stormy emotions that arise in your life, you will find that they pass far more q~ ickly when you let them flow through you without fear"

This me Iitation can be used separately as a quick problem-solving technique, or along with the Water door in ria Mo's Cave. Either method should bring favorable results in working with opening to this chakra and its emotional aspect. In working with the emotions, it is helpful to nurture the Self in safety and seem Ity needs, as well as social needs, and all this is tied into the Water chakra. Remember in your practice th: t joy and happiness are valid, important emotions, and they should be internalized for best results.


Fire! Intensityl Jllanipura (The Tiger)

The chal ra of fire is, the solar plexus, and is also associated with the stomach and pancreas in Chinese esoteric yoga. 11 Chi Kung it is considered the second cauldron for steaming the sexual energy, and in Christian esoterica it is considered necessary to the experience of the Holy Spirit and ecstasy. In


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Hoshin it is the opening to transcendental joy and recognition of your ability to accomplish change in all three planes of :xistenc'~-- 'body, mind. and spirit.

The physical response is to joyfully leap forward to embrace your destiny, as your attacker is the

test for which ~ 'ou have been training. The shoulders are squared to your opponent; the trunk is angled 1·

forward and th: legs drive: your punches in rhythm with your steps. You drive through any resistance,

You see beyom l decepti on.

The me: ttal attinde is assertive intensity. It might be called exuberance. You are concerned with the

attainment of el cellence, You are warm, dynamic, and expansive using your powers of reason to control I

and manipulate your en' 'ironment. You are not aggressive in the hostile sense of needing to dominate, but

enjoy the chall mge of solving problems and using power. You are emotionally stable and relaxed physically, dev :loping harmony of mind and body. You have little concern for status and control as you

are trusting of ethers, "Y ou see yourself as a truth teller and tend to be strongly forthright in your speech,

which others so metimes perceive as blunt and tactless.

Your ell thusiasrr. draws others to you like moths to a flame, so you must be careful of your impact

as your energy ncreases. Fire is associated with charisma or star quality, Y ou find empirical and precise f

study interestin ~ and may develop into an eloquent and expressive communicator of new and creative

ideas. You hay I to be careful to frame your thoughts in ways to make them acceptable to others, as you

tend to forget: t1: at others do not have your perception of reality as an integrated human being. You must be

careful not to f: II into P aranoia or cynicism as you are not alone, only rare} as most never learn how to

open themselve I..

The point of COlli !entration is the center of the spine behind the solar plexus. You can bring up the inner fire by tot ching th e index finger to the thumb, or leaning forward as you step. The color of the aura and phosphenes behind the eyelids ate bright yellow.

Fire is t ie element of transformation, The fires of will temper the desires of the second chakra, refining them., directing' he passions toward a higher goal. Mind and action combine to overcome inertia and ignite the tl unes of inner power. Overcoming inertia creates momentum, in tum creating heat, causing combination ant I transformation through increased interaction.

The thirl chakra is associated with will. the intellect, energy, power, and of course, fire. Its name in Sanskrit is M anipura, meaning "lustrous gem." Physically. it relates to the digestive system. The issue of power found in the th rd chakra is best thought of as "power to" or "power within" the Self and others, rather than the t egative side, "power oyer." In dealing with will, it is not a matter of forcing one's will on others, but deve oping the will to improve as a human being. The will gives rise to the energy needed to continue progre :5. Here W(~ begin to use the intellect to gain knowledge and understanding of how things

connect, and he w we connect to others. Here we find the continuing courage to become and be our l

Selves. We disl over our strengths by the revelation of our vulnerabilities. We are forced into situations

which require: rf. aching t eyond ourselves in order to survive and grow, which personalizes our connection

to the source of all life forces, Fire purifies, strengthens, and refines, burning away the deadwood, the 1

impurities, the r on-esser tials. th S S If Th .

Fire gives us the: gift of couragel which is needed to face e hadow within the e. e

Shadow, as PS:1 chologist Carl Jung termed it, is that part of a person comprised of qualities the person considers negati ve. The ~;h~ldow is the part that does not coincide with how we like to think of ourselves. Because of this, we repress our dark side, and think it is eliminated. This is not true. The Shadow; along with potentially positive qualities, when repressed, is transformed into our personal demons. Inevitably, in our refusal to accept tt e Shadow, we project and experience this aspect of ourselves as part of others. The ninja of anr ient Japan knew that tremendous courage is required to face our own Shadows. Their acceptance of th eir OWIlL Shadows allowed them to transform this aspect of themselves into a teacher to discover where their strengths were. The Shadow contains strengths that are viewed as negative, and therefore rejecte i. but it also contains positive qualities that are un-realized. The ninja were courageous enough to follo'v the Shadow into the unknown depths of their being, to bring their hidden strengths to

light. As lung rnce saic , you do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by working I

with your darkn ess,

This me Iitation, from Amber Wolfe's Elemental Power, is designed for working with Fire

imagery and dis, .overtng your Shadow. In facing and taming your Shadow! you can better work toward 1

achieving a mOD: integrated state of mind. .


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Shadows on th ~ Stones An Imagery Exercise for Self-Empowerment.

Imagin l yourse. f on a dark, starry night. dancing around a roaring fire amidst a circle of standing stones. The a: r is coo] against the stones, but warm near the flames. You dance to the rhythms of a distant, inner d rum, You dance in circles out from the fire, and weave your steps in and out around the standing stone..

You bask in the warm sensation of your own strength. You celebrate the life forces that created youl the essent al, independent dancer. You dance your own dance) free and unbound by any restrictions. You. find your iwn rhythm,

Dancin]: closer 10 the flames, you feel the power of its heat. You feel the power of your inner courage. The ight from the flames casts your shadows onto the faces of the great standing stones. As you dance, yo 1 create shadows of your Self. empowered only by the energy and the shape of your movements, 11 nagine, :10',1,1, a shadow that is frightening. a shape projected on the stones in your own image. See it h Irking there, unable to define itself alone. It is at the mercy of your movement, controlled by the directior of your dance.

Shift qr ickly tel the: stance of a great warrior, Show your strengths. Show yourself the shape, the feel, the sensat on of your power. This, too, can be a shadow. Its form is determined at your own discretion. Cbr ose the: ; ihape of your Self. Choose the projection of your power.

Dance hr a time in this place of inner vision. Dance around these sacred flames. Dance in the light of your in ner fire. F1!~1 the rhythm, the heat of your power. Shift the shapes of your shadows projected on th.: stone facessurrounding you. Shift the shape of your shadows as easily as you shift the steps. the move ments, tI ie rhythm of your dance. .Define the shape of your strength. Find faith in your Self. Dance .an.' 1 celebrate your unique Self.

Denial ( ,f our we aknesses and fears only feeds them, increasing their strength. Here. we use the adaptivity learm :d at W,a' er to accept our Shadows and our fears in order to grow as human beings. Fire gives us the co rrage to meet and master the challenge, to pass the test, to keep going until we reach the goal.


Wind! Generati: 'e/ Anahsta (The Lion and/or The Eagle)

The Wit d attitud e is associated with the opening of the heart chakra. It is the last cauldron of Chi Kung and for m )S{ peop le it is the last chakra to be opened. This chakra acts as a buffer to the brain and can cool energy before n enters the skull. It is better not to force energy through this chakra but wait for it to melt, thus ref. ucing the risk of damage to the base of the brain and hypothalamus.

The pos ures ass. iciated with the wind are very erect with the neck raised and head tilted. The arms are lifted with tl ,e elbow; dropped slightly forward and parallel to the shoulders with the hands forward of the face; the pal TIS show ing as if you: were surrendering. The legs are loose and the weight is off the heels so you can twit I and leap like a dancer. The chest is lifted and expanded so you've full lung capacity. Response is to t irn sideways so you can twirl into your opponent like the wind, Here you develop your skills of workin ~ close t.) your attacker, merging with his movement. and using him or her to shield you from other attac cers. Th e wind draws on righteous anger and the fear of the mother for its fighting power.

Wind re leers the potential to develop others with wisdom, humor, and love. Wind in a martial sense can be de fined as orientation toward instruction, repair or control of another human being without doing irreparabl ~ damage, 'This is the hardest personality configuration to learn if you did not have good models and US); ally only develops with age and extensive experience. The wind is associated with compassion, for giveness, and healing. It is the manifestation of pure love needs based on the need to be generative rathe than as a reaction to external factors. Many religious systems focus on developing this chakra alone, as it is com ddered to be the most predictably beneficial.

y ou do : 'our P3Jt to make the world a better place. You are generous with your time and material goods to help at aers who've had less opportunities than you. You are open-hearted and benevolent in the purest sense of those te rms. You have to be careful not to waste your energy on the hopeless and helpless, as the 1 nean and poor of spirit will be with us always.

The poir t of concentration is the heart or thymus, You can increase the energy of the Wind by pressing the for, finger to the thumb, or simply turning the bands outward with the thumb extended and up. The colon. 0 : the aura and phosphenes behind the eyelids are bright lime green.


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"Openi: Ig your heart" takes on new dimensions at this stage in our practice. As Dr. Morris states, "this chakra is the opening to compassion and love." In Sanskrit, its name is Anahata, meaning "sound that is made wi thout an If t~'10 things striking," as well as "unstruck, unhurt, fresh, and clean." Here we no longer fight af= ainst what we love, in attempting to Own, control, or dominate, but move with it in harmony. The fight of 1 he third chakra is replaced by acceptance in the fourth. Here we come to the point which is refen ed to b)' Taoist masters as the lesser kan and li enlightenment, the point at which the masculine(li, OJ fire) and feminineikan, or water) aspects within the personality begin to combine. Yang becomes Yin. As mythologist Joseph Campbell said, "Here you move out of the field of animal action into a field that is properly human and spiritual." Hopefully, here we have transcended or fulfilled our needs through t ae force of will, the will to become a more complete human being. We come to recognize our connectedr ess to life around us, as we transcend the more physical. animal instincts of survival, procreation, am I domina nCI~:. The heart chakra is considered the point of balance between the physical and "spiritual" chak ras. The two types of energy combine here. Many people do not open beyond this point, as going furthe r requires quite a bit of work at taming your ego. which you. must still cope with, enlightened or I iot, Healing requires compassion, as you come to the realization that we're all in the same boat after all, and the Golden Rule makes sense. Love is no longer subject-object. but comes from joyous acceptance ofy nir place: in the universe, which brings self-harmonization, allowing you to be generative, no longer fearir g "runni ng out of love. "

Self-ace eptance is the key to acceptance of others and the universe. We dislike what we see "wrong" with IIthers because it mirrors things we dislike about ourselves. This realization can be a motivation for llealing c f self and others. It is said that all true warriors are healers, and that the true warrior does nc t fight fer pleasure, or personal glory, but only out of necessity. Great courage is required to face and tam: the shallow within, or at least reach an agreeable truce. Courage is a matter of heart, and many do not wi :h to ma ce the sometimes perilous journey within the depths of the soul to find what lurks in the dark rec isses of repressed consciousness. We sometimes scare ourselves. Acceptance of the shadow as part )f the se' J is a part of healing, becoming a whole person. Once we are whole, we can help others to heal th emselves.

Here are some afirmations for use in healing work, as presented in Dr. Morris's book, Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master.

1. Assume a pos ture of genuine love for the injured party. Penetrate his or her body fields with these feelings a id thoug hts, Think only loving thoughts and desire their injuries to heal. Place your hands so that yc ur energy can flow along the patient's meridians in the proper direction, and then breathe your own body energy into him or her while visualizing a growing green light If you are religious you may ask that tl: e releva It aspect of healing associated with your deity guide you in this healing and benevolent task. This is a technique used by many massage therapists and some chiropractors. The mood created is often enhanced with a soft musical background and dim lighting, which increases alpha brain waves(associate j with creatrvity) and decreases beta brain waves(associated with reactivity.)

2. Assur ie the posture of the teacher. Study up and know your subject matter. If you can't work up real affection, treat the: subject like a well-liked pet known for its intelligence and obedience, such as a horse or dog. S, nne people who have been poorly trained to accept and use intuitive information find this emotional state I easier than genuinely loving the patient, though in the long run it is far more difficult, as it requires learninr: how the energy affects the anatomy. It is particularly useful if you work with animals, who can't explai n their plio .. A good vet is much harder to find than a good physician.

Carefull' I and gently rest your hands on the koshi(energy points) Or pressure points that lead to and through the inju ':'1, and ask the subject in a soft and soothing voice to relax. Breathe into the circuit you have created wit 1 the thought; "Here's some healthy energy, learn from it what you have to know to get better." With t ie same attitude, brush your hands throughout the subject's spirit body in a circular movement from the head to the feet and do a few extra swirls over the injured area. This is called "The way of the teaci ier." You might teach the subject how to breathe properly and rub air over the injury. Musashi recomr tended a variation of this technique. and the brushing of the aura is common shamanistic practice across I: ulrures. The Shadow side of the brushing is the ability to cut the energy with your own chi in what are c illed "secret sword techniques" that slow an opponent and cut-to-cut momentarily steal his strength.

3. One 0: Stephen Hayes' poems has the line "Let The Cosmos decide," which became a war cry for some of the fiercer E .oshin students over the years. Assume a feeling of awe and gratitude for being


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present to parti .ipate in whatever happens. You just do what you do, to the best of your ability, and maybe the cosmos wire decide j n favor of the patient. You simply lay your hands on the meridians that feed the injured area wi h the anitude of "letting be" or offering a gift that the patient may use for whatever is necessary. An lr all! who knows how this .stuff works? In Christianity we say, "Thy will be done." This attitude favorec by Zen warriors was a recognition of the process of evolution in operation in the universe. This attitude re [uires the absence of desire. It is a recognition that everyone dies; maybe you shouldn't be meddling in w~ at is a natural process.

In open mg the heart chakra, we deal with wind, using it to give lift to the wings of our spirit, allowing us to soar to 1 lev.' heights. Here, we use the inspiration of opening to love and compassion to prevent the plu 1ge into the negative aspects of lying, greed, and jealousy. It is said that the best art, poetry, and music is that which comes from the heart. Which one is your passion? You may try expressing you, self from the heart through some inspired creative pursuit. Regrettably, no meditation can be offered here to help learn how to love and be loving. Each of us are alone in that lesson, and experience is th ! best te, letter we can have. However, the Wind door in Da Mo's Cave may provide some interesting insij hts. Follow your heart!


Void! Self-Acta alizing l{ishuddha-throat IAjna-brow /Sahasrara-crown and above (Elephant, Crane, and Spider)

The Voi d for the. Japanese is inexplicable! as it is reflected in spontaneity and intuition. From a human alchemy and mystical yoga viewpoint it is the opening of the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras. For the Chinese, it i : the fins 1 collecting points for energy that are in the throat and brain.

The fift i chakrs. is associated with verbal skill, sky bluet and social creativity. Yon enjoy expressing YOUl self and are able to empathize with others. Ideas are your playground. You enjoy the company of wr ters, speakers, and artists, and have some interesting projects you call your own. The point of cone en ration is from the joining of the collarbones up through the tongue and the base of the skull.

The sixt 1 chakra is often referred to as the "brow chakra" or "Third Eye," is associated with the pituitary gland j nd is ccnsidered to be the psychic center. The color is dark blue, shades of indigo, or purple as it mixr s with t ie other chakras. It is associated with nobility. You trust your perceptions and make appropria e responses to external conditions with calm, The point of concentration is made by slightly crossinj your eyes and looking up"

The sevl:nth chakra often called the "crown chakra'' or "Thousand-petaled lotus" is at the top of the brain and as: ociatedl with the pineal gland. As the base chakra is associated with the Earth, the crown chakra is associ ited witt Heaven. For the Chinese, Heaven and Earth must combine. It is considered the gateway to the : pirit wo rld and guidance by the higher Self. The color begins as violet and eventually becomes a silve y white, It just develops as your brain becomes more accustomed to receiving more Chi. To increase Von 1 ability, surround the thumb with the tips of all your fingers when you meditate.

"One of the mos t enigmatic of all transpersonal phenomena is the experience of the Void, the encounter with 1 rimordinl Emptiness, Nothingness, and Silence. This extraordinary spiritual experience is of a highly par: doxical nature. The Void exists beyond form of any kind. While being a source of everything it cainot itsel f be derived from anything else. It is beyond space and time. While we can perceive nothin]: concrete in the Void, there is also the profound sense that nothing is missing. This absolute emptin ess is si nultaneously pregnant with all of existence since it contains everything in a potential form.' =Stanislav Grof, M.D., The Holotropic Mind: The Three Levels of Human Consciousness end How They Shape Our Lives.

The thro ~t chakra is called Vishuddha in Sanskrit, which means "purification." This implies that the body must h: .ve react ed a certain level of purification in order to open this chakra, Once we realize our connection to ot] iers in opening the heart chakra, the need to express this unity comes forth. This is done through commu iication, which is a method of relaying information, and also a method of extending consciousness. . lhere are many methods of communicating thoughts, images, ideas, feelings, etc. One of the main mediur is of communication is speech, so with this chakra we discuss sound and vibration. The associated gland; are the thyroid and parathyroids.


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The bn IW chaka is called Ajna in Sanskrit, which means "to perceive," and as this ehakra is associated with the "third eye' referred to in mystical and esoteric literature, opening this center relates to perception bey md the: physical senses. This is often referred to as psychic ability, intuitive vision, "second sight," "sixth sense," and so on, and may simply be a reference to the ability to use information we receive fro: n the E)t.ergy around us, such as other people's auras. Seeing is related to the visible spectrum, and : 0 with tl us chakra, we will discuss light and color"

Finally: the CfJWn chakra, called Sahasrara, meaning "thousandfold," a reference to the "Thousand-pet; Jed lonn.," It is seen as blossoming forth as a fully realized vehicle of consciousness, its petals reaching out from the top of the head towards higher dimensions. It also represents the infinite reaches of exps nded coisciousness. The crown chakra is considered the seat of Enlightenment, or selfactualization. Jt nlightenment can be seen as a result of attaining a fully integrated level of consciousness. Here we win discuss ttought and consciousness, working with methods of achieving different states of consciousness hrough fifferent meditation techniques. In our discussions, topics ranging from modem transpersonall ]: sychology to ancient shamanic techniques may be introduced, in order to illustrate the possibilities of earning to use the mind as a tool for higher awareness.

The Vo d, as Dr. Morris states, is not really subject to explanation, however, it appears to be a common conce ,t across cultures, known to the Native Americans as the Great Mystery, to the Taoists as Wu Chi, from t; rhich yir and yang manifested, and Australian aborigines seem to have a similar concept in their stories of t he Dreamtime. The Void is seen by some as the origin of the universe itself, as well as that place to which j 11 existence eventually returns. It is also a realm of possibility, in which the adventurous meditator can v: sualize a reality in order to manifest it in. the physical world. It is also the rerum of what pioneer psycho' ogist Cad Jung called "archetypes," which may appear to someone during meditation with relevant inform ation, ,~ hich can be assimilated for use in everyday life. A working knowledge of mythology and symboli sm is very helpful in deciphering information received in this largely unknown realm of consci msness. Maintaining a state of mind without expectations is also very important.

"As eac 1 chakra corresponds to a gland, chakra six is related to the pineal gland, a tiny (approx. 10 nun x 6 mm) cc ne-shape d j~land located in the geometric center of the head at approximately eye level. It is possible that this glar.d was, at one time, located nearer to the top of the head. In some species of reptiles, it still i ;, formir g a kind of light-sensitive perceptual organ, resembling another eye.

The pine :a], gland is actually a mystery to modem science. It reaches the height of its development at the age of set en, and. has been thought to influence the maturation of the sex glands. Embryologically, the pineal glan i is der ived from a third eye that begins to develop early in the embryo and later degenerates.

It is beli wed that the pinea1 influences both the endocrine and central nervous systems, but at this point no one is ·luite sur! how. There is general agreement, however, that the pineal gland is affected by light Melatonin, a chen iC~ll relevant to pigment cells, has been isolated from the pineal. It is suggested that the product Ion of rrelatonin is triggered by exposure of the eyes to light. However, another source states that 'changes in »xternal lighting influence pineal activity ... even when the pathways mediating conscious light perception have been severed. III Anodea Judith- Wheels of Life.

The Thi u Eye i!; truly an intriguing phenomenon. Although the pineal gland is a light-sensitive organ, which W' mld seemingly relate to the sixth chakra and third eye, most esoteric writings associate the pituitary gland "\ lith this chakra. The above paragraphs arc from one of the few books that associate the pineal gland wil b. chakra six. According to most esoteric writings, as well as Dr- Morris' book, Shadow Strategies of an 4.meric,~'J Ninja Moster, opening the sixth chakra activates the pituitary gland, as. well as the hypothalam IS. It cc uld be hypothesized that the pituitary gland must be awakened first in order to regulate the fun ctions o ~ the body and endocrine system properly before the pineal gland is activated. Many esoteric b eliefs hold that activating the pineal gland opens one's perceptions outside the range of the body, into a "cc smic" or "u.niversal" consciousness. However, it must also be noted that physiologically, the pineal gland is actual y located above the pituitary gland, and due to this, as the energy travels up the spine to the brt in, it reaches the pituitary gland first. The pituitary gland acts as a "master gland," controlling the j unctions of all the other glands- It is this "command center" function that prompted the above author to reverse the usual associations of these two glands. In either case, the Third Eye chakra is still the Third E: re and it relates to sight, as well as psychic "seeing."

As you I robably know by now, in Chi Kung we focus on breathing in "colors." This helps the mind focus on a certain type of energy we wish to bring into the body, for example, green for healing, red for strength, ye tow for the intellect, etc. However, studies have shown that when someone is thinking


I l. I

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about using a c main type of energy, this energy tends to show up as yellow or gold. The reason is that yellow is relate d to thought and the intellect, like the third chakra, So instead, we attempt to work with using a certa.in feeling : ippropriate to the kind of energy we want to use. TIlls is another reason for the emphasis on &, ~ Secret: ;'m.ile exercise, the ability to internalize feelings and call those feelings to mind at will. We are c rawn to colors that activate the type of energy we need, and this is why we are more comfortable wih some colors than others. A list of colors and their potential applications and effects will be given on thl last pap~ I)f this chapter. You may wish to experiment with different types of colored energy as you neditate and build your catalog of results for reference. You could also experiment with different colore i light bulbs in your home to see what the effects are. The colors given in Dr. Morris' commentary at the beginning of each chapter are the colors to focus on when you wish to work with a particular chaki a, and th es,~ colors will show up in the phosphenes, the patterns of light behind the eyelids when you clOSE your eyes.

The thit i eye al.ows you to "see" into the Void, and possibly assists in the ability to see auras.

The color chat: on the last page can help you build your catalog in observing auras, as well as experimenting I vith cliff, ~rent types of energy. Since our thoughts, emotions and experiences tend to affect our perceptions I each person's experience of the Void will be different from that of others. Developing expectations of what you will see in the Void is essentially an exercise in futility, as the manifestations of the unconscious , individual or collective, may offer very interesting and sometimes frightening surprises. A good study 0:' symbolism and comparative mythology, as well as transpersonal psychology, could be of great assistance in decip hering the messages and images received in the Void. At this point, we are still unable to comp.1 etely de-mystify the experience of the Void as another reality, but we must also consider that its existenc ~ in one iorm or another is acknowledged across many different cultures. It was known as Wu Chi to the Taoists, the Great Mystery to the native Americans, the "collective unconscious" to psychologist C~ rl Jung, and noumas to the Greeks. Whether it is truly the spirit world or another realm of the mind is unce rtain, ,~ 'hat is certain is that it is a largely unknown reality. able to bring forth archetypes, visions, and wh it could be considered doorways to other dimensions. Each person is different, and each

will have a som rwhat di: ferent concept of what is seen during meditation. . .


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Auras and their meanings

Blue-White: The bask aura color, inanimate objects have no other.

Earth Chal :ra Dominated

Pink: The tr ae friend. affection, sympathy, compassion, emotional involvement. Rose: The giver. A deeper shade than pink generosity, warmhearted, the "mother"

instinc t.

Red-Bright: The leader, Optimism, an energetic personality.

Red- Dark : Only a color of desire, sensuality, even sexual in context.

Water Chalrra Dominated

Orange ~ Res ctive, open hearted good wilt emotional person. Beige: Perh. LpS cowardice, fear or a feeling of inferiority. Brown: Ch:3 raeter disorders.

Fire Chakr 1 Dem.inated

Yellow: ThE color of intellect, thought, education and learning. Yellow-Pale: A humanitarian; with very high ideals, this is a common color. Yellow-Gree 1 : The possessor.

Wind Chak ra Dominated

Green: The salt of the Earth, practicality. Fresh, interested personality. A cool,

harrnoi iious c olor.

Green-Lime Healer, healing energy, common with women Green-Olive :. A moody depressed color, can mean a liar. Green-Dark: Envy" hate and malicious feelings. Jealousy.

Void Chaki as Do minated

Blue-Green: Very much aware of self, ideals and goals. Gray: Tries t io harc., False personality

Blue-Mediun I : The peacemaker. Tranquillity, peace, calm. Blue-Light: Ihe creator, Can also signify spirituality, idealism. Lavender: T re explorer, Open to new experiences

Violet: The I .hild mind. Opening of the lotus renders one childlike.

Indigo: Seeker of truth, Psychic powers of third eye. Sometimes mistaken for black. Purple-Deep: Nobility of spirit. Earth to Third Eye connected.

White : The j mlighte.ned. Mature lotus development. Differs from first whitelblue by beini; wide and diffused particularly around the head.

While he abOVE list does not mention all colors or the full meanings of all the ones it does, .t shou1d provide you with a good basis to begin your observations.


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Basic Principles Zen Breathing

Energy Awareness and Feeling Harmonizing the Chi Golden Light Meditation Standing Meditation Lifting the Sky Drawing the Moon Sinew Metamorphosis 1 Emptying the Mind Tracing the Halves of the Circle Healing Screen Meditation Buddha WalkfW arrior's Strut


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Basic Prln !iples

Sitting: neditaticn is nonna1ly done in a seated position, where the hips are above the knees in terms of height. A good position to meditate in is Fudosa. In fudosa the heel is under the perineum for balance; the bak is straight, and the shoulders are down, there is a diagram showing this posture at the back of this bOI ,k.

When p .acticing any fonn of meditation or Chi Kung shown in this book it is important to keep the tongue PI essed It( t the roof of your mouth, as this completes the energy circuit and reduces the chance of dame ging the nervous system. and therefore prevents or lessons Chi sickness.

Zen Breath Ing

Zen BrE athing is the main form of breathing used in HoshinTao ChiKung. It is a relaxed form of breathing invol ling the: 1 ninging of the air, through inhalation, to below the abdomen rather than the chest. This form of br eathing is known by many names: the baby's breath, the Buddha's breath, fetus breath, etc., because it .s the way that both babies; and enlightened people breathe. It is the most important practice in c 1i kung, Mastering deep belly breathing is the mark of the master and essential to ~ chievin g the kundalini.

The Zet breathing meditation should be mastered before moving into any of the energy moving meditations. It ihould b~ the basis of any meditation and used at the beginning of each meditation session. It relaxes the b xly, focuses the mind, helps prepare for higher meditations, and builds the chi. This meditation alan: will greatly increase the chi circulating within the body and will yield profound health benefits.

L Begin by si ting in t1e meditative posture of choice, placing the hands in the mudra of choice (in the beginning, the I ecomme aded mudra is to simply rest the fingers of the right hand within the fingers of the left hand. palm! facing upwards, the thumb-tips touching each other. This should be resting comfortably in the area of tb ~ genitals.)

2. Place the tor gue on t ae roof of the mouth, just behind where tbe teeth join with the palette. Close the eyes.

3. Begin to slo: vly belly breath, inhaling the air DOWN into the abdomen, expanding the stomach as the air enters the b~ dy. Fill the lungs from bottom to top. Inhale for a count of four. (Time the breathing with the SLOW counting, so that you have filled the lungs just as you reach four.)

4. Exhale slow y, from the: top of your lungs to the bottom, contracting the stomach inwards (pulling the tummy and bac ~ in tow ads the center of your body.) Do this to a slow count of ten.

5. Inhale once igain, same as before. There should be no pause between the inhaling and the exhaling; the breath is ses mless. Focus on the counting to keep the extraneous thoughts from intruding, Continue this for at least 1 en minutes a. day.

The eve itual goal is to get the breathing down to between four and six breaths a minute. The downward PUSII of inhale will eventually become testicular breathing and push out well below the navel without the upp ~r ribs moving at all.

Energy A w arenes s and Feeling

This is £ set of awareness drills to make the student more aware of his own chi, other people's chi, and what it feel.: like. It is very useful for building confidence and amazing your friends at parties. This is probably the fir. t exercise to introduce after Zen Breathing.

1. Have the students stand in an approximation of the Tree Hugging Pose. Begin in a moderate horse rider's stance, 1 vith the. :eet. about shoulder's width apart and facing forward. The knees should be bent and pointed slig htly inw. ird. Have them keep their backs straight.


r f

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2. Rub the bat'] is together and intertwine the fingers as they rub to massage the meridians on the insides of the fingers, Then have them flick their hands downwards a few times, as if there were water on them. and the dispens er just rt n out of paper towels.

3a. Have them place their hands about a foot apart (while still breathing deeply!!t!) and begin to slowly move them han ds cJOSI~J together and further apart. Advise them to feel for either a pulling or a repelling sensations fror 1 between their hands. Tell them to see how far away they can feel these sensations, Advise them th u they 111 light feel a warmth or a cooling sensation.

3b. Have them tum ore palm inward while pointing the fingers of the opposite hand toward that palm. Have them slo- vly fan the hand back and forth, checking for any sensation in the palm, Try varying the distance of the ingers from the palm.

3c. Have them wiggle taeir fingers at the palm. Ask how the sensations change. Have them switch hands and notice the .Iifferences jn intensity, temperature, and feeling. Try moving the projecting hand and its fingers in a eire alar dire .tion.

4a. Have the st idents hold up their palms for each other to feel how somebody else's energy is different. Have people sv itch around, switch hands, and use various hand positions and motions.

4b. Have the st rdents atempt to see how far away from each other they can project then energy and still fell it.

4c. Have the s tudents hold their hands away from each others' bodies and try to feel where the aura begins. See if t ley can jed. the different layers. Ask them for sensations. Heat, cold, tingling. DOes the body being felt eel the I lemon trying to feel himlher?

Harmonizin g the Chi

This is I hysical Chi Kung set which should be performed before and after any physical ChiKung set, after taicru, or after ~ ny seated meditation to bring the chi into balance. These harmonizing movements returns the chi t ) a neutral mode. This keeps the chi from stagnating or flowing uncontrolled.

1. Stand with tle feet tc gether, toes pointing slightly out (at about 30 degrees). Heels are touching, the knees are slight: y bent, and the body is relaxed. The hands should be placed in front of the tantien, with the palms down and the fingertips (but not thumbs) touching.

2. Inhale and 1 rise the arms to the side and above your head, gradually turning the palms up, and the fingertips nearly touch al iove the head. The end of your inhalation should coincide with the point at which the arms becom ~ vertical. As you are inhaling, bring the chi from the tantien to the perineum, up the spine to a point berwe en the sioulder blades directly behind the heart (gaohuang point). Here it branches off into three tracks. one continuing up the spine to the crown chakra (niyuan point). and two spreading out each arm. to the I .hakra point on the palms of each hand (laogong points). The chi reaches all three chakra points at the san c time, at the end of the inhalation and movement.

3. Exhale and :lowly return to the starting position. The chi. which is in the palms and crown chakra, reverses its path and returns. to the tantien as you complete the exhalation. This is one round. This exercise

should be practi ied by P erforming six rounds. .

Golden Ligit

This mer litation fJr beginners involves visualization, concentration, and absorption. It strengthens the immune syst ern against disease and it also strengthens the aura. It purifies the breath and body.

1. Sit it the rued itative posture of preference. Close the eyes. Drop into Zen Breathing for eleven breaths. Make sure that t ie tong1JI~ is pressed to the roof of the mouth. (If desired, to give the meditation a much stronger kick, til :hten the anus as you exhale.)

2. Take another eleven slow breasts. As inhaling, visualize the air that is being inhaled is pure light. As you exhale, see 1 he breath leaving as dark smoke filled with nasty toxins.

3- Take another slow eleven breaths. Visualize the air being inhaled as being pure light. As YOll exhale, see the breath be ing exhaled. as being pure light and positive feeling. Then continue with belly breathing.

4. See a glowim : ball of . ~o]'den light at the perineum. Hold this image for approximately one minute.

5. Maintaining t lis image, see a glowing ball of golden light at the pineal gland (crown chakra). Hold this image for about l minute


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6. See the two glowing baJ.ls of light become connected by a thin strand of light. As the two connect, see the two balls gJ ow man: brightly.

7. Slowly exps nd the strand connecting them to the size of your little finger. Pause briefly.

8. Slowly exp, nd the strand to about the width of your thumb. Pause briefly.

9. Slowly exp: nd the Sl rand to the width of a staff. Pause briefly. 10. Expand it I o the siz e of a column. Pause briefly.

1 L Expand it j nto a cylinder which expands beyond the body. Pause briefly.

12. Shape thi: cylinder into the form of an egg which surrounds the body, and holds it in a protective shell.

13. Imagine t ie light from this glowing egg shining down on you. penetrating the body from all directions, If here are any black, dark. or uncomfortable areas in your body, see more off the light concentrate itse If in tIl( ise areas. Bask in this light and feel it fill you up for as long as you are comfortable.

14. Reverse tl e proc(~~s until the you have the two glowing orbs connected by the thin strand. Pause briefly.

15. Bring the s 'here athe perineum up the strand of light until it reaches its twin at the pineal. See the two orbs merge and fl~ILI'! brightly. Pause briefly.

16. Slowly brii rg this sphere down the inside of your body to the (lower) tantien. See the sphere compact itself smaller ill d dense, then be absorbed into the tantien. Concentrate upon the tantien for about one minute.

17. Slowly wit idraw from the meditation, keeping your breathing focus on the belly and deep.

Standing IV .edltat ton

This sin Lple meditation helps to teach the student how to relax,

1. Stand with f let apprc ximately one foot apart, with the eyes closed, and the arms hanging gently at the sides. Slip into Zen Breathing.

2. Feel a gentle energy tlow down into the top of your head as you relax. the scalp, cheeks, eyes, nose and neck, As this e lergy res ches them, they relax more deeply.

3. Feel the soft energy creep down into the upper torso as the shoulders. chest. and back muscles relax, Slowly rotate t1 e should er to remove any tension.

4. Feel this w: rm SOClt )it1.l~ energy flow down both arms, relaxing the muscles as it flows until your fingertips are re [axed.

5. AS the energy flows into your lower torso, it relaxes the stomach and abdominal muscles. It relaxes your buttocks ..

6. Relax the 10' ver limbs as, the soft energy flows down your feet and legs into. the feet. Feel the energy flowing out of {our feet and into the ground. removing all the tension and stress that was held within the body.

7. Try the same relaxing process starting at the feet and working up. Decide which works better for you and use it often

Lifting the Sky

TIlls is ~ very simple physical form which is significant for the energy flow that it produces. It is considered tel b : one of . :he best forms in ChiKung.

1. Stand with a relaxed, upright posture with the feet held six to twelve inches apart, or as comfortable.

2. Begin Zen b eathing :or approximately a minute. Remember to keep the tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth.

3. With the am IS straigtt down in front of you, bend the wrists at right angles so that the palms face the ground and the ffiLAXj;D fingers of the hands point towards each other.

4. Breath in ge: itly rhrough the nose as you raise your arms in front of you until the palms face the sky. As the hands p~ ss in fro: It of the eyes, follow the backs of your hands with your eyes by tilting the head back.

5. Continue to ook at the hands as you hold this breath.

6. Now push tl e hands upwards as is trying to lift the sky. 21


l ! l

'- 1

[ f

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7. Slowly let r: Ie arms down sideways as you gently exhale. Relax your wrists as your arms descend and lower the head to look forward.

8. Feel the em: rgy flow down the body as you pause for a few seconds.

9. Repeat.

This ex :rcise sh ould be repeated from 10 to 20 times in a session.

Drawing u e MO(ln

This ex ercise be ips to keep the body trim and lively. Once again, it is a very simple physical exercise.

1. Lie flat on tile back (In the floor or bed. Begin Zen breathing.

2. Raise both f let together so that the heels are about six inches from the floor.

3. Point the toe s away hUl11 the head.

4. Exhale and 1.old the breath and stomach tight. With the feet together and the legs straight, draw a small. circle (about 4 (Ir 5 inches in diameter) in the air with the toes. Take approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete the ci de. Inhale slowly.

5. If able to co: itinue, daw more circles in the same direction. If not, lower the legs and continue to Zen Breath as YOIl r .st, Thei continue.

6. Repeat the a )ove pro cedure the same number of times, but drawing the circles in the opposite direction.

Gradually increa se the number of circles you make until you can perform ten perfect circles.

Sinew Meb morphosis I

1. Stand with :3 relaxed: upright posture with the feet held six to twelve inches apart, or as comfortable. Attempt to emp y the mind as you fall into Zen breathing.

2. Bend your w rists so that your hands are at right angle to your arms with the palms facing the floor and fingers are porn .ing forv rani.

3. While holding this position, press down with the heels of your hand and simultaneously bending and raising the fingers as far as you can.

This rna r seem absurdly simple, but within 2 months it will builds incredible strength.

Emptying the Mind (Dr, Death's Bad Ass Brain Scrub)

1. Begin Buddha Breathing, Press the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

2. Start by sin ply counting to ten, one number as you inhale, one number as you exhale. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOV1 ED TO fHJNK OF THE NUMBERS.

3. Any extrane OUS thor .ghts at all besides the numbers sends you back to the beginning- You are only allowed to COUD: your breath, Be VERY honest and patient with yourself, as it will be most difficult to do in the beginning, If yo' 1 see Bullwinkle creep into your thoughts, back to number one. You get the picture.

After a I ionth or so of controlling and scrubbing the mind, you will notice that memory is greater, as well as your ; utention span,

Tracing the Halves lof the Circle

This exe :cise is 1: etter known as a TaiChi exercise, yet it is extremely beneficial for strengthening and stretching tle legs, .i! nd practicing coordinating the breathing with movement. As with most moving meditations, it g .eatly improves balance and chi circulation. It will be practice for making chi follow the intent. It will al :0 be bui It upon in later exercises.

1 -. Begin with t1 e feet ali out shoulder's width apart and facing forward. The knees should be bent. The hands are crosr ed (left over right) in front of the pubic area, with the. palms facing in. Begin the BuddhalZen Bn arbing.

2. As you inhal ~, slowly bring the arms up in front of the body (about an inch away from the body) until the hands are s retched completely over the body and the palms tum out. Simultaneously, the legs


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straighten. As l he legs l .ave straightened and the arms become fully extended, you should reach the end of your exhalation.

3. Continue at outward circular motion with each of the hands (palms outward) as you begin to exhale and drop your, -eight 1:11'.d flexing the knees. Just as your hands return to their original position (with the palms toward tl e pelvis: you should be exhaling the last of the breath. Legs are in original bent position.

This sh. mld be J epeated about 20 times per session. Remember to coordinate the breathing with the movement a nd rema n relaxed, A common tendency that students seem to have with this exercise is to bend the back In an ut seemly manner while going down on the exhalation. The back should remain straight at all til nes. Shoulders should be relaxed.

Healing SC] 'een Meditatlon

This nne: is good for relaxation before a massage. as a prelude/warm-up to DaMo's cave, etc.

I start ~ ith the 5 tudent breathing deeply with proper music in the background. Take them down with the breathe: until Y(lU see them begin to relax in the shoulders and neck. Then suggest that they visualize that tb ~y are at the top of a flight of ten steps. The steps lead down into the darkness and they are not Have them visualize stepping off with the left foot first and fee] their weight sink into the step as their foot touches de wn, Ha ve them time the steps with their slow breathing. Take your time and do all ten steps. As the de icend tlu ~y get more and more relax and heavier.

When t1: ey reach the bottom they are facing a great flat plain, which disappears into the distance. A

few yards away is a doc: unsupported by any walls. It just hangs there in the air. They go to the door and I

open it to anotl er dimension. Beyond is a large room with walls, floor and ceiling. The wall directly

across from tbe n is made entirely of a television screen. Before it is a recliner. The recliner is in the

center of the flo rr, Have them sit in the recliner and lean back. f

The tele ,rision cernes on and they watch themselves as a bird, soaring over great expanses earth. (1 let them choose the terrain. I am surprised at the difference in terrain people come up with, but its all personal prefennce.) As they watch the television the chair vibrates them, relaxing muscles. Soon the become so rena)! 00 that they turn to jelly.

They be iome a gelatinous mass which slowly begins to seep through the chair to the floor below.

The floor below is a large screen, like a filter. They slowly deep through the filter to a room below. As they seep they leave on top the screen/filter lumps of problems, unresolved issues, aches and pains accumulated du ing the day/training. These all stay on top.

While b. Iow the~:' are dripping into a mold of themselves. As they are pooling in this mold they

appear to be gold and viscous like honey. There is no blemish or sore, pimple or bruise on this new body. I

Their minds an clear a ad have nothing to cloud their think or make them feel depressed. and angry. Everything rem: uns above on the filter, (It is best to draw this out over a good length of time. Have them

drop through a ( rap at a time, make it a very lengthy process. Get rid of everything.) Once they are fully

reformed without the bad stuff have them sit up in the mold. In front of them at the foot of the mold is a I

mirror. (

In the n: irror the y Sll~e themselves as healed, renewed, cleansed of everything which held them

hack or distracted them from their goa1(s). Let them marvel at themselves in the mirror for awhile then I

have them exit 1 he mold and move to a door. As they go through the door they find themselves on a l beach.

They Cal I walk Of jog along the beach, enjoying the wind, sun, sand and waves. Exhilarate in the occasion! its fre xlorn an i release, Feel alive and excited to be so. If you wish to take them to DaMo's then have them: lead for :hc mountains in the distance. They can be led by a guide who waits them at the edge of the beac h. I per! onally have encounter American Indians, women, and animals who guided me to the distant mOUI tains. If you want to wrap up the meditation go another route.

Have the m sit on the sand and relax. Eventually they lie back and bask in the sun. The sun heats

up their new be dy and ! lowly melts it into the sand. They become one with the earth. They feel the movement of tl e sand, animals, bugs, etc. They become smaller and finer and eventually the sand l becomes larger. md large r. From its minute size it grows to that of rocks, then boulders. Finally it is the

size of planets a id they are slowly gracefully falling like a feather between the great cosmic sized grains of

sand. They are alling tc wards a bright pin point of light far below. I ...

As they 'all towards the light the see it become slowly larger and larger. They finally realize that I

the light is our s m. As t iey approach it they feel its heat as a welcome and friendly warmth. It grows and



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grows and the) pass thr ough it. It feels like a hot shower which again cleans them and makes them even more radiant a id pure, (NOTE: Every time they fall through something make them better, cleaner, healthier.)

As they fall past the sun they see Earth. They fall to Earth slowly floating like a dust note and see themselves sitti ng in the room or wherever you started the meditation. They are a minute piece of energy, smaller than an atom. 1 hey float down to a point just above which ever chakra you are working and enter the body throu gh that opening, Slowly they fin themselves up with this clean, pure, energy. They recharge thems ilves ami fed invigorated and renewed.

Bring tl ern back (0 the surface now as new people, with a renewed zest for life. Robin Martin

Buddha W~.Ik

Thisis not so ouch an exercise as something which can be incorporated into everyday life to promote the fie dbility cf the spine and greater lung capacity. It can also be used in Iron Shirt training techniques.

To impl ement B uddha t s walk into your life make the following changes to how you Walk. There is a chapter dev )ted to walking in Path Notes.

- Take small ste ns

- RoJl your Sh01 ~ders back

-swing your art is, and h doing so twist your spine.

To add 1 his exen iise to your Iron Shirt conditioning; as you step forward with your right leg, bit your left pecten J muscle with your right hand while striking your kidney with the left, reverse this process as you step forv 'ard witl YOour left leg.


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Level 2

Chakra Opening and Color Correspondence Aura Viewing

DaMe's Cave

Basic MicroCosmic Orbit Carrying the Moon Sinew Metamorphosis 2 The Shy Monk


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Level 2

Chakra Op ening and Color Correspondence


1. Sit straight-lacked.Buddha breath for about five minutes to clear the mind.

2. When your; re ready, shift your focus to the back of your eyelids and look up to where your third eye would be.

3. Now look. d, rwn into your self (it helps to actually look down with your eyes closed). Visualize you root chakra, 0 ncentrate on it. (It is located between the anus and the sex organs.) Concentrate on this area until you fiel something. Then visualize it as a red spinning wheel of energy which points down and out of the bod) and forward (out the front of your body); up into the body, and out the back. See this wheel which sp ns to fac e ~I:U directions, while also spinning like a tire. See and feel it glowing bright red. With each breai h it grows brighter and brighter. (NOTE- If you have trouble feeling it, concentrate on just the visualiz ition for about a minute. Then, clench your anus tightly and release it 5 times. Relax and concentrate on. 4 mly feelng the energy. This should help, You can do this with all chakras.)

4. DO NOT PF OCEE1C TO THE NEXT CHAKRA UNTIL YOU FEEL ttSOMETHING", even if it is just a slightly ti: igle or pressure in the area. This is important, so as not to create an imbalance within the body.

5. Proceed to tl e next chakra and repeat step 3 as appropriate to the corresponding energy.

6. Water chakr. I or tantien. It's color is orange and its energy is a bit cooler.

7. Fire Chakra, Locatec: where the ribs come together or above the belly button. Go where it feels right to you or where your fee I the chi best. Its color is yellow.

8, Heart Chakn ,. Again, there is debate as to where exactly this is located. In general it is located in the middle of the cl est, at OJ· behind the sternum.

9. Throat Chak 'a. First Void Chakra. Located where the Adam's Apple would be on a male. The color is blue.

10. Third Eye/. \..jnalBra w Chakra. Located just above the nose and slightly above the eyes on the forehead. Its cc lor is inc ligo or violet.

11. Crown Cha era. LeI( ated at the top of the head. Its colors are violet or lavender, and become white.

12. Once you c. In feel and see (or at least feel) all seven chakras, visualize your entire backbone glowing with a golden lil ;ht. SM a thin strand of golden energy coming from the spine and connecting with each of these colored ct mas, Fan this glow for ten breaths, seeing it become brighter with every breath.

Aura Viewi ng

1. Sit facing the subject placed against a white, gray, or light violet background in a room with dimmable lights, You ma~ have to experiment with the lighting, Lights are to be preferably dim, but not dark

2. Have the su 'jeet ho d a finger approximately six inches in front of their face. Go into relaxation response and fo cus on t ie finger, so that it is sharp and clear and their faces is slightly out of focus or blurred,

3. Once you eyes have adjusted or gotten used to be being slightly out of focus, look above their forehead and between the r ears and shoulders. You'll probably get a thin corona of misty lighter color or white. Let your eyes sl Lift out t) about three inches above the head, then down around the shoulder. You will probably get co: or. If you do not, have the subject close their eyes, breathe deeply, and think about something they: eally lib and enjoy. Observe the shifts, particularly around the head. Ask the subject to pause, take a deip breath, and begin thinking about something they really dislike. Observe.

4. Have the sub iect begin to slowly sway from side to side and backwards and forwards. Notice the difference betwe en what is the aura and what is the afterimage created on your eyes by the tiring of the rods within you: eyes. Ask: the subject to sway back and forth and notice the difference between aura, afterimage, and shadow. That which follows the subject as they move, like a layer of water above the skin, is the aura. Ask the subject to slowly walk: around and notice how the aura follows and how your perception of the aura changes as the subject walks in front of different backgrounds.

5. Try the same thing with a different subject Notice the difference between people,


·1 [

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6. Memorize h rw you fee:! as you are doing this, not what you are doing. Play with it. Practice under different condit ons. Practice makes it easier.' Being in a relaxed or meditative state is also helpful. Experiment wid, this under 1black light and in front of chalkboards (they work really well).

DaMo's Cave

See Path Note: of an American Ninja Master, North Atlantic Press.

Basic Mlcrt Cosnn cOrbit

1. Hit the positi rn of choice. Breathe seemlessly through both nostrils at the same time while expanding and contracting: 'our bell y. Allow your mind to become completely still and empty.

2. Look down i: iside of: zourself Picture a ball of bright red energy below you nave] at the tantien. Sink the ball behind ~ nd below yOW' genitals. Pull it across your rectum.

3. Tighten your rectum and push it up towards your spine. Hold the spine as erect as possible with the shoulders back ~ nd dOWlL, which lifts the front of the ribcage.

4. As you inha e, bring the energy ball up the back on the spine and up over your head. Make sure to coordinate the ai rival of t he ball at your nose (from over the bead) with having filled the lungs. Be careful to keep your he.a :l slightl; r bowed and your chin tucked and the tongue against the roof of your mouth.

S. As you exha le, let til! ball of red energy catch on the tip of your tongue. then fall down the front of your body, coon mating t he last of the breath with the arrival at the tantien or perineum (whichever you are more comfortab e with). [f the ball changes color to correspond with chakra, that is a good tiring.

6. Repeat each cycle of breath for as long as a you are able to sustain your sitting posture and the state of no-mind (mushi 1).

7. If you cannot feel the energy moving, do not worry. Just pretend that you can and imagine this process. Do this every day for at least 20 minutes until you can feel the energy moving.

8. At this point, do not a tempt to bring through an, archetype, god, or spirit by imagining yourself to be in a particular W rvelengtn or way of thinking or feeling. This is powerful enough, and you do not want to fry if you are jus t beginn :ng .. Sustain No-Mind.

9. Make sure tl at the orbit and the breath are seamless, so that the energy flows in a continual motion, with no herky-je :ky steps, 'We do not want any stagnant energy.

10. When you lave finished a sitting session, get up and walk around. Give yourself a massage and gently tap the tOJ • of your head,

Sinew Meta: norph IlSBS 2

This exei cise rna)' seem too simple, but it builds incredible strength. Try it for a few months if you do not believe u! .

1. Stand tall and relaxed with feet slightly apart and arms at your sides.

2. Empty your r rind of a II thoughts.

3. Raise your at ns to shoullder level in front of you and make fists with your thumbs on top.

4. Clench and re lax yom fists 50 times.

The shy monk

Sit cross legged. Fold yourself down so you can see your navel and then start buddha breathing while trying to I xpand ~'ollr ribs. It will make your bone pumps work a lot better when you breath standing.

Carrying the MOClt1

This torn I is one which is used in order to help achieve and maintain a youthful body, Always keep your thoughts 01, energy flow while practicing this form and remember to breathe gently. keeping the tongue on the ro If of the mouth.

1. Stand upright and rela xed,


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2. Keeping Y01lr legs st.aight and your back straight, bend forward at the waist so your arms hang out in front of you wi h your f.ngers just below the leve1 or your knees,

3. Pull your cl dn in towards your chest so your back and the back of your head form a smooth curve.

4. Softly hold lour bre.ith.

5. As you hold your breath, feel the energy flow up your spine from just below the base and through and out the top of y nir head,

6. As the ene :gy reac ies the crown of your head, straighten your body slowly, taking about four seconds.

7 As you breat 1 in gently through your nose, raise your arms, with the elbows straight. in front of you and then over y our head.

8. When your, II1llS are over your head, form your hands to a shape that would hold a large balloon over your head.

9. As you sha x your rands, continue the movement of your body and head backwards so that your back bends in a 1 arc anc you are hoJding the "moon" above and beyond the back of your head, with the eyes looking at the mOO] 1.

10, Hold your ireath and this pose for 2 to 3 seconds.

11. Again. taki rg about 4 seconds, lower your arms slowly to the sides as you breath out softly through your mouth.

12. Feel the en lrgy no VI ' flowing out f the top of your head through your body and out of your finger and toes. Imagine his ener ~ washing away all the toxins and negative emotions and other garbage out of your system as rou feel your fmgers and toes vibrating with energy. Let this energy enter and revitalize every cell in yo If body. Stay still for about 10 seconds and enjoy the feelings.

13. Repeat thi, sequenceabout 10 to 20 a day. You may combine this into a kata of sorts with other physical foI1l1S. such as Lifting the Sky. Ex. Try 7 Lifting Sky followed by 7 Carrying the Moon to increase the rate at which your endocrine system rejuvenate and your body gets younger.

\ f.


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Level 3

Chi Spiraling Taoist Flaming Sword 1 Chakra Energy Circling Secret Smile Healing Screen Nine Elders Breathing


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Level 3

Chi Spirali ng

As Chi: noves lx .st in circles it is important to be able to circle your energy"

1. Stand in a co nfortable position and begin Buddha breathing.

2. As you breat )e in pic ure energy spiraling up your arms, legs and around the spine.

3. As you breat le out sp iral the energy back down your arms, legs and spine.

4. You may wi ih to try this while walking, spiraling energy down your supporting leg into the ground. This will increa ;e your balance.

This eXE rcise all. iws energy to travel your body in a different path of travel from normal and can be used to "drain c ff' eXC1;::;S or unwanted energy.

Taoist Flan ling Sword 1

1. Hit your favc rite med .tation position and start Buddha breathing.

2. Picture a swc rd with its hilt at your hips and its blade running up your spine.

3. As you breathe in pict ure energy running up one side of the blade.

4. As you breathe out pic .ture the energy traveling down the opposite side of the blade.

Keep gc ing for the length of your meditation session.

Chakra EDt ~rgy Clrcllng

This ex ercise i:; a combination of the level 2 techniques, Chakra Opening and Color Correspondence with the MicroCosmic Orbit.

L Start in your: avorite meditation position, begin Buddha breathing.

2. Start running the MiCl0COSmiC Orbit.

3. As in the Chs kra Opening exercise concentrate On the root chakra until you feel its energy.

4. When you fell the roc t chakra, run its energy and feeling through your orbit.

5. Work your W ry up through each chakra, stopping to run the energy of each chakra through your orbit.

Secret Smil e

See Patrl Notes of an American Ninia Master, North Atlantic Press.

Healing SCI een

This exs rcise is designed to generate. literally a screen of energy around you that is used for healing, yours 0: others. All. though all colors of screen can be used we have found that Green and White energy screens, re the rmst effective.

1. Stand in a CO] afortabk position and start buddha breathing. 2, Start running the Min oCosmic orbit.

3. Visualize a Sf here of energy surrounding and enveloping you, use which ever color you wish for this sphere (as menti oned Green or White are good)

4. While you an in this sphere you should have a feeling of general well being. hold onto this feeling.

5. To help othe: peoples natural repair system bring them into your sphere and visualize them healing! feeling better/rel rung etc: .


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Nine Elder; i Brea thing

This me Iitation : s brought to you by Robin Martin. It can be used to deepen a trance, or to relax student to the: Pi lint of sl :lep. Do not be surprised to hear Tibetan Buzzsaw mantras when leading this one.

Lying on back, legs slightly apart, toes relaxed and falling outwards. Arms are slightly away from the side, with palm: facing up. Fingers may seek mudra appropriate to level or chakra you are working on. Levell) Beginoy breatl .ing slowly and deeply filling the chest and abdomen as fully as possible. Student should visualia that they are totally filling and emptying the lungs and stomach. Tell them 100% exchange of air. Do this 3 times.

Level 2) Cantin ie breathing but lower inhalation and exhalation to 75% chest and abdomen capacity. Do this 3 times.

Level 3) Contin ie breath ing but lower inhalation and exhalation to 50% chest and abdomen capacity. Do this 3 times.

Level 4) Contin ie breathing but lower inhalation and exhalation to 50% chest and abdomen capacity. Do this 3 times.

Level S) Continue breathing but lower inhalation and exhalation to 75% chest and abdomen capacity. Do this 3 times.

Level 6) Contim ie breath tug but lower inhalation and exhalation to 100% chest and abdomen capacity. Do this 3 times.

Total of 18 brei ths performed as slowly and deeply as possible. Body and mind becomes very relaxed and very oxygei .ated. Now take them on a real voyage to the undiscovered country.


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Level 4

Ice Cream Swirl

Aura Feeling

Tree Hugging Developing the Gate of Jing Sun Salutations

Laser Light

1 t


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Level 4

Ice Cream Swirl

This ex! rcise is. designed to spread even out your body temperature, especially if you are finding your are runnin ~ a lot of Y angfhot) or Ying( cold) energy.

This ex ercise can he conducted sitting or standing, so choose your position and start your breathing,

1. Picture a ice ' :ream sv -irl (like a tornado) starting at your hips and rising, widening to your shoulders. This is mainly ~ chest E)' .ercise,

2. As the tornac 0 rotates, picture it bringing Yin energy from the left side of your body to the right, and Yang energy fn 1m the Ii ght side of your body to your left.

Aura FeeliJ 19

A usefu "trick" with chi is to be able feel other peoples energy. From being able to feel other peoples energy you C21I find out how healthy someone is, where people have been previously been wounded and w aere ther e is currently a problem within their body.

The besi and possibly only way to learn this ability is to try it out on different people to see what you feel. The W ly to feel an aura is similar to the exercise from level I, Energy Awareness and Feeling. Get the person) our are ' vorking with to stand in a comfortable position with their arms out stretched to the sides. Bring yot r palms nearer and nearer to the person (Start your hands one or two feet away) until you feel a resistance to your energy. This is their aura. Move your hands around the aura noting different sensations. Buil i yourself a list of these sensations and meanings. As you get better at this exercise you will be able to f( eI aura f rom a greater distance.

Tree Huggi ng

Trees ha 'Ie a large amount of Earth energy and a very good if used to cleanse energy or healing.

Please remembe r when tree hugging(all will be explained) to return the energy. Morning and Noon are the best times to try this exercise.

1. Stand or sit ( ne or tw 0 feet away.

2. Extend your palms 0 at towards the tree 50 that your palms are facing the tree, they should not be touching the tre«, Your elbows should be angled downward, your arms bent.

3. First, feel the energy cf dhe trees aura. Once you have found this energy,

4. spiral the tree. ; energy up your arms and cycle it through your MicroCosmic orbit.

5. Return the em ~rgy to the tree by circling it down your legs into its roots.

You rna) wish to experiment with different types of tree and see what happens. Some points about different trees.

- The bigger the tree the 1 nore energy it bas.

- Pine trees are ~ ood for : iealing and soothing dreams.

- Cypress and 0 dar tree: reduce heat and nourish Yin energy.

- Willow trees re duce hi~;h blood pressure.

- Elm trees calm the mine l and strengthen the stomach.

- Fir trees help c ear up bruises, reduce swelling and heal broken bones faster.

- Hawthorn trees help aile. digestion and lower blood. pressure.

- Birch trees hel] I detoxif y the body.


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Developing the G ate of Jing

This is ~ Iso known as testicular breathing, its purpose is to bring the Jing energy from the genitals and tum it into ~ ;hen thei eby aiding the cause of enlightenment.

L Enter a medii ation position and start Buddha breathing.

2. Stan the Mic 'oCosmi; orbit.

3. As you breathe in or cut experiment with tensing your scrotum. and pulling the energy from your testes (or ovaries if fe: nale).

You wil need to experiment with this experiment to find out which combination of breathing and tensing works t est for you.

Sun Salutat ions

This is a II exercis e which becomes more and more important as you approach the higher echelons r

of Chi Kung.

1. Start by stanc ing, feet shoulder width apart.

2. Crouch down into the squat position (also known as the frog position).

3. Stretch your 1 ight leg back as far as possible.

4. Wrap your le ~t leg around the outside of your ann for a good stretch.

5. Swap legs an j repeat.

6. Return to stai iding p.' )itions.

7. Repeat betwe en four 2 nd twelve times.

Laser Ligh1

NOTE: Student needs to be able to breath through his crown chakra for this one so its an advanced exercise.

Begin '" ith deep breathing drawing in through your Crown Chakra while listening to SPACE music (somethir g like the Mysterious Void). Once sufficiently relaxed and deep enough. attempt to open your chakras. T lose thar an! clear will open easily while those that are blocked will benefit from this and be blown open 1 y the lig ht.

Visualiz ; your be dy as a vast empty chamber or perhaps the insides of a giant statute of yourself. I like to see myse If as sitting in a lotus position. like a Buddha would. Bring the white light from the Universe down 1 brough t he Crown like you had opened just a peep hole and a single shaft of pure white light is penetrati ig the ch rkness of your body. Watch as the dust motes dance in the light. If there are any unfriendlies in t le shadcws send them. scampering away in fear of this lights cleansing effects. Let this light shine on yc Dr tailbone and slowly warm it up. As it heats up it will slowly open like a flower. Inside the flower is III II irror. OlC(: the beam of light strikes the mirror it lances out towards my first chakra the root. It burns th 'ough thl~ root chakra and punches out to light the air in front of my groin. If the root is blocked the lighi opens it by burning away the blockage/problem. I feel a sudden release of pressure and anxiety. A pleat ant almost sexual sensation.

As the fl iwer cor tinues to raise its head the mirror tilts upwards to each chakra, burning through them just as it di d the W( It I open the root, navel. solar plexus, throat, one on the roof of my mouth, third eye. and fourth ( yeo at th ~ hair line. Once these are all open then I tum to my spine.

I look fo . blockaj .es in my spine and let the mirror tum towards them and burn them. away. Then I search for other: xoblems and again the light sears them into nothing. Slowly bit by bit I punch so many holes in my out: hell that there is no longer any me there is only open air filled with this intense pure white light. The probl ems, blo ckages, pain and doubt are gone. Burned up by the power of the universe. "

Students should expect to see wild sights with this, feel rushes of power. and may experience rising of Kundal ni energy. They mayor may not experience the complete rising but they may see snakes, dragons, geddes ses and other symbols of higher consciousness. They may also experience states of bliss for some time afer the meditation, a euphoric high, Robin Martin


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5 Gates Breathing Sun Salutations 2 Taoist Flaming Sword 2


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Level 5

5 Gates Dr eathin ~

Five ga es breathing is simply drawing energy in through your feet then your hands and then your crown chakra. Breathing in with the inhale, Breathing out with the exhale. This exercise strengthens the energy channel ~ and has combat applications.

Sun Salutations .2


This .~X. rcise slu mld be performed as detailed in the Level 4 version, with one exception. The first time the exercis e is done it is the same as detailed. The second time using just your finger tips instead of the entire palm. The third time should be done on your knuckles and the fourth time on the back of your hands. You can also experiment with rotating the hips and pelvis in the various positions. If you can get up to twelve ret etitions you will be very strong.

Taoist Flan ling Sword 2

1. Hit your f~IV( rite meditation position and start Buddha breathing.

2. Picture a SW( rd with .ts hilt at your shoulders and its blade running up and through your crown.

3. As you breat ie in picture energy running up one side of the blade.

4. As you breathe out pi, mire the energy traveling down the opposite side of the blade.

Keep g( ing for t le length of your meditation session.


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Level 6

Marrow Washing

9 Sip Breathing Bringing Chi to the Palms Alternate Breathing Methods


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Marrow W ashing

This is l very ir tportant exercise as it helps the Chi to flow through your body, strengthens the bones accordin.; to thE~ elders, it promotes longevity. This exercise should be practiced whenever you meditate.

L Start meditat ng (Star by Buddha breathing, Emptying your mind, run the MicroCosmic orbit) .

2. As you breat ie out an d tense your anus, imagine all the bones in your body shrinking.

3. As you breathe in relax and allow your bones to return to their normal size.

4. incorporate t1 ds into your normal meditation.

1 I

9 Sip Breathing

This is ~ n exerci, ie for those of you who truly wish to be the most efficient in the use of breathing.

1. Start by Bud, Iha breathing,

2. Once you hat e inhaled, take 9 more little intake of breathing, move your shoulders back a little further with each additi mal brei ith This fills the lungs from bottom to top as well as expedites bone breathing and improves one's posture. The Lord loveth an upright man.

Bringing ch i to the Palms !

This is a useful tl ring as it can increase sensitivity to Chi in your palms, aid healing and for those of l

you with mama I ideas increase hitting power. If you intend to use it for this purpose make sure you. hit

lightly, to preve it damage to both your partner and yourself. There are two ways to do this technique, one

Yin and one Ya ig,

The Yin method is as follows. Picture the energy in your genitals. take this energy up your I ..

sternum and spl t it down your arms and pool it in your hands. it is now ready for use. I

The Yar g metho j is slightly different in that you take the energy up the spine, as if doing the

MicroCosmic 01 bit. Split the energy at the shoulders, down the anns and into the palms. Play with both !

methods. partici larly when doing martial arts.

Alternate B reathing Methods

I will me ntion two alternate breathing methods here, although the changes may seem small they do have a big effeei .

1. Yin breathing, when you inhale do so through your left nostril. This can cool.

2. Yang breathirg, when you inhale do so through your right nostril. This can heat.

Rememt er these techniques if you find you are running too much energy of one kind. You may ~ .

have to experim mt as Yi 1 and Yang are not always balanced or sided.


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Level 7

Macrocosmic Orbit Chi Packing Iron Shirt Breathing


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Level 7

Macrocosm Ie Orhit

Achievin g the ma crocosmic orbit is an important step in meditation as it unifies some of your earlier teachings and h ~lps prep are the body for the things to come.

1. Start by runn ng the ~ ficroCosnllC orbit.

2. Draw energy from the Earth with your feet, draw it up your legs and mix it with your orbit

3. Draw energy from your surroundings with your hands, bring it up the arms, mix it with the orbit.

4. Draw the ene rgy of tt e sky through your Crown chakra, mix it with the orbit. S. As you exhal e run energy back down your through your feet, hands and crown.

Chi Packtn ~

This eXt rcise strengthens the diaphragm, helps store Chi and allows the stomach to withstand blows.

1. As you breathe in tigh ten the stomach muscles and push the energy down into your hara.

2. Repeat this X number of times, w.ithout breathing out.

3. Push from tb ~ hara de wn to the genitals.

4. Once the Chi is packed, give it a swirl, then use the orbits,

Iron Shirt Breath ing

This exe rcise inc reases vitality and helps strengthen the body.

1. As you breatl e in dra'v energy through all the pores in your skin.

2. mix the ener~ y with y OUf orbit.

3. As you breatl e out let the energy leave through your skin.

4. While doing 1 his pictu re golden light emanating from allover your body.

5. Before mediu uing hit yourself allover lightly with your hands, a rolled up magazine works well.

I f.


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Level 8

Kundalini Meditations


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Level 8

A Few Wo: ~ds on the Kundalini

Due t< I the nature of the HoshinTac's practice, it becomes important to give special attent ion to ':h(~. subject of the kundalini and its probable activation and possible rising becaus e of such practice. There is much to say, and since it is such a large and important sul iject, it cannot be fully detailed here. For more information concerning the Kundalini, p ease refer to Path Notes of an American Ninja Master and Shadow Strategies ~ ran Alj1wrican Ninja Master by Dr. Glenn J. Morris.

A Layman's In roducticn to the KUNDALINI Process (edited version) By Wayne R Cliver

Foremo t I must state that the Kundalini is not a game. I approached it with this "game" attitude and I would nc t suggest that anyone follow in my footsteps. I did not heed the safety precautions and warnings (whic 1 will be detailed herein), thinking that I knew better than the voice of experience, In doing so I denied roy elf wha: could have been a very blissful experience, and I risked permanent damage to myself. The Kt .ndalini c;811. be fun, but it must be taken seriously, for the perils in reaching the rewards are great.

The me hod which "we" use is loosely .termed "HoshinTao Chi Kung", and is a series of meditations de, eloped to build, move, and direct the body's natural energy and ultimately achieve (if desired) the Ku rldalinL This method was developed by my personal teacher Dr. Glenn J. Morris. Dr, Morris has pioteered the modern methods of safely achieving the Kundalini in the aftermath of his own experiences. T ie good doctor, unfortunately, stumbled headlong into a very powerful and very uncontrolled Kindalini, the: likes of which nearly crippled him.

When r: r. MOITi~; was finally able to repair the damage to his body and mind (among other things) and safely complete the ?roxss. he proceeded to develop the HoshinTao method to keep people from (as he puts it) "sere wing up" the way that he did. and as well as providing a means of controlling and healing spontaneous Ki ndalini 1 ising in unknowing "victims." Since his rising, The Doc has successfully helped over forty peop' e achieve safe Kundalini rising.

Doc hac no idea what he was tapping into or how to control it, and he had to survive it all on his own, having no hing as, :l reference point to use to keep his sanity. Fortunately, we have his knowledge, experience, and example from which.to draw.




Let's b~ ck up a ad get an idea of what energy is all about. As living creatures. our body is continuously su .roundec. by an electrical field which allows us to function normally. This electricity runs through your ne rvous system and is what allows your brain to give commands to your body. For the sake of simplicity, I' vill refer to this energy using the Chinese term "chi", meaning air, vital energy, life force, etc. In other cul ures or disciplines it is referred to as "ki'' (JapaneseJZen), "prana" (HindulYoga), "mana" (Native Americ in), etc,

The kun dalini is! as I understand it, the process of taking your body's natural energy, amplifying it, and unleashn ,g it from the genitals and having it flow up the spine and into the brain, where it can lead to what is ref err ed to as Enlightenment or Self Actualization. When the energy reaches the brain, all sorts of wonderful fu J. stuff b egins to happen. Since this is a biological process, not a mental one, the changes are physical; tb :se physcal changes lead to the mental characteristics which are usually associated with

Enlightenment j not vice versa). So when this energy reaches the brain, certain dormant parts of the \

brain are re-aws kcncd (These are my theories). These are parts of the brain which have shut down since I

we, as a race, I ecame "civilized", no longer having to depend upon these brain functions for survival.

Among these ill e the "Reptile Brain". the hypothalamus, and the corpus collosum. When these parts of 1·

the brain come i 0 life; they command certain glands in our body to begin secreting certain hormones which

our bodies do iot norm ally produce after puberty. The release of these energies stimulates the pituitary


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and pineal gla ids, (Th e stimulation of the pineal is believed to prevent the production of the aging hormone that t ltimately leads to death. As a result, the effects of aging are greatly reduced. People in their eighties 0: nineties appear to be two or three decades younger. People in their sixties appear in their mid-forties.) ~ 'herefore, the effects are like introducing a drug into your body for which you have no tolerance. (Ex. unple: ) our adrenals work in a constant flow, rather than in spurts stimulated by emotional conditions.)

Your hi dy now begins to act differently and is governed by a whole new set of rules. You develop all kinds of inte resting (both pleasant and not, depending on how one handles it) side effects. In fact, you can say that tb : Enligbt enment is actually a by-product of the Kundalini. Your long-dead instincts COme back to life (l Iaragei.'. Simultaneously, you become more primitive while evolving forward with increased menu J abilities. Morris claims that one's IQ. jumps up about twenty points once you undergo the Kundalini .. (ou are: more in touch with your body and what is going on in and around it. Your senses become more a cute, Yoi mind works faster and more clearly. You can sense things which surround you. You heal faster and you do not get sick as often. You endocrine system is rejuvenated. Your reflexes grow faster. U Jl these, provided you don't "screw up".)

The chi kung method involves controlling this energy through the breath (as well as the more advanced technques of Nei Kung. which do not involve the breath) and controlling it safely. By using the chi kung to inci ease the chi in the body, the internal organs are strengthened, self-healing is promoted, the circulatory, lyn phatic, and nervous systems with the endocrine glands are activated. Because of this, the blood, spinal fJJ lid, and. : iormones will flow more easily and the heart will not have to work so hard. After all, the heart i~ a muscle which never rests, from. the moment it starts to beat until the time you die. Therefore, the 1 !SS stress y~~u place upon it, the healthier you will be. The healthier you are, the gentler your kundalini irousal .. The worse shape you are in mentally or physically the rougher the ride when the great snake app ears COlI iog up your spine.

Of cour ;e. some of these results may be a product of the martial base from whlch HoshinTao's training comes. We place a great deal of emphasis of feeling the "harming" intent of an opponent. In other words, Y)U feel the danger before it happens, We do not train to read minds. we train to feel emotion and da iger, V>lE train to be able to identify a person's character or intent in their aura, or trust the feelings we feel in our g It, Empathy is one result.

Even if vou do Hot want to achieve the kundalini, here are a few thoughts as to why you might want to pursue meditation 'is a pastime. Research has shown that people who practice relaxation and meditation have the following characteristics: they have faster reaction time; their parasympathetic nervous and immune sy; terns are enhanced by reducing the fight/flight syndrome; they have lower stress levels and fewer srress-rek ted medcal symptoms; they score higher on creativity tests as opposed to people who do not practice me titation (In general); they have better motor functions, better memory, and lower blood pressure; and or the avet age, medical tests show that they are an average of ten years younger biologically than their chron ilogical ; 19t':.

People : vho practice the techniques of what is called The Relaxation Response show these characteristics, ; IS opposed to Type A people. They are more calm; they have better muscle tone; then heart rate is low :r; they s leep better; their speech skills are more fluent; they show little or no arthritis and muscle pain; th ry live a. longer and more active life; and finally, their intelligence increases with age. Whereas a Typ< A pen on usually dies shortly after retirement, due to their egos and self respect being linked to their VI ork.

There a e many types of Kundalini rising, of which the two most common are the involuntary/sportaneous rising and the controlled/directed/induced rising.

The invc luntary : .ising usually occur when the person has unintentionally triggered the release of their Kundalini This can occur in several ways. Uncontrolled/unfocused/unsafe meditations, yoga practice, drug ut e/abuse, injuries to the spine or tailbone, emotional turmoil, puberty, menopause, or any number of thing i can tril~ ger a premature or uncontrolled rising. Drug use/abuse is especially dangerous. It is in spontaneou ; rising where one can get into a lot of trouble. The victims usually end up with a number of physical am lor psychological problems, which are more often than not are misdiagnosed as schizophrenia b:' physicians, There are several support groups made up of these kundalini "survivors."

The con1 rolled/in Iuced rising are usually much more safe and pleasant, provided that the person is taking care in h islher pursuit of "Enlightenment". Unsafe practices can result in many of the same problems which manifes: from a spontaneous rising.


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A controlled rising usually deals with becoming much more in tune with your mind and body.

This can includ ~, but is .)y 110 means required in order to achieve the kundalini, a change in: diet, living conditions, atti. ude, and education. More often than not, these changes are a natural step which the Tatsujin (Knnc alini sur vivor) chooses to make after s/he has undergone a complete rising and s/he has adjusted to the I .hanges : n the body, mind, and environment.

Method: of inducing rising involve practice in gaining voluntary control of your body's natural energy forms (1: io-electr .cal/sexual), and learning to direct them in specific manners (both tbrough physical exercises and rr editatior s) to begin in setting the Kundalini process in motion.

IT IS E~AL. IT IS EXPERIENTIAL. IT IS REPRODUCIDLE. ANYONE CAN 00 IT (provided they lave gOlle through puberty). Physical changes can be felt, even if the person has not undergone a ris lng. The chi kung exercises themselves will begin to flow the chi throughout the body quite forcefully

A direct ed Kund alini rising is much more safe because it is a much more gentle process than a

spontaneous ris ng. Yen l are preparing the body for the onslaught of these powerful forces, givjng it time j.

to adjust, while you slowly "build up the charge". While the voltage in your body increases, you are placing the insu .ation to keep the wiring safe.

A SpOUl aneous Kundalini rising is like forcing 360 volts of electricity through a socket designed to handle 120v. You end up with melt-down. In a controlled rising, the kundalini comes through when your body is prepare, I to hancle the force; no fry. only ecstasy as the energy enters the brain.


In yoga practices, there is no telling how long. Many different factors in yoga practice can lead to the kundalini; the bod~ r's shock to the asanas (postures and exercises), physical preparedness of the person, the me ntal level and level of self-actualization which the person has already achieved, the

undirected or ir correct t.se of breathing techniques, etc. can all lead to spontaneous rising. As far as I )

know, most for ms of yog~~ have no safeties placed in their practices (or at least none that they show in commercial )1vl CA class es) to control the flow of these energies when they commence. And when they

do commence, he instructor usually has no idea what is going on or what to do about them. Thus, the ~

student is left al me and scared, with only a snake of fire dancing in his/her back for company. L

The Zen method is a very viable and safe way of achieving Enlightenment. The drawback (at least for our America n fast-f;~·)d point of view) is that it can take anywhere from eight to twenty or more years. The Zen metho I is very peaceful, quiet, and gentle. I would recommend this method to those who just want clarity of: nind while contemplating their navel. It is good to combine this type of meditation with other forms of k undalini meditations to keep things nice and clean.

The chi kung method is that which Or. Moms began using. This is probably the safest method there is. (Most chi kun.; instructors never get beyond what is called "the lesser lean and li", or minikundalini, It is . IS if you were to compare a candle to the sun. In controlled rising you achieve the lesser kan and li befor I the ku~r. dalini, and you can use it as a guide to check your progress. Things really get fun after the lesser 1 an and 1: .)

Chi 10m;; places .m incredible amount of "safeties" in its energy practices to prevent or alleviate the darker aspects 0 f chi pro iuction or kundalini rising (the actual kundalini rising is referred to as "the greater Kan and Lilt). ] would suggest that anyone who has had an uncontrolled rising seek the help of a very knowledgeable. md honest chi kung adept to help them get everything balanced.

The higl er levels of Chi kung, such as the Iron Shirt training and the Bone Marrow Washing Nei Kung are disciplines which bring the body and its energy into health and alignment. The Iron Shirt concentrates air into the: connective tissues surrounding the vital organs, strengthening them and laying the ground for mgt er spiritual practices, The Nei Kung cultivates the chi and absorbs it into the bones, to revitalize the bo ie mana w to replenish the blood and remove excess fat from the body and blood. These rejuvenate the n ind as til ey rejuvenate the body.

" Using s, fer tecmiques taken from chi kung, his own experiences. his training in ninjutsu and

other martial :art >, and his education as a psychologist, Dr. Morris developed his Hoshin method. This fonn of chi ku 19 can USU;l~l1y induce a complete and safe Kundalini within 30-90 days, depending on "how together} ou've got your shit." It also depends upon whether or not you are a complete blockhead, like I was/am.



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You m ght get a channeled "deity" during a vision. We all seem to go through a patterned sequence of vi dons) us ing this Hoshin method, which are almost identical and occur at nearly parallel points in our ill dividual progressions. I am keeping a record of every person who has these same visions. We don't tell th em, yet they still have them!

(My th~ ory.) 'When the energy hits the brain and reawakens these sleeping areas, it triggers certain genetic memor es which are imbedded within our DNA. As a race, all humans have these "movies" imbedded in OlI very atoms. (It would explain why all cultures have some sort of religion, and most religions has sc me sort of parallel concepts and/or messiahs. Think on this.)

One eXI Ilanation for these visions is that when the pineal gland (located approximately where you would find yo ir "third eye") is reactivated, it begins to secrete a substance called melatonin into the bloodstream an:l into the brain. It is said that melatonin can have psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects under certain cc mditlons.

Also, c nee your energy really starts to flow (usually after achieving the lesser kan and li), sometimes you will have a hard time falling asleep at night, due to the explosion of lights which will begin to flash, glow, or pulse behind your eyelids. These lights will come and go, grow and diminish, and sometimes seer 1 to bum into your retinas. This is a good sign. Just learn to relax into it. Watch the lights. You rna r get interesting things. Let these lights hypnotize you and you may find very interesting things happen, maybe even a rising. These lights will bum brighter while you meditate. Run the Microcosmic 0 :bit and ! ~ee what happens.

There a: e two 'types of energy that begin to flow when you begin this type of practice. Cold energy and hot energy. Hot energy is the first type that will begin to flow. Your body will get warm during meditati ms, you will sweat. shake, have muscle spasms, and a variety of other fun things. For safety's sake, ar. soon as you can manage to do so, Jearn to transform the energy from hot-to cold. The hot energy corr: es from your lower chakras, and it deals with violent emotions. Not to mention the fact that hot energy burns. :Jr. Morris' energy was hot when he went trough his Kundalini; that is why he "fried",

Cold en ~rgy is full of compassion. The cold energy is soothing and gentle. It makes the transition into the kundali ii much more pleasant. The cold energy is associated with the upper chakras.

The fon rwing is a brief description of What happens when you undergo a kundalini rising, using my own experie nces as ~ l guide, The reason that I do this is so that if and when someone reading this has their rising, the~ will be able to identify it as such. (When it happens, there is no mistaking it.)

The enei gy will l iterally be felt more strongly than ever before. It will be an actual solid feeling, like a rod) a stone, a serpent, etc. moving up at great speed within your spine. You may experience a time shift/distortion, as if a I] iinute is a day, or three hours passed in a second .. You will see the light grow behind your eye s. You may even see a visual representation of the kundalini as it rises, as I did. It is a very odd experi ence, looking down inside yourself, like double vision. You may be paralyzed as this happens. You r lay hear a voice inside your head as it happens. I heard a roaring noise. Your conscious and you sub-co iscious .ninds may meld together into one, as they did with Morris. Remember, this energy is most, :losely a ssociated with a female snake dancing its way up. Also, as the energy rises, it may throw you; uound violently, as it corrects any problems in your spine. Do not fear; enjoy it.

OK. No w my warnings. These are things, which in my opinion) are the most Important things to do when follow: ng this path.

1. Keep your spine and neck very healthy and flexible. If the energy hits a blockage in the spine, it bums. It huru. Energy passes through the path of least resistance. The sm.oother the ride. the better the kundalini. Keep the pipe clean so that the flow is unimpaired.

2. Keep your tor gue on the roof of your mouth. At least while you meditate. But try to make this a permanent habit thoughout your day. Just trust me on this. If you don't, you'll be very sorry. This is probablj the mo.st important rule. Keep the tongue up!

. 3. Don't ry to do too much too soon. That's where I "screwed up". And if you learn to absorb energy from otl er peop .. e, for God's sake, don't take it from someone who is better at using energy (stronger) than) Oil are (at least not without their permission). Some vampires will punish you for being

presumptuous aJ td greed: t. .

4. Do nc ,t let fear creep into your meditations, visions, or experiences at all. Fear will hold you back and hurt yc u, Take it all in stride. If you see something that scares the living bell out of you, either ignore it until it l ~oes away or take its energy and make a meal out of it, recycling the energy. Fear, after


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love, is the mos t powerful of emotions. Fear is the worst thing that can hurt you in this proceSS1 second only to ignoran .e.

A couple of oth ~r things.

Stay he, lthy. Exercise and stretch regularly.

Make d~ :eeeeeep diaphragmatic breathing your everyday breathing.

Stay ba] 'py and keep a good attitude. Have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Don't e, peet ani) thing.

Don't fo rce anything; let it happen naturally. Don't tr r too hard,

Remem' )er; that for some people who experience a successful kundalini nsmg, profound realizations do I ot occur until months or years after the signs and symptoms begin, or their actual rising took place. J ractices in Zen or Taoism can push the mind in that direction and speed up the Enlightenment.

To SOIDf, their experience may seem to be some sort of mental andlor physical disorder. As long as these people. ealize th at they are not sick or crazy; everything will be fine. This is very beautiful; even though it can be very scaryin the beginning. "Ride the snake." Just enjoy the physical side and work on your wonderful new personality. It's great fun to touch someone from across the room, or to heal. (So I've heard.)

When y mr life :;tarts getting weird, step back and realize that it is a result of things changing

around and wit1 in you. And back off when your temper starts to flare. Eat yogurt and rice when your }

stomach gets up set. Drink plenty of water and juices. Avoid alcohol during the process. After its over your

vices may amus e you.

So take .are. I h)J.'W~ that this was informative and not more confusing. KEEP TIIE HUM:OR!! Be I

happy. I

Happy t aining, und PLEASE, for the love of God, keep your tongue up!! 1! Wayne Oliver.

Special Thai ks : Them are people, besides the authors, without whom this book would not have been possible. Special thanks goes out to. Robin Martin, Kenneth Morgan and ] ~ebccea Robertson.



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Path Notes c fan Arserican Ninja Master by Dr. Glenn J. Morris.

Shadow Stra 'egies of an American Ninja Master by Dr. Glenn J. Morris.

Martial Arts Madness by Dr. Glenn J. Morris.

Chi Nei Tsang by Mantak and Maneewan Chiao

Awaken Hea'ing Energy Through The Tao by Mantak Chiao

Kundalini!by Gopi Krishna.

Light on Pra tayama by B.K.S. Iyengar.

Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar.

The Inner Te ichingn of Taoism by Thomas Cleary.

Energies of j 'ransfo rmation by Bonnie Greenwell

Muscle/Tend. m Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung, The Secret of Youth by Dr. Yang Iwing-Ming.

The Root of I ~hinesf Chi kung, The Secrets of Chi Kung Training by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.

Chi Kung, H~ 'alth, and Martial Ans by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.


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Fudosa or Fudosai

***Ml.lst Keep the tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth!***

He :1 is under the perineum for balance, back is straight, and shoulders are down.


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I r

Navel Ch8kl'lll (yello"'-'F'lreI • +-- Solar PI8ltuGIWarrior's Seat!

Sea of Chi Androgyny)

... TanTlenlHara

(OtangEW'Waterl Steaming CauldronlEndurance)

I=F~====~~~ · ~

StOr:8gft Of.

Extra Energy

MuldaharalEarth Chakra (RedIEartW PerlmlumIKundallnl Pump)

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/'. /'

ChongmE I M,p.:1'Idlanl SU81uma








k. Third Eye/Ajna (Purplellndigollavand9l'1 '(J .....,.._ PItUitary GlandIHypotlialrnl,.l$)

Throat Chakr& (BluaNg.ld/

+ MadullaICerebelluml

Jade Gates)

Heart Chakra (Gl'ilenlWlndl -+ __ ThymWl:,Hel;lrt, lo~gue) Cools Energy

The two most Important IMrldians sre the GOVERNOR (up the back) and FUNC770NAL (down the front) channelf1;.

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Chi Kung Meditation Techniques That Result In Arousing The Kundalini

Fig 3. A (Left side) The Microcosmic Orbit. As you sit in meditation using "The Secret Smile"

and "Taoist Brea hing't.you visualize energy moving up your spine to the top of your head as you breath in, and then with YOll r tongue pressed to your upper palate you picture the energy moving back down the front of your body as you oreath oit. The exercise will eventually (30 to 90 days) connect the Chakras or "Go Dai' as it travels up the g rverning channel from the perineum to the "thousand ppetalled lotus"" or tan tien and then down the functior ing channel back to the genitals. Every now and then you should reverse how the energy moves. Once the :nergy e aters the head you can expirement with moving it around the brain.

Fig 4. B (Right sk e) Follo wing the same process after the Microcosmic Orbit has connected up so you can feel the energy rush uI as you .nhale and down as you exhale, allow it to begin shooting up and down the anus and legs. With practis ~ you wi II he able to draw it from the soles of the feet or palms of the hands up to the head as you breath in. ani 1 back a gain as you breath out. This is called the Macrocosmic Omit. It should not be forced. Just play 1 vith it ar d it will begin to happen. but first complete the Microcosmic Orbit.


Ten Tien




} l 1 \


Bubbling Spring

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"NiN" or Second Layer of Aura

1) Pre dlets S'zess Reaction

Layer of Color

2) Sbo-rs Intention

TIrin White Layer 114 inch

4) Ref11 xts Po & Heal ing EJ .

5) Pro, ides EJ tt .. ance to Spirit Travel

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